"I’d better help you go. I think you’ve done a lot of things yourself."

"Don’t delay your time?" Chen Jing thought about it again and said, "That’s fine. Just go get the money from me."
At this time, the owner called and asked Zhang Bin why he hadn’t sent it to the workers. In fact, Zhang Bin pulled the frozen goods from two warehouses, which was not far, but it was more than ten kilometers. But isn’t this sending Chen Jing back? Zhang Bin was also a punctual person and said to Lin Cheng, "If you send her first, I’ll hurry back and unload this car. The boss is in a hurry." Before Lin Cheng could answer, Zhang Bin drove off.
Lin Cheng holds Chen Jinglou. Chen Jing lives on the fifth floor of this community. Lin Cheng noticed that Chen Jing’s left abdomen was injured. Chen Jing took off his coat and wrapped the injured left abdomen. It also blocked the blood from dripping. After all, this is the community. The corridor is full of blood and it is doubtful.
The floor Chen Jingxian points out one thousand dollars and hands it to Lin Chenglin, who takes it and puts it on the table.
Chen Jing sued. Excuse me and went to health.
After more than half an hour, Chen Jing has changed into a tight-fitting home wound, and it seems that the waist has been bandaged, and traces of gauze winding can be seen vaguely.
After coming out, Chen Jing looked cool. It seemed that the injury was trivial and worthless. He put the gun on the tea table and looked at Lin Cheng.
This gun is a double-clip Bei Leita 92F, which is one of the most popular pistols in the international market.
9 Yu gang jun Shi
Lin Cheng glanced at the table Bei Leita and then at Chen Jing. "Is this a real gun?"
"Ha ha, don’t pretend. Anyone can see that you are definitely not an ordinary person." Chen Jingjiao laughed.
"Haha, why do you say that?"
"I’ve never missed looking at people for so many years. That’s how I thought it was a man from the first time you easily lifted that safe. Don’t deny it. You won’t deny it, will you?" Chen Jing looked at Lin Cheng defiantly.
"Haha, actually, I’m just an ordinary coachman girl who makes a living. You think too much."
"Well, no matter how much I think about it, let’s not entangle this question. Honestly, thank you very much for saving me today. I’m afraid it’s not appropriate to call me a girl?"
"Ha ha" Lin Cheng did a quick laugh. "Passers-by who happen to pass by will save you. In fact, I came to see you like a drunk. To tell the truth, I’m going to rob you, but when you point a gun at me, it won’t happen." Lin Cheng joked.
Chen Jingxiao cuttlefish disorderly fibrillation "that you rob now, give you a chance"
This time, it was Lin Cheng’s turn to be embarrassed. Lin Chenggang bowed his head and Chen Jing quickly grabbed the Bei Leita and pointed to Lin Cheng. "Who are you?" Chen Jingbian asked while playing insurance. "Don’t dawdle. Too long guns will really go off."
Lin Cheng stopped teasing. "If this is how you treat the person who saved you, then I admit that I am blind."
"What if a person’s life is going to be blind?"
Lin Cheng looked at Chen Jing unblinkingly. "You have to give a reason, right?"
"The reason is that you are too calm. You shouldn’t be calm. No one can be so calm when facing a gun, and no one can be so calm when being pointed at by the glamorous poison strategist of Shidao Fishing Gang. Tell me who you are?"
"You wouldn’t believe me if I said I was really a passer-by?"
Chen Jing shook his head. "Of course I don’t believe it, and it seems to me that when your brother left just now, that remark was premeditated, that is, going alone to reassure me."
"You may really think too much, but I want to say that you are wrong."
"Then can you prove where I am wrong?"
"I can’t prove it, but one thing I can prove is that I didn’t care that the gun in your hand would go off."
Chen Jing Bei Leita held a gun for a long time, and the muzzle was very stable. He didn’t lose half a point because of the weight of the gun. At first glance, he was a gun master. "How do you prove it?" Chen Jing saw something fly when the words sound just fell. Chen Jing didn’t come without a gun. Lin made it to Chen Jing. Two fingers held Chen Jing’s wrist head close to Chen Jing’s face. "It smells good. Haha" Lin Cheng smiled proudly and unruly.
