"oh? You only said that we harmed them, so why don’t you ask them why we came to them? " Zhang Xiaotian asks.

"You … Hum" The little monk was going to say that it was two months ago that Dean Qin didn’t cure his illness, and he took revenge. But the thought of Zhang Xiaotian’s profound cultivation, and the kid’s qualification is very low, if you want to cultivate to this level, it will take at least more than one hundred years to become, and it can’t be that he died two months ago. At this time, although I doubted the words of Dean Qin, I couldn’t find a good reason to deal with Zhang Xiaotian, so I had to hum a and stop talking.
"Little monk, you don’t understand anything, you will come to catch us, not what is right and wrong. In order to enhance your mana, you will catch it if you are a ghost. What is it if you are not stubborn? " Zhang Xiaotian said coldly.
"Who the hell is caught? I only catch evil spirits! " Hearing this, the little monk Zhang Xiaotian retorted loudly. Zhang Xiaotian wronged him this time, but this is the first time that he went out to catch ghosts alone. In the past, I went to catch ghosts with my master, and after I caught them, I distinguished the good from the bad, persuaded them well, and sent them to the afterlife. Only the bad ones were used to refine my magic. Because of this, he and his master’s mana is the lowest among the students, and they are often ridiculed by the students.
"Then how do you judge that we are evil spirits?" Zhang Xiaotian couldn’t help laughing at the fierce reaction of the little Taoist priest.
"Did you die two months ago?" The little monk hesitated for a moment and asked in a low voice.
"Well, yes, we did die before using it. So what?" Zhang Xiaotian hesitated for a moment and said.
"That’s right. You resented that Dean Qin’s hospital didn’t check out your cause and didn’t cure your disease, so you came to retaliate against him after death. What is your behavior?" When the little Taoist priest heard this from Zhang Xiaotian, he immediately lifted his spirits and asked loudly, no longer wondering why Zhang Xiaotian reached the ghost period.
"Their hospital didn’t cure me, and I don’t resent them. But do you know what they did to me after I died? How did my brother die? " Zhang Xiaotian a listen to the little monk, I asked in distress situation. What a fool you are.
"This … I don’t know!" The little Taoist priest felt that something was wrong, but he didn’t understand what was wrong.
"Which sect are you from?" Zhang Xiaotian light asked.
"The 32nd generation disciple of Maoshan Sect will be tomorrow!" Tomorrow’s puzzled answer. I wonder why Zhang Xiaotian asked this?
"Do you know the boundless son of the Maoshan Sect?" Zhang Xiaotian asked again.
"It’s the tutor!" When I saw Zhang Xiaotian mention the master tomorrow, I couldn’t help saying with respect. I wonder to myself, don’t these two kids know their master?
"Hum! Even if he saw me, he was also a respectful name! You are bold, even to catch us! " Zhang Xiaotian with a snort of cold, said.
"Ah?" Tomorrow, the mouth is slightly open and a face of surprise. I didn’t expect the master to call the elder when he saw him, but he came to catch them himself … I’m afraid these two ghosts have already seen that they are related to the master, so they didn’t do it. Thought of here, tomorrow is a cold sweat.
Zhang Xiaotian also no longer answer, just a few mental fluctuations, the things born that day, in the mind of the little monk again. This is not difficult for Zhang Xiaotian, who has been able to produce hallucinations.
When the three people with little money saw that there was no movement in the hall for a long time, they couldn’t help raising their heads slightly. They only saw Zhang Xiaotian standing there motionless and smiling. When they saw the three of them looking up, they smiled at them, and they immediately turned to look at the little Taoist.
I saw the little Taoist priest standing there without talking, only his face turned blue and white for a while, and then he turned his head and looked at Qin Shudao with hatred.
"Today’s business is tomorrow’s fault, and there are many interruptions. I hope my predecessors can forgive me!" After watching the picture tomorrow, I already know the ins and outs of things clearly, and I am also very contemptuous of Qin Shudao’s behavior. Stared at two people, and turned to Zhang Xiaotian said respectfully. In the world of spiritual practice, spiritual practice is the most important thing. Therefore, it is not awkward to call elder Zhang Xiaotian tomorrow.
When this was said, Qin Shudao was scared out of her wits, and even the Taoist priest who caught ghosts had to shout the ghosts of his predecessors. How powerful it would be. If he left, wouldn’t the three of them be dead? I couldn’t help begging. Not much money, but holding on to his thigh.
The little Taoist priest looked at them, although he thought they were extremely hateful. But seeing that they are so pitiful and pleading now, I can’t help but hesitate and have to bite the bullet and say to Zhang Xiaotian, "Senior, junior has something to say, I don’t know if I can say it?"
