The younger brothers behind Gan Ning cheered in succession, while Gan Ning crossed his hands behind his head, squinted at the pro-guard and said disdainfully, "If you can’t, just give up." The bristlegrass in the mouth swayed up and down as it spoke.

"no! I will not give up, I will win this victory for the honor of Tianmen Town! " It’s a pity that the trembling body has completely betrayed him. If the body is still moving when shooting, even if you aim at the target, you can’t hit it. This is common sense.
Pro-Wei shot an arrow, although it hit the target, unfortunately, it did not hit the bull’s-eye.
Sineitai’s loss is in sharp contrast with the cheers of his younger brothers.
And Li Zhuang is still confident, and doesn’t even mean to comfort the pro-guards. Gan Ning feels very wrong, but there is something wrong and I can’t tell. Anyway, as long as he hits the bull’s-eye every time, Gan Ning has confidence in himself.
At this time, Huang Zhong shouted: "Back the arrow target by 20 meters!"
120 meters! In the romance, Lu Bu’s shooting halberd at Yuanmen is only 120 meters away, but this is not a romance, nor is it history. The ability of military commanders has been strengthened for a long time, and it will not be taken to heart if it is 120 meters or 210 meters.
On the contrary, the pro-guard is even more nervous and uneasy.
Gan Ning is still in that cynical tone. "Let you shoot first this time!"
The pro-guard looked at Li Zhuang uneasily, and found that Li Zhuang was coming towards himself, so he put down his bow and wanted to hear what Li Zhuang said.
Gan Ning also felt different. He found that Li Zhuang’s ear was whispering in the pro-guard, and everything started as usual, but then the pro-guard’s expression became very exaggerated and he didn’t believe it.
After Li Zhuang finished speaking, he patted Qinwei on the shoulder and smiled: "Go!"
Why don’t you go Where are you going? Gan ning is at a loss.
The next pro-guard action solved the puzzle for Gan Ning. Pro-guard carefully took a step forward, just stepping out of the scope of Li Zhuang’s line. In the crowd, he was stunned and quickly ran to the target, and an arrow hit the bull’s-eye. The arrow just passed through the bull’s-eye and entered the public’s field of vision.
"What is this?"
"I don’t know."
"It seems to be very powerful."
Everyone is talking about it.
"hey! Foul! Crossing the line! " Gan ning shouted.
Chapter one hundred and eighty Gan Ning throw in the towel
"Crossing the line? No! " Li Zhuang is somewhat justified.
"foul! Foul! " Gan ning’s younger brothers shouted in succession.
Li Zhuang’s pro-guards bowed their heads in shame, and they had never seen such a blatant foul. The pro-guards who participated in the competition also walked back to Li Zhuang’s side awkwardly and were at a loss.
"Don’t panic, listen to me!" Li Zhuang said.
Gan Ning waved his hand, and the younger brothers immediately quieted down and said strangely, "I’ve seen many fouls, but it’s the first time I’ve seen such an arrogant little foul, and in the end, I even came to deny it. It’s really amazing to be so cheeky!" Then he said, "OK, uncle, since you don’t want to hand over food, I can’t help you, as long as you say,’ Mr. Gan, I’m impressed!’" I’ll leave at once. "
"go? Hey hey, you are the most needed talent in Tianmen Town at present, how can I let you go! " Li Zhuang laughed.
"What do you mean?" Gan ning is puzzled.
"You will understand when you lose." Li Zhuang did not explain, but talked about the competition. "Just now, you all said that my pro-guard fouled, but do you know that he didn’t foul?"
Gan ning was completely defeated by this unscrupulous uncle. "This is not a foul, so what is a foul?" I still want to deny it under the eyes of the public! "
"Brother Gan, please be quiet and listen to me carefully." Li Zhuang said quickly, but he couldn’t hide the smile in his eyes, feeling that he was abducting an ignorant teenager.
This simply sat down on the ground, "good! I can’t do it with your hype. You can say the red one is white. "
Li Zhuang began to talk: "When Tianmen Town was a low-level village, there were only two people in the village, me and my younger brother. My younger brother was the village head of Tianmen Village, which is now the mayor of Tianmen Town …"
Li Zhuang began to gush, and Gan Ning was dumbfounded with a younger brother’s listening. On the contrary, Li Zhuang’s group of pro-guards listened with relish and talked from time to time.
