"You are dead meat! Do you know who you killed? He’s the young master of Yokogawa Valley and the only master of Valley Valley. You’re killing yourself! "

Four big fellow came one step behind and saw their personal protection. A piece of minced meat splashed like the rotating dead leaves, pointing to Xia Qi’s trembling mouth.
"A group of dog slaves!"
Xia Qi frowned slightly. I didn’t expect to kill someone casually to be a person of great status, but at the moment, I have no regrets. My eyes are cold and I drink a dragon hand and wave it out.
Although the injury has not been fully recovered, the power of the dragon catcher is still earth than the golden handprint. Four big men have been bombarded and plunged into a pool of blood!
"wow! Big brother, you are amazing! "
Then, the three layers were repaired neatly to kill five people. It was as simple as eating and drinking water. The girl who grabbed Xia Qi’s arm burst into a strong look and a face of worship exclaimed.
"The trouble is solved. Now that it’s settled, you can leave."
Xia Qi saw the girl who grabbed her arm with a face of worship and blinking eyes. Nai Ji, a lovely heart, couldn’t bear any ill feelings. Nai said
"Big Brother, that man just now was killed by you, but the Lord of Yokogawa Valley will definitely not leave it at that. He will definitely search in this area. When the time comes, I am so dangerous. Can I follow Big Brother?" Girl took Xia Qi arm a face of pathetic mouth way
"We have sinned against transverse valley valley master with more dangerous by my side! Little girl, you must follow me when you are in an extraordinary position? " Xia qi smiled and looked at the girl’s way
The girl’s watery eyes blinked and blinked, pulling Xia Qi’s arm and not putting a pathetic face.
In the end, Xia Qi still didn’t get rid of this little girl, and they walked hand in hand in the direction away from Hengshan City to avoid the horizontal valley search.
"Ah …! Who is it? Who killed my son? I want you to break into pieces! "
In a luxurious white jade palace in Hengshan valley, an angry roar shook the ground and there were glazed tiles from the top tribe!
In a secret room in this palace, a middle-aged monk looks thin with a beard and looks very energetic. At this moment, the sit-in old man suddenly grows up and shouts angrily!
This person is Feng Liang, the owner of Yokogawa Valley. When he just sat quietly practicing, he suddenly felt that a wisp of breath attached to his son had completely dissipated!
Feng Liang loves him very much, and he also knows that this bullying place has always had a wisp of breath attached to his son to ensure that he will know immediately that he can go to the rescue if something happens to his son.
But the breath just dissipated so fast!
In the blink of an eye, he felt that he was attached to his son’s body, and his breath disappeared completely!
"Even if you are a monk in Yuan’s infancy, I will never spare you!"
Feng Liang’s eyes flashed with sadness and anger, killing his own son in a short time. He guessed that the other party was a strong infant, but even so, he would not give up!
You can’t kill revenge without reporting it!
Figure directly from the luxury palace to break out of the stone chips splashing in the horizontal valley, a group of younger brothers horrified Feng Liang has broken away and vaguely escaped from that wisp of dissipation breath to find.
Brother Yuan’s infant period was as fast as light, but it was only a moment before he arrived at the place where Xia Qi killed five people.
A huge palm print in the dense forest is unfathomable. At the palm print point and beside it, minced meat and blood are scattered all over the place, mixed with soil and brown.
"Kill with one hand!"
Feng Liang’s eyes sparkled with astonishment!
This huge palm print is unfathomable. He was not at the scene and didn’t know that this was the result of Xia Qi’s bombardment of four palms in the same place. This was shocking.
"No matter who killed my son, Feng Liang wants you to cut to pieces!"
Feng Liang’s face was determined, and the hand tactic was used to choke the real yuan. Some of the original dissipated breath around this jungle slowly condensed and was finally collected by Feng Liang in the jade bottle!
This is a condensed breath method to determine that Feng Liang can receive the breath of Xia Qi, who has just left, and can be recognized immediately by the breath when he meets Xia Qi in the future!
Yuan baby gods made no secret of directly probing out, and all these Fiona Fang miles were shrouded in which every cent was clearly controlled.
Feng Liang was somewhat disappointed. Although Xia Qi’s breath didn’t dissipate, he left soon. At this moment, the gods could not find Xia Qi’s sight.