"Now everyone stands up!" The general ordered Hua to be neat, and no one was still sitting in sound stage.

"I declare that in view of Major Zhao Li’s outstanding record, the military region specially awarded Major Zhao Li the Second Class Red Star Medal and awarded the title of combat hero!" As soon as the general’s voice fell, someone came up with a tray with a red medal lying flat.
The general personally pinned Zhao Li’s medal on his chest and then gave him a salute. Zhao Li was straight and respectful, and the officers were like a flood. In front of so many people, the general supported and praised Zhao Li, which Zhao Li did not expect.
Second-class Red Star Medal This is the golden five-star war, and Zhao Lizhi won’t be awarded to Zhao Li until now because there is no way to send it to the institute.
Just as everyone’s medal was over, the general went on to announce that "in view of Major Zhao Li’s excellent record, the theater command specially awarded Major Zhao Li the Hero Cross!"
The military region can decide that the highest-level medal is the second-class Red Star Medal. I didn’t expect that besides the military region, the theater headquarters also gave Zhao Li such a high honor, and the Hero Cross was enough for those school officials to be jealous.
Everyone warmly palms Zhao Li’s chest with another hero’s cross. To tell the truth, two medals of this order of magnitude will have been smooth all the way if there is no principled mistake in the army. Zhao Li is still so young, so it seems that winning the fuses iconic is by no means a problem.
Today, it seems to surprise everyone wave after wave. After the two medals have been issued, the general did not let everyone sit down, but once again, he looked as if he was going to announce some orders.
The officers in the auditorium have been 90% envious of Zhao Li. It seems that in addition to medals, there must be a rank promotion. Even at the first level, it has reached the height of lieutenant colonel. It seems that Zhao Li’s future is limitless
"In view of the excellent record of Major Zhao Li, the military region specially awarded Major Zhao Li the rank of Lieutenant Colonel!" The general announced that he would let a group of officers relax, and it did!
Lieutenant Colonel’s epaulettes, collar flowers and hat badge were sent to the general. The general once again personally picked up the original major epaulettes and hung them up.
When everyone thought it was the end, the general went to the front again and announced.
"In view of Lieutenant Colonel Zhao Li’s excellent record" or this sentence, everyone has heard it a little familiar, but the next sentence makes everyone feel different
"In recognition of Lieutenant Colonel Zhao Li’s great contribution to the rebel war, the High Command decided …" Behind the words, it was already a crashing.
High command, this is not just a war zone, but the honor of the whole Federation. After everyone crashed, it seems that horses realized that they are soldiers and should not be so rude and quiet.
"The high command decided to award Lieutenant Colonel Zhao Li the first-class Red Star Medal and the title of combat hero!" The general’s words were like pouring a gourd ladle of cold water into boiling oil, and the whole auditorium was suddenly no longer quiet. This time, even the faces of only a few generals showed envy.
What does it mean to stop the first-class red star medal at the root of the noise? People don’t have to say much. Even guys like Sanders have said that they would rather give up their persistence in exchange for a first-class red star medal, not to mention these guys who are still in the military and are still eager for honor.
"Quiet!" The general’s words made the lively auditorium quiet immediately, and then the brocade box with the first-class red star medal was respectfully held by an officer on duty to the stage.
This time, even the general seemed to be jealous when he picked up the medal. He fumbled carefully in his hand for a long time and didn’t give it to Zhao Li for two minutes.
"wow!" This time, the general ordered that when Zhao Li wore a medal to salute everyone, the officers in the auditorium, including General Lucas, were all uniform, and the faces of the officers were as excited as those of Zhao Li wearing a medal. Let alone seeing the first-class red star medal awarded with your own eyes, and even seeing the medal body with your own eyes. How can it not be exciting to see the living medal winner now?
Even Zhao Li was excited once when he got the news, but now he can’t help but feel uneasy when he looks at the real medal hanging on his chest
The appearance of the first-class red star medal brought the whole commendation meeting to a climax. After the salute, the thunderous palm resounded throughout the auditorium for a long time.
No one asked why Zhao Li would win this medal. Everyone knows the confidentiality rules, and no one will question that the high command will never make such a mistake. Then it can be said that Zhao Li did make the high command recognize the record!
But the first-class Red Star Medal is out of the military area command, which has made the general very happy, and another reason why Zhao Li is wearing it here is to further motivate the military area command officers.
"Zhao Li wears this medal until your debriefing is over!" In the end, the general had to send Zhao Li to the warship after giving him a grand commendation, but when he left, the general told Zhao Li, "I want to see what those people really want to do?"
Chapter one hundred and ninety-nine Heart provocation
The general’s words made Zhao Li have a better understanding of this debriefing. His mind sounds as if it is not just a simple matter of debriefing, but Zhao Li’s conscience is not related to these ghosts.
This time, Zhao Li’s warship was not sent by the military region. One school seemed to have made a special trip to Zhao Li. When Zhao Li stepped on the warship, the school even took four guards to meet him.
However, a few medals on Zhao Li’s chest look like a red star in Phnom Penh, a red star with a silver edge and a hero’s cross. It seems that there are still some words to see these medals, and there is nothing superfluous to say. First, the four guards behind them saluted at attention, and then they saw Zhao Li’s medal with a face of surprise.
Finally, the school also simply confirmed the identity of Zhao Li and Li Mengdie and directly took them to their cabin.
Zhao Li can feel that the school has been influenced by the hostile battlefield for so long. This feeling is still that it is just boarding a warship. The identity problem should not be a problem when accompanied by the commander of the military region, and it is only to confirm the identity. What is it with four deputy armed soldiers?
Li Mengdie also felt the hostility of the school. Zhao Li didn’t leave the cabin around him. Neither of them spoke, but Li Mengdie asked Zhao Li for a look after sitting back.
Shook his head, Zhao Li motioned that he didn’t know what was going on. The implication in the general’s words was that it was very likely that someone wanted to be bad for Zhao Li, but General Lucas was so supportive. Obviously, this must have involved some factions of the military, and Zhao Li obviously belonged to General Lucas’ faction. If General Thomas was added, it was very likely that someone was suppressing the old warden’s faction.
