When the door was pushed, it was like a glance at Guanlan, and my eyes fell on Pan Huishen. I saw her leaning forward and kneeling on the right hand of the carriage, and her long hair covered her face, which made people look uncomfortable.

The punishment really jumped forward and asked, "What’s the matter?"
Pan Hui stepped back a little, raised her body, and looked as if she were in a daze. The soul had not returned to her body for a moment. She turned her eyes and rested her eyes on the punishment. "Is everything ready?"
Punishment is really like seeing that she doesn’t want to say more, so she no longer asks, "Cover flow has cleared up a small clean place to go."
Pan Hui turned around and took the luggage. Without saying anything, she quickly jumped out of the carriage and walked into the temple in three steps and two steps.
Punishment is really like seeing Pan Hui in a hurry. My heart sank and Guanlan looked at it and said, "Girl, please take a car."
Guanlan tightened his tight cloak and got out of the car. He didn’t forget to nod his head to thank him when the punishment really passed by.
Punishment is really like smiling and nodding, but after Guanlan passed by, his eyes narrowed and his right hand was as fast as lightning towards Guanlan’s scarlet cloak.
It’s a form of Guanlan, but it’s like a long eye behind your head. You move one foot to the left without looking back. You just shoot forward with your toes pointed, and in a blink of an eye, people also fall on the steps outside the old temple.
Punishment is really like a flash in the eyes, and my heart is so strong!
Being able to hide from him at such a close distance and suddenly attack him is absolutely true in other punishments. I didn’t expect them to be a powerful character that even he couldn’t control. This really surprised him
Punishment is really like thoughtfully for a moment to see that the man has flicker into the old temple, and then he walked over and prepared to tie the carriage to the roof in front of the hall to avoid the wind and rain.
The hall has been covered with pity, and it’s almost finished. I wonder if my girl has gone anywhere at the moment.
Pan Hui unexpectedly didn’t look for Gai Lian’s whereabouts. She sat on her knees in an old futon and looked at the one-foot high red paint threshold at the gate with eyes. Her mind had already flown thousands of miles away.
When she first went to Yue Bai to teach, Guanlan’s eyes were calm. Obviously, there was nothing wrong with it. Besides, the moon-chasing dress was broken. If he had killed Yue Bai’s brother and robbed him of his clothes, it would never have been so brand-new.
However, there are two of the twelve halls of the magic door that have always received female brothers, one is the top of the soul near Changxuan and the other is Yue Bai.
How can there be a male brother in this Yue Bai? !
Pan Hui’s eyebrows are frowning, which is puzzling.
Suddenly her mind flashed and she remembered that Pu had spoken a month ago. She vaguely remembered that the proprietress said at that time that one of the former leaders of Yue Bai would always be raised in the teaching … Is it Guanlan?
Pan Hui looked up just as Guanlan crept over and the two men looked at each other directly, and then laughed.
Guanlan walked to Pan Hui’s side and drew a futon, sitting cross-legged in a cloak, carefully covering the gray robe inside. "Guanlan was rude and failed to tell the girl the truth earlier. If the girl is angry, punish Guanlan."
Chapter 172 GongGuanLan (3)
Pan Huiyuan thought that his eyes were bad and he misunderstood people. He didn’t know if he should face them, but he didn’t want the other person to take the initiative to resolve them. He shook his head and smiled. "I’m not annoyed, but I didn’t get over it for a while. I originally picked up a beautiful woman, but I didn’t expect that this beauty turned out to be a man. It really made me feel ashamed!"
Guanlan laughed. "Girls don’t have to be self-deprecating. The girl’s appearance can be regarded as absolute beauty in a few years."
When they came and went in such a word, they were embarrassed in the carriage, and Pan Hui felt that this human nature was good and elegant as water. Previously, she thought that the girl’s voice would be slightly low. Now that Guanlan is a man, she has a kind and pleasant feeling. It is really modest and gentle.
Pan Hui waved her hand and chuckled. She was not a person who cared about her appearance, but she was just poking fun at the tour. After listening to the tour, she laughed at herself. "You don’t have to comfort me. Anyway, it’s beautiful after all, but you’re just so beautiful … I don’t know how much unnecessary trouble you will cause when you go out. It’s better to cover it up."
Guanlan answered without care that "the body and skin are covered by parents?" Skin reading is just like a smoke screen. If the world sees it as the eyes of the world, I can be myself at ease. "
"Yes," Pan Hui nodded and felt the same way. She is not a person who likes to care about other people’s eyes. It is best to be herself, but she remembered that she had misunderstood Guanlan’s gender before and inevitably added, "What if everyone mistook you for a woman like me?"
Guanlan was stunned by her question for a moment and said, "No, no … no one should admit his mistake again!" He grew up in Yue Bai since childhood, and no one has ever mistaken him!
However, he forgot that Yue Bai’s godbrother had already known his identity, so it was impossible to mistake him for a woman.
Pan Hui a sly smile "why not? I don’t think I have a good eye, so I call you a woman? "
Guanlan struggled a little. "But even if you look at the wrong clothes, you won’t read the clothes wrong together!"
"That’s not certain!" Pan Hui saw that he was a little embarrassed and felt that his previous fright in the carriage was even, and he didn’t feel better. He added, "I heard that there are many darling daughter people in the world who envy the people in the rivers and lakes and often go out disguised as men. You may let others be disguised as men."
Guanlan was silent for a moment. "If this really happened, you can explain it one by one. It’s my skin that makes people misunderstand. Naturally, when you take the initiative to explain it, it will cause trouble to others."
Pan Hui gave him a surprised look, and felt that this man was peaceful and worldly, and he was not in his heart and spoke highly of him.
