The two men walked quickly to the stable to wake the nurse to open the door, then went in and pulled out their horses, then turned over and trotted off to the pasture. Although it was a night away, the skills that Song Zhuan practiced yesterday did not seem to be unfamiliar, and it was very easy to control the horses. Of course, this was without urging the horses to rush.

After riding for a while, Zhang Chengyuan suddenly speeded up some speed and shouted to let Song Zui urge the horse and Song Zui know that he wanted to train her to ride, so he summoned up his courage and speeded up some speed. Then Zhang Chengyuan would speed up a little every seven or five minutes, which forced Song Zui to continue to accelerate. After five or six times, when Song Zui reacted, her horse had already galloped.
Song Zhuan was a little scared, but more excited and happy, because she realized that she had learned a new riding skill, and this feeling of challenging and defeating herself was also great.
After running for a while, Zhang Chengyuan saw that Song Zhuan was a little tired and worried that her body could not stand it, so she gradually slowed down and stopped with her. Then she threw a bottle of mineral water he had been holding in her hand and said, "Take a sip. I think you should be very thirsty now."
Song Xu nodded. "I’m a little thirsty, ppa. Thank you!" Then she opened the lid and drank.
"I need to thank you. Er, is Song Jue tired? Do you want to have a rest?"
Song Zhuan shook his head and said, "No, I can still hold on. ppa is really learning riding with you. In less than an hour, I was able to ride a horse."
Zhang Chengyuan said, "It’s nothing unusual. If other riding coaches teach students with a certain foundation in this way, it should have a good effect. However, this way is too dangerous. If the students fall off their horses in a moment of confusion, they will be seriously injured and worried about their lives."
"So serious?" Song Jue got a fright, but a slight thought will tell that it is very possible, so he can’t help but get a little scared.
Zhang Chengyuan smiled and said, "Don’t worry, if I’m not 100% sure, I won’t train you in this dangerous way. What you just looked like is actually not dangerous at all."
"What do you mean?" Song Zhuan didn’t believe Zhang Chengyuan’s words, but he was puzzled.
"Because if you accidentally fall off your horse, I will rescue you for the first time and I will never let you fall to the ground like this!" With that, he let out a stream of true qi, rolled Song Zhuan up and sucked her into his arms, and then conveniently put her on horseback in front of him and let her sit on her side.
Song Zhuan was shocked and speechless. He turned his head and stared at him all the time.
Zhang Chengyuan smiled again and laughed. "Don’t be too surprised. It’s just that the true qi is a kind of response. There should be such a situation from time to time in martial arts movies. If your body’s true qi can be deep to a certain extent one day, you can naturally do it." Of course, this situation is unlikely to happen.
Hearing this, Song Zhuan was relieved but still surprised. "ppa, you are really mysterious, as if you have something poor. Well, is there anything special you haven’t shown me?"
Zhang Chengyuan did not deny that "well, there are still some, but I can’t tell you yet. I hope you can understand."
Song Zhuan hurriedly said, "It’s normal for everyone to be unwilling to tell others, so ppa doesn’t apologize."
Zhang Chengyuan smiled slightly. "Thank you for understanding, but after hearing you say that, are there some things you haven’t told me?"
Song Zhuan said, "What can I keep from you? I don’t have anything special and my identity is normal. You can almost see through me at a glance. What can you hide from you? "
Zhang Chengyuan gherardini way "not necessarily? Just say that you appeared in my room early. I always feel something is wrong after thinking about it. "
Song Zhuan turned red and turned his head to the side. "ppa, can we not talk about this?"
"What don’t talk about? Oh, did you secretly do something to me while I was asleep? " Zhang Chengyuan joked that he suddenly felt that it seemed interesting to joke with Song Zhuan.
Song Zhuan quickly argued that "I didn’t secretly do anything to you, actually, actually …"
"Actually what?"
"Actually, actually, I slept in your bed in the wrong room for a night, but I slept on the crystal side. I didn’t do anything to you." Song Zhuan was cruel and cruel, and confessed that she thought that Zhang Chengyuan had misunderstood what she had done to him, so she wouldn’t let him know the truth. Anyway, it would be a little humiliating.
However, Zhang Chengyuan was somewhat startled. "How did you say it? I just want to Doby. You are just joking. I didn’t want to force you to tell the truth. You can just give me a few words. You girl can’t lie, but it proves that you are a very kind and real girl."
Hesitated for a while, he suddenly said, "Song Zhuan, I want to give you a suggestion, or a choice. I hope you can consider it!" "
"Which would you choose, to be my woman or my sister?" Zhang Chengyuan sink a way
Song Zhuan cried at a loss and turned to look at Zhang Chengyuan’s way "ppa I don’t know what you mean"
Zhang Chengyuan smiled slightly. "Simply put, I like you and want to become more intimate with you. There are two ways to become more intimate. One is to make you my woman, and the other is to make you my sister. Well, this sister means not an ordinary sister but a sister like Crystal, Xiuyan and Yuner, which means that no matter what the future, I will treat and take care of you as my own sister."
Song Zhuan was at a loss. Zhang Chengyuan’s words almost turned her brain into a paste. Although I had known that Zhang Chengyuan was always casual and would suddenly say or do something that made people understand, she still didn’t know how to deal with it after hearing his words.
Dazed for a long time, she said, "ppa, aren’t we fine now?" You have to make this choice? And do I have a choice? I’m sure I can be your sister. You’re getting married. "
Zhang Chengyuan laughed. "It may not be that you have known me for so long. You should be able to feel that I have other women besides Sister Yuri, and I don’t mind turning you into my woman. Of course, you must first get your permission."
