"Are you worried about me?" Snow Lotus, Snow Snow Cong and others gathered together after Li Daoling left Muqingfeng. Can she not see Muqingfeng’s worry?

"It’s not that you don’t believe it. Yes, I didn’t dare to tell the master just now. According to the present situation, it’s only a matter of time before Mobing City can’t keep being broken by the Japanese. Now our biggest problem is that if we can’t get the manpower to supplement, one person will be less for every person who dies. The Japanese almost put all their strength outside the city. They are going to kill us." Mu Qingfeng looked at Xue Lian and opened his eyes to tell the reason.
"You’re still lying to me. You’re worried that it’s definitely not such a desperate situation. You’ve experienced a lot and have never seen you so worried. Is it because you promised to marry me after the war and worried that you couldn’t fulfill your promise and let me die alone?" Snow lotus eyes like a sword poke MuQingFeng some dare not look straight.
"Lotus son city can’t keep it. Promise me that you must protect yourself and find someone again …" Muqingfeng didn’t look up for fear of seeing Snow Lotus’s eyes.
"Listen carefully. If you say such things again or are afraid of my feet, I will jump from this wall now!" Snow Lotus’s words surprised Muqingfeng. This girl really said that she could do it, and Muqingfeng quickly stopped Snow Lotus in her arms.
"Muqingfeng, you listen carefully." The words of Saussurea involucrata in her arms are more serious than this is the first time that she has called Muqingfeng. "Although we prairie women are not as faithful as you summer women, in many cases, we are obedient to destiny and remarried, but that doesn’t mean that I, Saussurea involucrata, will be like this. There are also many grassland women who dare to love and hate. I said I would marry you and I will definitely marry you. Whether you are alive or not! I said this once. Did you hear me clearly? If you die in this battle, I will follow you to get married, and you will never get rid of me. "
At this point, Muqingfeng has finally strengthened her confidence. Since Xuelian is very determined to go to the grave with herself, she has no worries. It is a big deal to die with the Japanese. It is more or less regrettable that she has not reported her electrocuting.
In the next few days, because the Japanese people are busy making siege pits, there is no big movement. At this time, Mu Qingfeng commanded the people of Moping City to quickly replenish the equipment and food consumed in the past few days, and get ready for the upcoming battle. The scouts sent a message saying that the Japanese camp has often been lit up and worked overtime recently. I don’t know what kind of tricks it is, but Mu Qingfeng intends to treat it in a constant way. Because Moping City is not a border town, that solid wall will definitely bring heavy losses to the Japanese people.
The next morning, Mu Qingfeng was still resting in the house. Li Daoling rushed in and shouted directly, "Don’t sleep. There is something wrong. The Japanese have made strange things. Come and have a look!"
When I heard my master shouting Muqingfeng, a carp stood up and turned over. I dressed and wiped my face at random, so I hurried to the front with my master. As soon as I arrived at the wall, I found that everyone was staring at the Japanese outside.
Muqingfeng poked his head out and was frightened to disgrace. Isn’t that the dozen tall towers outside the city wall that he and Huang Liang discussed about the well aperture? He looked back at Huang Liang and found that he was also looking at himself with a puzzled look. Mu Qingfeng suddenly thought of one thing, that is, Quan Nai was also present when he and Huang Liang discussed the well aperture in the cabin that day. There is no doubt that this woman overheard her discussion.
"I really shouldn’t have let this woman go!" MuQingFeng some chagrin, after all, is his negligence led to this situation, but relative to Liu Wang Zhu jie they nervous MuQingFeng not very afraid.
"My good nephew, what has the Japanese made? With this thing, we may not be able to lift our bows and arrows!" Liu Wang Zhu Jie, not the kui is a battle-hardened old man, who saw through the well aperture badly.
"Are you sure that bed crossbow will shoot this tower off?" Li Daoling wants to seize the lifeline and will think of the record of the crossbow. He quickly asked
"It’s hard to make a manhole just to guard against bows and arrows. You see, a manhole consumes a lot of wood, even a crossbow can’t cope with them, and there are a large number of Japanese troops behind each manhole. This time, the Japanese are serious." I didn’t expect the answer to be a fool.
Everyone knows what happened to Huang Liang, not to mention that the crossbow was written by him. It seems that there is no hurry at all, as if he has a plan.
"We can’t play the biggest thing in the King’s Palace. You don’t look in a hurry?" Huang Liang asked with a smile
"Yellow brothers don’t worry, I’m in a hurry. Besides, I can’t believe that the Japanese woman learned the fur of the well aperture." Muqingfeng didn’t worry at all. Although the Japanese well aperture attack surprised him, Muqingfeng had countermeasures. It should be said that it was a mistake.
"Brother! What are you playing charades for? Have something to say quickly. Those monsters will be close to us in the ink for a while. "Three girls are impatient and shake Muqingfeng’s arm desperately.
Put the psychological burden Mu Qingfeng said to Liu Wang Zhu Jie, "Didn’t you ask me what those huge trebuchets have? Today is a good opportunity to show it. Don’t look at those wells. They seem to be stronger than hundreds of pounds of stones. I promise it will fall apart! " With a wave of Muqingfeng’s hand, those Xuanjia masters took off their armor directly and ran to the slings with many civilian workers.