She nodded thoughtfully and stood up, looking at the altar behind her with the statue of the mountain god sighing, "It is said that the world is so austere that it can’t be seen through and let go of much ado about nothing. If you don’t care too much about other people’s opinions, you can live a comfortable and chic life. It’s only a few decades, but it will die in a blink of an eye …"
"That’s just the reason. It seems that it’s fate for a girl to be a kindred spirit." Guanlan also got up and patted her cloak, stained with dust, and gave a deep bow to the golden lacquer mountain god with her hands. "The ancestors stayed at the ancestral mansion tonight for the four of us. If there is a nuisance, I hope the ancestors will forgive me."
Pan Hui gave him a strange look, saying, "You and I are both proof that people in heaven have gone to the fairy path and will bow down to these gods and pray for their blessing with ordinary people."
Guanlan bowed twice before he straightened up and smiled slightly. "My mother once said that Taoist witnesses are all worthy of respect. They bowed down not to pray, but to show respect to these ancestors who have already attained Taoism."
Pan Hui cocked his head and thought carefully for a moment. "Your mother really is a broad-minded and wise person. Pan Hui, if you are destined to meet her old man and listen to her face to face, you will make great progress in repairing Guanlan Gong. It’s really a blessing."
The original also smiled slightly, but suddenly the smile disappeared. There was a little more sadness in his eyes, but he quickly put away his worries and forced a smile on his mouth. "My mother has already passed away."
Pan Hui face a stiff for a moment before saying "I’m sorry …"
"hinder" Guanlan shook his head and chuckled.
He naturally knew that Pan Hui was testing his identity and he tasted that he was not observing Pan Hui.
He used to sneak out of the house all the way, but he was cautious. His whereabouts were not discovered. Today, if it weren’t for the sudden onset of Yin Shaqi, he wouldn’t have fainted in that mountain forest.
He was naturally grateful to Pan Hui for carefully putting away his coat, and Pan Hui’s position in the car was actually intended to eliminate his scruples.
But at that time, he didn’t know that Pan Hui was not experienced enough for the first time. Pan Hui’s so anxious attitude made him suspicious. Although he himself was a beginner, he grew up in Yue Bai since childhood. There were no women next to Yue Bai, but he saw more on weekdays. Those Yue Bai elders competed for profit in front of him. He knew more about women than men.
No matter how deep a person is, even if he can fool people’s eyes, he can never fool people. No matter how well he hides his mind and how tough he is, there will always be a flaw in his eyes, even if it is fleeting.
But he Pan Hui said so many words, but he never saw a flaw in Pan Hui’s eyes. This woman has always put her heart in her face, and those eyes are very clever, but they are simple when they are clever.
Her simplicity is not the kind of ignorance, but she leaves all the fame and fortune plots behind her.
She asked for his identity and told him freely in her eyes-she recognized him as the former leader of Yue Bai and asked in such a roundabout way just to avoid people’s eyes and ears because of punishment, as if she had been listening to it for a long time outside the door
And since the punishment is really like being outside the door, Pan Huishen has been tight as if he were afraid of this man.
Chapter 173 Mountain spirit is precious (a)
Punishment is really like seeing that both of them are no longer out of the temple, but they didn’t go near each other, but they picked up a clean corner and sat thoughtfully at the door.
Although it is the beginning of February now, the day is still short because Qi is at the northern end of Zhongzhou mainland, and the night is earlier than that of Song. Now it’s just after the application, and it’s already dark. In February, the spring breeze is like scissors, not only willow leaves but also people’s hearts.
In the hall, all three people have their own thoughts, but they have no words for a while until Gai Liu came out from behind with a pile of firewood.
The little girl looked at the three people in the hall, although she was puzzled that the atmosphere was so weird, but she didn’t ask much wisely. She threw the firewood to the ground and said to Pan Hui, "The girl slave found a woodshed and a well outside the back door. We can boil water and cook tonight."
Cover flow discourse is full of pleasure, but I didn’t expect three people after listening to her words and then looked at the pile of firewood qi qi frowned.

Lu mother will Shen Nuo calm down and then look at the closed Yang Jing Shen Nuo feel inexplicably distressed.

In the hospital
"Baby, I’m a good baby." Shen held a pillow in his heart and thought it was a baby walking back and forth in bed.
"Love, that’s not our child." Lu Qingzhou couldn’t see it. He came over and wanted to take the pillow from Shen’s feelings.
"Don’t you give me up and don’t hurt my child." Shen Qing suddenly went crazy and shouted at Lu Qingzhou
"Shen Qing you …" Lu Qingzhou stared at Shen Qing in the mind very not the taste.
☆ Chapter 5 An incredible dream!
"Qingzhou" At this moment, Tang Wei came over to persuade Lu Qingzhou that "Qingzhou’s mood is fluctuating now. You and dad should go out first and I will accompany her for a while."
Lu Qingzhou glanced at his delirious feelings and looked a little at Tang Wei and nodded to help Shen Fu out.
Shen Qing saw Lu Qingzhou leave and breathed a sigh of relief. He turned and threw the pillow to the ground and fell to the bed.
"It’s really tiring to pretend to be crazy. I’m exhausted this afternoon." Shen Qing fell to the bed and said something.
"Baby, it’s all worth it." Tang Wei walked up to Shen Qing and encouraged her to touch Shen Qing’s hair. "I heard Lu Qingzhou call Master Lu this morning."
"Oh?" Shen Qing immediately sat up when he heard this. "Qingzhou … What did he say?"
