Chapter 76 Bremen

Bremen is located in the northern part of Germany and surrounded by the huge Saxony state, but like Hamburg, another northern town in the capital Berlin, Bremen is an independent state that does not belong to Saxony. Unlike Hamburg, there is also a twin cities in Bremen-Bremerhaven is less than four miles apart, and the political, economic and cultural life of the two cities are closely related.
The name Bremen has been known for a long time because it is the starting point of Grimm’s fairy tales. It is 6 kilometers long from here via the south via Dengdeng, Kassel and Marburg. Many place names in the Grimm’s fairy tale world are drawn from towns and streets along the way, while Bremen’s pen is a paradise that even animals yearn for. Today, a sculpture called "Urban Musician" is derived from Grimm’s fairy tales with a history of 6 years. City Hall with Renaissance style, The statue of Roland samurai and Gothic St. Petrelli Cathedral are also famous attractions in the city. It takes only a few minutes to get to the market square by train from the center of Bremen. Opposite the market square is the world-famous Bertschel Street, which is southwest of Bertschel Street. It is the largest theater in Bremen and has more than 9 seats. It is an ideal place to hold various cultural performances. In addition, the Bremen Shakespeare Company, the annual Bremen Music Festival and the autumn national concert are well-known among music and drama lovers, and there are many street performances here.
When it comes to Bremen, you can’t help it. In 126 years, Bremen joined the famous Hanseatic League-when the sea trade between the German mainland and the northern countries reached its peak, many prosperous autonomous cities (including Hamburg and Rostock, Lubeck, etc.) United to jointly resist pirates and established a strong alliance to ensure the safety of maritime trade. This move has brought a lot of financial resources to Bremen. Its unique position in history has made Bremen somewhat proud. The residents of the city along the Weser River are proud of Bremen. They are willing to show their cultural accomplishment to outsiders because they think their education is the most orthodox, but for tourists, Bremen locals will feel a little cold and inaccessible. This feeling may be that Bremen like a front garden to separate their houses from the streets. They like to be with them.
Wesson Stadium, home of Bremen, is a comprehensive sports stadium. There is a track around the stadium, and the track and field competition stadium can accommodate up to 43 spectators. If you look down at Wesson Stadium, you will feel that the whole stadium is like a rubber boat docked on the Wesson River. On the north side of the stadium is the office building of Werder Bremen Club. Four semi-cylindrical buildings attached to one side of the stadium are very eye-catching. Interestingly, the entrance to the players’ locker room is not located in the stadium, but on the ground floor of the club office building. Players can enter by entering the password.
At present, Bremen is not the "nerve knife" team created by the attacking madman Shaf in the later generations. He has worked hard in Severiano Reija Geer for more than ten years. He led Bremen’s iron and blood defense and excellent teamwork. Even the unruly basler obeyed Otto the Great.
The referee of this competition is Nelson from Denmark. At the age of 34, he is a rising star in the European referee field. He is one of the most important referees in UEFA, which also shows the importance UEFA attaches to this competition from another aspect.
The game was won by more than 40 thousand fans at home. Bremen players took the lead in launching a tentative attack on Florence
Basler’s technical and physical conditions were excellent, and he launched an attack on the Florentine defence in one game. However, because Bremen invested too few players in the attack, the Florentine players easily destroyed the opponent’s first attack.
On the sidelines, Rehagel saw that Florence’s defensive body was the first in the hierarchy. He quickly made a gesture to signal the team to play a defensive counterattack according to the pre-game tactical arrangement, and took advantage of the Italian negligence to sneak attack.
However, when I returned to my motherland effenberg, my dream of Bremen was shattered. In the 17th minute, effenberg sent a precise direct ball after breaking through the defense of Bremen captain Votava. Inzaghi easily turned around slowly, and after the defender of Bremen succeeded in offside, he passed the attack and Bremen goalkeeper rohlman pushed the shot to score a score.
After Severiano Reija Geer ordered the goal to be conceded, Bremen still tightened the fence and waited for Florence to bombard and wait for an opportunity to equalize the score, but to their surprise, the Florence players actually withdrew to their own half.
Ranieri glanced at Badu in surprise, and Severiano Reija Geer laughed coldly and played a defensive counterattack in front of the Italian team? I don’t know this tactic. Do we Italians ponder it every day? This time, I’ll let you, a German, have a good look at what is the authentic Italian reinforced concrete defense!
