If you are a yellow-faced woman, take it if he can see it!

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They are all clever people, Cao * They know exactly what the purpose is and what the result will be.
On the surface, agriculture has been restricted, but at present, Cao * has never heard of a shortage of grain, and Qingzhou has suffered successive disasters, and then every year, Xuzhou’s two-season rice producing areas are transferred to the north for grain and grass.
Reducing the number of foot soldiers and transforming some of them into stable local public security officials not only saved food and grass, but also saved military salaries. The most deadly thing is that the military’s combat effectiveness is high, but the public security in the region has also improved
Of course, ordinary retired foot soldiers can’t even deal with petty thieves?
As soon as Cao’s measures came, it was like a huge machine running in an orderly way, which made all aspects of the whole area rise slowly.
Although these measures are still immature, they are many times better than the original big fellow policy.
Sun sent people to write down these measures in the hope that organic dialogue would be implemented in their own governance, but that was only when there was an opportunity. The question was whether Cao * would give himself this opportunity?
And these measures are formed or created, whether they are modified or gained, whether Zhang Fengren is shirking himself or not.
But in the end all the evidence points to Zhang Fengren!
He alone is the initiator and initiator of all these initiatives.
Sun and his ministers are all frightened and jealous of good luck Cao * in the face of Feng Zhang’s every move.
But they can do the same, and not every one of these measures is suitable for them to copy.
Because it is strictly forbidden to buy and sell land, it is not allowed to add tax.
These articles are unacceptable to the whole man, the royal grandson.
For example, Puyang, where Feng Zhang started, has a horribly low agricultural tax of 40 taxes!
Wen and Jing Zhi are only thirty taxes and one!
On Sun’s side, the agricultural tax in the disaster-stricken areas is ten taxes and one tax.
What does the official eat for such a low tax? Simple. You produce a lot of grain, don’t you? I paid for it!
Cao * with deep pockets is like a glutton. If you have money, you will pull out a hair and crush all the people in Jiangdong!
His low taxes are offset by other taxes, such as commercial taxes. In other words, even if you are engaged in this business in Jiangdong, you have to mess up yourself first because you don’t have such a big family!
Jiangdong, on the other hand, is famous for its thin bottom, sparsely populated, and the families such as Shanyue have been fighting with slips for years, and there are quite a lot of alien populations.
And Cao *? In addition to Cao Shi’s famous fat Zhang family, Mi family and Zhen family … Which is soft persimmon? Adding their roots is that you have me and I have you.
In particular, Mi’s family and Zhen’s family are so jealous that they want to die. When they crossed into their family, a daughter married Feng Zhang and a daughter married Cao Ang, so they all shook up.
Who are those two?
Even a parrot knows about celebrities.
Sun’s heart was in a mess, his hands were full of sweat, and he fell into his chair and kept moaning. "I’m only white now. My brother will marry Xianger when he is alive!" Lonely eyesight is not as good as my brother! "
These close-at-hand facts make Sun completely understand what Cao * will be powerful. Before that, those hearsays were just hearsay.
If I had known this, bamboo slips might have dug up all the beautiful women in the family, even in the grave, and sent them to Feng Zhang to ask him to be willing!
Fortunately, now there is a Sun Shangxiang married, and Sun secretly thinks that even if Cao * calls one day, he will not worry about the demise of slips from now on.
So I’m afraid it’s not a big fanfare to recognize the name of the "whore incident" that year. Otherwise, what if Sun Shangxiang hates Sun Jiaqing in case?
Even Zhou Yuren admits that I am not as good as Zhang Feng.
I am a handsome genius, but Feng Zhang is a genius! Can turn decadent magic!
Just when a bunch of people like Sun were sighing all over the brain, they were not willing to hear the news too early as they expected. When Cao * moved again, the goal was Jiangxia!
Come too soon, Xiangyang. Haven’t you sat hot yet? How about sitting for another 30 to 50 years? Give your brothers some time to develop, otherwise it won’t be fun. There aren’t even a few farmers in my home base. You will give them to GAMEOVER as soon as Team 1, Team 2 and Team 3 come here.
Section three hundred and seventy-two
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Now there are two kinds of people who can walk around in this city: civilian workers and foot soldiers.
Before the arrival of Cao Jun, Liu Bei persuaded the gate of Liu Qi to let all the people who were afraid of the war run for their lives, whether it was a real plan for the safety of the people or an invisible name. The people were really grateful to Liu Bei.
Fighting is fighting and killing people. Even if Liu Bei and Cao * are good names, many koo people will die.
So Jiangxia City is divided into two parts, and there are some people who have never seen an siege war, or some family businesses leave Jiangxia City in the city, and all businessmen are old people who are too old to walk and can escape.
And Liu Bei also prepared for the worst. If the city is broken, it will not leave a grain of grain to Cao Jun and civilian workers, and will be temporarily collected to transport all the grain, livestock and cloth that can be taken away in Jiangxia City to the other side.
"My dear, you are quick to go. I have sent a seal to meet you when you cross the river. Uncle Wu Hou has formed an alliance. Jiangdong will not harm you because of the old gap." Liu Bei looked at the short sails on the river and swayed to the river bank. His heart was filled with emotion
It’s like losing a family dog. It’s such a big Jiangxia city that I can’t even imagine sticking to it for a day. The only thought is to escape.
Liu Qi burst into tears.
"Uncle! My little nephew is unwilling. My father’s inheritance of more than ten years is now destroyed by my hand. I really want to meet him in Jiuquan one day … "
Liu Qili knelt on the ground and put his hands deep into the soil. The soldiers around him looked red and turned away.
Liu Bei doesn’t have much affection for Jingzhou, but Liu Qi was almost born and raised in Sri Lanka. The ancients felt horribly attached to their homeland.
"It’s all Cai Mao who turned his back on the Lord and begged for glory, hurting his brother and handing Jingzhou over!" Liu Beilai is a ranger. If you are good to me, I will be good to you. If you hurt me or someone close to me, I’m sorry. Take your life.
"If you get this thief, you can’t wait to eat his meat!"
Liu Bei persuaded and said, "My dear nephew, only by staying here can we take advantage of the situation and look at cao thief’s great potential in the north of Jingnan. It is absolutely impossible to leave it to the four counties in Jingnan to rest and recover."
"Uncle and nephew know that Cao * is so powerful that we will wait until the day when we can resist?"
Liu Qi raised his face and asked if he could find any confidence in his face.
Liu Bei’s face turned dark.
Do your own thing, of course, you know that even if Sun Wu resurrects Zhang Liang and dies, can he be Cao *’ s opponent?
Liu Feng has gone to attack Changsha. If the four counties in Jingnan can’t hold on to the sky any longer, it’s already a place to escape.
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * Brother Tragedy became a pioneer.
This is very not easy to compete with Xia Hou for an opportunity. In front of Cao *, the two teenagers are not willing to give way to each other. This said that Wang Wei, my five thousand troops will take Jiangxia at stake, which is stronger. I don’t need fifty-three thousand to teach Wei Wangli in Jiangxia Chengtou sooner or later!
To outdo each other, the two men almost fought in front of Cao *. Cao * looked at the two men and was not angry. He told them not to mess up and draw lots to decide who was the pioneer.
As a result, Brother Tragedy didn’t have a tragedy this time. He grabbed the word "first" and was full of joy. He ordered five thousand troops and came to Jiangxia.