"Don’t worry" Tang Weixiao "Lu Qingzhou even called Master Lu with crying and howling. Master Lu knows that your child will not make Shen Nuo feel better"
Shen Qing smiled more than a yes man when she heard her mother say so.
"Hum Shen Nuo I will never let you feel better"
"But …" Tang Wei hesitated a little. "This Lu Xiusi seems to know something and always feels that he is investigating your pregnancy."
"Mom, you’re right!" Shen Qing sat next to his mother. "Former Qingzhou told me. He said that Lu Xiusi was investigating me, but he didn’t know that Lu Xiusi’s investigation was that I was pregnant."
"This person has a delicate mind, so we should be careful." Tang Wei said to Shen Qing.
"No matter how powerful he is, how can everyone see that Shen Nuo pushed me upstairs? Even if Lu Xiusi is so powerful, isn’t the child in my arms still lost by his wife?" Shen Qing said to Tang Wei with a proud face
"Okay, okay, what you have to do now is try your best to play well. I’ll help you find a way." Tang Wei comforted Shen Qing
"Hey, but being crazy is so tiring!" Shen Qing looked at Tang Wei very reluctantly
"Daughter, if you put up with it now, you can defeat Shen Nuo forever. Isn’t this a painful moment?" Tang Wei encouraged Shen Qing.
Section 7
"Mom, you’re right!" Shen Qing sits up. Every time she and Shen Nuo compare with each other, Shen Qing always seems to have beaten chicken blood inexplicably.
Shen Qing’s purpose is to take away everything Shen Nuo owns, which will give him a strange pleasure.
"You lie down first. I’ll call Qingzhou and Dad back!" Tang Wei let Shen Qing lie down and did it.
Tang Wei walked to the door and saw Qingzhou Lu and Shen Fugang outside the door. Tang Wei found Liu Fu travel-stained to catch up.
"If it isn’t Master Lu, why do you come here sometimes?" Tang Wei’s first question made him rest on the side, and Lu Qingzhou and Shen Fu also smelled the past.
"Grandpa, you are here!" After seeing Liu Fu coming, Lu Qingzhou couldn’t help but feel sad and went forward.
Lu Fu looked haggard and Lu Qingzhou comforted him with distress. "Don’t be sad. Take me to meet my son!"
Liu Fu symbolically greeted Shen Fu and Tang Wei and was led into the ward by Lu Qingzhou.
At this time, Shen Qing was lying in bed and closed his eyes when he heard someone coming in.
At this time, Tang Wei rushed from behind to the novel "I fell asleep when I was emotionally unstable just now. You’d better not wake her up first."
Liu Fu heard the nod, and the footsteps of a line of people became lighter.
He looked at lying in the hospital bed, feeling very sorry.
"If you don’t transfer to a home hospital, it will be more convenient to take care of you." Liu Fu said to Lu Qingzhou.
Lu Qingzhou was about to answer Tang Wei’s bad news. He quickly grabbed the answer in front of Lu Qingzhou. "It’s not necessary for in-laws to transfer to another hospital. Now it’s mainly heartbreak. Besides, I will take good care of her here."
Tang Wei flatters Liu Fu with a smile. Liu Fu didn’t continue to insist when she saw that she was determined to do so.
Lu Fu turned to Shen Fu and said, "My in-laws are sorry that this is the way for us to meet. We Lujia are also sorry that Shen Qing was hurt, but we Lujia will definitely give Shen Qing a satisfactory answer!"
Liu Fu finished and bowed respectfully to Shen Fu.
You know, Master Lujia doesn’t even see a few faces in sight on weekdays. Now, when we first met, we gave Shen Fu a big gift. Shen Fu was naturally flattered.
"No, no, no,no." Shen Fu quickly pulled Lu Fu up. "We all see that you Lujia are good at Shen Qing. We believe you!"
"Yes, yes," Tang Wei also chimed in. "A prestigious person like you must be very busy at ordinary times. It’s very kind of you to worry about our daughter!"
"I’m flattered by my mother’s marriage to Lujia. It’s always been our old couple’s heart. Naturally, we like it. We are also very distressed that this happened now."
Liu Fu looked at both of them very guilty.
"Well, when Shen Qing is discharged from the hospital in a few days, I will call a family meeting at home to study this matter together, and I will definitely give you justice."
"This is the best," said Tang Wei.
Father Lu glanced at the fact that he was still sleeping and said to Father Shen, "Since Qinger is still sleeping, I won’t bother you too much. I’ll go first!"
"Okay, I’ll send you." Shen Fu raised his hand and wanted to send Liu Fu a paragraph.
"Husband, your legs and feet are not good today, or I will send my in-laws!" Tang Wei walked in front of Shen Fu and went out with Liu Fu before Shen Fu allowed it.
"Lu’s family has heard a lot about your name for a long time. Today, I saw you through my daughter’s light!" Tang Wei walked and looked at Liu Fu and said
Tang Wei looked at the man in front of Liu Fu. Although he was young, he had the charm of a middle-aged man.
Father Lu didn’t think much of him as an in-laws and treated him like "I’m flattered by my in-laws, but I’m just an ordinary person!" "
"In-laws really underestimate themselves. How many women dream of you!" Tang Wei said this sentence with a silvery smile.
Liu Fu felt that there was something wrong with this woman before him. He looked at Tang Wei with some surprise.
"I admire you very much." Tang Wei knew that she had just acted a little too obviously and then she had a little convergence.
"I think" Liu Fu took a look at Tang Wei, a woman who still has some beauty in middle age. "In-laws say it’s too much!"
Liu Fu felt that Shen Qing’s mother didn’t respect herself, but she was polite and parted.
