Those reporters who are writing press releases at their desks look up and grow up, their mouths wide open and their eyes dull, watching the scenes happening on the stadium.

They didn’t expect such earth-shaking changes in just over ten minutes …
They looked down at their hard work to write a manuscript.
This seems to be ruined!
In the media gallery, local journalists in Hertha are cheering to reverse the winner!
This is the first victory in Hertha for seven consecutive rounds of league matches!
Hertha reporters followed Hertha’s relegation, and naturally they knew the significance of this victory.
The price is better than gold!
Unlike those reporters in other places, Chang Sheng has a strong prejudice. Every contact and confrontation with Chang Sheng over the past six months has made them know more about this young man.
They know that this victory is not a dumb luck, and this is the credit for winning!
Because when they were in Hertha C team, they had seen the power of this tactic, which was brought by constant victory.
Before him, Hertha had never played this tactic in either the first team or the C team.
That inexperienced young rookie … seems to have really brought fresh blood to the depressed Hertha.
What a great guy!
Chapter 22 Victory is really interesting!
Abandoning at the last minute seems to have let go of Osasuna’s last courage and fighting spirit, even though there are three minutes in injury time and about five or six minutes in the game to score a goal.
But Osasuna did not fight back.
They recovered from being hit by Hertha’s last-minute comeback.
Osasuna didn’t change the result until the end of the game.
Hertha finally beat Osasuna at 32 away and won an incredible victory!
In the press conference after the game, the victory is always on his high horse. "I said I came here to take away a victory, and now I mean it!" "
Taiwan reporters can stand his arrogance. Who makes people winners?
But the winning score is not finished yet.
After coming to the press conference to announce that he has fulfilled his promise, he always wins and gets up and leaves without delay for a minute!
This made the reporters who were going to ask him dumbfounded and at a loss.
They don’t understand what this is all about …
This is a constant victory against the media for laughing at him.
Winning the game is very clear to him that if he wants to, he will become a celebrity in the eyes of the media. Now it is the media that wants to interview him, not that he asks the media to interview him, so he is famous.
But he won’t give the media a good look.
He still remembers what those vicious media said about him before the game.
He has no merit, but he is small-minded and bears grudges.
It’s not easy to be arrogant if you succeed, but now he is going to be arrogant to show those arrogant media. Don’t always be afraid of them!
It’s crazy that the media wants to get his good looks after offending him.
If you always win this game, it will be the focus of attention. What valuable things do you want from me so that you can write it in the newspaper and make money? No way!
Unless you kneel and lick your old toes!
So he got up and walked so resolutely that he even ignored the press officer calling him behind his back.
He didn’t even look at those reporters.
Changsheng’s press conference didn’t arrive for a minute, and head coach Osasuna might still be in the locker room at this time. He was furious and didn’t come. At that time, the press conference was in an awkward position
A large group of reporters, look at me. I’ll look at you. You don’t know what to do with your eyes wide open.
When Chang Sheng returned to the dressing room, it was too soon for the players to change their clothes.
Or they didn’t intend to change clothes so soon at all.
After the game, all the players were talking excitedly about the hard-won victory.
Everyone also killed Osasuna Keku in the end.
"Kaiku this is a famous goal! No, it’s two goals … "
"Martin, if you become a superstar, don’t forget our brothers!"
In addition to Keku, Carlos Campo has also become a star in the dressing room.
Today’s game is his first professional game.
He played for 15 minutes, but it brought earth-shaking changes to the team. It can be said that the team was able to reverse Osasuna. Carlos Campo was the first hero. It was his tireless running and interception in midfield that made two chances to equalize the score.
Popovich simply hugged Carlos Campo’s shoulder and announced to others that "Carlos is my cover!"
Some people don’t look so good when he says that …
These people are the ones who tried to break through Carlos Campo and win the game.
But now Popovich, who is still the core of the main force, directly broke their possibility
Because if they want to take action against Campo, it means fighting against Popovich.
Everyone is the main player, everyone has his own power and circle, and Popovich also has friends
When the time comes, the main force will split up first. Isn’t that for the ever-victorious to reap the benefits?
When Changsheng pushed the door and entered, the locker room, which was still noisy, suddenly became quiet.
Everyone is looking at this young coach.
Just before this game, almost all the main players didn’t think that winning constantly would bring them any good results, because he was too young. Many players here were much older than him, and they were scolded by a villain who was smaller than themselves. It is not common in football ranked according to seniority, which makes it really hard for everyone to accept …
Although Pida and segura, the first group of main players, are the main players who resist the winning streak, others have not made it public. They are doing the right thing but watching with cold eyes. If the winning streak is really defeated by segura and them, they will not feel anything wrong.
But now many people’s eyes on Changsheng have changed.
The way of winning him often brought a victory to the team!
In the football world, no matter how beautiful the words are, they can’t top three points.
To prove that you have the ability to lead them to success, relegation and always win, there is no other way but to win.
This is also the reason why we must win this game. If we don’t win the first game, there will be overwhelming doubts and criticisms, and great pressure may make him be dismissed from the team after fulfilling the ten-round league contract.
Even if he hasn’t been fired, the players who doubt his ability will be even more rampant because of the failure of this game, and then they will have more reason to face him because he failed to lead the team to win.
How difficult is it to play Osasuna away from home? They don’t care. They need such an excuse to prove that he is very capable.
He’s dancing at the tip of a knife. If he’s not careful, he may get stabbed.
After other people’s main characters crossed, Wang was domineering, saying that the younger brothers listened to everything, so they struggled with the fans, the media, the club manager and finally the assistant coaches and players of the team … Even if people struggled, there was a limit!