Thought of here, Guo Xiaosi quietly stayed in the ground to think about how to crack this attack. Then Guo Xiaosi successively tried several methods. It’s a pity that the beating energy disappeared quietly before touching the peach tree, and it’s a pity that the sapphire sword eventually flew to a little place, or it was a little before.

After trying to come to Guo Xiaosi, I found that I didn’t get the effect except my own mana, and the maze still didn’t change at all, which made Guo Xiaosi even more amazed at the ability of the array.
What secret does the avatar hide? Guo Xiaosi sighed and observed the same scenery around him.
At present, the peach blossom forest is finally hidden in the smoke, and it seems to have just bathed. The pink color of a beautiful girl is fascinating.
Drunk for a moment, Guo Xiaosi picked up several stones and suddenly flew around to see how they would fly. Like a sapphire sword, they were always advancing when attacking peach trees, but they never touched the trees and always turned their corners.
For a moment, the stone came back and shook his head slightly. Guo Xiaosi Baiji may really be trapped here, and he can crack this array with his own ability. Now the situation is that he wants to go, but he can’t go, and he can’t get in, which makes Guo Xiaosi upset.
These are the formation words of array aura, so can we feel this array along the aura? Guo Xiaosi suddenly flashed his head and slowly released his spiritual consciousness to observe the aura around him
For a moment, Guo Xiaosi has found the dynamic route of Reiki and attached his spiritual sense to Reiki Guo Xiaosi’s mouth with a smile. He feels that he seems to have found a way to break the array.
Looking at Guo Xiaosi through the spirit sleep, I also found that this maze is really powerful, and kill array is hidden vaguely, and kill array is passive, that is, if you attack the peach trees around you, you have to do a good job of attacking the peach trees. Fortunately, the previous release of the sapphire sword is just a temptation to attack, otherwise you will have to enjoy how much strength to attack.
As Lingjue looked at the source of Reiki, a bold idea came to Guo Xiaosi’s mind, which was not only bold but also desperate.
Guo Xiaosi’s idea is to use these reiki to interfere with the operation of the array. The array relies on reiki to operate, so you need to explode your own reiki to interfere with the surrounding reiki sources. Maybe you can break the array, but you can’t break the array, so you will also interfere for a while and then take the opportunity to find your way.
Guo Xiaosi cherishes his life, not because this array is too horrible. Guo Xiaosi would never take such a risk. This method is purely a way to hurt hundreds of enemies, but Guo Xiaosi’s current array is also broken by this method
When Guo Xiaosi doesn’t hesitate to sit cross-legged and explode the body mana, it is also possible to keep the body mana a little, and he can escape by luck when he breaks the array.
After the outbreak of mana, Guo Xiaosi guided these mana to be mixed with the surrounding reiki, which constantly interfered with the surrounding reiki. This was a technical job, and it was the first time for Guo Xiaosi to do it. He also didn’t expect that it was so difficult to operate mana. The surrounding reiki was vacillating at the end of the mana drive, and at the same time, it was mixed with rejection and fusion of poles, and so on.
However, Guo Xiaosi’s idea is still accompanied by Guo Xiaosi’s interference, and the surrounding aura is not as stable as before. The surrounding environment also seems to be slightly undulating on the surface of the water, sometimes revealing the truth, sometimes hiding again and sometimes rippling slightly.
Mana poured into the Reiki chaos and ran around. At the same time, it also made the array eyes unable to absorb Reiki, and immediately disrupted the array and destroyed it.
Guo Xiaosi didn’t expect that his idea would directly break the law. When he was excited, he didn’t hesitate. Guo Xiaosi looked at the road and tried his best to run to that path
With a more depressing sound, the maze burst, but Guo Xiaosi was not seen in the sand and stones, but he had already left here and rushed to a place
Guo Xiaosi Bai Ji can move forward but can’t retreat. It’s not worth the candle to spend so much effort to get here and then retreat.
However, due to the death of body mana, Guo Xiaosi didn’t move forward immediately, but sat cross-legged silently and absorbed the aura around him and slowly transformed it into his own mana
To say that Guo Xiaosi broke the array and rescued Liu Mei and Liu Jian.
