These people in the holy land of Zi Xia are not stupid enough to know that there is little hope of escaping from the golden crown and ghost snake, but if they can catch Xia Qi, they can immediately take the initiative!

Shout and kill dozens of figures towards Xia Qichong.
Xia Qi sees all this in his eyes, and his eyes are cold without any change.
This group of immortals in Zi Xia Holy Land have a good idea. Capturing him can naturally get away from it, but there is one prerequisite for all this, that is, they can really capture Xia Qi!
Obviously, this is impossible!
"You all deserve to die!"
Xia Qi roared in the face of dozens of immortals rushing to the holy land of Zi Xia. His sword and the town platform appeared at the same time, and a sword was dense and a ShaQi rolled fiercely (the fastest and most stable update).
Roar soon filled the whole world, and dozens of immortals facing the blind alley in Zi Xia Holy Land broke out with strong strength and fierce attacks, which suppressed the town soldiers and the front sword intensely!
Two fierce magic weapons were restrained, which made a group of immortals in the holy land of Zi Xia more excited to watch Xia Qi figure rush over one by one to capture Xia Qi.
However, this group of immortals seem to forget that Xia Qi can compete with them. Besides vision and powerful magic weapon, he himself is the most important reason!
Although Xia Qi is just the realm of the fairy king now, even if he wants to compete with a quasi-emperor without many means and magic weapons, there is no difference. It is absolutely equally divided!
Don’t forget that Xia Qishen is pregnant with five elements of the holy family and five emperors!
This is one of the five rare failures in the world, the fierce emperor’s housekeeping skills, and Xia Qi’s department has all learned the five emperors’ skills, and it’s hard to imagine how fierce they are!
"Chi Di Fire Emperor Boxing!"
Xia Qi roared Chi Di’s Fire Emperor Boxing.
Since Xia Qi got the fire pulse spirit and Yan Mo demon fire, Xia Qi’s Chi Di Fire Emperor Boxing has become the most powerful terrorist avatar in Xia Qi’s Five Emperors Juexue.
The flaming fist roared out and broke the hegemony of heaven and earth!
Several immortals in the Holy Land of Zi Xia are very daring to compete with the power of a fire emperor boxing in Chi Di, but in the end, the field directly became the fly ash of the fire emperor boxing in Chi Di!
Xia Qi took the initiative to rush into the crowd to kill.
A pair of meat fists swept the square, and each punch was full of strength, which seemed to smash the heavens and the earth. Zi Xia Shengdi was directly smashed by Xia Qi one by one in horror!
Even a statue of an emperor-to-be confronted with Xia Qi was completely suppressed by Xia Qi, so he had to escape in a mess and never dared to confront Xia Qi again!
He has been broken by Xia Qi!
"Let’s go! Let’s go! "
At this time, the immortals in Zi Xia Holy Land cried out in horror.
A Zi Xia Holy Land Immortal fled away from Xia Qi faster than when he came!
They used to be a soft persimmon in the last summer, but when they kneaded it, they could find the way to escape, but only then did they find that they had not found a soft persimmon to get rid of, but a hell demon!
They released this demon themselves!
Now the devil is killing them, and there is no intention to leave a hand behind than the root.
"Isn’t it too late to leave now?"
Xia Qi sneer at fled Zi Xia holy land elite sneer at a..
"Haha … I like to cut the grass and get rid of the roots best!"
Wu laughed and killed him with a golden broadsword.
Although there is no imperial weapon, Wu is fierce, but he doesn’t cut his sword by half. Every knife fall is chilling and there is an illusion of splitting his throat!
"Crazy! You are crazy! "
Zi Xia holy land fairy frightened and shouted.
Look at this situation. Xia Qi and Wu are trying to exterminate the holy people in Zi Xia!
Zi Xia Holy Land is not Wan Jianzong. This is a fairy gate whose strength is at its peak. The whole celestial world is famous. People dare to underestimate it!
Now, some people dare to kill the elite of Zi Xia Holy Land the next day, which makes it hard for Zi Xia Holy Land brothers to imagine and can’t believe it is true.
"Xia Qi! Wu! I’ve already heard the news that you two have made moves on our holy land in Zi Xia. If you really want to kill them all, the next day will be when you cut up ten thousand pieces! "
A holy land in Zi Xia must be drunk by the emperor.
At this time, they can also hope to be able to deter Xia Qi from the holy land of Zi Xia without being too presumptuous.
However, this Zi Xia Holy Land Emperor is obviously threatening the wrong target
If others face such a behemoth as the Holy Land of Zi Xia, they may stop after killing the Holy Land of Zi Xia, and they will not want to completely offend the Holy Land of Zi Xia.
But it happened that this prospective emperor faced Xia Qi and Wu! These two people are bold, and the Lord will not look at the threat to the holy land in Zi Xia!
Xia Qi doesn’t say that behind him is the Emperor of Heaven, which is the top five in the whole celestial world, and there is also such a big Heaven Sect, which is behind him to face the indefensible Zi Xia holy land Xia Qigen without scruple!
And Wu is not to say.
He doesn’t have such a prominent background as Xia Qi, but who let him have a first-class teacher?
Behind him is Qing Di, an extremely powerful top emperor, especially Qing Di, who is concerned about having an apprentice, that is Wu!
If something was wrong with Wu Qing Di can desperately!
This alone is enough to make the whole celestial world even the top fairy gate dare not provoke Wu for provoking Wu, which means provoking a top emperor!
And it’s also a statue of the emperor who is so tough that he is unreasonable and bold!
Think at the beginning Qing Di but even dare to take possession of the fierce Yang body of the Five Elements Emperor. Is this bold?
Speaking of which, when Qing Di chose one person from Xia Qi and Lieyang, it was really tough to a certain extent.
If Xia Qi and Lieyang are the Emperor of Heaven and the Emperor of Five Elements, both of them are among the top five strong people in the celestial world, and Qing Di dares to seize the descendants of such strong people!
Fortunately, at the beginning, because of Wu, Qing Di always seized the fierce sun. Otherwise, if Xia Qi was seized, he was afraid that the Emperor of Heaven would not be able to have a chance to take revenge like the Emperor of the Five Elements.
Just like now, the Five Elements Emperor hates Qing Di’s guts, but he can’t!
It is too difficult for such a top emperor to want to kill him!
Even the Five Elements Emperor can’t do it easily.
With such a strong man behind him, Xia Qi and Wu’s words about the quasi-emperor of the holy land in Zi Xia have not been taken to heart!
"Ha ha, I’m so scared! Let’s not say that the news will be sent outside the next day. Do you have such means? Even if you do send the news outside, so what? Something happened. Zi Xia the Great came to bite me! "