Clouds zheng heart way "no wonder destiny said can retreat the enemy reason is here"

After a month’s rest, there’s nothing going on. Now it’s a situation full of swords and exhausted strength. If Xiao Shouchen can really calm the crisis, it’s worth taking a long rest! What’s more, it’s enough to arrive just over a month before the ceremony of succession.
It’s an enemy of the clouds, but it’s not one with Shaolin monks in front of him, and the mountain is even more difficult, but it’s hard for the clouds to do it once.
Too room mountain feeling embarrassed (chapter 553)
Although it’s hard to do this all the time, it’s not Shaolin’s natural hope. After Wan Jianzong kills each other, it’s easy to take advantage of the fishermen’s profits.
"I’ve been coming here without sleep for days, and the 300 remnants fought to the death to stop Xiao Shouchen. How can they be so consumed now?"
Although it is necessary to be cautious once, it can’t be delayed. Let Xiao Shouchen hold Wan Jianzong!
Thought of here, the clouds are dark and determined, "How can everything be calculated?" Now you need to make a decisive decision! Even if there are some risks, you can’t hesitate! "
Hangyun’s dark determination Hangjun cried and felt that Hangjun had been guarding Hangyun before talking to himself. He just heard clearly, but he also listened to Yunshan fog and didn’t know what Hangyun was doing. Fortunately, Hangyun’s complexion was back to normal at this moment.
Then I listened to the cloud and said to myself, "No matter if I have any verbal conflict in Shaolin, I don’t want to start work. I want to follow my mountain wholeheartedly."
I don’t want to ask you if you absolutely believe it. I nodded and said, "Brother, don’t worry."
Without saying much, the two brothers clapped their hands on their younger brothers’ shoulders, then shook them and strode towards Master Guangtong, while Xing Jun followed him.
A few steps to master Guangtong, I heard Xing Yunlang ask, "The master just sent your brothers to the mountain. I wonder what the mountain is like?"
Master Guangtong didn’t hide his hands folded when he heard the news. "Amitabha just reported to the temple gate that there were some fights in the mountain and it was very fierce. Many people fell to the ground, but we didn’t dare to get too close to the temple gate and didn’t know those people’s lives and deaths."
Listen to master Guangtong say that finish walking clouds face a mountain started a fight, it’s still in walking clouds to expect someone to fall on the ground and I don’t know life and death, but it makes walking clouds lose heart and can’t help but andao "is someone a killer? Is it Xiao Shouchen? Or Guo Lao and Qin Lao? "
However, no matter who killed the two sides, the killer is intensifying the contradiction in the Sect. Once hatred is planted in the Sect, it will really become a disaster!
You know, now it’s just Xiao Shouchen playing a conspiracy to get rid of him, but once the clan becomes hostile to each other, it’s not that one or two people can solve its influence. It’s unimaginable!
In this case, Xingyun can’t delay when it comes to the sidewalk. "Master should know that I am a patriarch. Since the fighting is getting worse, please forgive Xingyun for not being with me!"
Say "eye" and signal that the two of you are ignoring Shaolin and running straight for the mountain!
Look straight at the Shaolin monks Zheng!
This is the cloud strategy!
"I’m afraid of Shaolin, but Shaolin is also afraid of Wan Jianzong! Otherwise, how could they be so hesitant? Take me or kill the mountain before it’s too early! In that case, I bet he dare not chase me! "
Facing Wan Jianzong, there are seven big schools in Qingcheng Wai, but Master Guangtong is afraid that the damage has not torn the dough. How can it be torn now?
Of course, it is precisely because of the killer, the tongtian soul, that he dares to take risks, otherwise Shaolin will not even think about escaping if he is forced too hard.
Xingyun actually sees Shaolin as a thing and goes straight to the mountain, which is what Master Guangtong expected, so he is in a dilemma!
Stop or not?
It was master Guangtong’s idea to come to Taishi. When I heard that Guo Dingfu was dead and Wan Jianzong was in chaos and the patriarch was not here, I had a great chance, but I didn’t expect the clouds to come back, although the situation of the sudden change mountain was as imagined.
And this hesitation has gone far, and this time it’s a good bet!
The good old monk looked at the back of Yunshan Mountain and shook his head without a hint of resistance. He sighed, "Shaolin has been a leader in these 200 years since the United noble family removed Wan Jianzong two hundred years ago. Even if Wudang is strong, it will be a bit inferior. But who wants Wan Jianzong to make a comeback and understand that it is even more difficult to deal with it because of the disaster? It is also amazing that this young patriarch has grown up. It is actually a great misfortune for Shaolin!
But now my Shaolin strength is still not enough, so it is so difficult to face the opportunity. If I turn Shaolin and Wan Jianzong upside down, how can I have so much scruples? "
Thought of this, the good old monk looked at Master Guangtong’s back channel again. "The safety of Master Guangtong’s nephew Shaolin abbot is the most important thing. Now it is not the time to be impulsive."
The good old monk is arrogant, and the devil has a great state of mind. Instead, it is difficult to rush to the abbot of many secret passages and master Guangtong. At this time, it is impossible to be impulsive. It is said that "this line of clouds is exhausted, and his prestige in Wan Jianzong is not small. It can be seen that these people have picked him to fight before they leave the world, so he will even stop fighting in this mountain."
We’re here to be a fisherman. We have to be tough and fierce, or else it’s good for Shaolin besides opposing others to make wedding clothes. "
The words of the good old monk Most Shaolin monks listen to Bai Shaolin to collect profits from fishermen, but if they are involved, they can take advantage of other big schools for no reason.
The good old monk’s meaning is very correct, that is, he will return it.
"It’s a pity that this is a good time!" Although all the monks in Shaolin are kind to the old monk, they are all unwilling, so someone whispered, "What if the clouds can’t level the mountain fight?"
Upon hearing this, all the monks raised their expectations and looked at Master Guangtong in succession.