After figuring this out, Zhao Li is no longer worried that even if he wants to move himself less, there must be a reason that he is not without the support of people and the record of the marginal planet is a real record. Even if others say nothing, it is impossible to erase it. What is there to worry about?
Sitting quietly in the cabin, Zhao Li slowly practiced. Li Mengdie looked at Zhao Li’s calm appearance and no longer worried about sitting opposite Zhao Li to practice the same.
When the warship landed, Zhao Licai woke up from his practice and went out of the cabin to see the school at the first sight.
"Sir, what is my itinerary here?" Zhao Li freely asked 1
"ah!" The school obviously didn’t expect Zhao Lihui to ask this question. It was a little surprised. Then it was immediately remedied. "Your … debriefing report will be held in three days. You can live here first!" When you hear it, there is something wrong with the arrangement before.
"Thank you, sir!" Although the school is hostile, Zhao Li does not forget his manners.
This is a military airport. After leaving the airport, it is a huge military base. This is the main base of the Earth Military Region, and its natural scale is not small.
There are other things that the school has appointed a soldier to take Zhao Li and Li Mengdie to the reception desk of the military region to settle down and leave the warship in a hurry.
"What’s the matter with that guy?" As soon as I entered the hotel room, I saw that there was no one else. Li Mengdie immediately asked out. Although she was always calm, Zhao Li seemed to be calm when it came to it.
"He wants warships to arrest me!" Zhao Li can see what that posture means, and he also believes that Li Mengdie must have seen it. If it weren’t for those medals, especially the first-class red star medal, the school would definitely start work. Zhao Li is very surprised that anyone dares to send the commander of the military region to arrest him personally. If you want to cheat, these guys have considerable background!
"What?" That’s what puzzles Li Mengdie. It takes so long to get such a result. Anyone would have an idea.
Zhao Li, however, wanted to understand some questions during the voyage and smiled slightly. "It is estimated that it is still due to the problem of marginal planets."
"Edge planet?" After hearing what Zhao Li said, Li Mengdie immediately understood what he meant. Zhao Lixian’s marginal planet looks like a military. No one else has now. The marginal planet has become a free trade port, and even the rebel government supports this free trade. Then the oil and water in China are definitely dozens of times fatter than the previous marginal planet. Some people estimate that it is jealous.
"But if you want the edge planet to transfer you, why come out like this?" This is also because Li Mengdie doesn’t understand that the creed that local soldiers should be transferred from the heart of Li Mengdie has been firmly embedded, and Zhao Li will not be able to solve things without listening to an order. Why do you have to make it so complicated?
"Do you think they can master the marginal planet by transferring me?" Zhao Li smiled slightly and asked, "Li Mengdie is an excellent student in a genius school, but after all, she is still a student and a warhead student. It is normal for me to imagine this kind of intrigue."
Li Mengdie seems to have seen the faces of the soldiers on the edge planet now, and then slowly shook his head. Zhao Li’s influence on the edge planet is a substitute, and even she can see it, and someone must have seen it.
"What should I do?" If it is a military action or spiritual practice, Li Mengdie can definitely give some suggestions, but when it comes to this kind of political struggle, even though Li Mengdie and Kang Hongyuan have been in contact for a long time, they have not learned the essence of Kang Hongyuan.
"They dare not deal with me privately!" Zhao Lixiao smiled. "Wait and see what this debriefing is all about!"
There are still three days before the so-called debriefing, and Zhao Li won’t stay at the reception desk all the time to arrange the hotel. Since I’m here, I naturally want to go out and have a look. Zhao Li plans to go home, but I think that my suspicion has not been cleared, so I temporarily dismissed this idea.
The military base is very large, and the facilities in it are more advanced than those so-called military bases operated by Zhao Li on the marginal planets. I don’t know how many times it is compared with here. The so-called military base in Zhao Li’s side is just a bunker.
Zhao Li vaguely found himself being followed all the way from the hotel to here, as if afraid that he would run away.
Not far away, there was a training scene where more than a dozen people practiced Zhao Li’s eyes lit up and strolled past. The regular army of the Earth Military Region did not know the difference between the training project and ordinary soldiers. Zhao Li was also interested in this aspect because he had been training soldiers recently.

The jade emperor frowned and was unhappy. Others didn’t say anything, but the cast opposed it first.

"Give a seal things won’t be rejected, you go back first."
Three fairy twist a head looked at yuan yuan.
"The Jade Emperor is not a child’s play. The immortal mountain Lord is in charge of the qualification of all new officials."
The mood in Yuanyuan’s eyes has not been affected at all. She really can’t figure out that they are a mother and sister. She is also very sad because of her mother’s death, but her other sisters and brothers will sympathize with her and take care of her. The third sister and the older sister seem to be on guard against her.
Today, she understands that it is because she is blessed with a unique gift, and her spirit has soared after the robbery. There is always such a fear.
Now that the position of the Lord of Fairy Mountain is hers, no one will take away the robbery. She has long understood what it is to kiss these people and it is not worth being sad about.
The jade emperor is really angry this time. He knows that the old man is mindless at ordinary times, but he doesn’t think she is so mindless.
"Go, Gourmet, come back today, and the party is ready."
The god of food came to be an old god. Seeing that the royal family fight was suddenly named, it was a ceremony and respectfully agreed.
The Jade Emperor knows that this is not the time to chat with Xiao Lao at home. She will face more challenges when she takes the position of Xian Zun. He can protect her for a while and he can’t sit in this position forever.
"Okay, that’s it."
As soon as the voice fell, he was gone
The god of food breathed a sigh of relief and saw her former good friend standing in the hall, but looking at this tense atmosphere is really beyond the control of a little fairy like her.
Within a minute, everyone in the hall was gone.
How many immortals are left?
Daxian walked slowly to Yuanyuan with a smile on his face.
"Don’t blame your third sister. She has a good heart and feels that you are too young to win this position."
Yuanyuan smiled and waved one by one, which made thousands of auspicious signs appear outside the hall.
"Big sister, what do you think this is? The ability to summon thousands of auspicious things is that Yu Pei can make it recognize the Lord after recognizing the Lord. "
Although Daxian was surprised, his face didn’t show at all.
Is three fairy took two steps forward in the eyes is unbelievable.
