Chapter 89 Ning Fengzhi excited Wu soul evolution is expected.

"Kirara tulip that is what kind of treasure? Can actually help Rongrong to raise Qibao to Nine Treasures? "Ning Fengzhi murmured. If there are many words about this treasure in his eyes, will all the brothers of Qibao Liulizong be able to raise Qibao to Nine Treasures?
Ning Fengzhi eyes looked up at Zhao eyes with a little excitement and gratitude.
The evolution of Ning Rongrong’s martial soul is thanks to Zhao, who is considered to be their benefactor of Qibao Liulizong.
"I wonder if Xianxu still has this Kirara tulip?" Ning Fengzhi eyes flashing at Zhao Wendao at this time in my heart, he has recognized that Zhao Zhao has solved their big problem that Qibao Liulizong hasn’t solved for thousands of years, and his talent is still so strong. How about betrothing Rongrong to him?
Hearing Ning Fengzhi call Ning Rongrong beautiful eyes full of surprises, she knew that Ning Fengzhi agreed that she and Zhao were together.
Zhao’s face couldn’t help but reveal a smile. "Father-in-law, this Kirara tulip is a rare fairy herb in the world, so I don’t have a second fairy herb, but Douro is vast in territory and may still exist in other places."
"Well, then," Ning Fengzhi was disappointed in his eyes, but he soon returned to normal. Now they have someone who can evolve into the Nine Treasures Glass Tower, which is a great progress. After they continue to study, they will have some clues.
For example, according to the habit of tulip in Kirara, searching for some herbs with similar properties, even though the quality may be a little worse, may be able to find a way to give birth to their spiritual evolution.
"I wonder if my husband can tell me in detail the habits and effects of Kirara tulips? After our study of Qibao Liulizong, we can also have some thoughts. "Ning Fengzhi asked.
"Of course," Zhao Yixiao and Ning Fengzhi explained the tulip in Kirara in detail.
For these things, Zhao Ke directly sought a unified solution to Zhao’s pharmacological growth habit of this Xiancao … Do you know that Zhao suddenly thought that if Ning Fengzhi really searched for similar herbs according to the efficacy of Kirara tulip, maybe he could really find a way to help them evolve?
Although Ning Fengzhi can’t compare those herbs with Kirara tulips, quantitative change leads to qualitative change. If those children are allowed to defecate from childhood, these herbs may really be successful. After all, it won’t be much worse for Qibao Liulizong to collect herbs from the wealth side.
Zhao Ning inspired them to talk for hours.
Zhao also benefited a lot from Ning Fengzhi. Ning Fengzhi Qibao Liulizong’s research on Wu Soul is absolutely quite in-depth. For thousands of years, they have solved their own defects in Wu Soul, and they have a deep understanding of various Wu Soul in mainland China, especially all kinds of variation Wu Soul.
After all, the patriarch of Liulizong, who has been practicing in Qibao for seventy-nine years, is studying how to break through. He has a deep understanding of this knowledge and Yu Xiaogang is ridiculous. He is very awesome and has developed more things than others for thousands of years.
However, these large-scale research things are just unwilling to show them. After all, all these are patriarchal secrets. Why are they exposed? Capital enemy?
It’s no wonder that mainstream people in the martial arts world don’t take him seriously.
I’m afraid Yu Xiaogang’s theory is a joke in their eyes.
If it weren’t for Bibidon, the most powerful pope in the martial arts world, I’m afraid his theory would have been nothing.
At the thought of this, Zhao felt a little distressed. He was deceived by Yu Xiaogang, but he didn’t know that he really wanted to go to the Pope’s Temple to find him now and tell her how ashamed Yu Xiaogang was. But now he is too weak to go to the Soul Hall, and he will definitely be beaten by his wife.
for a long time
"Yes, I think I have found a correct way to help us improve the defects of Qibao Glass Tower." Ning Fengzhi was excited when he looked at Zhao.
Zhao is simply a bosom friend to him. Just because Zhao knows so well about tulips in Kirara, he has to sigh.
Zhao can be called a learned man, and even he is a little ashamed.
Where does Ning Fengzhi know that Zhao knows so much? This plug-in has always been a question-and-answer for these theoretical things.
"My son-in-law has also learned a lot in his father-in-law’s body." Zhao Yixiao said modestly that he has always been a low-key person.
"Well, good" Ning Fengzhi nodded and looked aside. Ning Rongrong said, "Rongrong, you and Zhao Xian go. By the way, I’ll arrange everything for Zhao. Today, I’m going to sort out these things. Maybe we can really become Nine Treasures Liulizong."
"Well, I’ll go first." Ning Rongrong smiled and took Zhao’s hand and walked toward the outside. He was not interested in Zhao Hening’s wind-induced talk, but she also knew that these were very important to them.
"Uncle Jian Gu, what do you think?" Ning Fengzhi looked at two people leave figure corners of the mouth can’t help but turn up with a smile.
"Heaven’s vertical wizards are the best in the world." Sword Dou Luo couldn’t help but admire that he has always been conceited, but in the face of Zhao, he can’t pick out half a flaw. Zhao’s theory of strength or talent is rare in the world.
"Zhao Xiao is really good. He is the best among the young people I have ever seen." Bone banyan could not help but say that he could resist the coercion of his department, which made him lose his temper.
"It’s not a disadvantage for someone like Rong Rong to follow him to that position." Ning Fengzhi smiled politely and his dissatisfaction with Zhao vanished in this conversation.
"By the way, have you found a way to make up for the defect of the soul of Qibao Glass Pagoda?" The sword fights against the wind, which is the most important thing at present.
"I don’t know if I can do it, but I have a hunch that even that method can’t evolve our Ningjia Wu Soul into Nine Treasures, but Shaobaoying should be no problem." Ning Fengzhi’s eyes are full of fine mans.
He is not so greedy. It is too difficult to evolve Wu Soul into Nine Treasures Glass Pagoda. Even if the right method is found, it may not work, but there is still hope for Bao Glass Pagoda.
If you want him to be able to evolve, you can break through Contra in an instant with his background over the years. By then, their strength of Qibao Liulizong will rise a lot.
Chapter 9 Tang San is excited to sell hidden weapons.
"how about it? I did well today, didn’t I? "Zhao smiled and looked at Ning Rongrong and said.
"Hee hee, but my father will spite you for a long time." Ning Rongrong’s mouth slightly upturned, and even her father praised him.
"Then how can you reward me?" Zhao smiled and hugged Ning Rongrong’s slim waist, feeling her softness and fragrance.
"You want to bully me again." Ning Rongrong blushed and whispered, "If dad knows, he won’t kill you?"