"Hum" Tang Wei looked at Liu Fu’s leaving back. "What’s the big deal? If you don’t rush for your stinking money, who wants to sell your color to curry favor with you!"
When Tang Wei married Shen Nuo’s father, she also ran for Shen Nuo’s father. A small company was in good condition, but in recent years, Shen Fu’s business has not improved. Tang Wei increasingly looks down on his fat old man.
If you want to say that parents are like children, you can learn from her mother.
A few days left, because both Lu Qingzhou and Shen Fu had work to do, they took care of Shen Qing and fell on Tang Weishen.
One day when Shen Qing was awake, she saw Lu Qingzhou and her father were not here. She asked Tang Wei, "Mom, do you think Qingzhou is good to me?"
Tang Wei is putting on makeup. She was surprised to hear her daughter ask, "Why do you ask?"
Shen Qing nai sighed, "When I entered Qingzhou on the day of abortion, I didn’t care how to ask the child directly. I had some …"
Shen Qing felt a little disappointed when he thought of this. I didn’t expect the child to be more important than Shen Qing in front of Lu Qingzhou.
Tang Wei knew what she was thinking. She put on lipstick and asked, "What’s the most important thing about this woman?"

"Ha-ha, a gentleman can’t walk in the world, he can’t be happy, he can’t drink, and he can’t live. Why don’t you roll in the world of mortals and experience the beauty of people?" On whether to abandon the heavy mountains or not to destroy the angry people.

"The benefactor is possessed. It seems that the poor monk is supposed to slaughter the demon to prove the truth." Destroy the anger and get ready to go.
"Don’t attract achievements turned against you this broken Buddha don’t believe it or come to just you admire grandpa just exercise let me tear down you this hypocrite Buddha! !” After saying his word, I longed for the mountains and fit me, and the long knife in my hand rushed to destroy the angry people and went away.
Although angry people grow fat, they are more flexible than the unique Buddhist posture of transporting their spirits, that is, the golden Buddha keeps hiding from the mountains and long knives.
Seeing an opportunity, Mu Chongshan’s long knife swept across his chest to destroy the anger. A recruit "Sleeping Lohan" hid in the past and ran to Mu Chongshan’s chest with his right hand. In his view, this recruit will definitely kill Mu Chongshan, because he has not yet moved. This gesture will definitely not dodge.
Which mu mountains don’t hide, don’t flash, and suddenly stand up to the palm of your hand, and one mouthful blood gushes out. Just when the anger is destroyed, Mu mountains loosen their right hand and shoot out with a long knife and insert it into the stone stage in front of them.
Just when Muchongshan’s skill was poor, Muchongshan put his fist in his right hand, and it was really shot at Muchongshan’s heart.
It is said that most of Xuanjiamen’s martial arts moves are shielded by Mu Chongshan. Therefore, most of the moves taught by Zhan Yunyi are not except this move, which is "not well rolled up". You should know that in fairy tales, the pillar of heaven and earth was knocked off by Gong Gong, which led to the tilt of heaven and earth. Before this move is issued, you should transport your whole body to the place where you are going to be hit, and take advantage of the enemy’s strength and anger to attack the enemy unprepared. This move is generally not easy to die. After this move, it is a great flaw to hurt your body, let alone shield yourself in your
Mu Chongshan looks careless, but he is really unambiguous in martial arts. He just figured out that his strength is almost the same as his own after he killed the angry person "Great Buddha and Small Witch", so he deliberately sold a flaw to lure the angry person to attack and plan to fight him. He was prepared for his "anger"
This move does have a miraculous effect. The strength of the department of destroying anger lies in his previous move. Where did you want to get the backhand shot of Mu Chongshan in the heart? As a result, Chen was killed by breaking his heart and dying.
"The second game mu Chongshan wins! !” Seeing that the angry referee announced the end of the second game.
"Mu Dage, are you okay?" Snow lotus son saw mu mountains coming wobbly and went to ask. After all, not everyone can carry out the palm of Chen’s hand.
"I didn’t expect that bald donkey’s martial arts were so high that it was almost planted in his hands. Fortunately, it was better to divide the mountains, otherwise it would be troublesome. I’ll see what they teach!" Mu mountains don’t care about their injuries.
"Now it’s up to amuer’s third game to win another Golden Knife Khan." For Mu Chongshan’s help, Xuelian is naturally grateful.
Mu Qingfeng next to him doesn’t think so. Although the Qinglang clan and Temur lost the second game, they didn’t feel a little uneasy.
w w w
Snow Lotus soon discovered Mu Qingfeng’s abnormality, so she asked, "Why are you still frowning when Brother Mu won the game? We are at the same starting line with them now. What are you worried about? You know, amuer will have no problem stepping on the stars like a monkey when he was a child."
"No" Mu Qingfeng said slowly, "Looking at the first two games alone, we have lost and lost completely."
Looking at the opposite crowd, people dressed like lamas are staring at their side. Mu Qingfeng finally knows what the problem is.
"What do you mean? What do you mean, we have lost, don’t disturb our morale? "Snow Lotus is still joking with Muqingfeng.
"In the first race, they have calculated that we will send the highest riding skill to Tumen, so they deliberately tampered with the horses. They not only want to win the race, but also want to waste Tumen! ! Tumon is a bull clan patriarch and loyal to you. What do you think will happen if he is poisoned and chased by the wind in the galloping horse race? " Mu Qingfeng revealed the deadly trap of the Green Wolf clan.
Muqingfeng went on to say, "Although the leader of Tumen was not killed on the spot, he broke his leg after all and had to cultivate for a long time, so he definitely couldn’t take part in the second knife fighting competition. That’s why they asked Herbatu about the players before the game. If Tumen couldn’t, and our first defeat was no accident, we would definitely send the leader with the strongest martial arts."
