A few people here laughed and someone took a look at the fist big yellow jade and jumped into the ring. "My master had got such a piece of jade, which looked very good, but I asked many people what it was. I didn’t plan to win when it happened. At the same time, I brought 100 thousand pieces of intermediate lingshi. If you recognize it, don’t feel too tired to move your tongue. My master will be grateful."

Mu Tianxuan frowned when he saw that thing. Hu Yingxue noticed it and asked him, "Is there anything wrong with me feeling uncomfortable when I see that jade?"
Mu Tian Xuanyin replied, "This is a cloudy stone."
Mu Tianxuan almost got lost when he was hurt by Yin Shi before he broke out of Ling Tian’s name. After he survived, he found himself very sensitive to hatred and anger. Since then, there has been another thing to distinguish Yin Shi.
Therefore, when Hu Yingxue heard that it was a yin stone, he knew that he must have read his brow correctly and slightly wrinkled a yin stone. It was not the yellow jade. The name of the stone was used to cultivate the yin stone. There are many ways to cultivate the yin stone. One purpose is to harm people.
For example, the jade with Taiwan in hand should be made of a material suitable for carving and refining the heart. If someone really has this jade pendant, you can’t see what will happen for a short time. How will the temperament problems change? It depends on how the jade turns into a stone.
They are not nosy people. They don’t know that this Yin stone is owned by people, but they don’t want to listen to Du Teng’s words to Zhuang Junyuan. "This person really can’t help but say that he just arrived to say hello to Tong Si, and he ran out by himself. The other day, when he heard that he had a good jade in his hand, he always felt scared, but he couldn’t see the problem, but he didn’t know if it was this one."
Zhuang Junyuan picked an eyebrow. "Then he acted a little recklessly today. If there is a problem, he will startle him when he comes out like this."
Du Teng left the corner of his mouth. "It is estimated that he just wants to startle him. A little movement is better than no clue."
That piece of yellow jade is really a good jade, but it’s hard to determine what kind of jade it is. When I think of it for a moment, I feel it’s not like it. It’s always a bit specious, and I don’t know what kind it is, so no one dares to wait for a while and take the jade, so people leave it with 100 thousand intermediate lingshi bags and hold the jade.
Zhuang Junyuan, the bodyguard, took the initiative to withdraw from the ring after standing in Taiwan for a while. When he came back, a group of people came over to the other side of the ring and walked to the crowd. The first person leaned over to Zhuang Junyuan and Du Teng. "Zhuang Er Lao Du, you have to think of a discount for me to find out how that thing makes me feel scared, because it is going to give away. At the very least, you must determine whether it is a good thing or a bad thing."
Seeing that Hu Yingxue glanced at himself and Mu Tianxuan when he spoke, I knew that he must have observed them just now, so I noticed that the two of them saw the jade and listened to Cong Hua’s reaction. It should mean that they wanted to have some contact with the earth forces and said, "I’m not sure what this jade is, but there is a way to determine whether it is a good thing or a bad thing."
Smell speech ZhuangJunyuan then turned to Hu Yingxue and said, "This is Tong Dong, who is the fourth oldest in the family. Lao Du and I used to call him Tong Si. If you have a method to tell whether that thing is good or bad in Zhuangcheng, the three of us can guarantee that no one will easily provoke you."
Hu Yingxue smiled. "The method is very simple. You take out the lotus leaf that sets off the bamboo joint and let him wrap the jade with the lotus leaf. It should take three to five hours to see whether it is good or bad."
At this time, the bodyguard holding the jade box just walked over and grabbed the jade box before Zhuang Junyuan’s mouth was Tongdong. He took out the bamboo lotus leaf in the jade box as a foil, divided by three and five, and wrapped the jade back from his entourage into a dumpling.
Zhuang Junyuan grabbed the jade box. "I didn’t say I wouldn’t give it to you. What did you grab?"
Tong Dong rolled his eyes. "Of course you will. Just like Lao Du, you like to keep my appetite. If you don’t want to be teased by me, I can beat you to it."
