At the sight of the other side’s reinforcements next to the virtual gate, the president’s channel immediately ordered the struggling troops in the tenth floor of hell, "All the marines with pets are engaged in fighting to support the cavalry!"

A seven million marines stationed in the ten-story hell "hoo hoo hoo", millions of combat players drove their pets up to quickly integrate the formation and lay out the battle phalanx, and then roared out through the virtual door and went straight to North Korea and Vietnam to raise reinforcements and kill two million troops.
In a blink of an eye, the two sides staggered and collided to fight together.
Although this batch of reinforcements from Hellfire is a temporary army, it is not like a cavalry regiment that has gone through a professional battle routine for the first time to form a team to fight a battle. However, the combat effectiveness of these players is getting stronger and stronger one by one. When they get together, it is a mountain of tigers that pounce on and kill, and the killing effect is also not excessive.
The reinforcements of both sides are not adapted to the charge battle of the Chinese regiment, and it will not be like the integration of the two armies. It is like two eagles fighting in the middle, and they will end up in a big hun war. The two armies are mixed together and hunluàn is killed.
After a fierce battle, reinforcements from Vietnam and North Korea came out, like hell’s crazy flowers. When the players saw it, they showed more enthusiasm and expanded their advantages, gradually changing the situation of mutual attack and killing into unilateral cover-up.
Sirius and heyday to see this kind of situation look at each other heart shock inexplicable "… a killer! !”
Instantly reached a consensus. The Sirius Horse Commander Channel reached an order to an army hidden in the dark. "Stop watching! Show them your power! !”
"yes! !” I should fall, but when I saw a mountain not far outside all saints’ capital, ten black shadows suddenly turned out and rushed towards all saints’ capital.
When I was near, these ten black shadows finally showed their true colors. They were actually ten ing dragons with a player on their backs. Obviously, these dragons all have owners’ backs, and those players’ pets, and those ten players are dragon knights.
These ten Dragon Knights are Sirius and the killer weapon in the heyday-the Dragon Knights, which were jointly formed by Vietnam and Korea.
The Knights of the Dragon, like ten fortresses, swaggered through the city, rapidly approaching all saints’ capital in a blink of an eye.
"Give it to me!" Sirius face lu with a new smile "out of them! Show them your terrible power! !”
"roar! !” After receiving Sirius’ command, the Dragon Knight instructed the ten dragons to burst into a loud sound, and the dragons yin shook the fields to seize people first, and then went straight to the Hellfire Riding Corps to cull them.
Next to the virtual door, Jiuchong saw the approaching ten dragons from a distance and smiled. "How dare you make a fool of yourself by fucking ten dragons?" !” "Ye Yu, your performance opportunity is here!" said the president channel of Jiuchong Ambassador to Ye Yu.
Virtual door led by Ye Yu has already seen ten dragons coming from afar, ready for the fight. Wait until the ninth attack orders a ten-frost dragon to form a wingspan formation and roared out of the virtual door.
"roar! !” As soon as I rushed out of the virtual door, the ten frost dragons showed no weakness, and they also broke out that Yi Long yin resounded through the heavens and the earth to form a huge Lang, which flew the fighters in the nearby battlefield.
“……? ! !” See the dragon knights rushed out from the virtual door Sirius and heyday eyes critical stare almost fell off "he … how do they also have the dragon knight? And there are so many? !”
The Dragon Knights came out, and the other Dragon Knights also came to see that the Dragon Knights of Hell were forced to give up attacking the Dragon Knights of Hell, and the idea of changing the confrontation atmosphere of the Dragon Knights was tense, and a dragon war was imminent.
Ye Yu’s arms shook, and the nine swords of Feilong exploded like a mountain, and then Ye Yu was about to lead the Dragon Knights to attack.
However, at this moment, a figure flashed in front of them. "You start slowly!"

Chapter three hundred and twenty-two Wanlong Chaozong
? "Eldest brother? !” Ye Yu noticed that it was nine times.
"I just remembered that I have another trick to deal with dragons. I’ll take this opportunity to try it out!" Jiuzhong waved his hand and said, "You stay and play with me first!"
"good!" Ye Yu made a gesture behind him to signal the dragon knights to stop moving forward and stand by.
Jiuchong walks with his hands on his back and goes to the dragon knights across the street.
Sirius and heyday before he came to the half dragon knights meet while watching is coming towards the dragon knights alone "what the hell is this guy doing? Does he want to challenge our Dragon Knights by himself? !” Sirius asked in full swing.
"Hum, is this person stupid?" At the height of my power, I also saw that this guy was coming for their Dragon Knights, but I really can’t believe this possibility, which is beyond their understanding. "It’s a fantasy that he wants to challenge the Ten Dragons alone! Do we really think that the dragon is a decoration? !”
As soon as the heyday was over, Jiuzhong’s side moved.