"How is that possible? I have never seen Yu Pei in Xianshan confess the Lord so quickly, even when the Jade Emperor was a day later. "
The position of respecting the Lord in Fairy Mountain is not good. The first step is to get the approval of the Jade Emperor. The second step is that Yu Pei recognizes the Lord. It is extremely difficult for Yu Pei to recognize the Lord unless Yu Pei recognizes the master’s ability and mind.
"I don’t know if the big sister is still satisfied?"
Yuanyuan never disdained to fight with them. I heard them walking and rumors from the day before yesterday. If you are not firm in mind, it can really destroy a person. Some immortals have fallen to hell and become spectres.
But now that she has come back, she has grown up, and it has not been in vain for more than 60 years. She has experienced the warmth of family and seen many births, deaths and illnesses, and she has also sent away her relatives at home.
Similarly, she has saved many people and taught her a lot.
Daxian doesn’t know what the smiling face is, but he took a step back instead of holding on.
"Don’t be so stubborn, it’s not good for your mind."
Yuanyuan corners of the mouth smile with a wave of his hand makeup has changed a big red dress wearing a symbol of identity hairpin Youguiqi.
"Please don’t forget that the big sister is such a heavy gift. A person should not disobey it. Also, you should remove the people who planted the fairy mountain yourself first, otherwise don’t blame me for being merciless."
Sanxian still has a stupid expression. How can her big sister do anything out of line when she is so good?
"What are you talking about? You’ve been disobedient since you were a child, and you’ve never bullied anyone in this heaven. Why don’t you tell others?"
YuanYuanJiao is quite interesting. What’s the difference between a fairy and a human being? Isn’t it also used as a gun by others?
"Third sister, what do you think will happen if I start work on you?"
Three immortals took a step back and made a guard posture.
"You see what our good elder sister has done in private. I have evidence. Elder sister, you still don’t want any moths. I always mean to do it. If you dare to do it again, how about I personally end your life next time?"
Yuanyuan looked at Daxian word by word, and now she won’t be patient.
Daxian had sweated on his forehead and made a polite gesture.
"The lesson of Xianzun is that I will abide by it."

"Well, I’ll wait for you to slap me." Zheng Xiaojie’s childish face is full of expectation, but he knows in his heart how his father loves him so much that he can really smoke. Now it’s just a verbal joke.

Here Muming and his party left the door of the ward at the corner on the first floor, and they met two people who were checking out, Shu Xia and Zhu Li.
Mu Ming looked at the wound that had been bandaged before he left and asked, "Did you sprain your ankle?"
"The doctor said that there was slight friction in the bones after a month’s inability, but it would be swollen for a while." She smiled beautifully and felt very close.
"Then have a good rest for a few days." Cheng Man fiddled with a short hair in his ear and the whole person looked dashing. "The suspect who robbed you has been arrested and will probably give you an account the day after tomorrow."
"So soon?" Comfortable leisure some surprised tone also soar three points grain also open a pair of big eyes waiting for an accurate answer.
In this way, the criminal suspect has been arrested, which is not necessarily too fast! Even when adjusting the traffic management bureau’s camera, it’s not enough.
"Officer, you’re not looking for our hearts, are you?" Granny took her arm and frowned and asked.
She has this idea, and it is reasonable that no one will believe it. It was only an hour before the report was made, and the criminals were arrested an hour later. Even if the police speed is extremely fast, it may not have such high accuracy.
However, Cheng Man was not in a hurry to refute the grain, but rather relaxed and scolded, "How can you talk to a police officer like that!" "
Granula vomitted to stick out her tongue and snorted softly from her nose. "Sister Liu, it’s not that you don’t know many policemen. The victim can rest assured and likes to boast. Who knows if they trusted you so quickly this time?"
Gave her a leisurely glance, and her eyes fluttered around, and she didn’t know where to start.
"I believe this a few police officers" her eyes glowing bright look at a few people slowly way
People in the hall came and went in their leisure time, saying that the voice was not high or low, but it just knocked into the hearts of several people on the spot. This was from the parties’ letter, and the police naturally had another experience. It was an unspeakable feeling.
Very wonderful, very proud, very excited sense of mission.
Comfortable leisure and grain by grain paid ready to go back and Muming a line of people can’t just stand in the hall to see the situation. Cheng Man and Qi Shaochen and two small policemen went out of the hospital gate and left Muming and Gu Jingke alone in the hall.
"We’ll take you back." Looking at walking limping, Cheng Man suddenly took her wrist on the other side.
Shu Xia just wanted to refuse, but Cheng Man smiled brightly and said, "Don’t believe anything else."
She moved her lips and refused to say anything, so she swallowed back to her stomach. "Thank you," Cheng Man smiled and didn’t say anything. Qi Shaochen stopped the car in front of several people. Cheng Man hit the door and carefully helped her to sit in the co-pilot seat.
Look at her every move, her face is suspicious, and she is relieved to smile instead.
Looking at the car leaving Mu Ming and Gu Jingke, she raised her hand and knocked on the window. At once, there was a middle-aged female nurse with a rigid and regular face. First, she looked at the two people dressed up and her eyes flashed.
Change to another picture and say with a smile, "Are you paying?"
There is one thing to come to this window, and that is to pay! The female nurse smiles at people with a rigid smile, just like her predecessors, but she can be alone, but one second she looks down on people and the next she recognizes reality.
But she miscalculated. These two people are not here to pay.
Mu Ming turned his finger slightly on the windowsill and said softly, "Please help me check whether Zheng Xiaojie’s medicine in Room 157 has been paid or not."
The female nurse’s face froze with a smile, but it took her a long time to give an answer. "I just paid for an operation today … Who are you?"
She was suspicious that she had been working here for so long, but she had never seen these two people ask the patients in that room. It seems that most of them are ordinary middle-aged men. What are the identities of these two young people with extraordinary temperament now?
Gu Jingke gave her a faint wind, her eyes were calm, and the female nurse was shocked and shaken, giving her a cold heart. She smiled and sat down to do her own thing, but the eyes secretly looked at the two.
Now that the money has been paid, they have no reason to ask for it, and it is not until a child’s life and heart are hard that a person can’t ruin an operation.
The victim must find another way to spend his leisure money. Zheng Xi can’t count on it!
