Chapter II Delivery

Chapter two hundred and nineteen Thick soil printing power
"Ah, why are there so many? I’m afraid there are at least three thousand of them. It takes more effort to deal with them this time."
Autumn from hearing the crow was alert, and after a while, clouds, pieces, piles of crows and ghosts appeared directly from the side, and they rushed towards autumn very quickly.
More than 3,000 raven-ghost beasts are not hundreds, which is not only several times more than the number, but also more than ten times as simple as one plus one equals two.
"Thick soil is printed with a hundred feet of pressure!"
The number of crow and ghost beasts has increased, and the strength has also risen and become much stronger. However, the coping style in autumn has not changed much.
"Rumble …"
This time, the spiritual force injected when driving the thick earth seal is far more than nine times, and the thick earth seal is bigger than the second time when it is huge, nearly twenty feet square, and the natural thick earth seal looks far more powerful.
As the autumn leaves, the thick soil marks fall like weightlessness, and more than 3,000 raven-ghost herds collide with each other, and the earth-shattering rumbling sound reverberates in the front and rear walls of Longyuan for a long time.
The thick earth seal was shot down with great power at a time, and more than 3 thousand crows and ghosts were killed, shot down and wounded by a blow.
In autumn, the crow ghost herd suffered heavy losses, and those living crow ghost beasts also panicked and flew around without knowing what to do.
A blow failed to destroy all the more than 3,000 raven-ghost beasts in autumn. Naturally, his right hand was slightly lifted, and then he pressed the thick soil to the virtual space. After rising, he slammed down again and became powerful.
"Bang bang …"
The blow of thick soil seal is even more aggressive, and it goes straight to hit those already chaotic crow ghost herds. In a burst of explosion and bombing, crow ghost beasts have burst into pieces and scattered blood.
And urged the mana to be chaotic. The crow ghost beast hit hard three times and finally wiped out most of the crow ghost beasts.
"It’s really troublesome that there are too many ravens and ghosts, but I can’t completely destroy them after several attacks. There are so many fish escaping from the net."
Autumn nine layers of mana drove the thick soil seal to attack several times, but it still failed to destroy this group of raven-ghost beasts. There are more than a hundred scattered raven-ghost beasts who want to try their best to escape deeper into Longyuan.
"The wasp attacks!"
Wipe your waist and take a spirit beast bag to punch the mouth of the spirit beast bag. Immediately, there will be groups of wasps flying out of the spirit beast bag and circling around Autumn endlessly.
Running away desperately in the rolling of Fang Yin qi, the hundred crows and ghost beasts point to ten thousand wasps and rush towards those crows and ghost beasts that escape through the net in a "buzzing" sound.
A swarm of wasps in Chengcheng Huang has always been saved and immediately stirred in Longyuan. However, in the Mid-Autumn Festival, you can feel that the strength of wasps has been suppressed, and many forces are not left.
Every wasp in autumn is a first-class spirit beast, which is much more powerful than a first-class high-order crow ghost beast. However, because of the suppression of yin qi, the strength that each wasp can really exert is equivalent to that of a crow ghost beast.
However, the crow ghost herd has been wiped out by autumn, and there are more than 100 wasps in each group.
A hundred enemies and a wasp are better than smaller ones, and they take off and turn flexibly. Those ravens and ghosts that have leaked out naturally escape and are destroyed.
Two handprints and a knot of dharma tactic have done all they can, and the wasps have been returned to the spirit beast bag by the autumn harvest in the buzz.
"In this Longyuan Yin Qi, the power of my wasp spirit beast has been suppressed by more than 70%. It seems that it is inconvenient to clean a tail if you want to fight the enemy."
This Longyuan is indeed a wonderful place that can suppress one’s own consciousness for more than nine layers, even the wasp’s power has been suppressed for seven layers. Autumn’s own mana should also be divided into one layer to prevent Longyuan’s yin and qi from eroding itself and getting lost and festering.
Where this Longyuan Mid-Autumn Festival itself can swing out strength is really limited by a smaller part.
"I’m the best at killing and pushing the powerful five-element splitting sword tactic. At this time, my consciousness has been suppressed for more than nine layers, but the five-element splitting sword tactic is still too influential, so it’s okay to continue to explore it."
After killing this wave of more than 3,000 crows and ghosts, Qiu stopped in place and thought quietly for a moment. Finally, he decided to continue to explore Longyuan and didn’t want to give up halfway.
It was not long before I entered Longyuan that I was attacked by two crows and ghosts. Although they were all easily hit, I can’t guess how many dangerous autumn there are.
I have some scruples and fears in my heart. I feel that Qiu’s mind was once shaken, but after thinking about it, Qiu once again strengthened his will and continued to dive.
With a firm face, Qiu pressed the flying sword to speed up the escape of light and went straight to Longyuan deeper.