At the moment, the Liujia maze was laid out, and smoke and black fog rose and filled the void.

"Brother Wei Dao, what do you mean?" Big fake monk Dan first asked when he saw this.
Who avoid but also don’t panic smile replied "brother don’t panic you personal strength is too strong if there is any cheating don’t want to play by the rules suddenly challenged us these people will not get hurt! For the sake of safety, I have to decorate this maze of Liujia.
Dear brothers, if you are bent on attacking the enemy and focusing on the natural things outside the array, I will immediately withdraw from the battle to make everyone fair. If anyone has malicious intentions, don’t blame me for being impolite and unite all the people to strangle them. "
"You say so much to guard against us, so how can we trust that you won’t play any tricks?" The first fake monk Dan a cold hum a way
"I think the sign of the Five Elements Sect is enough to guarantee!" Who avoid light way
"The Five Elements Sect also has a heavenly punishment hall. There have always been many Di Xiao!" The false monk Dan continued
Hearing this, Wei Ji was not angry, but still smiled faintly and replied, "Then I have nothing to say. My condition is that you can accept it. There is no room for bargaining. If you don’t believe me, I don’t have to come in. I believe that many monks outside will believe it!"
Wei Ji’s words can be described as a red luo naked threat, but this fake monk Dan has to admit that he is still eating this threat. Don’t say that he has already killed 26 monks with them, that is, the remaining 11 monks who have made friends with them have now become a little tempted because they haven’t got a chance. It seems that they want to join those people and attack themselves and others.
After thinking about it for a while, the first fake monk Dan replied at that time, "Well, I will believe in the five elements once!"
As soon as his words fell, Wei Ji did it and ordered, "Brother Zuo, let them all come in!"
"Yes!" At this time, Zuo Qiu is very obedient to Wei Ji. From the smell of this statement, he immediately vibrates and manipulates the Four Spirit Method to let the road let the big fake monk Dan and others come in.
After these people came in, they all found that there was a vast expanse of black smoke around them, and there was no trace of people. This was to isolate themselves and others, that is, to avoid conflicts between evil intentions, and that evil spirits and dark luck led Xuangong to observe quietly in all directions. Only after passing through dozens of feet did they know that this Liujia maze was worthy of its name.
Not only they Zuo Qiu, Chu Zhuang, and Six Devils all feel this way, but when they are in doubt, Wei Ji Yin is coming. "Don’t think about it, just go forward slowly and attack vigorously!" I will withdraw from the array if I get out of the hole! "
Chapter 35 Fly separately
Chapter 35 Fly separately
"Booming, jingling,"
Thunder, fire, golden light, magic weapon, flying sword, Qi Fei! The rivalry between the two powers is particularly fierce!
After a big holiday, Brother Dan, a group of people joined Weiji. Although the number of people on this side is not as large as that on the other side, the strength has already been increased. There are two large arrays of protection in this way. Although it is not very Qi Xin, it can also work together.
On the other hand, although the other side gathered together for the same goal, they still kept too much when they made great moves, and after the big fake brother Dan called on them to be kind, those people wavered and did not join them, so it can be said that they were suppressed by Weiji this way from the beginning.
There are four spiritual methods, but for a moment, Wei Ji’s side broke up the blocking party, but Wei Ji didn’t do much killing. He rushed forward to prepare for leaving this ghost hole and rushed over to the defender. He immediately dispatched two Dafa and four fake Dan to resist in the rear through dispatching.
Everyone went all the way straight ahead, no matter zombies, ghosts or monks of all factions, they all gave way because this force is too big.
The remaining monks failed to stop them and were quite hurt. Naturally, they were depressed. Although they had already resigned themselves and were not going to get the ghost grass in the cave again, they didn’t want Wei Ji to be better than this bunch of people. Therefore, most of them went on a wild rumor that Wei Ji and others had obtained more than ten plants in the ghost grass period, and more and stronger monks joined in the sniper attack on them.
No one believes that there is a hole in the grass when it is precious, but the news that there is a hole in the grass in the hands of Wei Ji and others is confirmed by everyone. Many people are chasing after Wei Ji and others.
However, these people are afraid of bringing disaster to their own sects for fear of the Five Elements Sect and the Six Demons Zongwei, so they dare not compose the message behind Wei Ji and others. The speed of the message is not slow. Some Wei Ji and others plowed and swept the cave, but it was extremely fast. Those who were first chased and scattered were easily cleaned up by Wei Ji and others. When the big brother chased them, they had already rushed out of the seventh fork and were about to leave the ghost cave.
In this situation, Wei Ji has already explained to everyone through the sound, and everyone knows that it is not easy to fight safely than to fight. Therefore, as soon as Wei Ji comes out of the hole of the ghost yin, he will immediately withdraw from the large array. "I won’t say much when the situation is critical. My Chu younger brother wants to compete with our other disciples for the hole, so come with us!"
Say who avoid then Chu Zhuang royal sword at the same time and fly away somewhere toward the bell volcano.
Zuo Qiu, Xuanshou and Yunjing are not tired of fighting. Naturally, they won’t stay here to make a target for other coveted people. Without saying a word, they will be prompted by the Four Spirit Method to fly away from the Bell Volcano and prepare to leave directly.