Just Cheng Man, a few people go first to avoid leisure doubts. Two people go to the door and look at the blue sky and white clouds, but there is a bit of coolness in the whole body. There is always a demon in the deepest layer of cold human nature, which stirs people’s hearts from time to time.
There will always be a tipping point that forces people to do something, or because they have to, or because of their personality …
"Sister!" At this time, a sweaty teenager came from the stone steps. He was hot, and there was something wrong with his eyes. He blinked again to make sure that he was not mistaken. He was a little excited and was afraid that people would disappear in front of him.
Mu Ming looked at the young boy from far and near and squinted and thought about it all the time before he realized who he was-Qinchuan, the boy who robbed her, remembered that he still owed her money and his sister seemed to live in a ward of this hospital.
Qin Chuan didn’t hear the response. She didn’t hear the deliberate striding to Mu Ming, then raised her little black face and shouted, "Sister, why are you here?"
Muming looked at the young silent Qinchuan Ru lips and asked, "Elder sister, are you here to investigate the case? Or come to me? " He just changed the word "pay me back", knowing that she would never lose this purpose.
His name is sister, and he is very familiar with it. He is not flattering and sincere. He really regards Muming as his own sister!
"Yes" Muming didn’t show any coldness to him, but his eyes were dull, which made Qinchuan slightly happy that she didn’t say a word, and a word was also a word to prove that she still remembered herself.
"So you’re done?" Qinchuan moved his lips slightly and had an idea in his heart, but his eyes rolled and he was thinking about how to say it and how she wouldn’t refuse.
Muming glanced at him with a clear "yes"
His eyes lit up and he looked restless at the same time. Muming stared at him and waited for him. She was not in a hurry to leave. The boy had something to say, but the sun seemed too poisonous. If he didn’t say anything, she would leave.
Gu Jingke seems to know how she wants to stare at her face before she looks at Qinchuan, a boy who has never said hello to him. He is hostile to him on purpose, and so is he!
"Don’t you feel hot?" He calmed down a slight cold voice and made Qinchuan tremble slightly.

A few people here laughed and someone took a look at the fist big yellow jade and jumped into the ring. "My master had got such a piece of jade, which looked very good, but I asked many people what it was. I didn’t plan to win when it happened. At the same time, I brought 100 thousand pieces of intermediate lingshi. If you recognize it, don’t feel too tired to move your tongue. My master will be grateful."

Mu Tianxuan frowned when he saw that thing. Hu Yingxue noticed it and asked him, "Is there anything wrong with me feeling uncomfortable when I see that jade?"
Mu Tian Xuanyin replied, "This is a cloudy stone."
Mu Tianxuan almost got lost when he was hurt by Yin Shi before he broke out of Ling Tian’s name. After he survived, he found himself very sensitive to hatred and anger. Since then, there has been another thing to distinguish Yin Shi.
Therefore, when Hu Yingxue heard that it was a yin stone, he knew that he must have read his brow correctly and slightly wrinkled a yin stone. It was not the yellow jade. The name of the stone was used to cultivate the yin stone. There are many ways to cultivate the yin stone. One purpose is to harm people.
For example, the jade with Taiwan in hand should be made of a material suitable for carving and refining the heart. If someone really has this jade pendant, you can’t see what will happen for a short time. How will the temperament problems change? It depends on how the jade turns into a stone.
They are not nosy people. They don’t know that this Yin stone is owned by people, but they don’t want to listen to Du Teng’s words to Zhuang Junyuan. "This person really can’t help but say that he just arrived to say hello to Tong Si, and he ran out by himself. The other day, when he heard that he had a good jade in his hand, he always felt scared, but he couldn’t see the problem, but he didn’t know if it was this one."
Zhuang Junyuan picked an eyebrow. "Then he acted a little recklessly today. If there is a problem, he will startle him when he comes out like this."
Du Teng left the corner of his mouth. "It is estimated that he just wants to startle him. A little movement is better than no clue."
That piece of yellow jade is really a good jade, but it’s hard to determine what kind of jade it is. When I think of it for a moment, I feel it’s not like it. It’s always a bit specious, and I don’t know what kind it is, so no one dares to wait for a while and take the jade, so people leave it with 100 thousand intermediate lingshi bags and hold the jade.
Zhuang Junyuan, the bodyguard, took the initiative to withdraw from the ring after standing in Taiwan for a while. When he came back, a group of people came over to the other side of the ring and walked to the crowd. The first person leaned over to Zhuang Junyuan and Du Teng. "Zhuang Er Lao Du, you have to think of a discount for me to find out how that thing makes me feel scared, because it is going to give away. At the very least, you must determine whether it is a good thing or a bad thing."
Seeing that Hu Yingxue glanced at himself and Mu Tianxuan when he spoke, I knew that he must have observed them just now, so I noticed that the two of them saw the jade and listened to Cong Hua’s reaction. It should mean that they wanted to have some contact with the earth forces and said, "I’m not sure what this jade is, but there is a way to determine whether it is a good thing or a bad thing."
Smell speech ZhuangJunyuan then turned to Hu Yingxue and said, "This is Tong Dong, who is the fourth oldest in the family. Lao Du and I used to call him Tong Si. If you have a method to tell whether that thing is good or bad in Zhuangcheng, the three of us can guarantee that no one will easily provoke you."
Hu Yingxue smiled. "The method is very simple. You take out the lotus leaf that sets off the bamboo joint and let him wrap the jade with the lotus leaf. It should take three to five hours to see whether it is good or bad."
At this time, the bodyguard holding the jade box just walked over and grabbed the jade box before Zhuang Junyuan’s mouth was Tongdong. He took out the bamboo lotus leaf in the jade box as a foil, divided by three and five, and wrapped the jade back from his entourage into a dumpling.
Zhuang Junyuan grabbed the jade box. "I didn’t say I wouldn’t give it to you. What did you grab?"
Tong Dong rolled his eyes. "Of course you will. Just like Lao Du, you like to keep my appetite. If you don’t want to be teased by me, I can beat you to it."