"So what? Brother Mu is here. I don’t believe they can go against the sky. Look at us. Isn’t this a city?" Snow lotus asks.
"Then let me ask you, was the person who was killed by Mu commander a Gothic Muer or a blue wolf?" Muqingfeng rhetorical question finally made Xuelian realize the problem.
"Although I am not a prairie person, living in the grassland this year has also let me know the position of spiritual Buddhism among ordinary herders." Mu Qingfeng pointed to those people who cried and cried around the body of the angry people.
Snow Lotus turned white and murmured, "They are so vicious."
"Yes, you’re right." Mu Qingfeng didn’t say anything to Xue Lianer. "The Green Wolf clan fought with us in the south Lincheng, so they knew that Mu and Gao Jiangbi sent someone out to estimate that they couldn’t win. They simply gave up the game, but let the most powerful spiritual Buddhism in the grassland come forward and didn’t know what price they paid. As a result, it was not surprising that the angry people were killed on the spot. Although we won the game, we deeply offended the spiritual Buddhism. It is estimated that we would be in big trouble after the game was completed."
"Even if you want to make an enemy with Buddhism, you can’t wait so much. We must win this game or we won’t even have a chance to participate in the third game! !” Although this is a dangerous situation, there is no choice for Xuelian now
"The first game we lost just longed for and at the head of the back to a city if amuer can’t pick the arrow branches to golden knife khan position have to surrender? So I’m worried that their real fight is in the third competition. "Mu Qingfeng expressed his concern.
"Now there is nothing I can do. I hope amuer can finish it." Snow Lotus is also worried by Mu Qingfeng’s rhetoric.
That night, Xuelian called amuer to her room and carefully told her about the next day.
"Know the elder sister are you tired? Mu Dage just won the game today and I have to learn those high moves." amuer was impatient.
"amuer, you have to know that if you can’t get that arrow, our Golden Wolf clan will be in danger. Temur will be in cahoots with the Green Wolf clan and start a war again. Then our grassland will be devastated."
"Peace of mind, sister," said amuer, unconcerned. "You are not ignorant. I didn’t take our totem pole as a trainer to prepare for this wolf capture conference. If he shoots an arrow in the front position, I won’t even be able to smell half a column. I’m not a brother. I brag that I can go anywhere I want except my brother at the top of the blade! !”
See amuer do snow lotus some nervous, but there is always a faint uneasiness in her heart.
The next morning, when Xuelianer and them came to the totem place, they found that the Blue Wolf clan and Temur had arrived, and Temur’s Gherardini face came into view.
"Now that everyone is here, just step on the stars in the most important game of the Wolf Capture Conference. All right, please leave the venue before the contestants from both sides." An old shaman said to the crowd after the worship ceremony.
Temur and amuer stepped into the venue, waiting for Temur to shoot an arrow in front of a wick with fire in their hands, and the time would be lit.
"Don’t worry, everything has been arranged," said Herbatu quietly as Temur passed by.
"Cousin, I advise you to be dead or it’s no small matter to lose face in front of so many people." Temur did not forget to hit amuer.
"You still think about where to stay after being expelled from the Golden Wolf clan after your failure! !” Amuer is not to be outdone.
"Good I will see when you can mouth shut! ! !” Say that finish, wood bow and arrow, although others are not so good, but how can people from the Golden Wolf not have a superb skill?
Just as everyone held their breath and waited for this arrow, an accident happened. Temur shot an arrow at the sky instead of the totem pole! ! !
Looking at the arrows flying to the sky, everyone thinks that Temur has lost his mind. How can he shoot like this? Listen to a loud eagle. A black eagle rises from the blue wolf crowd, catches the flying arrows in the air, and then falls firmly on the top of the totem.
"Cousin let elder brother have a good look at you if you can climb. No one has ever climbed to the top! ! ! Ha ha ha ha ",wood unbridled laughter let livid amuer more uncomfortable.
Not to mention the top, even part of it can’t be reached by manpower, because the middle part is densely packed with blades rooted from the hands.
"You this is my objection! !” See this situation snow lotus son couldn’t help but say.
"Excuse me, where did I violate the rules? I shot this arrow myself and no one helped me. What’s against the rules? " Early even to snow lotus son reaction, wood, insidious smile asks.
"You let the green Wolf falcon sent the arrow to how to return a responsibility? Don’t say you didn’t, "said Xuelian, pointing to the falcon that fell back to Herbatu’s shoulder."
"Golden knife Khan said where words this beast do how should I know the rules are that don’t let others help Khan will never argue irrationally that this flat-haired beast is a person? Besides, this column of incense is about to burn out! " Temur pointed out that he had burned half the incense.
"The elders! ! How to calculate this? ! ! Is this also possible! ! !” Snow Lotus turned back and asked about the fair shaman next to her.
"We have never seen this situation before, but Temur really didn’t ask others for help. Although there was falcon help, it was really not illegal. There was no rule that animals should not be allowed to help." After thinking for a long time, the elder still couldn’t convict Temur of violating the rules.
"You! ! ! !” Xuelianer was speechless with anger.
"Cousin, don’t worry. If you find a big eagle to catch you and then get an arrow, I will leave Telmu. The Golden Wolf clan will no longer live in the grassland in this life. I just don’t know if there is such a big eagle. Hahahaha." In Telmu’s view, I will win.
"What should I do? ! So we will lose "snow lotus son was sweating.
