"ah? Now? " Xu Shao said, "Are you going to save the old man now?"

Ghost crazy heaven "is that I can’t let go of my grandpa as long as he is still in it. Now I must save him first."
Xu Shao said urgently, "No, now the ghost gate is your second uncle’s pawn. Can we save it alone?"
Ghost crazy day resolutely said, "Hum, no matter what, you have to give it a try, even if it is smashed to pieces."
Xu Shaodao said, "No, don’t worry yet."
"Hum, you’re not in a hurry." Ghost crazy suddenly got up and seemed to go. "That’s not your grandfather."
Xu Shao quickly stopped before saying, "Who said it wasn’t my grandfather?"
"Ah?" This ghost crazy day and ghost jiao froze.
Xu Shao explained, "I, I mean … Grandpa Jiao Mei, isn’t that my grandpa?"
Ghost jiao listened to the in the mind don’t have much comfort, but still stared at Xu Shao.
Xu Shao stamped his foot and said, "Well, since you’re going, I’ll go with you, but not now. We have to wait until late to act. Besides, there are so many of them that we have to discuss it first."
Ghost crazy day just nodded, "you’re right. I’m sorry I was too impulsive just now."
Xu Shao smiled and patted Ghost Crazy Day on the shoulder and said, "What are you saying? You still have to apologize. It’s a diagnosis."
Ghost crazy day also stretched out his hand and shook on his shoulder that Xu Shao hand smiled gratefully.
Xu Shao three people borrowed a farmhouse in a small village not far from the ghost gate that night to settle down and jointly plan to rescue the ghost old man that night.
Xu Shaodao "ghost brother, what do you think we should do in the past? Jiao younger sister this ran out, they must be more closely guarded. "
Ghost crazy heaven "if it’s a big deal, kill it and stop me."
Xu Shao shook his head. "No, if so, we may not have rushed to the house yet. Let’s hang up and talk about saving the old man." Besides, it’s not the way to kill each other. After all, most of these people are still your ghost brothers. "
Ghost crazy day grunted, "This bunch of animals will die if they dare to rebel with juwan. I’ll just clean the door."
Xu Shaodao: "Otherwise, these brothers must have been confused by your second uncle. Besides, this is a matter for the leadership department. How can they know that they are all leaders? Isn’t it that everyone has to follow the orders?"
Ghost crazy day wanted to think that Xu Shao’s words don’t make sense. He hit his thigh with his palm and said, "Hey, what do you say?"
Xu Shao smiled and said, "Brother Ghost, don’t worry. I think we’ll still touch back from Jiao Mei’s tunnel."
Ghost crazy heaven "? Still going there? Jiao Jiao just escaped from there during the day, not to say that there are also two uncles there. "
Xu Shaodao: "I know, but brother ghost, think about it. The elite of your ghost family are all staying in the city and guarding the crossing there. Jiao Mei also said that they are not ghost families. Do you think it is easier for us to deal with your ghost brother hidden weapons or those fools?"
Ghost crazy day nodded.
Xu Shao added, "Besides, if we take the tunnel, we can get to the mansion at once, and we can save the road from danger."
Ghost crazy heaven "yes, let’s just …" Suddenly I heard a lot of noise outside as if a large group of people were coming.
Knowing that it might be bad, the three men blew out the oil lamp and looked out under the door.
Seeing several big men with knives going in and out of a farmhouse seems to be checking something.
Ghost jiao said sadly, "How many of them are in the group during the day?"
Xu Shao looked at it carefully, except for an old man with a thick back steel knife and a young man with a judge’s pen. The rest of the big fellow himself really had some impressions.
Ghost crazy day also sad way "bad looks like they are looking for us"
Xu Shaodao "ha even if they found it? Can they take us away? "
Ghost crazy heaven "but in this way, the loose-packed will be exposed, and they will have to come to our side soon."
Xu Shaodao: "I’m afraid they won’t come. They’ll knock at the door later. You two are waiting for me in the house to deal with it."
Ghost crazy brother and sister don’t know what Xu Shao has up their sleeves, but they all know that Xu Shaosu is a kid with a lot of tricks, so they also follow what he said
After a while, the gang really knocked at the door.
Xu Shao had already found a farmer’s tattered jacket in the house and replaced it with a past door.
It was the young man with the judge’s pen who came to the door and saw Xu Shaogao. "Hey, have you seen two men and a woman today?" It’s good to say that you’re welcome
Xu Shao deliberately lowered his bass and seemed very afraid. He said, "Oh, I see a lot of people today, let alone two men and one woman, or twenty men and ten women."
The young man scolded, "Why did he tell you your little poverty? I asked you, of course, it wasn’t you township men and women."
Xu Shao said, "Hey, back to Ye, there are many city people passing by our small village all day."