When several people were talking, someone came to the challenge and took out a magic weapon with a spindle shape. This time, Zhuang Junyuan, Du Teng and Tong Dong did not show their interest in the magic weapon before others saw it. People kept taking things to each other, and after seeing the magic weapon, they said they would give up and then left 100,000 pieces of Zhongling Stone and went directly to the challenge.
Du Teng laughed at "Jubaoge is really nothing new. I still play this this time."
"Don’t care if people have any new ideas, someone will eat this one." Tong Dong narrowed his eyes. "Zhuang Er, you took people to smash their signboard. Cai Jiping didn’t dare to find you directly or Lao Du and I’m afraid I will …"
Tong Dong didn’t finish Hu Yingxue, and he didn’t know what to say. Sure enough, the Taiwanese said to them, "Some friends here must have come to Zhuangcheng to be a guest. I wonder if you are interested in playing with my Cai Jiping?"
ZhuangJunYuan smell speech quickly turned to Hu Yingxue and they said, "The roll call desk is a little different from the previous one. If you don’t take out one thing, you can always take it out until you know that Cai Jiping’s taking it out is a magic weapon of the terrace. If you take it out, you must also be a magic weapon of the terrace."
Hu Yingxue smiled, "If that person in Taiwan deliberately provokes the wrong person, I, a Taoist couple, have more magic weapons if I don’t have many others."
When Hu Yingxue told others about him, he directly said that her Taoist couple Mu Tianxuan had gone with the wind, but no one could see that Hu Yingxue had said that. Of course, he had to wait for Hu Yingxue to finish, and he said to the stage, "Then I’ll go with Taoist friends."
Mu Tianxuan walked behind the stage step by step, and someone immediately sneered, "This man’s bravery is fat enough, but he dared to meet Cai’s shopkeeper during the construction period."
Cai Jiping paid attention to Hu Yingxue before they chatted with Zhuang Junyuan. When Mu Tianxuan walked to Taiwan, he didn’t notice that he showed it. However, he didn’t like those who laughed at his eyelids directly, and his heart suddenly hitched. Some regretted that his mind was hot and swept to Zhuang Junyuan’s eyes, which almost turned into a curettage knife.
Mu Tianxuan walked about five meters away from Cai Jiping and stopped to flip his hand and took out a fusiform magic weapon. "I don’t know how to judge who is taller and who is lower?"
As soon as his voice fell in the middle of the ring, a column rose, and at the same time, a pair of eyes were left uncovered in a bag. "If the attack type magic weapon is the strongest, you can attack and hit the column. If the defense type magic weapon can be handed over to me for verification."
Cai Jiping took a step forward. "Seeing that Daoyou is really playing this for the first time, then Cai will give Daoyou a demonstration first."
Then Cai Jiping threw up the shuttle-shaped magic weapon in his hand, and then he saw a beam of silver light shooting from the shuttle-shaped magic weapon and hitting the pillar in the middle of the ring. A flash of light finally wrapped in a layer of green light.
Someone in the crowd said, "It’s the first step, but the attack power can reach the level of green light. No wonder everyone in the front directly gives up."
Hu Yingxue looked at Zhuang Junyuan. "What is the green light level?"
Zhuang Junyuan replied, "The pillar in the challenge is called Yuan Shi. Different strength attacks will stimulate different lights. From low to high, it is red, orange, red, green, blue and purple. Cai Jiping took out that magic weapon, but it is so powerful that it is estimated that it is difficult to overwhelm him."
Hu Yingxue smiled. "It shouldn’t be difficult."
Hu Yingxue said that Mu Tianxuan’s fusiform magic weapon in his hand came to the stone pillar. The light of the first-class stone pillar was straight and flashing, and it was blue light. But this time, the green light was more prominent than the previous color, which means that Mu Tianxuan’s fusiform magic weapon won Cai Ji’s draw.
"Come again" Cai Jiping bit his teeth and took out a magic weapon. This time, the magic weapon attack fell on the stone pillars, and the last thing left was green light, which looked deeper than the green light that Mu Tianxuan had just made.
"Good" Mu Tianxuan put away his fusiform magic weapon and took out a magic weapon of terrace. A magic weapon came to the central stone pillar of the challenge. The last stone pillar left or the green light looked a little deeper than before Cai Jiping.
"Again" Bang!
"Good" Bang!
"Again" Bang!
"But" Bang!
Cai Jiping was about to vomit blood. He took out seven magic weapons in a row, and every time it was a little darker than the green light, he took out the last magic weapon. Although he was confident in this magic weapon, his hands were full of sweat.
After the bang, the green light of the stone pillar has reached its limit. When Cai Ji saw it, he breathed a sigh of relief and hooked his mouth and said to Mu Tianxuan, "Come again?"
"Taoist friends are so interested that I should have a good time with Taoist friends." Say that finish, Mu Tianxuan took out a magic weapon in the shape of a disk, and after a bang, the stone pillar in the middle of the ring flashed and burst into dazzling blue light.
"I’m not dizzy, am I?"
"How is that possible?"
"Today is really an eye-opener."
"Isn’t this to seduce me to move something that I shouldn’t have thought about?"
Looking at that blue light, Cai Jiping couldn’t hear the discussion from Taiwan, and finally turned his head to Mu Tianxuan. "How can you have so many magic weapons?"
Mu Tianxuan flipped the magic weapon. "The reason is very simple. I am a refiner. It is very clever to study a problem. I refined a lot of steps and a magic weapon some time ago."
Seeing Zhuang Junyuan and others stunned, Hu Yingxue bent his eyes. "I said that he provoked the wrong person, right?"
Chapter 22 Insect jade
Cai Jiping wants to hit Zhuang Junyuan in the face, but he doesn’t want to make a door. According to the usual practice, the winner can choose something from the loser or ask for 500 thousand pieces of intermediate lingshi Mu Tianxuan. Of course, look, he chose lingshi for that.
Don’t look at Cai Jiping’s usual habit of pointing his nose at people, but he didn’t dare to default in the fighting ring. He took the bag containing 500,000 pieces of intermediate lingshi from his entourage and walked over to Mu Tianxuan but laughed. "I wonder if this Taoist friend intends to sell those magic weapons?" If it is sold to us, Jubaoge will definitely give Daoyou a satisfactory price. "
Mu Tianxuan stretched out his hand and took the bag that Cai Jiping handed me. "I didn’t intend to keep those magic weapons because I refined them along with the gender, but I didn’t give them to Jubaoge because my family hated Jubaoge."
