Also what "peer killer lives up to its name" … Virtual your sister!

What’s even more stupid is that the Portuguese media even went to Rome to ask their opinions-are they looking for this way to squander when they can’t spend their travel?
Money can’t be spent. Give it to me!
Therefore, when he answered the Portuguese reporter, his tone was not so good.
Of course, his unfriendly tone was naturally felt by this Portuguese journalist.
After he returned to Portugal, he described Changsheng as an arrogant and arrogant person.
I think he lacks enough respect for Porto, but Leila should be like this. His opponent said that he is the top level in Europe, which makes the Porto club feel embarrassed? It’s really no problem that SoPorto fired Leila.
But his logic is a bit strange.
It is reported that what everyone cares about is not whether Leila should be dismissed, but rather his arrogant attitude and answer.
They think that in any case, Leila is your opponent in the Champions League. Don’t you have to say something about it?
The result is "What do I think? I have no opinion! "
How cold!
This statement is really chilling!
Poor leila heard him say nice things …
That’s how people treat you, handsome!
Did you lose money by being dismissed from the club for killing such a person?
Anyway, this incident has made Changsheng’s name in Portugal not very good.
Changsheng doesn’t care about this Portuguese name
Do Portuguese people like him or not and what does he have?
He doesn’t live on Portugal.
So what did the Portuguese reporter say when he returned, and what was the reaction from Portugal?
Back in the league, Chang Sheng continued to rotate, but he didn’t simply and rudely distinguish between the two sets.
Instead, some players who participated in the Champions League in midweek will stay in the starting lineup and find other players from the bench to top it off.
The goal is to let more players get more rest.
The fierce competition has just begun. If we don’t stay strong now, we may face a continuation situation in the end.
Although this did not damage the team’s strength.
Well, away to Palermo, this Lazio game is very exciting.
Of course, the game that ended a day ago was
One day ago, Inter Milan drew Sampdoria at home!
This is a positive for Lazio.
Lazio’s advantage over Inter Milan will be expanded to 12 points because they want to continue to win!
Twelve points. What’s that concept?
Twelve points in Italy, a conservative league, is hard to cross the barrier!
In the history of Serie A, it has not been said that any team leads by 12 points after half the schedule and is turned over by the opponent.
This reality is tempting, but first we have to win Palermo.
That’s not an easy team to kick, especially at their home.
Exactly. He was very tenacious at home against Palermo.
Lazio must go for it if they want to win.
Finally, after 90 minutes of fierce fighting, Lazio 21 defeated Palermo.
Got three valuable points and reached an advantage of up to 12 points over Inter Milan!
On the second day after the game, "Rome Sports Daily" announced that "the suspense of the season league championship is over!"
"Extremely! No team can reverse the championship by 12 points behind! No team can be turned over with a lead of 12 points! "
"Especially in Lazio, this team refused to have a miracle! They can’t give up their advantages! "
"Mourinho’s team has drawn in too many teams … and these should be victories in the future. The biggest problem for Inter Milan to lose the league title is not that their opponents are too strong but that they are too weak!"
The Italian media made no secret of their dislike of Mourinho, and they would tie him up and ridicule him whenever they had the chance.
Of course, this does not mean that they support constant victory.
It’s always winning. They can’t find a reason to ridicule …
So they are easy to get into trouble with Mourinho.