"It turns out that the mayor used to be so interesting!"
"Ha ha ha! The mayor was bitten so badly by the big black! "
The pro-guards burst into laughter and almost burst into tears, but Gan Ning and others, acting like unknown so, said blankly, "Uncle, I want to hear your explanation. Why are you telling me this?"
"Ahem, this, there must be some bedding, isn’t it?" Li Zhuang gave a dry cough.
"pave the way?" Gan ning muttered, suddenly jumped up from the ground and roared, "It takes half an hour to pave the way!" Play with me! "
"Don’t panic, it’s almost over." Li Zhuang said so, and then spoke for a while before saying, "Now let’s talk about why I think my pro-guard didn’t foul."
Gan ning immediately filed a mind, and wanted to hear what Li Zhuang said.
Sure enough, I heard Li Zhuang say, "My younger brother once told me that the mainland under our feet is a sphere, and you will come back from the west after endless years, so my pro-guard just changed direction and didn’t exceed that line, so it doesn’t count …"
Before Li Zhuang could finish, Gan Ning jumped up and roared, "Nonsense! Everyone in the world doesn’t know where the sky is round, so you can find a better reason! "
If there are players here, of course, they know that Li Zhuang is right, but Gan Ning and others are NPCs. What you say to them about the sphere and the earth is not only casting pearls before swine, but also attracting a dirty look.
"Gee, there are enough rogues."
"Yes, don’t gamble if you can’t afford to lose!"
Gan Ning’s younger brothers were contemptuous, and Li Zhuang’s pro-guards were ashamed. The pro-guard who participated in the competition even said on his own initiative: "Stop it, I admit the foul, even if this arrow missed."
"Uncle, you, the pro-guard, admit that you have fouled, so why are you quibbling!" Gan Ning said.
Li Zhuang some hate iron not to produce the lesson of pro-health, "you this boy what words! Can you beat him if you don’t? "
"Me?" Pro who was speechless.
"Forget it, fortunately, I still have a way." Li Zhuang is still confident.
It’s Gan Ning’s turn to shoot an arrow, because Gan Ning has spirit in his heart, so this arrow has great strength and strength, and it will blow the target apart with one arrow.
"oh! The boss shot! "
Gan ning’s younger brothers shouted in succession.
"Oh!" Suddenly Li Zhuang also shouted loudly. When Li Zhuang shouted, the pro-guards followed suit.
"Commanding in’ Oh’ what?" One of the pro-guards asked the person next to him.
"I don’t know, anyway, just follow the leader." The man said.
"That’s right!" Then’ Oh’ became louder.
Gan Ning smiled and looked at Li Zhuang proudly and said, "What’s the matter? Uncle was also shocked by my shooting skills. "
"Hey hey, the regulation of our game is to hit the bull’s-eye, but you see, there is no arrow target, let alone the bull’s-eye! So you didn’t shoot, and you lost this competition! " Li Zhuang laughed.
"oh! So it is! "
"Leading wise!"
The pro-guards suddenly realized!
Is that okay? There are so many traps than trying archery. Gan Ning feels that he will never play with arrows in the future, which is so frustrating.
However, this situation must be disputed, and he angered: "Nonsense! The reason why archery is better than hitting the bull’s-eye is to hit the key. Let’s not say that I have hit the key. I even shot the target in pieces. If people explode like this, is there any way out? "
"The boss is right!" The younger brothers supported Gan Ning.
"Rules are rules. If you lose, you have to admit defeat. But you are young. I am afraid that others will say that I bully you. Forget it this time. I hope it won’t happen again." Li Zhuang stressed: "remember, it’s only three things. I’ve already let you go twice, and I will never let you go the third time."
On hearing the word "let", gan ning immediately sat still. "Little ye, I need to let? Ok! Even if you can find such a fallacy next time, I will admit it! "
"That’s what you said." Li Zhuang smiled, smiling very insidiously.
Seeing Li Zhuang’s smile, Gan Ning was always a little scared, but Gan Ning was rough and fierce, and he still replied stubbornly: "It’s just what I said, how come!"