Cai Jiping’s smile suddenly froze. "Please be careful, Taoist friends."
Mu Tianxuan smiled gently. "Can you people in Jubaoge be so crazy that they don’t care about a city owner and are afraid that others will get bored with you?"
Cai Jiping, though just competing with Zhuang Junyuan, did not dare to really oppose Zhuang Bei. Suddenly, there was a layer of sweat on his forehead, "Hu said."
Mutianxuan corners of the mouth with a sarcasm "just send LingShi to you should be very valued by you? This man does have something to do in the dry yuan world. He shouldn’t have provoked people to run away overnight, but he actually mixed in the mixed yuan world and entered the Jubaoge. "
Cai Jiping’s face really changed this time. Mu Tianxuan said that the name of the person was Liu Yuping, that is, the one who had a hard time with Hu family in Fenglincheng. Liu Hei Liu Yuping was his first sister, and although he was his nephew, he had no heirs. He always cultivated people as relatives.
When Liu Yuping ran away from Fenglin City, Cai Jiping happened to have something to do in the past. Yuan World didn’t know where Liu Yuping got the news. He found his poor sister who ran away from home but died in a foreign land, so Cai Jiping took him back to the mixed world.
At that time, Cai Jiping listened to Liu Yuping and said that he wanted to mix the horizons of the Yuan World. Now it seems that he has provoked disasters over there and blocked his breath. He thought that he had been angry with Liu Yuping for years, and he stopped talking to Mu Tianxuan and turned to Jubaoge that a bunch of people walked over.
Go back to Hu Yingxue and Mu Tianxuan will listen to Hu Yingxue’s voice and give him "narrow-minded guy, how long has it been? You’re still digging up old scores with others."
Mu Tian Xuanyin replied, "The dog can’t change the dog and eat shit. That guy will definitely give Cai Jiping some bad ideas when he turns back. It’s better to let him give us trouble and let him enjoy it first."

Startled looking at Ye Tian, Ye Tian suddenly changed from weakness to this earth and took the initiative to provoke it. The shining golden warrior couldn’t help but estimate that he didn’t know how to deal with it at the moment.

After talking for a long time, the golden knight couldn’t help but growl and say, I’m tired of small work. Just say, I can give you a way. Now give me this position. I want it
Disdainfully skimming the pie mouth, Ye Tian laughed and said, I don’t seem to be tired of living, so you don’t have to worry, let alone send you. It’s not my son who is so filial.
I’m so angry that you attack the shining golden warrior without dirty words in the face of Ye Tian’s swearing, but you don’t know how to fight back, not without excuses, not even without excuses.
Seeing that the master is ashamed and angry, the four guys behind the shining golden warrior can’t look any more. One of the warriors suddenly stepped in the previous step and shouted boldly. Do you know who our master is who dares to talk nonsense?
Oh, I took a curious look at the warrior with a livid face and shining armor. Ye Tiankou said, I really can’t see who he is. Is he a mad dog? Probably, except a mad dog, who will bite people at random.
I, you heard Ye Tian’s words, and the shining golden warrior has probably never been treated like this. You and I spent a long time but couldn’t say a word.
Seeing the Lord’s anger, the Red Armored Warrior suddenly stepped forward and growled, "Our young master is the king of Tianfeng Empire. You’d better apologize at once. Otherwise, I promise you will die miserably."
Ye Tianxin was suddenly surprised when he heard the words of the red knight. I didn’t expect this arrogant guy to be out of date with this background, and Ye Tianshi wouldn’t show weakness until now.
Man is a very strange creature, and he is the only one who would rather have his neck broken than lose his dignity, especially a proud man like Ye Tian who doesn’t want to lower his noble head.
I frowned, Ye Tianshen insulted everyone, insulted everyone, and scolded everyone in the street. I won’t give up my seat today, or you will find your king, so I will definitely give up my seat to you. You haven’t let me give up my seat yet.
Facing Ye Tian’s tough shining golden warrior, I finally returned to my absolute being and gave Ye Tian a hard stare. Then I flatly turned around and strode away from the classroom.
Looking at the figure of a line of people rushing off the ground, Ye Tian sighed with a wry smile, saying that biting dogs don’t call this guy, although he didn’t say a word, but instead he made his decision.
Shaking his head, Ye Tian turned around and hit the class. It’s better to warm up before class, otherwise I’m afraid the solution won’t be so profound just by listening to the teacher.
When they came, although the surrounding area was still more noisy, Ye Tian devoted himself to it physically and mentally until an elegant aroma drifted into his nostrils. Ye Tiancai stopped reading and looked up doubtfully along the place where the aroma floated.
Hiss finally when Ye Tian saw the source of the fragrance, he looked at everything. Yuzryha could not help but take a breath of air conditioning. How is that possible?
Yuzryha was surprised to find a woman, or rather a girl, but she was so beautiful that even Ye Tian, a guy who has been tested by many stars, couldn’t stay up.
Keenly feel that Ye Tian is watching the girl’s brows wrinkle beautifully and fiddle with a skirt horn. Don’t go away. Ye Tian, after all, just looks at it and doesn’t do anything.
Looking at the girl with a smile, Ye Tian felt that her soul was flying for a long time. Ye Tian had to admit that she had fallen completely.
There are many attractive aspects for a man, but a woman doesn’t need anything else if she wants to be beautiful enough. It is said that eloquence and female appearance alone are valuable assets that can be compared with everything.
Ye Tian has never taken the initiative to pursue anyone for so many years, and no one has really talked about it once. Before falling in love, she came to this world because of professional needs. Although she also passed through Nina, a woman in Yuzryha, Ye Tian was too down and out to raise the idea of pursuing.
But today, after seeing this beautiful fairy-like girl with my own eyes, Ye Tian knew that he had been shot by an arrow, and it was Cupid’s arrow of love.
Although I don’t know much about her, when I meet a girl who makes me crazy, I would rather kill her by mistake than let her go. If the girl’s hand is a little slow, she may never belong to you again.
