Startled looking at Ye Tian, Ye Tian suddenly changed from weakness to this earth and took the initiative to provoke it. The shining golden warrior couldn’t help but estimate that he didn’t know how to deal with it at the moment.

After talking for a long time, the golden knight couldn’t help but growl and say, I’m tired of small work. Just say, I can give you a way. Now give me this position. I want it
Disdainfully skimming the pie mouth, Ye Tian laughed and said, I don’t seem to be tired of living, so you don’t have to worry, let alone send you. It’s not my son who is so filial.
I’m so angry that you attack the shining golden warrior without dirty words in the face of Ye Tian’s swearing, but you don’t know how to fight back, not without excuses, not even without excuses.
Seeing that the master is ashamed and angry, the four guys behind the shining golden warrior can’t look any more. One of the warriors suddenly stepped in the previous step and shouted boldly. Do you know who our master is who dares to talk nonsense?
Oh, I took a curious look at the warrior with a livid face and shining armor. Ye Tiankou said, I really can’t see who he is. Is he a mad dog? Probably, except a mad dog, who will bite people at random.
I, you heard Ye Tian’s words, and the shining golden warrior has probably never been treated like this. You and I spent a long time but couldn’t say a word.
Seeing the Lord’s anger, the Red Armored Warrior suddenly stepped forward and growled, "Our young master is the king of Tianfeng Empire. You’d better apologize at once. Otherwise, I promise you will die miserably."
Ye Tianxin was suddenly surprised when he heard the words of the red knight. I didn’t expect this arrogant guy to be out of date with this background, and Ye Tianshi wouldn’t show weakness until now.
Man is a very strange creature, and he is the only one who would rather have his neck broken than lose his dignity, especially a proud man like Ye Tian who doesn’t want to lower his noble head.
I frowned, Ye Tianshen insulted everyone, insulted everyone, and scolded everyone in the street. I won’t give up my seat today, or you will find your king, so I will definitely give up my seat to you. You haven’t let me give up my seat yet.
Facing Ye Tian’s tough shining golden warrior, I finally returned to my absolute being and gave Ye Tian a hard stare. Then I flatly turned around and strode away from the classroom.
Looking at the figure of a line of people rushing off the ground, Ye Tian sighed with a wry smile, saying that biting dogs don’t call this guy, although he didn’t say a word, but instead he made his decision.
Shaking his head, Ye Tian turned around and hit the class. It’s better to warm up before class, otherwise I’m afraid the solution won’t be so profound just by listening to the teacher.
When they came, although the surrounding area was still more noisy, Ye Tian devoted himself to it physically and mentally until an elegant aroma drifted into his nostrils. Ye Tiancai stopped reading and looked up doubtfully along the place where the aroma floated.
Hiss finally when Ye Tian saw the source of the fragrance, he looked at everything. Yuzryha could not help but take a breath of air conditioning. How is that possible?
Yuzryha was surprised to find a woman, or rather a girl, but she was so beautiful that even Ye Tian, a guy who has been tested by many stars, couldn’t stay up.
Keenly feel that Ye Tian is watching the girl’s brows wrinkle beautifully and fiddle with a skirt horn. Don’t go away. Ye Tian, after all, just looks at it and doesn’t do anything.
Looking at the girl with a smile, Ye Tian felt that her soul was flying for a long time. Ye Tian had to admit that she had fallen completely.
There are many attractive aspects for a man, but a woman doesn’t need anything else if she wants to be beautiful enough. It is said that eloquence and female appearance alone are valuable assets that can be compared with everything.
Ye Tian has never taken the initiative to pursue anyone for so many years, and no one has really talked about it once. Before falling in love, she came to this world because of professional needs. Although she also passed through Nina, a woman in Yuzryha, Ye Tian was too down and out to raise the idea of pursuing.
But today, after seeing this beautiful fairy-like girl with my own eyes, Ye Tian knew that he had been shot by an arrow, and it was Cupid’s arrow of love.