When several people were talking, someone came to the challenge and took out a magic weapon with a spindle shape. This time, Zhuang Junyuan, Du Teng and Tong Dong did not show their interest in the magic weapon before others saw it. People kept taking things to each other, and after seeing the magic weapon, they said they would give up and then left 100,000 pieces of Zhongling Stone and went directly to the challenge.
Du Teng laughed at "Jubaoge is really nothing new. I still play this this time."
"Don’t care if people have any new ideas, someone will eat this one." Tong Dong narrowed his eyes. "Zhuang Er, you took people to smash their signboard. Cai Jiping didn’t dare to find you directly or Lao Du and I’m afraid I will …"
Tong Dong didn’t finish Hu Yingxue, and he didn’t know what to say. Sure enough, the Taiwanese said to them, "Some friends here must have come to Zhuangcheng to be a guest. I wonder if you are interested in playing with my Cai Jiping?"
ZhuangJunYuan smell speech quickly turned to Hu Yingxue and they said, "The roll call desk is a little different from the previous one. If you don’t take out one thing, you can always take it out until you know that Cai Jiping’s taking it out is a magic weapon of the terrace. If you take it out, you must also be a magic weapon of the terrace."
Hu Yingxue smiled, "If that person in Taiwan deliberately provokes the wrong person, I, a Taoist couple, have more magic weapons if I don’t have many others."
When Hu Yingxue told others about him, he directly said that her Taoist couple Mu Tianxuan had gone with the wind, but no one could see that Hu Yingxue had said that. Of course, he had to wait for Hu Yingxue to finish, and he said to the stage, "Then I’ll go with Taoist friends."
Mu Tianxuan walked behind the stage step by step, and someone immediately sneered, "This man’s bravery is fat enough, but he dared to meet Cai’s shopkeeper during the construction period."
Cai Jiping paid attention to Hu Yingxue before they chatted with Zhuang Junyuan. When Mu Tianxuan walked to Taiwan, he didn’t notice that he showed it. However, he didn’t like those who laughed at his eyelids directly, and his heart suddenly hitched. Some regretted that his mind was hot and swept to Zhuang Junyuan’s eyes, which almost turned into a curettage knife.
Mu Tianxuan walked about five meters away from Cai Jiping and stopped to flip his hand and took out a fusiform magic weapon. "I don’t know how to judge who is taller and who is lower?"
As soon as his voice fell in the middle of the ring, a column rose, and at the same time, a pair of eyes were left uncovered in a bag. "If the attack type magic weapon is the strongest, you can attack and hit the column. If the defense type magic weapon can be handed over to me for verification."
Cai Jiping took a step forward. "Seeing that Daoyou is really playing this for the first time, then Cai will give Daoyou a demonstration first."
Then Cai Jiping threw up the shuttle-shaped magic weapon in his hand, and then he saw a beam of silver light shooting from the shuttle-shaped magic weapon and hitting the pillar in the middle of the ring. A flash of light finally wrapped in a layer of green light.
Someone in the crowd said, "It’s the first step, but the attack power can reach the level of green light. No wonder everyone in the front directly gives up."
Hu Yingxue looked at Zhuang Junyuan. "What is the green light level?"
Zhuang Junyuan replied, "The pillar in the challenge is called Yuan Shi. Different strength attacks will stimulate different lights. From low to high, it is red, orange, red, green, blue and purple. Cai Jiping took out that magic weapon, but it is so powerful that it is estimated that it is difficult to overwhelm him."
Hu Yingxue smiled. "It shouldn’t be difficult."
Hu Yingxue said that Mu Tianxuan’s fusiform magic weapon in his hand came to the stone pillar. The light of the first-class stone pillar was straight and flashing, and it was blue light. But this time, the green light was more prominent than the previous color, which means that Mu Tianxuan’s fusiform magic weapon won Cai Ji’s draw.
"Come again" Cai Jiping bit his teeth and took out a magic weapon. This time, the magic weapon attack fell on the stone pillars, and the last thing left was green light, which looked deeper than the green light that Mu Tianxuan had just made.
"Good" Mu Tianxuan put away his fusiform magic weapon and took out a magic weapon of terrace. A magic weapon came to the central stone pillar of the challenge. The last stone pillar left or the green light looked a little deeper than before Cai Jiping.
"Again" Bang!