Thinking about Ye Tian, he suddenly turned around and wrote wildly with a pen and paper. Although he didn’t know whether he would succeed, Ye Tian had decided that he would pursue this girl regardless of all costs.
Seeing that Ye Tian is no longer staring at herself, the girl can’t help but breathe a sigh of relief. In fact, there are many people looking at her because of her beautiful landform, but I don’t know what. This time, the gaze made her ignore those eyes as if they were on fire, and she was everywhere.
Secretly looked at Ye Tian, and the girl frowned in disbelief. At this moment, Ye Tian seemed crazy and struggled to write something quickly with a carbon pen in his hand.
Just as the girl stared in disbelief, Ye Tian suddenly stopped, threw the pen on the table, grabbed the paper, turned around and handed it to the girl with a big smile. I hope you can have a look.
Doubt looked at Ye Tian, although she knew it was not good, but the girl was very curious. After staring at herself for half a day, what was this crazy guy writing just now?
Hesitated a girl gently biting her lip, probing the glittering and translucent jade hand, gently accepting the paper handed by Ye Tian and carefully looking at the handwriting on the paper.
I understand, master. I finally understand why you won’t let me scabbard. Looking at Ye Tian, Essien’s eyes are full of crazy worship
Smiling, Zhan Ji Ye Tian nodded and said, Yes, you are not too stupid. Yes, when the scabbard is bound to delay your hand, you must first line the scabbard and then connect the ground behind it. Once the scabbard is gone, you can attack instantly from the angle of intention.
Ye Tian thought about it for a while, and then continued, you can’t wear heavy armor or even light armor. When you get back, get a set of soft armor. Wear it on this sword, and you can hang it directly around your waist. This sword is not sharp.
En nodded excitedly. Essien asked bledsoe for an animal tendon to tie the toy-like black iron sheet to his waist. Although it is still fettered, it does not need to be in a straight sheath, so he can launch a thunderous attack from the angle of the sword at any time.
After saying goodbye to Bly, Ye Tian Essien arrived at the specially rented house near the hospital together. As soon as Ye Tian entered the room, he called Essien to the front. Some things must be replaced as soon as possible.
Sitting in the chair and looking at it, standing respectfully, Essien Ye Tian Shen Dao Essien, all the conditions have been met today, so from now on, I will give you the meaning of L sharp sword.
Ah, I raised my head with horror, and Essien looked at Ye Tianfa in disbelief. After imagining that I had given so many incredible lighter skills, didn’t I really teach it in Upanishads?
Looking at Essien’s expression with horror, Ye Tianshen continued, "The martial arts of Heaven are only fast and unbreakable, but they must be fast enough and unbreakable, and this fast word is the meaning of a fast sword."
The fast word of the fast sword is not reflected in the fact that the fast sword is mainly divided into three directions: the sky, the human face and the right and wrong. Facing these three targets, it is the essence of the fast sword to launch the fastest attack.
It’s not a stab, but it also includes a swing and chop. However, other sword paths are different. The only pursuit of a fast sword is a fast word, which will be able to omit the link and omit the fastest instant hit target.
It can be said that the practice of fast sword is never limited, whether it is the speed or the angle of the sword, the line will never be limited, and finally the extent to which it can be achieved depends on the individual’s slave talent.
It is the most suitable point to bind the sword to the waist. You can attack people and the ground at any time in the sky, and you can angle the sword at any time because you have no scabbard to bind it.
The fast sword is a single target without group killing, but the killing speed of the fast sword is definitely not slower than that of swordsmanship, and it may be the fastest.
Fast sword is the purest method of killing people. All moves are created to kill the enemy quickly. Practice to the limit, as fast as cutting life and grass.
Listening to Ye Tian’s explanation in a simple way, Essien’s eyes gradually sharpened. The more he understood the fast sword, the more he felt this kind of swordsmanship terror, that is, he would never return to this sword to create the sword after killing people, which is the most horrible sword in the world.

"I’d better help you go. I think you’ve done a lot of things yourself."

"Don’t delay your time?" Chen Jing thought about it again and said, "That’s fine. Just go get the money from me."
At this time, the owner called and asked Zhang Bin why he hadn’t sent it to the workers. In fact, Zhang Bin pulled the frozen goods from two warehouses, which was not far, but it was more than ten kilometers. But isn’t this sending Chen Jing back? Zhang Bin was also a punctual person and said to Lin Cheng, "If you send her first, I’ll hurry back and unload this car. The boss is in a hurry." Before Lin Cheng could answer, Zhang Bin drove off.
Lin Cheng holds Chen Jinglou. Chen Jing lives on the fifth floor of this community. Lin Cheng noticed that Chen Jing’s left abdomen was injured. Chen Jing took off his coat and wrapped the injured left abdomen. It also blocked the blood from dripping. After all, this is the community. The corridor is full of blood and it is doubtful.
The floor Chen Jingxian points out one thousand dollars and hands it to Lin Chenglin, who takes it and puts it on the table.
Chen Jing sued. Excuse me and went to health.
After more than half an hour, Chen Jing has changed into a tight-fitting home wound, and it seems that the waist has been bandaged, and traces of gauze winding can be seen vaguely.
After coming out, Chen Jing looked cool. It seemed that the injury was trivial and worthless. He put the gun on the tea table and looked at Lin Cheng.
This gun is a double-clip Bei Leita 92F, which is one of the most popular pistols in the international market.
9 Yu gang jun Shi
Lin Cheng glanced at the table Bei Leita and then at Chen Jing. "Is this a real gun?"
"Ha ha, don’t pretend. Anyone can see that you are definitely not an ordinary person." Chen Jingjiao laughed.
"Haha, why do you say that?"
"I’ve never missed looking at people for so many years. That’s how I thought it was a man from the first time you easily lifted that safe. Don’t deny it. You won’t deny it, will you?" Chen Jing looked at Lin Cheng defiantly.
"Haha, actually, I’m just an ordinary coachman girl who makes a living. You think too much."
"Well, no matter how much I think about it, let’s not entangle this question. Honestly, thank you very much for saving me today. I’m afraid it’s not appropriate to call me a girl?"
"Ha ha" Lin Cheng did a quick laugh. "Passers-by who happen to pass by will save you. In fact, I came to see you like a drunk. To tell the truth, I’m going to rob you, but when you point a gun at me, it won’t happen." Lin Cheng joked.
