"Good … what a terrible look!"

"Good … so cold!"
"That is the so-called murder? Just killing me can make me feel naked in the ice and snow? "
"Shit, this kid is so strong!"
A wandering ninja must have a talent!
That is to know how to escape when you meet someone and how to fight when you meet someone!
There is no doubt that the indifference in the cross-country contains a faint look of murder. The wandering ninja knows that cross-country is very difficult to deal with. Although cross-country looks like a kid, the wandering ninja still does not hesitate to throw out his hand and hopes to escape in front of cross-country
But just when I got out of my hands, I suddenly "snapped"!
Bitter failed to throw successfully and fell to the ground with a crunchy sound!
Look at that stray ninja. How can there be any signs of survival?
Pupils are dilated and full of horror!
There was no hand in cross-country, and the wandering ninja died there strangely and tragically!
"Gollum …"
Witnessing the strange death of his companion, don’t say that Kurosuki Raiga is a wandering ninja, just say that the fighting quality is super high, and the dark parts of Konoha are all stunned there!
Who killed the wandering ninja?
How did the wandering ninja die?
A number of puzzles are filled in the mind of every wandering ninja konoha.
However, when all the vagrant ninja konoha’s dark parts were all at a loss, cross-country was like not seeing the vagrant ninja’s physical death in front of him, and he still kept the four generations of Naruto’s "acceleration" hermetic skills, and then he crossed the vagrant ninja in front of him and turned to the second vagrant ninja.
This time, the second stray ninja in front of the cross-country is not contemptuous
Although cross-country is a kid, the death of the former wandering ninja is really weird.
Facing the cross-country situation, the wandering ninja’s eyes are full of dignified colors. When the cross-country did not attack, he quickly threw three shuriken in his hand.
But can those three shuriken really fly to the cross-country smoothly?
The answer is naturally no!
Shuriken rapid attack to the wandering ninja see cross-country unmoved is full of dignified eyes then emerged with a suspicious color!
Didn’t that guy just die at the hands of this kid?
Is this kid not as strong as I thought?
The thought came to mind that the wandering ninja’s eyes were dignified and soon turned into greed.
But just when the wandering ninja’s eyes just changed, he suddenly "ding", "ding" and "ding" three!
One second!
The wandering ninja saw him throw out of shuriken and fall to the ground!
On the contrary, it was cross-country. When the wandering ninja changed his mind, it was the wandering ninja who passed by!
While the rest of the vagrant ninja Konoha’s dark part is still in a dull state, still thinking about the cause of death of the former vagrant ninja, the second vagrant ninja passed by, and then the second vagrant ninja died in front of the cross-country in the same strange way!
Than horror!
If the death of the first vagrant ninja still makes the vagrant ninjas around the cross-country fight, then the strange death of the second vagrant ninja will disintegrate the fighting spirit of these vagrant ninjas!
Instantly, all wandering ninjas are ready to escape when they see the cross-country coming quickly.
But it was just when these wandering ninjas were about to escape that a faint smile suddenly rose from the cross-country corners of their mouths!
Then all the wandering ninjas seemed to be under the "Immortal Curse", and the general department was fixed in the astonished eyes of Konoha’s dark parts, and then it seemed to stop there. When Konoha’s dark parts came to their senses and prepared to slay those wandering ninjas, the sound of "Burst" and "Burst" sounded continuously!
The wandering ninjas suddenly fell to the ground in their eyes, frightened and dead.
Then look at the cross-country figure suddenly disappear and then appear is appeared in front of Kurosuki Raiga all staring at the cross-country konoha dark inside with an idea!
So these wandering ninjas died?
What the hell …
Who kills people?
Chapter 336 Talent disadvantages
Who kills people?
Who else could it be? It must be off-road!
At the beginning of the battle, cross-country was the first to solve three wandering ninjas, so I don’t have to say much.
When the three vagrant ninjas met, they crossed the country to avoid yin and branding, and the magical effect of instant shadow escape.
The shadow hand makes the cross-country foot shadow blink, and the physical arm is tightly wrapped around the three vagrant ninjas. Soon, the shadow hand needs to be gradually tightened. The three vagrant ninjas are bound to melt into a pool of meat in the shadow hand, just like I love the sand waterfall in the original story.
On the contrary, it was later that cross-country was amazed at the number of leaves in the dark, and the slaughter was a bit interesting in cross-country view.
Because when cross-country went to the crowd of wandering ninjas and began to slaughter those wandering ninjas in extremely strange ways, with the "Zhao" level of war consciousness, cross-country suddenly mastered two new changes in shadow escape secrets!
Among the two new changes, the first one is the defense.
For example, the two wandering ninjas who fought in cross-country wanted to throw out what shuriken failed to fly smoothly in front of the cross-country, which was the first shadow escape effect of the cross-country office!
In the original story, if you want to ask who has the most handsome defense method, the cross-country answer must be I love Luo!
With a tail of Shukaku, I love Luo in most wars, and I can resist most ninja attacks without defending the sand around him.