"We want to take the crown" Su Yan is also more curious about the dark crown.

"It’s so lucky that this crown is still in this world and can be seen by me again, you little skeleton!" The white boar seems to know the origin of the dark crown, carrying a huge flail without saying anything, and then smashing it into the skull and bones.
"War pig? I didn’t expect that there were still people who were lucky, but anyone who wanted to take my crown would die. Let me let the people who were fighting pigs die here today! " Although the skull king is slightly smaller than the white boar, he is not afraid to meet him directly with a sword.
The rusty sword immediately flail a huge impact to Sophie Su some accident turned out to be always in melee attacks outrageous than the white boar stuffy hum back several steps, obviously the strength of the skull king is still in the white boar.
"Mom is so strong that the little skeleton dares to underestimate me. The pig clan will give me evil reinforcement!" White boar head also don’t back toward Sophie Su shouted at the same time, howled and rushed again.
Sophie Su zheng slightly hurriedly made the evil to the white boar 】 【 this time the red-eyed white boar finally did it in melee.
"It’s not that you have enhanced skills!" The King of Skeletons said coldly that after a huff, a pair of golden brilliance formed wings behind him.
"This is … day fiend armour? No, it’s a piece of broken armor. You fused this piece of broken ares armor together! " The white boar is really worthy of the greatest alchemy among the war pigs, and the origin of those wings can be seen at a glance.
"Hum, this guy is just relying on an artifact." Moon smiled and dashed again.
"Even incomplete fiend armour is also not you can resist! You are all going to die here today and I will turn you all into undead and be enslaved by me forever! " The King of Skeletons seems to have grown in size, and the sword in his hand is flushed with dark red light as if it were going to melt away.
A dark red sword that almost collapsed the whole mine once again collided with the flail. As a result, the white wild boar hummed and retreated again and again, obviously eating a lot.
"Ha ha, even the war pigs are so much. It seems that you demon families are as weak as domestic pigs after being cursed by the fiend!" The skull king laughed wildly and cut off several swords in a row, which drove the white boar to the corner.
In the month, it is even closer to the end of the Dharma. Obviously, the dark artifact of blood drinking is not suitable for dealing with the undead as the Skull King said.
"Don’t fiend armor also have the effect of strengthening combat effectiveness that day …" Sophie Su couldn’t help secretly losing, but also remembered that he had just got the jihad treasure armor, which is also a mutilated one. I don’t know if I can fuse with armor.
"Isn’t it just relying on artifacts to enhance the effect? There are also old ones!" Said the white boar and took out a thing and put it on his neck to be continued.
Chapter four hundred and fifty From underground combat (4)
"Is that … the devil bell?" Sophie Su sharp-eyed immediately recognized what the white boar took out. It was the first ten treasures to be selected. The captain of Zuma’s guard exchanged it for the artifact. Sophie Su himself didn’t know what effect this thing had. Now it seems that the white boar actually knew how to make this demon bell.
When the demon bell was worn, with the spell from the mouth of the white boar, it was tall enough, but its body became bigger again, and the white skin turned blue-gray and looked like bronze.
"I’ll let you see the real strength of our fighting pigs!" The white boar roared that its original chubby appearance was very cute, but now it has turned into a ferocious appearance with green face and fangs.
"Turns out to be relying on the demon blood to reactivate the ancient blood … or I’ll look at the strength of the so-called strongest fighting pig clan in melee today, as in the end." There seems to be some dignity in the sound of Skull King.
Sophie Su was also shocked by the fighting capacity of the white boar. Seeing that the white boar was restored to the original appearance of the war pigs, almost every step would make the whole mine ground tremble.
In insight, the information of white boar is already unknown.
It is no wonder that the white boar was so concerned about the demon bell that he did not hesitate to sign a contract that can bind the soul in Sophie Su. This thing has really increased the strength of the white boar, but I don’t know if it will have any effect on the players.
The white boar once again slammed into the King of Skull and Bones, and this time it made the whole mine shake and almost collapsed immediately.