Although I don’t know much about her, when I meet a girl who makes me crazy, I would rather kill her by mistake than let her go. If the girl’s hand is a little slow, she may never belong to you again.
Thinking about Ye Tian, he suddenly turned around and wrote wildly with a pen and paper. Although he didn’t know whether he would succeed, Ye Tian had decided that he would pursue this girl regardless of all costs.
Seeing that Ye Tian is no longer staring at herself, the girl can’t help but breathe a sigh of relief. In fact, there are many people looking at her because of her beautiful landform, but I don’t know what. This time, the gaze made her ignore those eyes as if they were on fire, and she was everywhere.
Secretly looked at Ye Tian, and the girl frowned in disbelief. At this moment, Ye Tian seemed crazy and struggled to write something quickly with a carbon pen in his hand.
Just as the girl stared in disbelief, Ye Tian suddenly stopped, threw the pen on the table, grabbed the paper, turned around and handed it to the girl with a big smile. I hope you can have a look.
Doubt looked at Ye Tian, although she knew it was not good, but the girl was very curious. After staring at herself for half a day, what was this crazy guy writing just now?
Hesitated a girl gently biting her lip, probing the glittering and translucent jade hand, gently accepting the paper handed by Ye Tian and carefully looking at the handwriting on the paper.
I understand, master. I finally understand why you won’t let me scabbard. Looking at Ye Tian, Essien’s eyes are full of crazy worship
Smiling, Zhan Ji Ye Tian nodded and said, Yes, you are not too stupid. Yes, when the scabbard is bound to delay your hand, you must first line the scabbard and then connect the ground behind it. Once the scabbard is gone, you can attack instantly from the angle of intention.
Ye Tian thought about it for a while, and then continued, you can’t wear heavy armor or even light armor. When you get back, get a set of soft armor. Wear it on this sword, and you can hang it directly around your waist. This sword is not sharp.
En nodded excitedly. Essien asked bledsoe for an animal tendon to tie the toy-like black iron sheet to his waist. Although it is still fettered, it does not need to be in a straight sheath, so he can launch a thunderous attack from the angle of the sword at any time.
After saying goodbye to Bly, Ye Tian Essien arrived at the specially rented house near the hospital together. As soon as Ye Tian entered the room, he called Essien to the front. Some things must be replaced as soon as possible.
Sitting in the chair and looking at it, standing respectfully, Essien Ye Tian Shen Dao Essien, all the conditions have been met today, so from now on, I will give you the meaning of L sharp sword.
Ah, I raised my head with horror, and Essien looked at Ye Tianfa in disbelief. After imagining that I had given so many incredible lighter skills, didn’t I really teach it in Upanishads?
Looking at Essien’s expression with horror, Ye Tianshen continued, "The martial arts of Heaven are only fast and unbreakable, but they must be fast enough and unbreakable, and this fast word is the meaning of a fast sword."
The fast word of the fast sword is not reflected in the fact that the fast sword is mainly divided into three directions: the sky, the human face and the right and wrong. Facing these three targets, it is the essence of the fast sword to launch the fastest attack.
It’s not a stab, but it also includes a swing and chop. However, other sword paths are different. The only pursuit of a fast sword is a fast word, which will be able to omit the link and omit the fastest instant hit target.
It can be said that the practice of fast sword is never limited, whether it is the speed or the angle of the sword, the line will never be limited, and finally the extent to which it can be achieved depends on the individual’s slave talent.
It is the most suitable point to bind the sword to the waist. You can attack people and the ground at any time in the sky, and you can angle the sword at any time because you have no scabbard to bind it.
The fast sword is a single target without group killing, but the killing speed of the fast sword is definitely not slower than that of swordsmanship, and it may be the fastest.
Fast sword is the purest method of killing people. All moves are created to kill the enemy quickly. Practice to the limit, as fast as cutting life and grass.
Listening to Ye Tian’s explanation in a simple way, Essien’s eyes gradually sharpened. The more he understood the fast sword, the more he felt this kind of swordsmanship terror, that is, he would never return to this sword to create the sword after killing people, which is the most horrible sword in the world.