"Say it if you want!" Zhang Xiaotian said slowly, not from get a little confused, don’t know what he is going to say.
"Set in place and forgive people! Look at these three people, there is no big evil. The donor with little money was drunk and killed your brother. Although it was a terrible crime, it was not intentional. Qin Shudao took the bone marrow from Qin donor, although it was contemptuous, but it was also a rescue. The organ taken by the money donor is for money, but the donor’s organ has saved several people, which is no small merit! I also hope that the seniors will look here. If this matter can be resolved, it is better to resolve it! " Say the words out slowly tomorrow, and watch Zhang Xiaotian carefully at the same time.
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Chapter 19 Huge extortion (for collection, recommended! )
"Yes, yes, if we can resolve this matter, we are willing to compensate your parents. How much do you want? You can count it!" When Qin Shudao listened to tomorrow’s words, his eyes brightened, and he couldn’t help mustering up courage and implored Zhang Xiaotian.
"I know I was wrong. I shouldn’t have taken your organs. I will return all the money they sold to you. I won’t dare again!" Don’t have much money is also a face of crying like Zhang Xiaotian pleaded.
Little money didn’t know that there was another kid bothering him. They could only see Zhang Xiaotian himself, so they thought Zhang Xiaotian was the only one.
Qin Shudao’s face immediately changed when he heard that he didn’t have much money. He didn’t expect his brother-in-law to take out bone marrow. He even dug up all the body organs of others. No wonder people took revenge on him first, and maybe they were also implicated by him. You know, Director Li and Xiao Wu have not been found. However, I can only blame myself for sending the wrong person.
Seeing this, Zhang Xiaotian couldn’t help looking at this little monk with special respect. I didn’t expect that there should be such a pure person in this society now. I turned to look at Yang Xiaodi, knowing that they offended Zhang Xiaotian, saying it’s not a big deal or a small one. But Yang Xiaodi’s is different. That is the direct separation of Yin and Yang. It’s just the difference from heaven to eighteen layers of hell. If it weren’t for Zhang Xiaotian, maybe it’s still hidden in a corner. Spare them, but Yang Xiao has the final say.
Yang Xiao saw Zhang Xiaotian looking at him, and he couldn’t help but shoulder: "You can forgive me if you say it!"! I don’t care. Anyway, if I hadn’t been killed by a lack of money, I wouldn’t have met my eldest brother. Speaking of which, I have to thank him. But it’s definitely not easy. That’s it. Aren’t parents still working hard every day? Then we will … "
"Hey, don’t worry about this younger brother, I am the best at doing this!" Zhang Xiaotian a listen to Yang Xiao promised not to pursue, also couldn’t help a sigh of relief. In fact, he didn’t want to put them to death, he Zhang Xiaotian is not so bloodthirsty. Otherwise, he would have passed on a strong mental fluctuation and turned the three people directly into idiots. Or a fantasy, let them commit suicide, kill each other, are easy. Or, give each of them a stone on the head, and it can kill them.
"There is not much money. Do you remember that two months ago, you killed a man with a car?" Zhang Xiao faintly passed the sound. This time, let the three people, including the little Taoist priest, hear it clearly.
"Yes, yes, I was drunk that time, and I accidentally hit it. For this matter, I am already regretting it. It’s not that I intentionally pleaded not guilty and didn’t pay compensation, but because the person who was hit was an orphan, I have nowhere to pay compensation!" Money is not much. As soon as Zhang Xiaotian brought this up, he knew that Zhang Xiaotian was not the only one who wanted to take revenge on himself. Just now, he heard the little monk say’ yours’. At that time, he didn’t understand what it meant, but now he knows. Hearing this, I knew that Zhang Xiaotian let go and pleaded guilty.
"Well, you remember. The man you hit is my brother. Although we have become ghosts, we don’t need any money. However, considering that my parents and their old people will have no one to support them in the future, and the family has spent all their money because of my illness, now that you are so sincere, then we will let you go. Don’t you want compensation? Then how much do you want to compensate? " Zhang Xiaotian said smilingly.
"One … one million, I wonder if it’s enough?" Qin Shudao said carefully.
The little Taoist took a deep breath. I didn’t expect that there were so many. Even if I sold him, I wouldn’t be able to sell this half of the money.
"Dean Qin, I heard that you took the position of dean because of my bone marrow. I don’t know if there is such a thing?" Zhang Xiaotian irrelevant answer asked.
"Yes … yes!" Qin Shudao wiped the cold sweat on his head and said.
"How much is the gift from the vice president to the president?" Zhang Xiaotian said like a little to himself.
