However, this middle-level Fang city, trading places, the peak of Bao Yao, which is displayed in front of Qiu at this time, is particularly quiet, and there are not many trading monks.

The three-square-kilometer transaction here is divided from the mouth of the cave. On the left, there are some sects building stores, while on the right, there are places where monks set up stalls. Those who set up stalls need to be repaired more.
Autumn after familiar with some kind of trading places here, he went straight to the left store.
In the peripheral Fang city, trading places stores are mostly established by some small and medium-sized sects in the cultivation of immortals in Daqin, while in this middle-level Fang city, stores are mostly built by high-level cultivation sects, and top-level clans will join them.
"Well, this is the mark of Danling Sect, so this store should be established by Danling Sect."
There is a special gate in the Mid-Autumn Festival in those dozens of stores. This store should cover an area of 10,000 square meters, which is several times that of other stores.
The plaque of this store is engraved with the words "Bao Yao Zhai" and the symbol of Danling Sect is engraved in one corner of the plaque. It is a sword holding a Danding.
In this autumn, I still know something about the symbol mark of Danling Sect. At first, the symbol mark of Danling Sect was a tripod to show the meaning of alchemy. With the passage of time, Danling Zong Yue paid more and more attention to force, especially when Danling Sect became one of the top ten sects in the world of cultivating immortals in Daqin, and this attention became more and more obvious until the Danling Sect was finally marked with a sword.
In this middle-level square city in the south of Dinglin, Bao Yao Feng Qiu Xian Dan Lingzong has established a store here, which can not help but be slightly surprised and more cordial.
Since Dan Lingzong has a store here, and the scale of the store is also the largest, it is natural to go to this store without hesitation.
When I entered the store in the Mid-Autumn Festival, my eyes swept away, and there were no shelves, pillars, tables and chairs. What furnishings seemed to be deserted in the whole retail department? There were huge jade cards hanging on the four walls, and all kinds of information appeared on the jade cards.
"Wow, I, Dan Lingzong, deserve to be one of the top ten sects in the world of cultivating immortals in Daqin. It’s not a small sample."
On the four walls of the store, it shows that the jade brand is made of refined jade slips.
Autumn rough calculation: if all the jade cards in this city are made into jade slips, there will be tens of thousands of pieces of value.
This treasure medicine clinic run by Danling Sect has a large area, and there are also many monks in charge of it. There are six people in total who feel slightly in the autumn, five in the early stage of the foundation period and one in the then period.
Five monks in the early days of the foundation period except one person is responsible for welcoming guests, and the other four people are distributed around the walls of the store. Once the monks watch the information of the jade brand elixir and want to buy it, the four waiters can trade with the monk in the golden elixir period, which is a kind of palm and supervision.
When Qiu came into the store, maybe it was because of the low maintenance. The monk in charge of welcoming guests didn’t pay much attention to Qiu, and once a monk in the golden elixir period entered the store, he would be very attentive.
It’s not only acceptable for welcoming monks to neglect Qiu, but also as usual. After all, Qiu has always been a scholar in the realm of cultivating immortals. Although it hasn’t been very long since he entered the realm of cultivating immortals, this kind of situation is still very common, and Dan Lingzong is a younger brother of the top ten schools in the realm of cultivating immortals in Daqin. It’s normal to be arrogant. As the saying goes, is it a big bully in the shop?
No one paid attention to their own carelessness in autumn and looked at the jade cards on the four walls of the store to find the golden fruit.
I have to say that the middle-level Fang City Bao Yaofeng’s trading elixir is indeed much higher than that of the peripheral Fang City Bao Yaofeng’s selling elixir, and I cherish many of them.
From those jade brands, there are many kinds of elixirs that are not available in their own magic medicine garden, but the price of these elixirs is too high and it is not urgent to think twice and finally give up.
"Ha ha, there are really yuan Jinguo, but the price is too high. A yuan Jinguo is as high as a hundred low-order lingshi."
Autumn can’t help but be overjoyed after seeing the Yuan Jinguo, but the high price of this Yuan Jinguo also surprised Qiu slightly.
Whether it’s from the level or from the rare degree, the theory of Xuanyecao is equivalent to buying Xuanyecao in the precious medicine peak and autumn with 300 pieces of lingshi. When it comes to the precious medicine peak, a Yuanjinguo actually needs 100 pieces of lingshi, which makes Qiu unable to believe his eyes.
"Today, I know that most of the scattered monks are cash-strapped. The scattered monks had a hard time cultivating immortals, and all the wealth was not much. It is naturally very poor to go through these large-scale schools."
The normal value of a Yuan Jinguo is less than 300 pieces of low-grade lingshi, but when it comes to Danlingzong’s treasure medicine clinic, the price has tripled, which really makes Qiu lose heart.
I know that buying this golden fruit is a slaughter, but there are still some things that Qiu can accept. He really needs this golden fruit, and a hundred lingshi is nothing to Qiu.
"Daoyou, please get me one of these golden fruits." Determined, Qiu came to the waiter who was standing beside the wall and pointed to the jade brand in front of him and said flatly.
"Oh, a golden fruit with a hundred pieces of low-order lingshi" looked slightly surprised at Qiu, and the waiter monk didn’t say much. He took out a jade box from the bag and made a skilled offer at the same time.
"This is an intermediate stone!" Take out a medium-grade lingshi from the waist bag and hand it to the waiter and take the jade box at the same time.
"Well, it’s really a golden fruit!"
Put the jade box into it, and after careful observation, you will have a certain heart.
Yesterday, Chapter 2
Chapter one hundred and ninety-seven The center of the earth marrow jade
I came out of the Bao Yao Zhai run by Dan Lingzong, and in the autumn, I visited more than a dozen other stores nonstop, trying to buy some miraculous medicines with reasonable prices in the magic medicine garden.
More than a dozen outlets have been to novel kinds of elixir Qiu, but the price of each one is not less than 500 pieces of low-order lingshi, and Qiu finally didn’t dare to sell it.
Although Qiu needs to buy one copy of each kind of elixir and then plant it in the magic medicine garden, Qiu’s current financial resources to buy these retail elixirs will go bankrupt even if it takes less than 200 kinds of autumn.
A few of those retail elixirs need 500 pieces of low-order lingshi at a very low price, and 700 pieces or even a thousand pieces of low-order lingshi at a higher price, which is also unaffordable.
After visiting more than a dozen stores, Qiu did not leave Bao Yaofeng immediately and went to the opposite store, where most of them were set up by scattered monks.
Most of the monks who set up stalls in trading places, the peak of this treasure medicine, are engaged in scattered repairs in the then-elixir period. These high-level scattered repairs will explore some dangerous places around because they are not weak.
High risk is often accompanied by high income and high reward. Those monks who are fierce and dangerous in it often get great gains and some precious, rare or even strange things.
It is said that you can often find some good things from those high-level scattered repairs in the elixir period. Of course, this requires your vision and the price will not be cheap.
There are not many monks in the right half of trading places at the peak of this treasure medicine. There are dozens of people. After all, there are not as many monks in the elixir period as in the construction period.