Sophie Su couldn’t help but turn pale. You know, it’s a few kilometers from the ground deep in the mine.
In the past, the demon race, the main force of World War I, the pigs were really worthy of being the king of melee. Although the skull king kept roaring and roaring, every time they confronted each other, he retreated. The rusty sword seemed to be broken by the huge flail.
In addition to the flail attack, the white boar was still in a rage and directly collided with his body, slamming the skeleton king with his sword into the cave wall.
Large pieces of gravel keep falling from the top of the cave, and from time to time, the whole section of the mine collapses due to the fighting between two people.
Two guys will soon be playing while retreating into the depths of the mine Sophie Su nature can’t make track for the two men fighting aftermath is often more than ten damage is not they can afford.
After a month of hesitation, I didn’t recover. Instead, I looked at Sophie Su with complicated eyes. "Your white boar pet fighting capacity is really good. It’s much better than you."
"That’s … that’s …" Sophie Su only smiled awkwardly. This is the calling professional sorrow. There is often an embarrassing situation that people are not as good as pets.
A very strange scene soon appeared on the battlefield. I felt that the whole mine was shaking and shaking, even if the earthquake kept happening, but I couldn’t see the real battle
After more than ten minutes of intense suffering, the huge tremor finally stopped, and at the same time, the unified information suddenly appeared in front of Sophie Su.
-Get experience value of 12!
Sophie Su couldn’t help but be pleasantly surprised. Although he couldn’t see the fighting scenes of those two guys, judging from the sudden experience of 12 huge sums, the white boar must have defeated the King of Skeletons.
Sophie Su is already excited by his impatience. The fighting capacity of this white boar is really unexpected. It can directly kill the King of Skeletons. You don’t need to take risks yourself. It’s really a treasure to get such a pet yourself. The effect of that demon bell should also far exceed the general artifact.
Soon the white boar has rushed out of the collapsed mine not far away, holding a flail and shouting, "How dare you insult my little skeleton? This is your field!"
"That skull king has the ability to be reborn!" Sophie Su hurriedly woke up. If this white boar killed the king of skeletons once, it would be in trouble if it was careless.
"I know … the problem is that this demon bell is sometimes limited … and once the demon blood strengthening effect disappears, I will be in a weak state for a long time." The white wild boar whispered, and at the same time, its shape is changing, not only its size is getting smaller, but also its skin color is getting lighter and whiter. Obviously, the demon bell strengthening effect horse will disappear.
Sophie Su couldn’t help saying that it wasn’t the white boar that wanted to let go of the skull king, but that he had no more power. Although the demon blood was remarkable, the sequelae seemed to be quite small.
"Sure enough, it’s a demon race famous for its ancient strength." The King of Skeletons really came out along the white boar exit channel with a cold sound.
Although I knew that the Skull King had the ability to resurrect, it really shocked Sophie Su, and I was even more curious about the dark crown.
That dark crown with the ability of rebirth is definitely an artifact among the artifacts for players, and it is extremely extreme … What’s more, it can still be reused!
This is definitely more powerful than the resurrection pill. No wonder this month, the king of skeletons will be killed without fear of danger. Even Sophie Su himself is drooling over the dark crown.
The white boar’s still slightly red eyes are also staring at the skull king or the dark crown of his head.
"It’s a pity that it’s no longer ancient times. The war pigs are sealed, the Zuma clan is petrified and asleep, and the Woma clan is extinct. The weakest Linghu clan is settled in the northern corner. Now it’s not your demon clan era. Even if you can temporarily restore your former combat effectiveness, you can change this!" Skull king sound cold step by step forced to come over behind the golden wing is still obviously still in a state of strengthening.
"It’s your turn," the moon whispered to Sophie Su.
"I …" Sophie Su’s feet can’t help but quiver. Now the King of Skeletons has just been reborn. It is the most angry and powerful time when he even makes himself afraid of 【 extremely angry 】 and can’t hold the sword of the King of Skeletons.
"Don’t worry, this law of mine is not strengthened." Moon sneered at the same time, his fingers were smeared with blood.