Although he was talking to himself, his voice was clearly heard by four people.
Only let the little Taoist priest listen to a burst of sweat, Qin Shudao three people are speechless, look at what this man said. But obviously everyone knows what this means.
However, Qin Shudao couldn’t help but answer, so he whispered, "According to the habit, you have to get at least one million yuan to be talented!"
Who knows that the little Taoist priest was even more surprised after listening to it? Is this still the hospital that saves lives? It sounds like a black shop. Master, his old man’s house has caught ghosts for most of his life and didn’t earn so much money. However, Qin Shudao will give a gift of one million yuan just from the vice president to the president. At first, the little monk thought that Zhang Xiaotian said that giving gifts was empty talk, in order to want more money. Who knew that it really happened? Alas, I can only blame this little Taoist for being too pure.
"oh! 1 million? I don’t have much money. Are my organs easy to sell? How much did you sell? " Zhang Xiaotian should be a sound, then turn your head to the money is not much asked.
"Sell … sell, a total of four hundred and seventy thousand." Money is not much said carefully, also dare not say false, for fear that Zhang Xiaotian found out, and then come to him.
"Oh, four hundred and seventy thousand? I didn’t expect it to be so valuable! By the way, that bone marrow seems to be worth a lot of money, right? Forget it, it’s not much, an integer, 1.5 million! Not without one child! " Zhang Xiaotian dumped them and said.
Qin Shudao three people just breathed a sigh of relief, one million five hundred thousand compared with their lives, really not much.
The little Taoist priest is also shaking in his heart, 1.5 million! How many ghosts do we have to catch?
"Well, finished my account, then it’s time to calculate my brother’s account. I am still worth so much money as a dead man. I think he is definitely worth a lot more as a living man, right? " Zhang Xiaotian sighed and continued.
"The one-hundred-year-old birthday expenses, mental damage compensation, qualification damages, and the living expenses of ghosts in the future … add up in general, not much said, 1.5 million, plus the corpse fee of 1.5 million. A total of three million! " Zhang Xiaotian tao tao said along while, finally finished.
At this time, not only the little Taoist priest froze, but even Yang Xiaodi, the younger brother, was dumbfounded, and swallowed saliva in his heart. He didn’t realize that he was so valuable, and there were actually three million.
My sister, who doesn’t have much money, even fainted directly. She doesn’t have much knowledge, but her biggest hobby at ordinary times is to keep money and sit at home and count money. This time, she will go to 4.5 million, and she will not be heartbroken to death.
"A total of four million five hundred thousand, I think you can’t get the gold for a while in a short time, so use the card and send it to my home in person before tomorrow afternoon. Besides, I don’t want anyone to know about it, and I hope you won’t mention it to anyone. What do you think, Dean Qin? " Zhang Xiaotian said slowly.
"yes! Ok! Ok! I will definitely send it tomorrow! " At this time, how much money is not as important as your own life. Looking at each other’s posture, it seems that as long as you disagree, your life will be gone. Don’t worry about anything, agree first and then talk.
"Well, let’s go! Dean Qin, go to sleep. You must have been busy all night yesterday. You didn’t sleep well, did you? I need a good sleep this time. By the way, I think Dean Qin has a high position and must be a man of his word, right? I hope you don’t do anything. See that vase? I don’t know which is harder, it or your head? " Zhang Xiaotian, who was about to go out, suddenly looked back at Qin Shudao, who had just stood up, and said that he didn’t have much money, and threw it at a vase on the shelf.
There was only a crunchy sound, and the vase was shattered.
Qin Shudao was horrified, and then turned to look at Zhang Tianshi, but now he has disappeared.
The in the mind is a burst of love, just broken by Zhang Xiaotian that vase, but an antique, worth tens of thousands! However, Zhang Xiaotian’s action also dispelled Qin Shudao’s last thought.
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Chapter 20 Black and white impermanence (for recommendation and collection)
"Ha ha! Brother, you are so talented! Originally, I thought it would be nice if you could knock 1.8 million, but I didn’t expect you to knock a full 4.5 million! Black! It’s so dark! " On the way back, Yang Xiao held a thumb at Zhang Xiaotian and laughed.
"Fuck you, how can you say that about your big brother?" Zhang Xiaotian is a little helpless to praise his younger brother like this.
"Ha ha, you didn’t see that Qin Shudao’s face turned green at that time. And that little Taoist priest, that face? I’m afraid he has never seen so much money in his life? Also, Qin Shudao’s wife is even better, and she passed out directly. Tut tut! I didn’t expect Yang Xiaodi to be worth so much money. This death is really worth it! " Yang Xiao to tut.