"I’m not going to do it if I come. After all, this is the best time for your brother to establish his prestige, but they actually play dirty tricks. Then don’t blame us for not playing according to the rules." Mu Qingfeng said to Mu Chongshan.
A string knife strength from mu mountains fingers cut off the burning incense head.
"According to the rules, outsiders can’t go in except Temur and amuer, right? We’ll throw in the towel when the incense burns out! !” Muqingfeng fights poison with poison. Anyway, one of our own didn’t appear in the competition venue. Since the beast is not helping, it’s even more difficult to forget it.
"You! ! ! !” Temur didn’t expect them to come back, but it would be embarrassing. If the incense is extinguished, we can’t go like this again. Do you want to wait here until we die of old age?
"Anyway, even if you delayed, there was no arrow. After all, it was not brought! !” It’s always an advantage for Telmu to calm himself down.
"Don’t worry, I want you to lose your heart today! ! !” Mu Qingfeng said with answers
become enamoured
"Well, I’ll see what you can do to bring the arrow! ! I don’t believe your master can shoot him to the top of the totem pole! !” Say that finish, wood angrily sit back to your seat.
After all, it’s the Green Wolf clan and Telmu who don’t play according to the routine first, so it’s not good for the elder to pursue it too much for Mu Chongshan to shoot out the incense head.
"What can you do? You know, we are not so obedient falcon, and finally the arrow branch must be obtained by amuer, otherwise it doesn’t count. "Although Muqingfeng’s calmness makes Xue Lianer somewhat stable, she still has no way to step on the star.
"You get all the girls in your tribe who are good at sewing clothes, and then get enough parchment. I will give you a surprise in a moment." Mu Qingfeng once thought of his childhood when he was looking at the stars. His father brought his own dog eggs and three girls released the hole lights. At that time, when he saw the light flying into the hole, Mu Qingfeng dreamed that one day he could travel in the sky. I didn’t expect to realize his childhood fantasy here.
A group of women quickly made the exterior of the hole lamp under the command of Mu Qingfeng. When the bonfire was lit, this oversized hole lamp slowly left the ground. Seeing that this behemoth actually left the ground, many people of the grassland tribe were so scared that they quickly fell to their knees and kept worshiping.
Telmu thought about 1000 kinds of 10,000 possible situations, but he had never seen a hole lamp. How could he have expected that even if he wanted to do something, there would be no chance? Knowing that she wouldn’t play according to the routine, Xuelian had already made her guards protect her around. Xiao Langzhong and Mu Chongshan had just finished treatment. If Telmu and Herbatu had any bad ideas, they were afraid that they would fight on the spot. Therefore, if they didn’t bring too many men to fight, they estimated that they wouldn’t even have a slag left.
It’s almost time to watch Mu Qingfeng tie the hole lamp rope to amuer’s waist. "Remember not to rise too fast. This rope is connected to the ground. When you catch the arrow, you will descend to the middle of the totem and then do your own thing to save people from gossiping." Mu Qingfeng told him.
"Thank you for your brother-in-law." Almu knew that he would lose his arm with Golden Knife Khan today without Muqingfeng’s help.

"Xuandu, how many years have you not been out of the gate of Jinggong since the first world war?" Asked the old man

"It’s been more than two thousand years since I returned to the teacher. I can’t remember the specific time!" Xuan all division replied
"Oh, then go out and walk to your second uncle’s place. By the way, give him a message for me and tell him that his monkey has become a climate. It’s time for him to walk around!" Daoist/Taoist priest
"I know!"
"Oh, then you can go!" Old nods
"It’s my brother excusing himself!" Say that finish XuanDu division and went out.
"This meeting between the two monkeys will be wonderful!" Xuan division after exit to the old slowly way
Besides, the success of Sun Wu and Tang Sanzang, several of them will rest in the same place as the post-mentoring, and after a few days, they will take a journey again.
Mentoring and a group of four people crossed the mountain and crossed the bridge. In a blink of an eye, it was another year since they went to Qiu Lai in spring.
On this day, the master and apprentice went to a mountain again in a few days. Looking at the steep and towering mountain, Sun Wuneng felt that there must be monsters in it.
"Master elder brother …"
It seems that pig ring, who has been with master elder brother for a long time, also has this intuition about the monster smell, which does not belong to human beings but is different from ordinary mountain birds. This mountain is particularly strong in front of him, and even Bai Longma, his master seat, made a ringing nose at this time, believing that it also felt an unusual smell.
Sun Wu silently looked at the pig ring, and the pig ring also nodded his head to show that he knew that there must be strength in this mountain, and the high-powered monster would carefully and warily protect the master.
I’ve been halfway up the mountain, but nothing unusual has happened. Everything is just like several ordinary hills I passed, but the more I do, the more I need to guard against the abnormal world, that is, the demon mountain is full of evil spirits, but it seems that there is nothing unusual, but there are some eccentricities.
Sure enough, suddenly, Sun Wu felt a huge momentum burst out from somewhere on the hill, as if he were demonstrating to his party of four people. He immediately couldn’t help but prepare to rush directly towards the source of this momentum and beat the monster out so as to pass this disaster as soon as possible.
"Stop you to protect the master here first! There need to source by my old to see "
Sun Wu hold aside the same itching pig ring shoulder said to him.
Looking at his big brother’s firm eyes, Zhu Jie knew that he wanted to have a good fight with the monster. Since the second big brother and the green cow monster had not had a serious fight with anyone after World War I, he had come to be that kind of good battlefield, and he had not fought for so many days, which made his hands itch. This time, when he saw this soaring monster, he knew that there must be a profound monster, and he couldn’t help it immediately.
"Don’t worry … the master elder brother you go first! I’m here to protect the master "pig ring nods.
