This turn Chu Yun was immediately stunning to the beautiful purple son as beautiful as a mother and daughter.

However, this queen is more temperament than Zier, especially the full-fledged queen is very charming.
"Mother is chatting too much here …" Violet swam to her mother’s side and put her arm around her shoulder as if in pettish.
Chu Yun looked at the intimacy between mother and daughter and then looked at the queen’s attributes to see what level it was.
Haiyao level 1 life level 4 pseudo-saint Xuan introduced the mermaid queen with high interest.
Skills? ? ?
"Four or four hundred million! ?” See this attribute Chu Yun breath a mouthful of air conditioning pseudo holy xuan is so horrible that holy xuan is not … Chu Yun method to imagine.
The most powerful game in the sacred Xuan "The King" is looking at this queen in Chu Yun. Although this woman is full of momentum, she is soft and weak, but who expected the pseudo-sacred Xuan!
Now Chu Yun finally knows that there is no comparison between the holy spirit and the mysterious spirit.
400 million for a player to play, it will take years to play.
"Are you human?" Mermaid Queen Hai Yao turned his attention to Chu Yun Road
"Yes, yes," the queen’s eyes were sharp, which made ChuYun feel seen through.
"Mother, when I was outside, I met the Dragon Terran. My big brother saved me, so you must thank my big brother." Violet shook her mother’s arm and said in a coquetry tone.
"Did you meet the Dragon Terran?" Queen Haiyao was surprised to catch Violet’s shoulder and said with fear
"Yes," said Violet with a wink.
The queen breathed a sigh of relief. "It’s okay …"
"Mother, I’m all right." Violet smiled as if there were no careless things in her eyes.
"Don’t sneak out after the mother warns you. It’s too dangerous." The queen frowned. "Be sure to let several guards watch if you are really caught by the Dragon Terran …"
"Oh, don’t!" Purple son didn’t almost collapse at the thought of being guarded by guards. If he had known, he wouldn’t have said anything about meeting the Dragon Terran.
"Mother’s idea has been decided against the effect." The queen said firmly that she could turn a blind eye because she didn’t meet the Dragon Terran, but now she almost … she can imagine the consequences after Violet fell into the Dragon Terran.
"Mother, you can’t do this. The guards are very annoying …" Violet shook the Queen’s arm and begged.
Queen Haiyao resolutely refused to allow Violet to beg for a long time, but it didn’t work. Chu Yun looked at the mother and daughter.
"Mother Zier asked you where you met the Dragon Terran," the queen said seriously.
"In our palace hundreds of meters away …" Purple son a face of anguish.
"A hundred miles away, the Dragon Terran is really getting more and more reckless!" The queen’s expression became serious and angry.
Chapter 437 The outside world!
Chu Yun didn’t talk. He thought to himself, since you saved your daughter, why haven’t you paid her?
"My mother is my big brother who saved me. You must thank him …" Violet just looked at her mother and said pitifully.
If you can, Chu Yun really wants to hold Zier and kiss him.
"Thank you," said the mermaid queen to Chu Yun.
Chu Yun’s face crossed with thanks. Isn’t there a treasure to show that …
"Mother, I want to ask you something." Violet said with wide eyes.
"What is it?" The mermaid queen looks at her daughter fondly.
"Mother, is there any way for me to go ashore?" Purple son look forward to said.
After hearing this, the mermaid queen was surprised and then stared at Chu Yun. It must be that this human said something in front of her daughter that she shouldn’t say.
"Mother, let the guards follow you. Can you let me go ashore? I really want to see the mainland world …" The little mermaid was full of expectations.
"Mother can’t help it!" The queen shook her head and spoke five words directly.
"Mother, I don’t believe you must have a way for humans to come to our world, so we can also go to the human world." The little mermaid kept shaking her mother’s arm and begged.
The queen stared at Chu Yun again, wondering how this guy got into the underwater world?
For no reason, Chu Yun was wronged to death. He knew that the treasure might not be available.
"Queen, since the princess has arrived safely, I’ll go first." Since the treasure can’t get Chu Yun, there is no reason to stay here.
"Big brother, don’t go. You’re gone. When I get to the shore, there is no one to lead the way …" Violet quickly swam to Chu Yun and took his arm and wouldn’t let him go.
Hearing this, the mermaid queen is very resistant to her daughter’s desire to go ashore, which is probably crazy.
"I have something very important to do." Chu Yun smiled bitterly. He couldn’t bear to refuse such a beautiful girl.
"It’s okay for you to tell your mother to help you do it …" The little mermaid thought that even if she really couldn’t go to the mainland, let her talk about the mainland world.
"My business is on land" Chu Yun said, which means nothing. He is going to land, and you mermaids can’t help.
"Can you let go?" The little mermaid burst into tears as if she were going to cry.
When Chu Yun saw her pathetic appearance, he would have stopped talking about mainland affairs and said it was so wonderful. It was purely seduction. Now he can’t even leave if he wants to.
"You stay" at this moment, the queen said, seeing that her daughter is so reluctant, it is natural for human beings to help her retain.
"I …" The mermaid queen momentum a put Chu Yun some speechless.
"Yes, stay." Then the little mermaid said, unwilling to look at her mother, "Can’t I really go to the outside world?"