The rest of the people have long been taught by Wei Ji face to face, which is natural and white. If you want to do the six magic cases, six people will also drink a big drink. "My six magic cases have always been the same enemy and six people want to grab food from our brothers. Come on! But don’t send more people. In that case, we don’t have to keep the fair contract! "
Followed by resin magic Lin Zhao, the other two fake Godsworn Dan also flew away in the direction of the Bell Volcano, but the two fake Godsworn Dan were in the same place. Only resin magic Lin Zhao was alone, but Wei Ji specially arranged to make people not doubt that resin magic Lin Zhao gave himself a foreign godsworn status.
The resin demon Lin Zhao’s innate five-escape avatar wants to share with everyone that if he keeps his promise and doesn’t keep his promise, Wei Ji won’t do much. After all, it is normal for a foreign monk to rob Zuo Qiu of his criminal record, so it’s no wonder that Wei Ji has lost his head.
Who avoid a bunch of people suddenly action nature is to let the big fake brother Dan this bunch of people white by the calculation, but such a calculation is also in a reasonable category, that is, others know what can’t say who avoid, after all, he did not violate the principle of fairness.
But in this way, these people are divided. After all, Wei Ji, these people are strong and weak. This time, it is natural that they are fast and slow. Those exquisite minds should fly out first or over Wei Ji’s side or over two fake Dan’s side. Because The six great divisions in the wheel of karma’s large array is difficult, everyone knows that Lin Zhao, the corpse demon, seems to be the weakest, but they still have a corpse demon helper, one enemy and two natural, which is not taken by the wise.
There are seven monks left, and there is no way to feel unlucky and choose two places left.
Big brother, although this bunch of people said that they all hesitated, the speed of action was still very fast. When the big brother rushed out of the dark hole, it was already flying outside and there was no trace of it.
This clock volcano is no better than other places. It is easy to see the situation. Even if you can’t see it clearly, you can confirm the signs of the other party’s escape from the residual traces. Here, there are mysterious yin and corpse gas everywhere, and even a few traces are washed away.
In the face of this situation, the monks rushed out excitedly, but they were able to curse and return to the ghost cave to continue their search journey. Perhaps it was because there was a hole in the ghost grass that they lost their arms. These people were very anxious in their hearts and their mood was not so good. Therefore, when they met evil spirits and zombies, they were no longer as gentle as before. They all learned their magic weapon in their lives and made great efforts to nullify them.
As a result, the zombie spectre in the ghost cave was in great trouble and was severely cleaned up, but it saved a lot when Wei Ji entered again. Of course, this is another story
Chapter 36 Front broken array
Chapter 36 Front broken array
Who avoid ChuZhuang two people flying towards the south with a strong body shield is met some fierce demon birds road is also a blunt and find a small valley.
As soon as Wei Ji fell, he set up a labyrinth of Liujia. There are also many ghosts and monsters in this small valley, but there is a large array to stop the two people from harassing them, but they don’t worry too much about these things.
"Brother Wei deserves to be a leader in the clan. He is rich in wealth and treasures. With Brother Wei behind him, the two fake monks Dan can’t get along!" Chuzhuang draw mouth way
After hearing this, Wei Ji knew that Chu Zhuang was not the kind of person who was bent on penance, but paid special attention to all kinds of situations. Therefore, after five years, he was still aware of the fact that he was rewarded by the sect. Compared with this Wei Ji, he naturally would not deliberately be modest and smiled calmly and replied, "It’s just a fortune, but it made Teacher Chu laugh!"
"I’m afraid everyone wants this kind of fortune," Chu Zhuang immediately replied. "It seems that I have to be much closer to Brother Wei in the future. I dare not expect to be able to get a point and a half like Brother Wei, which is enough for me to practice!"
Just then, two fake Godsworn Dan chased and landed in the valley. The Liujia maze was banned. In addition, although there was no one who repaired the highest, it was the only one. Obviously, the two people would pinch persimmon with Weiji and Chuzhuang.
Two fake Godsworn Dan fell behind the slightly superior and immediately walked "Wei Daoyou, don’t you want to give us a fair chance to fight? How can you set up a large array of Liujia ecstasy and hide in the battle? Is it because you think you’re not going to be guarded by this? Or did Wei Daoyou cheat at the beginning? If so, it will be a great disadvantage to the names of the five elements! "
Who avoid is a veteran, where will he be moved by such a little words? "Since when have the two Taoist friends been excluded from their personal strength? I am a little ill-informed and want to ask."? Is this the rule of your sect? If so, I’m afraid your rival sects will be very happy! "
Chu Zhuang was born in Tiandufeng, a famai, and Tiandufeng was poisoned from heaven, so Tiandufeng’s brother’s practice is poison. Although Tiandufeng has transplanted poisonous flowers, poisonous weeds and poisonous insects from all over the world, There are many poisonous beasts, but most of them are ordinary. After all, the place where the Five Elements Sect is located is not suitable for the poison breeding ground. It can be said that the five elements Sect has the most frequent experience in Zhongshan, because they almost need a poison to cooperate every time they practice, and they are not ordinary poisons. If the younger brother is rich, it’s okay to buy the bases needed for the early practice. If the net worth is insufficient, there is no way to travel thousands of miles to those dangerous mountains and waters to search, pick and catch themselves.
Chu Zhuang’s talent is not good, so it’s not Tiandufeng’s master’s brother-in-law, but he’s one of many registered brothers. Now he’s getting through his advanced studies step by step, so his experience abroad is more than ordinary. My brother doesn’t know how much, saying that he has long been honed into an operator, but as soon as Wei Ji’s words fell, he immediately laughed.