See pieces of millstones as big stones with the trebuchet ups and downs directly flew out from behind the walls of Moping City. It is also God’s blessing that the first stone hit a well aperture that looks solid. The well aperture was smashed into pieces, and the Japanese people inside were instantly smashed into paste.
To feel sure, Quan Nai jumped up directly from his chair and looked at being beaten by a boulder. Is there a secret weapon in the summer?
"This his mama how to throw out a few hundred jins of stone? Are they all ghosts and gods? !” Takeda Hararo has never seen such a strange thing. Although he knows Muqingfeng is tough, he didn’t expect to be able to deal with it.
The Japanese people are a little flustered. Those timid people who have been mutilated have already seen urine stains on their legs. The surrounding boulders are still falling. Every time they fall into the Japanese phalanx, there will always be an exclamation.
"Temple, what should we do?" Takeda Hararo looked at Quan Nai at a loss and said that just after another catapult threw a boulder and hit a well stop, dozens of Japanese people were killed on the spot.
Seeing that some people are stagnant, Quannai knows that something will happen. If there is a flight from Moping City, they will never be able to call. Because of continuous failure, it will bring a heavy psychological blow to the Japanese. After they see the walls of Moping City, they will be intimidated. When Quannai still hesitates, their family will get up.
"Inform everyone to press us to be the vanguard, and then let the supervision team follow. Those who are stagnant and run away from the game will be cut!" Jia Kang’s move made Quan Nai sit up and take notice. He was a lot worse than Mu Qingfeng. I didn’t expect this person to improvise well.
"General Takeda’s Imperial Palace, have you noticed that without these huge stones, although the lethality is terrible, the hit rate is extremely low. It took so long to destroy our two well field. If our formation was too dense, the casualties would be much smaller. No matter what this thing is, it is more suitable for attack than defense." Jia Kang really deserves to be the No.2 person who can see the weakness of the trebuchet at a glance, and he will continue to storm regardless of all losses.
"Yes, I agree with General Jia Kang that Dian Jinglan has given us hope of breaking the city. If we all insist on going, I will bid for the war myself!" Say that finish takeda hararo picked up his command knife and walked towards the war.
"I don’t believe that the three of us can’t beat you!" Quan Nai doesn’t know what, but Muqingfeng has reappeared in his mind.
ancient woman’s headdress
The Japanese troops in front are in a dilemma. People in Moping City are desperately archery in front, and there is a ruthless feeling behind them. Takeda Hararo led the team to kill, killing and killing. It is said that Takeda Hararo really means what he said. If the Japanese people retreat and escape, whether they are in their own team or Jiakang people, they will retreat to their front. It won’t be long before they pile up a lot of bodies around the team.
Later, when the Japanese saw that the situation was not good, they had to clench their teeth and rush forward desperately because the bow and arrow in front were fierce, but at least there was a well stop to cover themselves. It would be a dead end to retreat, and once the well stop was about to build a wall, they would not worry about the bow and arrow attacking the two sides, hitting the Japanese hard and rushing forward.
"They are going to be close to the wall. You just destroyed three with the trebuchet, which will cause problems." When Li Daoling saw that it was getting closer and closer to the well aperture, he couldn’t help but draw out the sword behind it, facing the tall well aperture, and he was not fully sure that he could stop the Japanese attack.
Mu Qingfeng was very satisfied to see that he was able to destroy three boreholes. You should know the problems and shortcomings of the trebuchet and Huang Liang, but it is already grateful that he can reduce the boreholes by nearly one third. For the Japanese boreholes, Mu Qingfeng has another plan to know that there are still many remaining wooden boreholes that touch the fierce oil, and the consequences are simply unimaginable. However, if you want to burn down some boreholes, it is obviously not enough. Some fish will always get through the wall.
"Son of a bitch, let the brothers stop fucking all Xuanjia masters and get ready for close combat. We want to let these Japanese people know that we are fierce in North Yan Xuanjia! And give me the brothers left fierce fire oil "MuQingFeng back to the dog egg said dog egg nodded and ran directly to the rear.
"My dear, I fly Lei Jun, and the enemy still has seven boreholes. Although your Xuanjiamen are brave, they are afraid that they are more than willing to stand. Although there are not many people, I fly Lei Jun, but all of them are ten heroes." I know that I can’t avoid close combat, Liu Wangzhu Jie said first.
"Don’t fly Lei Jun in a hurry, there is something else." Mu Qingfeng didn’t directly arrange for the remaining Lei Jun to fight the enemy hand-to-hand. "We’ll give you something called fierce fire oil later. Uncle, if you fly Lei Jun, you have to throw this thing into the well aperture and ignite it. I roughly estimated that these fierce fire oils can burn four well apertures, and there are only three gaps in our city wall. Uncle, don’t worry that these fierce fire oils are different from the oil you know. Once it burns, it is difficult to put out water, and the fire in the Japanese camp will burn by them
Just as we were talking, the dog egg and the Xuanjia master had arrived at the city wall with the auxiliary armed forces, and all the fierce fire oil was handed over to Fei Leijun Mu Qingfeng, who urged us to be careful. If we accidentally stick to ourselves, there will be no other result except to turn into roast chicken.