So in Florence, from the midfield, Severiano Reija Geer was depressed to find that it was extremely difficult for his players to even push into the area 3 meters in front of the opponent’s goal. The German team’s hard bridge and hard horse kicking method was difficult to defend in Florence, and what happened next was even worse.
At the end of the half-game, basler, the midfielder of Bremen, who had been double-teamed and knocked down by Fiorentina players for n times, finally lost his temper!
He swung a hook directly at massimo crippa, who had just laid himself down …
Crippa was very flexible and escaped basler’s fist. The Italian midfielder certainly knew what punishment the other side would suffer, so instead of rushing to fight with basler, he immediately turned around and grabbed effenberg who was rushing to "revenge" himself.
"Didi-"The referee interrupted the game with a sharp whistle and put his right hand into his pocket …
Red card!
Danish referee Nelson stood tall and upright in front of basler.
Unforgettable! Absolutely unforgivable! It is definitely a serious provocation to the dignity of the referee on duty to create such a bad behavior under my nose!
Sitting in a box dozens of meters away from the "incident site", Zhuang Ge has no doubt that in the face of "Super Mario" who has lost his mind, this Nelson man has put on a relaxed expression, but he can’t hide his heart at all.
At the moment, Nelson held his right arm high, and the brilliant image of the red card was so conspicuous in Bremen weserstadion.
Thank god! Basler, you are so talented!
Zhuang Ge didn’t gloat, thinking that a strong referee like Nelson wOUld have more courage to use a big-name "villain" like Stowe as a stepping stone to fame. This scene is just like Nelson shouting "ou!" at Beckham in front of him in the same posture and shape in the French World Cup.
It was not a wonderful game or a beautiful goal. Just a red card in Nelson’s hand made the original home team cheer hard. Bremen fans were speechless for a while, but in the corner of the stands, more than 1000 Florence fans cheered.
Soon, the Bremen fans relied on the crowd to suppress the cheers of the fans, and at the same time, they also covered up the brief sigh of Bremen coach Severiano Reija Geer
With losing his mind, basler was sent off and lost the core of the organization. Bremen often made low-level ball mistakes. On whether Neubart, Notava or Ruhr effectively filled the huge block left by basler after the game …
In the absence of Bremen, the Fiorentina players performed with ease. djorkaeff scored twice against Inzaghi, and Fiorentina finally won the away game.
Chapter 77 Moratti
Having finished the first leg of the European Cup Winners’ Cup and returned to Serie A, Florence ushered in a league match. Ranieri rotated some players for the sake of players’ physical fitness, in order to keep the players in their best condition in the new season.
In the third round of the league, Florence played cremona Ranieri at home, and effenberg and crippa were removed from the starting list to replace them. tommasi, a teenager, and Corini, the main substitute, also sent a lot of substitutes at the back line-Francini, Verjoward, Lala and Parry, respectively, seemed to be caught off guard by Florence’s amazing rotation-and Sanbi won the league’s three-game winning streak with batistuta and Montera’s goals.
Three days later, Florence continued to sit in Frankie Stadium to welcome the second leg of the first round of the Cup Winners Cup. Ranieri changed the truce in this game. With the huge advantage of three goals in one round, Florence players patiently and eagerly equalized the total score. Bremen played the defensive counterattack tactics that Italians are best at. Because the core of the frontcourt, basler, the red card was suspended, and Bremen was prevented from defending Florence. Instead, due to player mistakes, djorkaeff and Inzaghi succeeded in sneak attack. A clean victory over Florence sent the unlucky Werder Bremen back to their hometown.
After the game, the German professional football magazine Kicker severely criticized the tactical arrangement of Bremen coach Severiano Reija Geer, believing that he was too conservative in the home game, which led to the passive position of Florence in the two rounds of Bremen. At the same time, the magazine also severely criticized basler, a German star, for ignoring his wisdom and making Bremen lose the engine to launch a counterattack against his opponent in the first round.