As soon as the words sound just fell, Sun Wu excitedly disappeared in front of three people and a horse. It should be to exorcise demons.
There’s something in the mountains that disappears quickly before I feel a little strange. When I feel there’s something, it’s a powerful monster that can be released. Even the monster doesn’t have any powerful magic weapon and no other supernatural powers, but how to say it, it should also have a pick Jin Xian’s initial strength, which won’t and can’t be wiped out by his master elder brother so soon! Moreover, according to his brother’s frankness, I believe that he will not do that kind of sneak attack, so he will feel something is wrong.
Looking at the place where there was a previous evil spirit, I saw a cloud floating here and blinking. A person falling on the cloud was his own elder brother-Sun Wu, the Great Sage of Monkey.
"quit! The monster has been destroyed by me. Although the monster seems to be particularly scary, it is actually a big straw bag. When I go to the monster with a stick, it will immediately disappear. It’s really not challenging at all. I went to a "Sun Wu’s face of disappointment seems to be quite dissatisfied with the strength of the monster."
"Oh, but judging from the monster breath at least should have picked Jin Xian early repair! How can you kill me with a stick so easily? "
Pig ring still has some doubts. After all, it is impossible for a pair of big brothers to solve the monster with an "ordinary" stick.
"I don’t know what the reason is, but the monster is always a stick in front of me, and the monster is immediately annihilated."
Sun Wu touched his head, and he was a little confused. The mind said that the monster was weak in the outside! This powerful demon can’t be faked, but that’s the truth!
"Have the enlightenment monsters ever been eliminated?" This time Tang Sanzang also rode over and asked.
"Well, it’s gone!" Sun Wu nods a way
"In that case, don’t delay the departure again!" Tang Sanzang Road
So the four of them continued to go west, but this time they were always in the front, but Sun Wu was at the back.
It didn’t take long for Sun Wu to fall behind at the end. Suddenly lou showed an evil look. Suddenly, he shouted, raised his golden cudgel, jumped up and rode on Tang Sanzang.
Sha Wujing and pig quit hearing the sound and looking back, they were dumbfounded. Their brains couldn’t react.
Seeing that Tang Sanzang was about to die with a stick, but he didn’t want him to sit in Bai Longma, he suddenly jumped up and slammed to avoid the blow.
"Monkey, are you crazy?" Pig quit watching sun Wu angry way
"I’m not crazy. I’m more awake than ever. I have to kill this monk today!" Face lou hates Sun Wudao.
"Ask an old pig first if you want to kill the master!" Pig quit picking up the nine-tooth harrow road and one side missed the risk. When Tang Sanzang heard that Sun Wu was going to kill himself, he was also stunned at the moment! "
"Ha, ha, ha. Do you think you can do it with your fat pig?" Sun Wu unbridled laughed
"No, too! Lao Sha together! " Pig Jiehe Road
After saying this, Pig quit dancing with nine-toothed harrows and attacked Sun Wu, while Sha Wujing also attacked crescent shovel waving the demon.
See two people attack to Sun Wu face a little scared instead of weird smile hand great move to meet.
"Bang bang bang!" After a burst of gold and iron, pig ring and Sha Wujing were lying on the ground, and their mouths kept overflowing with blood.
"Ha, ha, ha!" Sun Wu laughed and said that his eye lou yoshimitsu pushed Tang Sanzang step by step.
"it’ s a shore to realize the hardships!" Tang Sanzang looked at Sun Wu heartache way
"Ha, ha, ha, I turned around long ago, but I didn’t see the shore. I saw the cliff!" Sun Wu unbridled laughed
"Master, he’s crazy. Read the spell!" One side can’t move pig quit hysterically shouting Tang Sanzang way
"Enlightenment teacher saw your hatred. Do you really want to kill the teacher? If killing me can eliminate your hatred, kill the teacher! " Tang Sanzang didn’t feel that a tear fell from the corner of his eye when he finished speaking, but it was not that he was afraid of death, but that his apprentice went astray again and was heartbroken.
"Go to hell!" Sun Wu stick refers to Tang Sanzang’s attack as soon as he drinks.
Stone firelight Bai Longma took the blow for Tang Sanzang in front of Tang Sanzang.
Seeing that his eyes didn’t reach Sun Wu’s injury again, the blow was to sweep Bai Longma and Tang Sanzang out together.
"Ha ha ha ha ha ha!" Sun Wu has absolute confidence in this blow to himself. He is confident that a mortal like Tang Sanzang will never survive this blow.

At this moment, not to mention Du Qi, a few people are full of confidence in Xia Qi. When the jade bell sees the powerful poor town, it melts into the high-temperature flame, and some drums are in my heart.

This is Xia Qishen’s only super magic weapon. If it fails to merge successfully, then the town’s military station will not increase its power, and I am afraid it will be a problem to maintain its present earth.
Maybe Xia Qi will have a game.
On the contrary, Xia Qi, who owns the town soldier station, is as calm as ever, and his face is calm, watching the town soldier station change slowly in the flame.
From the beginning to the end, Xia Qi is full of confidence!
Zhenbingtai is a natural formation of the flesh and blood of millions of immortals. Although its power is poor, it also has some defects. At this time, it is slowly melted, and the flesh and blood of millions of immortals become more pure in the fire as if they were separated.
Vaguely, it seems that you can see the flesh and blood wandering in the flame, and it seems that it has become a personal shape, and it is arranged in the flame to fight for the sky.
Xia Qi’s face was faintly excited.
He had already finished refining the town station. At this time, the town station has been transformed, but the alliance has not been interrupted. He can feel that the flesh and blood of millions of immortals in the town station has undergone earth-shaking changes through flame tempering.