"Good" Bang!
"Again" Bang!
"But" Bang!
Cai Jiping was about to vomit blood. He took out seven magic weapons in a row, and every time it was a little darker than the green light, he took out the last magic weapon. Although he was confident in this magic weapon, his hands were full of sweat.
After the bang, the green light of the stone pillar has reached its limit. When Cai Ji saw it, he breathed a sigh of relief and hooked his mouth and said to Mu Tianxuan, "Come again?"
"Taoist friends are so interested that I should have a good time with Taoist friends." Say that finish, Mu Tianxuan took out a magic weapon in the shape of a disk, and after a bang, the stone pillar in the middle of the ring flashed and burst into dazzling blue light.
"I’m not dizzy, am I?"
"How is that possible?"
"Today is really an eye-opener."
"Isn’t this to seduce me to move something that I shouldn’t have thought about?"
Looking at that blue light, Cai Jiping couldn’t hear the discussion from Taiwan, and finally turned his head to Mu Tianxuan. "How can you have so many magic weapons?"
Mu Tianxuan flipped the magic weapon. "The reason is very simple. I am a refiner. It is very clever to study a problem. I refined a lot of steps and a magic weapon some time ago."
Seeing Zhuang Junyuan and others stunned, Hu Yingxue bent his eyes. "I said that he provoked the wrong person, right?"
Chapter 22 Insect jade
Cai Jiping wants to hit Zhuang Junyuan in the face, but he doesn’t want to make a door. According to the usual practice, the winner can choose something from the loser or ask for 500 thousand pieces of intermediate lingshi Mu Tianxuan. Of course, look, he chose lingshi for that.
Don’t look at Cai Jiping’s usual habit of pointing his nose at people, but he didn’t dare to default in the fighting ring. He took the bag containing 500,000 pieces of intermediate lingshi from his entourage and walked over to Mu Tianxuan but laughed. "I wonder if this Taoist friend intends to sell those magic weapons?" If it is sold to us, Jubaoge will definitely give Daoyou a satisfactory price. "
Mu Tianxuan stretched out his hand and took the bag that Cai Jiping handed me. "I didn’t intend to keep those magic weapons because I refined them along with the gender, but I didn’t give them to Jubaoge because my family hated Jubaoge."
Cai Jiping’s smile suddenly froze. "Please be careful, Taoist friends."
Mu Tianxuan smiled gently. "Can you people in Jubaoge be so crazy that they don’t care about a city owner and are afraid that others will get bored with you?"
Cai Jiping, though just competing with Zhuang Junyuan, did not dare to really oppose Zhuang Bei. Suddenly, there was a layer of sweat on his forehead, "Hu said."
Mutianxuan corners of the mouth with a sarcasm "just send LingShi to you should be very valued by you? This man does have something to do in the dry yuan world. He shouldn’t have provoked people to run away overnight, but he actually mixed in the mixed yuan world and entered the Jubaoge. "
Cai Jiping’s face really changed this time. Mu Tianxuan said that the name of the person was Liu Yuping, that is, the one who had a hard time with Hu family in Fenglincheng. Liu Hei Liu Yuping was his first sister, and although he was his nephew, he had no heirs. He always cultivated people as relatives.
When Liu Yuping ran away from Fenglin City, Cai Jiping happened to have something to do in the past. Yuan World didn’t know where Liu Yuping got the news. He found his poor sister who ran away from home but died in a foreign land, so Cai Jiping took him back to the mixed world.
At that time, Cai Jiping listened to Liu Yuping and said that he wanted to mix the horizons of the Yuan World. Now it seems that he has provoked disasters over there and blocked his breath. He thought that he had been angry with Liu Yuping for years, and he stopped talking to Mu Tianxuan and turned to Jubaoge that a bunch of people walked over.
Go back to Hu Yingxue and Mu Tianxuan will listen to Hu Yingxue’s voice and give him "narrow-minded guy, how long has it been? You’re still digging up old scores with others."
Mu Tian Xuanyin replied, "The dog can’t change the dog and eat shit. That guy will definitely give Cai Jiping some bad ideas when he turns back. It’s better to let him give us trouble and let him enjoy it first."