In the face of the accusation of "Kicker", Severiano Reija Geer quickly made a counterattack. He said that there was no problem with his tactical arrangement. Bremen lost because of the older first-team players and the rhythm of Florence. He believed that Germany should pay attention to youth training, but now German clubs are crazy about veterans such as Bremen coached by Severiano Reija Geer. In the first round, Votava was 3 years old, Thomas Scharff was 33 years old, Ruhr was 32 years old and Neubart was 32 years old. Boroffka is 32 years old, Dieter Eilts is 3 years old, and the 3-year-old players include basler and Bode … But Severiano Reija Geer’s words have not been accepted by the Germans, who are still immersed in the glory brought to them by the West German team in the Italian World Cup.
The Italian media praised Florence with different opinions, saying that under the leadership of coach Ranieri, Florence played a big offensive football, which blew a strong wind of tactical change in the Apennine Peninsula and broke the pattern of Serie A for many years. You know, in the defensive football, Florence’s own fierce offensive scored 14 goals in three leagues without losing a goal, which is such a terrible phenomenon!
With the arrival of the five-game winning streak in the new season and the three-game winning streak in the league, most media agree that the new Milan’s tactical innovation has achieved initial success, but Ranieri is soberly aware that Florence’s winning streak is largely due to the fact that the team’s opponents in the league are generally weak just after the season, and the European opponent Bremen’s own style has just restrained many opponents’ victories, so it can’t be said that too many problems are still to be tested.
Zhuang Ge and Ranieri have the same view. He also thinks that the Italian media’s praise is a bit exaggerated, because Florence’s ideal situation this season is mainly based on Zhuang Ge’s tactical thinking of leading football for nearly 20 years, combined with the tactical styles of Sacchi, Capello and michels, which made the team in a strategic lead from the beginning. Zhuang Ge knows that Ranieri has never played offensive football for many years in Italian football. If he plays "offensive and defensive balance" when directing small and medium-sized teams in Florence, Ranieri is best at defensive counterattack when he meets strong teams such as AC Milan.
Therefore, Florence still needs to pass a series of strong opponent tests in the coming games-for example, in the next two Serie A matches, Florence will go to the away game to challenge the giants Inter Milan, and then return to the Frankie Stadium to face the capital team Lazio. These two teams are a real touchstone for Florence.
Fiorentina will go to Milan’s Meazza Stadium to challenge Inter Milan on September 25th.
Inter Milan’s performance in the season can be said to be the first game of ups and downs. They beat Turin 2-0 away, then lost to Rome at home, and then were stubbornly tied by weak Brescia in the third round of Serie A. The vicious competition between the two strikers Bergkamp and Lu Sosa greatly consumed Inter Milan’s strength.
Although Inter Milan’s defense has greatly improved since pagliuca joined, Inter Milan can’t win even if it has a good defense because of the drag of two foreign AIDS on the team’s offensive line.
So throughout the game, Zhuang Ge saw that Inter Milan attacked Bergkamp and Lu Sosa, and they even reached the point where they didn’t score each other on the court.
"I really don’t know what pellegrini, an old fool, is thinking. These two foreign AIDS have been sent to this point, or we should try to introduce scientific competition and elimination mechanism to ease the contradiction between the two people, at least not on the court; Or simply and resolutely sell one and resolutely keep the other. "Zhuang Ge looked at Inter Milan who was suppressed by Florence at the stadium and said with Karin around him.
"Peraglini spent a lot of money when he took the initiative to introduce these two foreign AIDS. Maybe he thought it was too bad to sell one of them like this?" Karin’s guess is rarely close to the truth.
In fact, this season, pellegrini has had the idea of selling his shares in Inter Milan. If there are stars like Sosa and Bergkamp in the team, they can sell them at a relatively high price when transferring their shares.
While Zhuang Ge and Karin were discussing the problems of Inter Milan, a middle-aged male voice intervened in their conversation.
"if I were president of Inter Milan, I would kick these two bastards out of the team!" The middle-aged man with slightly gray temples said angrily, "How dare you put personal gains and losses above the interests of the team? They don’t deserve to wear Inter Milan jerseys at all!"
Zhuang Ge and Karin looked at this angry man and felt a little surprised. They didn’t expect to see such fanatical fans in the VIP box.
At this time, the middle-aged man noticed Zhuang Ge and Karin’s surprised eyes and knew that he had just made a "noise" that disturbed the two. He smiled and said, "I’m sorry to disturb you watching the ball."