Chen Jing didn’t see clearly that the flying sofa cushion was thin and weightless, but the speed of throwing discus by Lin Cheng was not that Chen Jing didn’t have a chance to shoot, but that Chen Jing’s sight was blocked by the flying sofa cushion at that time, and he hesitated a little. Just before preparing the gun, he was held by Lin Cheng’s two fingers.
Chen Jing make a determined effort root clenched "I knew you are not ordinary people say you are what person? Let me die for nothing? "
Lin Cheng unloaded the Chen Jing gun and put it on the coffee table, then sat down where he got up just now to "talk about it."
"From that day to help me carry the safe that day to calculate us? You Weihai Gang are really amazing, and you are such a master, but you still don’t wait until you catch me. Pepe wasted my name as a fishing gang strategist, but I didn’t expect you to figure it out. "
Lin Cheng is now thinking about whether it is time to talk to Chen Jing. Is Chen Jingxian misunderstood and even said that he is a Weihai gang? What, do you have triad written on your head, or do you have bad guys written on your head? Elder brother is so dark in five stresses, four points of beauty and three loves, but it’s healthy black, black skin or underworld!
"Don’t you believe me now?"
"Actually, I don’t say anything. If you give me the gun, I might believe you."
Lin Chengyi pushed Bei Leita Bei Leita and turned to Chen Jingxuan. Chen Jing grabbed a gun in his hand and pointed it at Lin Chenglin. Chen Jing held the gun for a long time and put it "Okay, I believe you". He said that he couldn’t believe it and asked "Are you really passing by?"
"Really no malice"
"That line you also don’t do freight rental follow me do it with what you want whatever you choose? Money? Woman? Whatever. "
"I’m from Wendeng, and I have something to do this time in Shidao. Can I ask you some questions?"
Chen Jing relaxed. Since he is not the enemy, just "ask."
"What are the biggest gangs here in Shidao?"
"Ha ha, there aren’t so many Shidao triads. Just one is how old we are to help Shidao. How can we get so many triads? Shidao is a fishing industry, and Jin Yuanbao has always taken a fancy to this fishing port business. Like today, it is not the Weihai gang that values our fishing port pier and comes with us to grab territory. But today, Weihai gang has enough firepower and we are defeated by fire. "Chen Jing wants to attract Lin Chengsuo to talk about Lin Chengzhi.
"That’s it. The purpose of my coming to Shidao this time is to have something to do with the Shidao gang. Since you said Shidao was a gang for fishing, I asked you what the truck should pay for one thousand yuan a month to join. My friend came to me because it was painful. "
"Oh, hehe, it’s actually a piece of cake. I know it’s really done by our gang’s minions. Actually, we don’t want to do this to make people angry, but there are so many brothers to eat in our fishing gang. Hehe, it’s easy to do this. If you have any relatives and friends, and this situation, just ask them to sign up for me." He said, he brushed and wrote a few words in a newspaper. "This is my words. Call me if you have anything."
Lin Cheng didn’t look at the note written by Chen Jing and threw it directly into the paper basket. "All trucks and trucks are my brothers and sisters. I want all freight vehicles not to pay this membership."
Chen Jing eyes staring at Lin Cheng seems to be saying that Lin Cheng is unappreciative and gives you a ladder. You have to push your nose and face if you don’t climb.
Chen Jing looked at Lin Cheng’s mouth and smiled faintly. Chen Jing thought to himself, "I’m not afraid of life and death, and I’m too domineering. It’s my favorite type for men to treat life and death as if they were idle."
"Well, I promised you to join us and help you with all your requirements." Chen Jing is also a great man who holds hands with life and death.
"Well, I’m a little hungry now. Go and make me something to eat. I’ll think about it." Lin Cheng put his foot on the tea table and Shu Zhi sent Chen Jing.
I didn’t expect Chen Jing to really go. Soon a plate of steaming quick-frozen dumplings was brought. "I’m sorry, there are other quick-frozen dishes at home. I really can’t cook them. Do you dare to eat them?"
"Why? Can it be toxic? " Lin Cheng picked up a dumpling and put it in his mouth.