"But I didn’t expect Dr. Kojiro to help me when things were stolen." President Zvoci bowed to Kojiro and said, "Thank you very much for helping us get the test tube back." Then President Zvoci thanked Aaron again.

They chatted together for a while, when Aaron suddenly found out that he couldn’t catch the boat to the island of warfare …
And look at May and Xiaosheng, who are still chatting very enthusiastically. Aaron won’t say anything about it. Anyway, he can’t come, so he will continue to relax.
"By the way, it’s about time. Let me treat you to dinner. Incidentally, it’s a dinner for Dr. Kojiro. Work will start tomorrow when this happened today." President Zvoci looked at his watch and said that May looked up at the wall clock when he seemed to realize it.
"Sure enough, the boat won’t make it late," May said, and then looked at Aaron, who said nothing with the wave.
"The boat? Oh, you mean the boat to Wudou Island, and it’s natural for you to challenge the Dojo as a travel trainer, but you can’t leave until the day anyway, "said President Zvoci."
I came to a big restaurant. It was the president of Dewen Manufacturing Co., Ltd. who ordered a table of dishes in a big way. To say that the most enjoyable thing to eat here is May and May. It should be said that Aaron has never seen a few people like himself. Now he has found another one … Aaron’s original goal in the first year of the world was to gain weight in junior high school for three years, but before Aaron crossed, that is, in the third year, he gained a lot of weight, but those were still thinner. You should know that Aaron’s appetite is equal to that of his parents combined.
"By the way, Aaron, do you have a picture book? Actually, I want to send it to Dr. Damu Institute, and I just met you, so I can help you fix it directly. "I’m eating it," Kojiro said suddenly.
"Illustration? Yes, which one do you want? I have illustrations in three areas in Fengyuan, East Chengdu, "said Aaron.
"Well, take it all out," Kojiro said after listening to it.
Take out the picture book
"aye? It should be said that there are not many trainers who are still making GD-19 models. Although the trainers started from the east in the same year as Aaron, most of them have already changed to your second D-11 model, and FY-111 here is the latest model. However, if you look at Aaron’s record of the number of Poké mon in this picture book, you will know that Aaron has never used this. "Kojiro said that Aaron can be embarrassed to nod.
"In this case, I will continue to help you put my newly developed plug-in on this GD-19 that you like best, and by the way, I will also help you upgrade this GD-19 system to GD-111 system, which will run faster, but there is no equipment here, otherwise I will help you update the information in this old picture book two years ago." Kojiro said, and then took out two boxes from his pocket, all of which contained a chip. One box said GD-111. It seems that it is to upgrade the system. Lang upgraded the system first, then pulled out the GD-111 chip, then inserted another chip in it, and then pressed a lot in the picture book and returned it to Aaron.
"This is my new achievement, Poké mon detection system," Kojiro said. "With this sentence, you have to turn on the function radius of 1 meter. In Poké Ball, there is nothing that will sound if there is a Poké mon picture book that is not in the ball, and it will sound different for the owner and the wild Poké mon." Kojiro said that it should be said that it is really a very good thing
"hey! There is such a good thing! " Xiaosheng said it.
"oh? By the way, you two are Aaron’s companions, right? You should also be a travel trainer. This kid’s words should be that there is not even Poké mon yet. How about your Poké mon picture book? Do you want me to help you install this function? "Kojiro suddenly looked at May and Xiaosheng and then said to May.
"No, I don’t need trouble …" "You don’t need to be polite if you don’t speak May and Kojiro," Aaron said at once.
"Yes, you’re right. Don’t be so polite to me." Kojiro also immediately smiled and said that May also took out his own illustrations.
"Well, it’s FY-111, so I won’t upgrade it, and I can directly install this system for you. The installation condition is that the host computer needs 111." Kojiro took out another box, and it seems that a chip can be installed for a machine, and then it was inserted and returned to May after pressing a few horses.
"Well, that’s it," said Kojiro.
"Thank you very much" May also thanked immediately.
"Very good, very polite." Kojiro said with a smile.
The next day, in fact, Aaron also remembers that there should be an old man with a long-winged gull today, but it seems that the trigger story is the member of the water fleet. Now that the member has been arrested, there is no such story. It is better to go directly to the port by boat and the route is determined, and it is impossible to go wrong again.
"In this case, we will arrive at Wudou Island at noon." Aaron and May are both blowing sea breeze on the deck. May said that Aaron nodded his head.
"Yes, I’m looking forward to it when I get to Wudou Island." Aaron replied.
"Really, Aaron, you really don’t want to think about foreign affairs in your mind." May said with a smile after listening to this.
