Fu Hang turned his head to have a look at "Dad".

The bearer is Fu Shouyi, Fu Hangdi’s father. He said, "Hang, do you know that you still can’t be the heir to Kunlun under dad’s push?"
Fu Hang puzzled "?"
Fu Shouyi said, "I showed you to him as early as when the leader chose his successor. Your conditions will never be worse than others, but the leader took one look at it and flatly refused to say that you were doomed. If you put the leader in your Kunlun, you will inevitably go down the road from now on. Now it seems that you may be destined to have a love robbery."
Fu Hang told the truth, "Dad, this is no reason. How did he know that I would be doomed?"
Fu Shouyi grunted coldly, "Have you ever thought that Kunlun is now the strongest of the three schools? Every leader will use a spell called" Eye of the Wheel ".When they see the heir, they can predict whether that person will benefit Kunlun, but it turns out that Kunlun has indeed surpassed Shushan and Kongtong to become the first school every day for so many years?"
Fu Hang retorted, "Dad, no matter how strong the head of the school is, it is always one person who is strong. The overall strength of the school is strong."
Fu Shouyi shook his head. "What you said is really good, but the importance of the head is very important. Do you remember when I was a child, I told you about some big events in the field of fixing the truth?" Wrong novel network does not skip words.
Fu Hang liked listening to Fu Shouyi talk about what happened in the fix-up world before going to bed when he was a child. Fu Shouyi was naturally obedient to him since he was a child without his mother. He often told some stories about the fix-up world before going to bed. When Fu Hang heard Fu Shouyi’s words, his face was shocked and he blurted out, "Dad, you mean the once-mysterious school."
Fu Shouyi nodded, "Chongxuan Sect was once the heyday of the fix-the-true world. Even if we joined hands with the three major sects, we might not be able to be equal to Chongxuan Sect. However, the Chongxuan Sect behind us is becoming more and more inclined to disappear in the world, which is a problem for the head owner." Fu Shouyi said this, fortunately, Zhang Chongxuan was not here, otherwise Zhang Chongxuan would be busy after listening to Fu Shouyi.
Fu Hang was silent for a long time before saying, "Dad, you are a big boy with one hand. Even if there are people in the twelve elders, it may not be my opponent. But it’s really impossible to be a child?" Wrong novel network does not skip words.
"No, you have to come with me to pick up the heir right now. Even if the heir returns to Kunlun and wants the head to soar, I can still help you rebound." Fu Shouyi said.
Fu Shihang hesitated when he heard Fu Shouyi’s words, and Ji Xue came to mind again. He said, "Dad, can you wait?"
"Wait!" Fu Shouyi asked, looking at Fu Hangdao with his eyes fixed. "We have investigated clearly that there is no one behind the aid of Ji Shi Tong Ren Tang. We should have left as early as ten days ago, but you ask Dad to pretend to be sick every day to accompany you to Ji Shi Tong Ren Tang. Aren’t you satisfied?" Wrong novel network does not skip words.
Fu Channel "Dad knows how you are. Although you have been strict with me since childhood, you never say no to your child. It’s too much for your child these days, but it’s like Ji Xue’s decision to get her heart again and then take her back with you."
"Don’t you want to be the head of Kunlun?" Fu Shouyi folded way
Fu Hang said, "Dad, there is still a month before the head rises. I will definitely get back to Kunlun in a month, but now I can’t leave."
Fu Shouyi sneer at a "do you know that JiXue? Although there is no one behind them to help Tong Ren Tang, she has reached the early stage of Du Jie at a young age. Doesn’t this make you know? " Wrong novel network does not skip words.
Fu Hangjian said, "Dad, baby is carefully cultivated by you. Who else can trap me when you say that baby is capable?"
Fu Shouyi said, "Hang Dad asked you a question and you have to answer me honestly."
Fu channel "dad, please tell me that the child must answer truthfully."
Fu Shouyi pondered for a long time before saying, "If you had to choose between Dad and Ji Xue, who would you choose?"
Fu channel "dad made this statement?"
Fu Shouyi looked up and saw a dark sky with a hint of worry. "Aviation dad is always a little restless these days. I have explored Ji Xue and Zhang Jiagong. Although Ji Xue is simply a doctor who helps others in Tongrentang, she is willing to work hard for a rich boy in Du Jie. It is not simple and there is no figure in the black curtain doctor who took out the book" Saving People’s Medicine ".There is also a certain mystery in it. If the head is soaring in succession, we will take over the heirs, otherwise I will try them."
Fu channel "dad, don’t worry about this. I also noticed that I will find out if there are some tricks in it."
Fu Shouyi patted Fu Hang on the shoulder and said, "I believe in your ability, but one thing you have to remember is that if it’s really not good, don’t force Dad not to be pedantic. If it works, it will work. Dad also wants you to bring him back to Kunlun."
Fu channel "does dad mean to leave?" Wrong novel network does not skip words.
Fu Shouyi nodded his head. "It’s good to leave and stay here for a long time. I can’t stay any longer. If I’m wrong, I’ll be in trouble. Dad decided to leave tomorrow. One thing you should pay attention to is that no matter what happens in the end, you must get back to Kunlun after the head rises."
Fu channel "child white"
While Fu Shouyi and Fu Hang were still talking in the maple tree, Ji Xue had already returned to Zhang Fu and told Zhang Zhongxuan what he had heard about this trip.
After listening to Zhang Zhongxuan, Zhao Zifeng asked, "Did Xue Sister Fu Hang say that it was time for his father and him to go to the forbidden area in Kunlun?" Wrong novel network does not skip words.
At Zhao Zifeng, Zhang Zhongxuan said, "Zifeng, it seems that you know my temper a little."
Zhao Zifeng replied, "Master Zifeng is really psychologically speculating about this matter and thinking about what to do. I think the master who sent the door to Kunlun will never let him slip away from his hand and will certainly drag Kunlun to the water."
Zhang Zhongxuan put his hands crossed on his legs and casually said, "The head of the Kunlun Sect is soaring soon, so you can’t move, otherwise you will be killed. However, they have an heir. I have been sitting in the house recently and I am a little uncomfortable. I am going to play in Kunlun."
Ji Xue’s face was shocked at the moment when he learned from Zhang Zhongxuan that Zhang Zhongxuan had to pay attention to the quiver, "Master is going to pretend to be the heir of Shushan."
Zhang Zhongxuan revealed a smile at the corner of his mouth. "Is it necessary?" Wrong novel network does not skip words.
Zhao Zifeng asked, "Master, do you want me to send someone to watch Fu Hang’s second father now?"
Zhang Zhongxuan said, "It’s up to you to handle the purple wind."
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Chapter one hundred and fifty-two Kunlun Forbidden Area 1
Chapter one hundred and fifty-two Kunlun Forbidden Area 1
Just before dawn, a figure came from the street towards the street of Ji Shi Tong Ren Tang. The man dressed as a bartender gasped and went straight to Zhang Fu’s door and took pictures.
Zhang fumen creaked and a dozen gatekeepers were startled to see the visitors. "Who are you looking for?"
The bartender dressed up and said, "I’m looking for Master Zhao."
The doorman took a look at the bartender and gave way to "Come in". Then he let the bartender go in and led the bartender towards the house.
The bartender led by the gatekeeper came to Zhangfu waiting room, etc. It was good for the bartender to sit in Zhangfu’s room. The tea bartender hurried all the way and was thirsty. He took the side tea and drank it. After a few doors, Zhao Zifeng appeared in front of him.