Change your clothes and dress up a little. Pei Jingxiu puts a red veil over Pei’s head.

Take care of everything. Pei Jingxiu is going to the second lady’s side. "Mom, I will avoid it first and wait until she steps into the sedan chair before I can come out again."
"Well, here is to me!" The second lady said
Pei Jingxiu temporarily avoided it, while the second lady looked at it with disdain and did not move. Pei Wennuan then turned around and ignored her and went to eat melons.
Pei Wennuan cursed her acupuncture point bastard in her heart. How could she escape marriage and rely on her … She was actually given a yin.
Pei Nuan regretted feeling that she was about to burst into tears. If I had known, I wouldn’t have been stupid. Was her dream of escaping from marriage ruined? Chapter 38 Escape from marriage.
A crested official’s official robes are like fire.
Pei Wennuan wished congratulations in the deafening firecrackers. Zhu Chai’s hairpin was in tears. She was sent a sedan chair by Xipo. She heard Pei Jingcheng’s voice. At this moment, she really wanted Pei Jingcheng to find out that she was Pei Wennuan instead of Pei Jingxiu. But today Pei Jingcheng seems to be too happy to recognize Pei Wennuan’s figure.
This is really a pit. She can’t move anything now. She can’t escape. She can’t even talk.
Pei Wennuan regrets that a generation of God-like agents was given a yin by Pei Jingxiu.
How can this account not be counted first? Remember to wait until the autumn is over.
Inexplicably, there was a bump on the sedan chair road, and a bronze gongs and drums let Pei warm up and cry. The sedan chair and the Xiang Wang worshipped the hall. The Xipo must have been bought, but she couldn’t move, but she broke her head abruptly and worshipped the heaven and earth with the report.
In the dark, someone looked at Pei’s warm and stiff posture, holding back a smile.
Pei Wennuan thought in her heart that it was so sad that she married a guy she had never met as a daughter-in-law. She imagined that it was different. The red hijab Pei Wennuan could see the groom’s feet and hear the deep magnetic sound, but she couldn’t even see what she looked like.
Pei’s warmth and sadness urged her not to marry a sick seedling, and she did not want to be widowed.
After the event, Pei Wennuan was sent to a quiet room to wait quietly.
It’s killing her to keep her still. Zhu Chai’s head is so heavy that her neck is almost short. When will the acupuncture points be automatically untied?
I don’t know how long it took Pei Wennuan to suddenly feel that her hand can move a red veil slightly, and she instantly moved with joy.
Presumably it won’t be long before you can move and make a little sound.
Consciousness is slowly recovering. Pei Wen needs to wait.
Finally, Pei Wennuan can move freely. "Whoo ~ I’m really trapped. Which bastard is it? If I let the girl know who fucked me, I’ll kill him by peeling and cramping!" Pei warm bold cursed a.
Her words made a man who was drinking wine with a handsome friend suddenly feel chilly and could not help but give a chill.
Tear off her red veil and look around. There is a piece of red cake, jujube and longan around her. This kind of thing is stacked high and there is a festive red candle standing upright. Pei Wennuan has made some bones and muscles. Sitting down for two hours can make her feel sour.
Clear eyes whirled around the corners of the mouth to evoke a sly smile. "Since the sedan chair can’t escape, it’s not too late to escape now!" Soliloquize Pei Wennuan is to throw his heavy rockhopper aside.
I walked quietly to the door of the house and saw that it was already dark, but it happened that the night darkness could hide her and help her escape.
Pei Wennuan shook his head when he saw a servant girl guarding the door. He muttered in his heart that it would be wronged for me to escape smoothly.
Thinking about it is to use a ten percent discount on the head cover as a face towel and quickly open the door. When the girl hasn’t reacted, Pei Wennuan is a slap behind her neck and the girl fainted on the spot.
Pei Wennuan clapped his hands and said with satisfaction, "It’s my generation of agents to get it done cleanly without leaving any trace!"
Looking around and seeing nothing is to quickly leave the "crime scene"
However, the Wangfu is really big. It’s already dark and unfamiliar, and Pei is still wearing a heavy suit. She has to avoid many people. This really makes her worry. She can’t find a way out, and she must be suicidal if she walks through the gate.
"It’s just that I’m very good at climbing over the wall in the wind and rain." Pei Nuan Nai said that she was confident. Chapter 39 The girl was so upset.
going around
But when she saw the high wall of Wangfu, she couldn’t help being messy in the wind.
Such a high fence and Peifu are just one day at a time. At the moment, there are no special tools around her, but she is an agent. This matter of climbing over the wall still won’t beat her. Pei Wennuan reveals a disdainful smile at her mouth. "Don’t build a wall so high in Wangfu, you can beat my genius agent Pei Wennuan."
"If you are free, you will be free for a good life in the future." Pei Wennuan cheered himself up. Pei Wennuan climbed the fence successfully by flashing the figure of the big tree next to the fence, but seeing that it was so far from the ground, Pei Wennuan hesitated whether to jump or not.
"Hum, this little height still beats me!" Pei Nuannuan rubbed his hands and turned to look at the lights. Xiangyang Wangfu muttered, "Broken Wangfu admits that you are magnificent, but you really can’t keep my heart trapped." Pei Nuannuan sneered and silently counted her heart. She had a habit of counting to three every time she jumped and climbed.
"two!" Pei warm corners of the mouth smile more and more strong.
"…" I was about to count to three when I jumped, but I heard a-
The origin of the story really startled her. With her agent’s super perception of the outside world, she didn’t even know that someone was here. How did she know that an unstable foot slipped and planted it hard?
"Wow ….." A gorgeous whine sounded from the middle.
Pei, warm and whining can close your eyes. It’s dead.
Miss her, an agent. Why do you have frequent bad luck after crossing?
The rapid fall of the body is accompanied by the violent wind, and her red wedding dress blooms like a red flower, which is more enchanting than beauty.
But at the moment, beauty is accompanied by someone’s fear and screaming. Just when she is about to land, she feels that she has been grabbed by a big hand and landed smoothly.
"The girl is so upset?" The pleasant sound rang again with a hint of confusion.
Pei warms her mind, calms herself, pats her chest, and it’s finally thrilling. She’s really humiliated today, and a generation of agents ended up like this.
"Brothers don’t thank you for your kindness …" Pei Wennuan said as he looked up and thought about it. If the sound hadn’t suddenly sounded, she wouldn’t have gone to the ground in an unguarded moment. It’s necessary to thank him for not settling accounts with him. Even if it’s good to look up, Pei Wennuan couldn’t help but be dazed when he saw the man in front of him. Just now, the little thoughts flashed in my mind and quickly dispersed.
In the sight of this enlarged face, if the eyes are as deep as the stars, a pair of long and narrow phoenix eyes have a high nose like a mountain peak and a thin lip, and they are slightly sipping. They are beautiful and exquisite, and the whole person is graceful and imposing. Those attractive phoenix eyes are like being put at any time, but their eyes are low as if they are surging with cold light. It is really hard to see what this person is thinking.
Nima, this is so fucking handsome that Pei Wennuan can’t help swearing, but Pei Wennuan always feels that something is wrong and can’t remember it for a moment. Chapter 4, of course, is to fly away.
"Handsome … elder brother …" Pei warmly swallowed saliva and couldn’t help admiring words from his mouth, but how did this man look so familiar?
"Thank you for your compliment." The man frowned like jade, and his face was filled with cold light. The surging waves in his eyes stared straight at Pei’s warm eyes, but he couldn’t see that his expression was lip light.
Pei Wennuan was suddenly awakened by his words at this time.