But see nine heavy came to the other side of the dragon knights stopped hundreds of meters away and then cast out the skills of "Wan Long Chao Zong" and exhale "Ow! ! !”
To everyone’s surprise, Jiuchong suddenly broke out that Yi Long’s lust for dragons and dragons stirred up heaven and earth. All the players’ eyes were shaking, not that they were moving, but that every inch of their eyes was shaking violently.
The nine-fold roar has reached the vibration effect. Of course, the normal nine-fold roar is definitely not so exaggerated. The effect is the specific skill effect of "Wanlong Chaozong"
Hearing the nine-fold agitation of heaven and earth, all the players present were shocked by the eardrums, and the situation was slightly relieved when they hurriedly covered their ears.
"Wanlong Chaozong" is limited to the players, whether it is the dragon or the dragon.
On the opposite side of Jiuchong, the Ten Dragons heard Jiuchong’s lewdness and trembled as if they had fallen into an ice hole.
With the persistence of nine dragons’ lewdness, the ten dragons’ trembling situation became more and more serious, like break dancing, and finally they simply smoked there like epilepsy.
It doesn’t matter if it is pumped, but they are all in flight. As a result, the body of this pumping part is unbalanced and its wings are chattering. An unstable body pours down from the middle like a meteorite, crashing to the ground and stirring like an earthquake.
"Wanlong Chaozong" can be released in a targeted way. The effect of "Wanlong Chaozong" is deliberately controlled on the opposite side, but the ten dragons have little effect on the Flying Dragon Knights behind him. It is the same as the player’s eardrum. This method is avoided.
Nine heavy breaks and ten dragons fall!
This kind of thing is simply unimaginable, unheard of, unseen and unfinished, which is beyond the imagination of players.
The players present, including the hell-mad flower players, were stunned by this exaggerated skill effect when they first saw Jiuchong’s "Wanlong Chaozong". wait for a while looked up like a woodcarving clay sculpture, and the shock in his heart had reached the level of repetition.
In the hearts of all saints league players, they are crazy shouting, mom, cow, cow, cow, cow! When the road is rough, shout and drink ten dragons to death! I knew this sacred cow, but I didn’t expect it to be so awesome!
All saints league players see each other at a glance, and they are afraid that they are fighting such a terrible enemy before. Isn’t this a pure card? It’s impossible to beat!
In fact, Jiuzhong didn’t drink the ten dragons to death, which made them faint temporarily. But at this moment, it is not true that in the eyes of players, it is drinking the ten dragons to death!
Seeing Jiuzhong’s feat, all saints league players are in a complicated mood at the moment. They are both respectful and afraid of sadness and joy. All these complicated feelings are finally combined. The final result is that they are finished fighting Jiuzhong again. Jiuzhong’s strong mind has gone to their imagination. The root is the victory of the law!
And hell crazy flower players are shocked by the nine feats, but they are not so exaggerated. After all, they have seen too many abnormal places.
The most shocking scene still belongs to players in Vietnam and North Korea.
Have they ever seen such a feat? Why don’t you yell at ten dragons at once? !
This is beyond their imagination. They believe in the positive law and keep rourou’s eyes looking at it again and again, but how to look at the facts is still in front of them. The Ten Dragons were yelled at by the Nine Heavens. They can’t believe it.
After confirming that the facts are wrong, the players in the two areas are completely stupid. Imagine that the dragon is at the top of the food chain, and the super combat power of the biological battlefield is comparable to that of the war behemoth. In fact, ten heads were killed just by his roar. How horrible is this person’s strength … Is this still a person? !
Not only the players are stupid, but the coaches Sirius and Sunrise are also stupid. I didn’t expect that they have been proud of the war and haven’t moved the killer weapon until now. The Dragon Knights’ debut today was the most humiliating defeat and they were shouted to death!
This makes the two of them really have some methods to accept, and at the same time, they are full of limited curiosity about the nine-fold identity
"… are you sacred?" Sirius eyes staring at the opposite proudly and gnashing her teeth, "what’s this muddy water trip? !”
Nine heavy indifferently laughed "that’s right, I am the sacred! Dare to touch me? People in Huaxia District still ask me why I want to go to this muddy water, don’t you think? !”
Sirius and heyday smell speech are surprised squinting at nine heavy "… you are sacred? !”
"I don’t want to say it again!" Nine heavy expression sank. "I heard that you were very rampant in Huaxia District when you were away. Today, just let the old catch up with the old and let you see what flowers are so red!"
"Hum, so you are Fang Sheng!" Knowing that Jiuchong is really the identity of Sirius Cold, the first person in the myth of Huaxia District has the strongest fighting power! I didn’t expect to give an old encounter here today. What a godsend! Fang Shengren will beat you to death here today to end your myth! !”
Chapter three hundred and twenty-three This pervert
? Nine corners of the mouth despise Yang Yang "with you? !”
"Yes, just me!"