When the maze burst, Liu Mei Liu Jian fell into the magic array and trembled now, which led to the flaw of the illusion and made Liu Mei Liu Jian wake up from the magic array
I saw two people with sword wounds, arch eyebrows and arch swords, and they both came from places with white swords, and they always desperately wanted to kill people. Suddenly, Bai Guo Xiaosi’s words were not alarmist, but this peach blossom array was really fierce.
Brother, let’s go. The purpose of Liu Mei’s entry into the array is to pull his brother away and don’t want his brother Guo Xiaosi to have a conflict. Today, Liu Mei is even more white. Guo Xiaosi did not brag at the beginning. It is really dangerous for him. Even a magic array almost killed two people. There are other dangers in it.
Liujian is also dying. He is afraid that his sister will die in his own sword, or he will see his father. At the same time, Liujian is also white. Guo Xiaosi is not boasting. The peach blossom array here is really powerful, even the magic array is one hundred times worse than the magic array he has ever encountered.
Hearing his sister’s words, Liu Jian pondered and nodded secretly, saying, It’s a good thing that we just came in. I believe we can retreat soon. Well, our strength is insufficient and we can’t get involved here. It’s too dangerous. When Liu Jian said to Liu Mei, let’s go, sister. We’ll wait outside for Guo Xiaosi and believe that he will pass these laws.
Liu Jian has to wait for Guo Xiaosi to come. He feels that Guo Xiaosi will definitely get rid of this array and get something in the law, while himself will stay here and see if Guo Xiaosi will give him something good.
Liu Mei is not as far-reaching as Liu Jian thinks. My brother has promised to be happy. She is the last person to see Liu Jian in conflict with Guo Xiaosi, otherwise she will help choose which side to help.
After a short contact, Liu Mei also had some thoughts about Guo Xiaosi. The love is not because of Guo Xiaosi’s high strength or Guo Xiaosi’s personality charm, but because of love and hatred.
Maybe I love you the first time I see you, or I hate you because I see you for the first time.
Perhaps because Liu Mei Liu Jian didn’t get involved deeply, they soon left the Peach Blossom Forest and came to the Peach Blossom Forest without any obstacles or dangers. When Liu Mei Liu Jian saw this aura outside the forest, he meditated on practicing here and waited for Guo Xiaosi to come.
After what happened this time, Liu Jian also realized that his strength was insufficient, especially in the magic array, he simulated that the enemy Bai Ji was not a bridled Johnson opponent, but he practiced harder and dyed Liu Mei with curiosity.
It’s a pity that neither of them knew that Johnson with bridled eyebrows had already been killed by Guo Xiaosi.
Chapter three hundred and fifty-nine Explosive armor
Chapter three hundred and fifty-nine Explosive armor
The charm of osawa in Taiyue attracted many people to cultivate immortals, and the pace of cultivating immortals also advanced rapidly. When Guo Xiaosi was still cultivating and recovering in the peach blossom array, many people approached the peach blossom forest.
It’s amazing array. I don’t know when I can reach this level. During the recovery, Guo Xiaosi added mana and recalled his experience when he observed the maze. This maze was really amazing and abnormal, but it also made Guo Xiaosi learn a lot from it, which improved his understanding of array.
After a rest, Guo Xiaosi got up slowly and looked at the scene before him. He felt a pang in his heart. It was still a peach tree. The only difference was that a quiet path was now available.
Guo Xiaosi carefully checked and found no hidden traps or formations. He tried to tread the path and walked slowly forward.
Guo Xiaosi was walking on the road, quietly looking at the path in front of him, wondering, won’t it just lead to the destination? Guo Xiaosi believes that this road is definitely not in the maze, and they often don’t arrange the same type of array. After all, in their view, people can certainly break the same array and it’s nothing.
At the end of the secluded path is a palace, which can be ruined in front of us. It seems that it has suffered some disasters. It stands precariously here. Seeing this palace, Guo Xiaosi secretly estimates that this is the destination, and the secret lies in this palace.
Take a closer look and find no trace of law. Guo Xiaosi doubts and walks into the palace. When Guo Xiaosi walks into the palace, his eyes are transient with horror.
In this palace, nothing is broken, and the palace department is fast. The boulder is very common. Besides, there is nothing that shocked Guo Xiaosi. It is a concave part of this boulder, which also makes Guo Xiaosi very familiar with the inkstone mark.