Song Zhuan leng leng immediately rushed to say, "I definitely don’t want to be your woman ppa. Don’t have this idea for me. I still want to go back to China to get married!"
I thought to myself, "I was a little suspicious that you might be a playboy before, but I didn’t think that you are really, but there are only a few playboys who are so frank and afraid of the whole of Korea." I don’t know that she was not angry at all after hearing Zhang Chengyuan’s words.
Zhang Chengyuan said, "I didn’t force you to be my woman. What are you panicking about? Well, so you want to be my sister? Ok, when I know, I will treat you like a sister. "
Song Zhuan breathed a sigh of relief. "What’s the difference between ppa and now? I hope you won’t hit me as you want, just like a crystal. "
Zhang Chengyuan said, "Do I often play crystal? Oh, you mean I often hit her on the head and pinch her face? But isn’t that what good brothers and sisters should do? Of course, if you don’t want me to do this, I will try my best to control it. I’ve always been used to it. If I do this to you unconsciously, don’t take it too seriously. "
After a pause, I added, "And I won’t be too polite to you after I really become my sister. If I want to boss you, I will definitely boss you. Get used to it early."
Song Zhuan was a little frustrated. "Why is it not good to suffer?"
Zhang Chengyuan said, "Of course there are benefits, but there is no need to tell you now. You will naturally feel them later."
Chapter seven hundred and seventeen New proposal; Pick up the plane
After Song Zhuan "promised" to be his sister, or when he unilaterally turned Song Zhuan into his sister, Zhang Chengyuan was in a big mood and suddenly hugged Victoria Song tightly in his arms and laughed, urging Ma Fei to run again, and this time the speed was much faster than when he was running with Song Zhuan’s horse just now.
Song Jue’s strong breeze blew on his face, and his face ached and his eyes ached, so he couldn’t open his eyes. However, the pleasure of flying was unparalleled, and leaning against Zhang Chengyuan’s arms, she seemed to have a strong sense of security, and she was not afraid of anything from then on, and this feeling was really very good!
After flying for more than ten minutes, Zhang Chengyuan slowed down and then turned around and returned to the place where the first two people talked-the horse that Song Zhuan rode before was probably still there eating grass, so naturally he would go back and take it away.
Back there, Song Zhuan’s sidewalk "ppa let me go and I can ride back by myself" leaned against Zhang Chengyuan’s arms and smelled his strong masculinity, which made her feel very shy.
"What’s wrong with riding a horse with me? I really want to hold you like this again. Well, Song Zhuan, maybe you can change your mind and be my sister or my sister and my woman. I have to say that you smell good. I really want to hold you like this all the time, but if you are my sister, there are not many opportunities. "
"ppa, when your sister, do you have to put up with your flirting?" Song Zhuan frowned way
Zhang Chengyuan said, "Which is flirting? It’s about Song Jue. I mean what I say, but I’m not kidding. They were my sisters, too. Later, they gradually loved me and became my woman. I hope you will have such a day. Of course, I won’t force this matter to be decided by you. "
Song Jue opened his mouth to refuse, but Zhang Chengyuan added, "Well, I know you won’t want to now, but you need to say no to me face to face, save me some face and keep in mind what I’m talking to you now. When you feel that you don’t mind getting closer to me, tell me that I’m always willing to get closer to you."
She took back her original intention to decline his words and sighed softly, "ppa, I really don’t know whether to say that you are honest or that you are cheeky?"
Zhang Chengyuan laughed. "Many sisters say that I am thick-skinned, which I will never deny, but I want to tell you that it is necessary to be thick-skinned when falling in love, especially for men. I think you will see it again when other men pursue you. Well, let’s not talk about this topic. Let’s go home."
"Then you let me go" Song Zhuan asked again.
"This can’t be done. If I want to get in touch with you like this, I’m afraid I won’t have much chance. Now I have to cherish it," Zhang Chengyuan refused with a smile.
Then he rode slowly back to the racecourse with Song Zhuan in his arms. Song Zhuan was a little naive, but he couldn’t do anything about it. In addition, Zhang Chengyuan used his true spirit to pull Song Zhuan’s original horse, which ran around and got lost.
After returning to the racecourse, I found that Xiao Jing and others had already got up and were all riding horses and playing in the grassland beside the racecourse. Because Zhang Chengyuan was not adding technology, the other three women were afraid to gallop their horses except Xiao Jing, but it was just a trot and stroll on the horses. There was no danger.
After seeing Zhang Chengyuan and Song Zhuan, Xiao Crystal immediately took the lead to meet him and asked, "Where have you been, brother?"
Zhang Chengyuan said, "I took your sister Song Zhuan to the surrounding grassland and hillside to ride a horse and trained her riding skills."
Small crystal said, "Sister Song’s skill must have improved a lot. Oh, brother, why did Sister Song’s ride a horse with you? Did she get hurt accidentally?" She got a little worried.
Song Zhuan hurriedly said, "Crystal, don’t worry, I’m not hurt-"
"She rode that horse with poor endurance, and she was exhausted after running for an hour. I’m afraid it can’t carry you now. Sister Song Zhuan asked her to ride with me." Zhang Chengyuan took the turn.
Hearing this, Song Zhuan bowed his head slightly and didn’t say anything, but Xiao Jing didn’t care. He turned his horse’s head and rode side by side with Zhang Chengyuan. "Brother, it seems that the horse picked by Song Zhuan’s sister yesterday is really bad. Why don’t you help her pick another one?"
Zhang Chengyuan replied, "You’re right. You should choose a new one for her and its potential is comparable to your little white horse."