After thinking about it, she said it was right. I just joked and smiled and said to the Nangong one by one, "How do you know it’s a slap and not a bite?"

"That boss is a bear. It must be a slap!" The nangongshan confident said one by one.
"Yo ho ask clear enough."
"That is also don’t look at me who is the nangongshan one by one"
"Are you the nangongshan but rob boss experts" I teased and said.
The nangongshan one by one this listen to not happy Chen said, "the boss is not his home and didn’t write his name, can’t kill can blame him for his incompetence."
"Yes, Miss Nangong is right. Since ancient times, the strong have respected the law of the jungle society, so it’s okay," I said with a smile.
The nangongshan one by one also don’t mind very much is to urge me to run quickly don’t miss the thing.
Being urged by her, I also accelerated my pace.
It is inevitable that you will not be able to solve your tears with Guanyin after this vote.
But I’m not afraid of the terrible in this game. It’s not this enemy, and I can’t enjoy myself without this enemy.
Still thinking that I have walked out of the rainforest in the west of the city.
Chapter ninety-two Late Fenglin
Looking at the map, I’m not so relieved that the Nangong has to walk a distance to the southwest. Although there are a group of Ukrainian people, there are also Guanyin who have tears.
I want those minions to grind the boss’s blood. According to the level of Guanyin’s tearful exercise, a short-term confrontation will not be hurt by boss.
And that’s why he brought so many people here. After all, the boss attack is terrible for most people now.
Besides, his level of Guanyin’s tears exercise may be worse than mine, and he is not conceited enough to think that a few people can kill level 3 boss.
It’s a pity that I didn’t find this boss, otherwise I wouldn’t have robbed him of his name.
"hey! You run quickly! "
The Nangong came to urge me again. I looked at the map. The location of the Nangong was not far away, but she was also walking forward.
"Could you have been discovered by an assassin?"
"If you find it, you will find it. Anyway, they must know that someone will rob the boss." The so-called Nangong said, wake me up at the same time and tell me to hurry up.
After walking for two or three minutes, the Nangong stopped moving one by one, and soon I drove her away.
Next to her, she gave me a look and then pointed to one side and said, "They went that way. Go and have a look. It’s not easy to be seen."
I looked at her and smiled and said, "Didn’t you just say it was so-called?"
"That’s because I know they didn’t find out that I’m not far from the boss’s position now, and there will definitely be people around you. You’re high-level and invisible, and no one will find you."
I shrugged my shoulders and said, "All right!" At the same time, I reached out and brushed my body and gradually disappeared.
I don’t have to pretend deliberately in this wind and grass environment, and now I have a high level, even if there is also a stealth assassin, I have found something
And he won’t find me at all.
Soon I came out of an area map with the name of wild grass path and messy wild grass without trees, which matched the name very well.
And a path appeared in front of my eyes, which was obviously cleared. Of course, I killed the monster and trampled down the grass.
It seems that soon I will be able to chase Guanyin with tears.
Sure enough, after walking for three or four minutes, I saw Guanyin and a group of people with tears. They were moving forward while cleaning up the road monster.
I can’t help it. This area is already a level 2 monster. If I can’t figure out the strange words along the way, those level 1 players in their team can’t get through.
However, the monster level is so high. How did Guanyin find this boss with tears?
And the nangongshan one by one how did she know the news?
Oh, forget it, these mission impossible problems are the most troublesome, and then come back to study.
Slowly approaching Guanyin with tears, a group of people saw Guanyin with tears and pear blossoms in heavy rain, and seven people walked behind the team regardless of the road.
Even if it’s a 2-level monster, it can’t hold on to the other person. There are two or three monsters, so many mages will take three or two seconds, and there is no danger to their lives.
It’s rare to blame a lot. This big team is still a little slow to move.
I glanced at the map again, and the Nangong followed slowly behind me one by one. From time to time, the blood volume would be a little less. It seems that I was too chatting and playing tricks as I walked.
Just looking at it, I heard a voice in front of me. "Boss, we found the Nangong one by one not far behind us. We are not sure if she is following us."
"No matter what she tells them to keep an eye on it, if she dares to come, she can’t go back." Guanyin said with tears
It seems that since the second Nangong refused to buy his account, he has no liking for the Nangong one by one, but he is also reluctant to do anything.
"One by one, you have been discovered and people have threatened to let you come back and forth." I sent a message to Nangong one by one.
But a few seconds the nangongshan information has been back to come over "hum! Want to kill my aunt? Don’t see if he has this ability. "
"There’s someone following you. It should be an assassin. What are you going to do?"
"I’ll take care of it myself. Don’t worry about it."
The nangongshan smiled cunningly. I knew that the little assassin would not have any good results, and I didn’t worry about the nangongshan’s ability at all. I knew it all too well.
I don’t think about the Nangong one by one. On the other hand, Guanyin has tears. The speed of progress here is really slow. Nai, I can sit and watch and wait for them to walk out of a distance before following them.
After walking for a while, I saw a tree crown in front of me.
The crown of the tree is not connected by trees, but there is no gap. The leaves are different in red and sometimes mixed with some yellow leaves.
It seems that Fenglin was going to the Nangong that night. I was called to this place one by one, but I never thought it would be so far to get here.
But it is forbidden to look at this scene from a distance.
Stop and sit in love with the late frost in Fenglin and the leaves are red in February! It’s really urgent for the maple forest here at night.
Listen to "Ding!" Pulling me back turned out to be looking out of God.
Take a look at the news from the god of war.
"Tianya, I heard that Guanyin found a **oss with tears. Are you interested?"
I then smiled and went back to "How can I do such a thing as robbing someone’s boss? I am so honest."
"Bah! Don’t pretend to be a big-tailed wolf here and say if you’re staring at others. "The God of War is not at all welcome. It’s just a mouthful of saliva.
I didn’t just bend people. As the saying goes, I can’t bend people. I also immediately replied, "I didn’t know they went to the late maple forest."
As soon as the god of war heard it, he asked, "Do you even know the place and say that you are not staring at others?"
"Haha, no, no, I was upgrading and happened to see it."
The God of War simply said, "Come on, don’t pretend. I didn’t mean to tell you that you can do this. Since you already know, I won’t reinvent the wheel."
"You don’t want this vote?"
"I don’t want to provoke Tangmen, but their strength is not what I can compete with now." It’s not hard to hear that there is some unwillingness and no in the tone of God of War.
"You underestimate yourself. I’m not alone," I said lightly.