"Well, I’ll wait for you to slap me." Zheng Xiaojie’s childish face is full of expectation, but he knows in his heart how his father loves him so much that he can really smoke. Now it’s just a verbal joke.

Here Muming and his party left the door of the ward at the corner on the first floor, and they met two people who were checking out, Shu Xia and Zhu Li.
Mu Ming looked at the wound that had been bandaged before he left and asked, "Did you sprain your ankle?"
"The doctor said that there was slight friction in the bones after a month’s inability, but it would be swollen for a while." She smiled beautifully and felt very close.
"Then have a good rest for a few days." Cheng Man fiddled with a short hair in his ear and the whole person looked dashing. "The suspect who robbed you has been arrested and will probably give you an account the day after tomorrow."
"So soon?" Comfortable leisure some surprised tone also soar three points grain also open a pair of big eyes waiting for an accurate answer.
In this way, the criminal suspect has been arrested, which is not necessarily too fast! Even when adjusting the traffic management bureau’s camera, it’s not enough.
"Officer, you’re not looking for our hearts, are you?" Granny took her arm and frowned and asked.
She has this idea, and it is reasonable that no one will believe it. It was only an hour before the report was made, and the criminals were arrested an hour later. Even if the police speed is extremely fast, it may not have such high accuracy.
However, Cheng Man was not in a hurry to refute the grain, but rather relaxed and scolded, "How can you talk to a police officer like that!" "
Granula vomitted to stick out her tongue and snorted softly from her nose. "Sister Liu, it’s not that you don’t know many policemen. The victim can rest assured and likes to boast. Who knows if they trusted you so quickly this time?"
Gave her a leisurely glance, and her eyes fluttered around, and she didn’t know where to start.
"I believe this a few police officers" her eyes glowing bright look at a few people slowly way
People in the hall came and went in their leisure time, saying that the voice was not high or low, but it just knocked into the hearts of several people on the spot. This was from the parties’ letter, and the police naturally had another experience. It was an unspeakable feeling.
Very wonderful, very proud, very excited sense of mission.
Comfortable leisure and grain by grain paid ready to go back and Muming a line of people can’t just stand in the hall to see the situation. Cheng Man and Qi Shaochen and two small policemen went out of the hospital gate and left Muming and Gu Jingke alone in the hall.
"We’ll take you back." Looking at walking limping, Cheng Man suddenly took her wrist on the other side.
Shu Xia just wanted to refuse, but Cheng Man smiled brightly and said, "Don’t believe anything else."
She moved her lips and refused to say anything, so she swallowed back to her stomach. "Thank you," Cheng Man smiled and didn’t say anything. Qi Shaochen stopped the car in front of several people. Cheng Man hit the door and carefully helped her to sit in the co-pilot seat.
Look at her every move, her face is suspicious, and she is relieved to smile instead.
Looking at the car leaving Mu Ming and Gu Jingke, she raised her hand and knocked on the window. At once, there was a middle-aged female nurse with a rigid and regular face. First, she looked at the two people dressed up and her eyes flashed.
Change to another picture and say with a smile, "Are you paying?"
There is one thing to come to this window, and that is to pay! The female nurse smiles at people with a rigid smile, just like her predecessors, but she can be alone, but one second she looks down on people and the next she recognizes reality.
But she miscalculated. These two people are not here to pay.
Mu Ming turned his finger slightly on the windowsill and said softly, "Please help me check whether Zheng Xiaojie’s medicine in Room 157 has been paid or not."
The female nurse’s face froze with a smile, but it took her a long time to give an answer. "I just paid for an operation today … Who are you?"
She was suspicious that she had been working here for so long, but she had never seen these two people ask the patients in that room. It seems that most of them are ordinary middle-aged men. What are the identities of these two young people with extraordinary temperament now?
Gu Jingke gave her a faint wind, her eyes were calm, and the female nurse was shocked and shaken, giving her a cold heart. She smiled and sat down to do her own thing, but the eyes secretly looked at the two.
Now that the money has been paid, they have no reason to ask for it, and it is not until a child’s life and heart are hard that a person can’t ruin an operation.
The victim must find another way to spend his leisure money. Zheng Xi can’t count on it!
Just Cheng Man, a few people go first to avoid leisure doubts. Two people go to the door and look at the blue sky and white clouds, but there is a bit of coolness in the whole body. There is always a demon in the deepest layer of cold human nature, which stirs people’s hearts from time to time.
There will always be a tipping point that forces people to do something, or because they have to, or because of their personality …
"Sister!" At this time, a sweaty teenager came from the stone steps. He was hot, and there was something wrong with his eyes. He blinked again to make sure that he was not mistaken. He was a little excited and was afraid that people would disappear in front of him.
Mu Ming looked at the young boy from far and near and squinted and thought about it all the time before he realized who he was-Qinchuan, the boy who robbed her, remembered that he still owed her money and his sister seemed to live in a ward of this hospital.
Qin Chuan didn’t hear the response. She didn’t hear the deliberate striding to Mu Ming, then raised her little black face and shouted, "Sister, why are you here?"
Muming looked at the young silent Qinchuan Ru lips and asked, "Elder sister, are you here to investigate the case? Or come to me? " He just changed the word "pay me back", knowing that she would never lose this purpose.
His name is sister, and he is very familiar with it. He is not flattering and sincere. He really regards Muming as his own sister!
"Yes" Muming didn’t show any coldness to him, but his eyes were dull, which made Qinchuan slightly happy that she didn’t say a word, and a word was also a word to prove that she still remembered herself.
"So you’re done?" Qinchuan moved his lips slightly and had an idea in his heart, but his eyes rolled and he was thinking about how to say it and how she wouldn’t refuse.
Muming glanced at him with a clear "yes"
His eyes lit up and he looked restless at the same time. Muming stared at him and waited for him. She was not in a hurry to leave. The boy had something to say, but the sun seemed too poisonous. If he didn’t say anything, she would leave.
Gu Jingke seems to know how she wants to stare at her face before she looks at Qinchuan, a boy who has never said hello to him. He is hostile to him on purpose, and so is he!
"Don’t you feel hot?" He calmed down a slight cold voice and made Qinchuan tremble slightly.