An evil spirit came to my face
Is Du Qi several people feel this fierce eyes also can’t help but show a little bit of horror and joy.
Just a few of them didn’t hold much hope for Xia Qi refining device, but at first they underestimated Xia Qi’s ability.
Not to mention whether the town platform can integrate millions of immortal bones, it is now that the tempered town platform has reached a high level.
Xia Qi, of course, can’t just be satisfied with the slightly higher power of the town station.
This situation is not enough to make Xia Qi’s strength soar and make the town soldiers stand as Xia Qi’s killer weapon against the immortals.
In a moment, the flames rose and the bones of millions of immortals roared like mountains and landed in the crater.
Heaven and earth furnace refine millions of bones!
Rolling ShaQi in the instantaneous outbreak swept across the quartet impact Du Qi several people are uneasy almost method to keep the flame stability and strength.
Fortunately, the millions of immortal bones are rolling ShaQi, but after all, they are dead and Du Qi several people are ready, so there is no accident.
The fire burned the sky red, and the whole ancient mysterious world was dyed red, as if the afterglow of the setting sun spread all over the mysterious world. At first glance, the scenery was magnificent and amazing.
However, several people in Xia Qi, a crater, have no idea to enjoy the magnificent scenery around them at this time, but concentrate on the bones of millions of immortals in the crater.
These bones are immortal and crystal-bright. They look harder than in the fierce flame, but they have gradually changed.
Some impurities have been refined, and the bones of millions of immortals have been piled up like mountains, but with refining, these bones have shrunk by half.
But the volume has shrunk by half, and the kind of ShaQi emitted is even more violent.
What’s more, the rolling ShaQi in the crater has turned into a blood cloud, and the red mountain is soaring, which is more fierce than letting Du Qi have to be restless and calm to resist the impact of this ShaQi on his mind.
The bones of millions of immortals have been refined for a day and a night, and the volume has shrunk by more than half. Finally, Shaqi is rolling, and the blood and flesh of millions of immortals have been merged.
The bones and flesh of this million immortals are homologous, and it is not difficult to merge now.
Visible to the naked eye, at the beginning of the flesh and blood, bloodshot blood crawled over the bones, and after a while, the bones were wrapped in flesh and blood and gradually became lifelike people.
As if a million immortals were resurrected, they seemed to kill for nine days with Shaqi, complaining that they were unwilling!
"How powerful!"
"Millions of immortals are condensed and suffocating, and the power of the town is poor!"
"If this treasure is really cultivated, I’m afraid it’s not much worse than the Hall of Immortals, and it may even surpass the Hall of Immortals!"
"I’m looking forward to Xia Qi’s training of the town’s military platform to sweep the immortal world and soar!"
Du Qi five people don’t care about it from the beginning, but now they are full of expectations for Xia Qi’s refining device this time. Perhaps it is really like Xia Qi’s saying that this town station will be the key for him to reverse the situation of cultivating immortals.
Du Qi worked harder to keep the flame fierce and stable.
At this time, Xia Qi was so absorbed that the town platform slowly took shape.
Xia Qi doesn’t know much about the refiner, but fortunately, Zhenbingtai is different from ordinary magic weapons. It is very simple to refine it. It needs to be able to withstand the impact of Shaqi.
This is not a problem for Xia Qi at all.
Volcanic tremor erupts, and the flame is more fierce. Du Qi and several people quickly stabilize the flame, but Xia Qi takes this opportunity to let the town platform take shape slowly.
The original Xia Qi intends to let the town soldiers merge flesh and bones and then form the town soldiers, but just now I saw the arrangement formation when the flesh and bones merged, but Xia Qi changed his mind when it broke out.
He intends to integrate the millions of immortals into the town platform.
This has increased the difficulty for Xia Qi several times. At this time, the integration is extremely slow. Even Xia Qi feels that he is rich and has to swallow Dan medicine to maintain it.
Fortunately, although the integration is difficult, it is also very smooth.
It will take another day for the new town to take shape, and then the power will be comparable to the absolute horror of the evil fairy hall
And just like Xia Qi as an organic whole, the town soldier platform is more closely refined after this time. When the time comes, Xia Qi’s urging town soldier platform doesn’t need to consume a lot of fairy stones like Gu Yue.
Of course, Xia Qi Zhen Yuan is limited. Although it is not necessary to burn the fairy stone to drive the evil fairy hall, it is definitely not as good as Gu Yue’s burning fairy stone to drive the evil fairy hall.
The burning temperature of the fire is appalling, and the temperature of the refining furnace has risen a lot because of the summer break.
Fortunately, all this is coming to an end.
At this time, the town platform is about to take shape, and a million immortals are left, and several statues will be integrated into the town platform to form a new town platform.
But at this time, it is a sudden change.
The last immortal left is actually different from the millions of immortals, but more fierce and fierce. Shaqi is rolling and growing with a handle, and the gun is actually coming towards Xia Qi.
Under the influence of ShaQi, this immortal seems to have come back to life, and it’s fierce and scary. He is a burly man with a pike and stabbed Xia Qi with a gun.
If you don’t say that Xia Qi has worked hard for several days to refine the town’s military platform, it will collapse, that is, Xia Qishen’s life is in danger.
"I’m afraid this immortal was built in Jin Xian before his death!"
Zhu Xuan exclaimed that he would give up the stable flame refiner to save Xia Qi’s life.
"Don’t come and stabilize the flame town platform!"
At this time, Xia Qi had a drink and let Zhu Xuan stay where he was.
The town’s military platform is about to succeed. How can he let it all fall short?