"I shouldn’t say I won’t think about it, but that’s the goal at present. My words belong to the kind of person who must finish the set goal first," Aaron replied. "Forget it. Maybe we should think of some countermeasures against the fighting Poké mon in the Wudou Dojo, but it’s no accident to make forest lizards and rice spoons snakes." Aaron said
"Oh, that’s right. Why didn’t you think about letting the spiny-tailed worm play?" May asked.
"I thought about it, but the spiny-tailed worm can’t become a fighting force. All it can be said is to set the goal and evolve before doing a thorough exercise," Aaron replied
"By the way, Aaron, do you want to have a fight with me? Spiny-tailed insects fight against spiny-tailed insects? " May suddenly asked.
"eh? It seems very interesting, but "Aaron immediately replied that it was the fight against the spiny tail worm. It can be said that just fighting in the room can have no requirements for the venue."
"Oh, finally to the Wudou Island. Well, let’s go to the Poké mon Center and then go to the Dojo immediately." Aaron said that May and Xiaosheng followed Aaron immediately.
"But it’s really good to say that the evolution of Acanthosaurus is really good, and both of them are Silcoon." Lu Along said that May was also very happy.
"aye? Silcoon? Has the spiny tail worm evolved? " Xiaosheng doesn’t know yet
"Yes, I fought May in the boat just now, and both of them evolved in the middle," Aaron said. "But to tell the truth, I prefer hunting butterflies to poisonous butterflies. I’m still worried about whether it will evolve into a shield cocoon."
"eh? Shield armor? " May is puzzled again.
"You don’t even know this, sister. There are two evolutionary types of spintail worms. One is to eventually evolve into Silcoon, a hunting butterfly, and the other is to eventually evolve into a cocoon of poisonous pink butterfly." Xiaosheng said to help May supplement his knowledge.
"Eh, the evolution of Poké mon is really wonderful." May said that I don’t know why such a sentence suddenly appeared. This is a sigh …
After finishing at the Poké mon Center, Aaron is still wondering whether to change Poké mon, but sure enough, he finally decided to make the rice spoon snake fight with the forest lizard. Aaron suddenly feels that although he has exposed his bird when he was in Zhenxin Town, now he feels nothing. Dr. Damu’s and Dr. Zhenghui’s papers have already been published. It can be said that the matter of having a god bird has been repeated in the eastern region and Chengdu, and it is also because the former rocket team has also used many three god birds. Aaron is even suspected to be a rocket team … But in Chengdu, the four-day Crown Jundu and the four-day king Koga Bruno came out to blame Aaron, especially the four-day king champion Ju Popo and four kings Sen Ke Na Xiang White, and then increased Dr. Mu Zhenghui, Dr. Mu. Four people have become Aaron’s strong backing, so solid that it can’t be solid. It’s impossible for Aaron to be included in the suspected rocket team … And Aaron also lamented that fortunately, he is now in Fengyuan Fengyuan and East Chengdu, and the news broadcast on both sides of the sea is not so fast. There is no way to broadcast the league game together, which makes Aaron feel quiet. Now Aaron has decided to find an opportunity to make the three birds feel that it is too late to deal with the league game, and it is still necessary to find an appropriate opportunity for newcomers to fight more.
Nineteen, relax. One? Beach rage?
"Well, well, Aaron rarely comes to the seaside. How about going to the beach for a while first?" I’m preparing in the Poké mon Center. May suddenly came to Aaron and asked.
"aye? The beach? It seems very good, but how about finishing the Dojo before going? " Aaron asked
"But after the Dojo, Aaron won’t be in the mood to play, and you will definitely start preparing to go to a Dojo." May said that Aaron should say that his mood is very delicate, and this idea was casually said.
"What May said seems to be true. I didn’t expect that I had never noticed it myself. I was discovered by May so casually. Sure enough, May is not an ordinary small role. It was the person who won the title of’ Fengyuan Dancer’ a year later." A Long Xin thought that he should redefine a small distance level in his heart …
"I said what happened to Aaron?" May looked at Aaron with a serious meditation and asked, "Forget it, just challenge the Dojo first."
"Don’t go to the seaside first. Anyway, I have plenty of time to talk. I haven’t played for a long time. Although I have traveled all over the orange islands, it seems that it is time to have a good rest when I hardly stop to play in the orange islands." Aaron said that May laughed and nodded. It seems that he is very happy. Aaron also feels that he made this choice very correctly.
"Well, let’s go!" As soon as May announced, he took the lead out of the Poké mon Center. Aaron was also a good shoelace, and the horse ran out, followed by Xiaosheng.
"Well, it’s the sea, big seahorse. Let’s swim!" May said that he took off his wallet and started to undress …