Chen Jingxiao cuttlefish disorderly fibrillation "that you rob now, give you a chance"
This time, it was Lin Cheng’s turn to be embarrassed. Lin Chenggang bowed his head and Chen Jing quickly grabbed the Bei Leita and pointed to Lin Cheng. "Who are you?" Chen Jingbian asked while playing insurance. "Don’t dawdle. Too long guns will really go off."
Lin Cheng stopped teasing. "If this is how you treat the person who saved you, then I admit that I am blind."
"What if a person’s life is going to be blind?"
Lin Cheng looked at Chen Jing unblinkingly. "You have to give a reason, right?"
"The reason is that you are too calm. You shouldn’t be calm. No one can be so calm when facing a gun, and no one can be so calm when being pointed at by the glamorous poison strategist of Shidao Fishing Gang. Tell me who you are?"
"You wouldn’t believe me if I said I was really a passer-by?"
Chen Jing shook his head. "Of course I don’t believe it, and it seems to me that when your brother left just now, that remark was premeditated, that is, going alone to reassure me."
"You may really think too much, but I want to say that you are wrong."
"Then can you prove where I am wrong?"
"I can’t prove it, but one thing I can prove is that I didn’t care that the gun in your hand would go off."
Chen Jing Bei Leita held a gun for a long time, and the muzzle was very stable. He didn’t lose half a point because of the weight of the gun. At first glance, he was a gun master. "How do you prove it?" Chen Jing saw something fly when the words sound just fell. Chen Jing didn’t come without a gun. Lin made it to Chen Jing. Two fingers held Chen Jing’s wrist head close to Chen Jing’s face. "It smells good. Haha" Lin Cheng smiled proudly and unruly.
Chen Jing didn’t see clearly that the flying sofa cushion was thin and weightless, but the speed of throwing discus by Lin Cheng was not that Chen Jing didn’t have a chance to shoot, but that Chen Jing’s sight was blocked by the flying sofa cushion at that time, and he hesitated a little. Just before preparing the gun, he was held by Lin Cheng’s two fingers.
Chen Jing make a determined effort root clenched "I knew you are not ordinary people say you are what person? Let me die for nothing? "
Lin Cheng unloaded the Chen Jing gun and put it on the coffee table, then sat down where he got up just now to "talk about it."
"From that day to help me carry the safe that day to calculate us? You Weihai Gang are really amazing, and you are such a master, but you still don’t wait until you catch me. Pepe wasted my name as a fishing gang strategist, but I didn’t expect you to figure it out. "
Lin Cheng is now thinking about whether it is time to talk to Chen Jing. Is Chen Jingxian misunderstood and even said that he is a Weihai gang? What, do you have triad written on your head, or do you have bad guys written on your head? Elder brother is so dark in five stresses, four points of beauty and three loves, but it’s healthy black, black skin or underworld!
"Don’t you believe me now?"
"Actually, I don’t say anything. If you give me the gun, I might believe you."
Lin Chengyi pushed Bei Leita Bei Leita and turned to Chen Jingxuan. Chen Jing grabbed a gun in his hand and pointed it at Lin Chenglin. Chen Jing held the gun for a long time and put it "Okay, I believe you". He said that he couldn’t believe it and asked "Are you really passing by?"
"Really no malice"
"That line you also don’t do freight rental follow me do it with what you want whatever you choose? Money? Woman? Whatever. "
"I’m from Wendeng, and I have something to do this time in Shidao. Can I ask you some questions?"
Chen Jing relaxed. Since he is not the enemy, just "ask."
"What are the biggest gangs here in Shidao?"
"Ha ha, there aren’t so many Shidao triads. Just one is how old we are to help Shidao. How can we get so many triads? Shidao is a fishing industry, and Jin Yuanbao has always taken a fancy to this fishing port business. Like today, it is not the Weihai gang that values our fishing port pier and comes with us to grab territory. But today, Weihai gang has enough firepower and we are defeated by fire. "Chen Jing wants to attract Lin Chengsuo to talk about Lin Chengzhi.
"That’s it. The purpose of my coming to Shidao this time is to have something to do with the Shidao gang. Since you said Shidao was a gang for fishing, I asked you what the truck should pay for one thousand yuan a month to join. My friend came to me because it was painful. "
"Oh, hehe, it’s actually a piece of cake. I know it’s really done by our gang’s minions. Actually, we don’t want to do this to make people angry, but there are so many brothers to eat in our fishing gang. Hehe, it’s easy to do this. If you have any relatives and friends, and this situation, just ask them to sign up for me." He said, he brushed and wrote a few words in a newspaper. "This is my words. Call me if you have anything."
Lin Cheng didn’t look at the note written by Chen Jing and threw it directly into the paper basket. "All trucks and trucks are my brothers and sisters. I want all freight vehicles not to pay this membership."
Chen Jing eyes staring at Lin Cheng seems to be saying that Lin Cheng is unappreciative and gives you a ladder. You have to push your nose and face if you don’t climb.
Chen Jing looked at Lin Cheng’s mouth and smiled faintly. Chen Jing thought to himself, "I’m not afraid of life and death, and I’m too domineering. It’s my favorite type for men to treat life and death as if they were idle."
"Well, I promised you to join us and help you with all your requirements." Chen Jing is also a great man who holds hands with life and death.
"Well, I’m a little hungry now. Go and make me something to eat. I’ll think about it." Lin Cheng put his foot on the tea table and Shu Zhi sent Chen Jing.
I didn’t expect Chen Jing to really go. Soon a plate of steaming quick-frozen dumplings was brought. "I’m sorry, there are other quick-frozen dishes at home. I really can’t cook them. Do you dare to eat them?"
"Why? Can it be toxic? " Lin Cheng picked up a dumpling and put it in his mouth.

At the moment, the Liujia maze was laid out, and smoke and black fog rose and filled the void.

"Brother Wei Dao, what do you mean?" Big fake monk Dan first asked when he saw this.
Who avoid but also don’t panic smile replied "brother don’t panic you personal strength is too strong if there is any cheating don’t want to play by the rules suddenly challenged us these people will not get hurt! For the sake of safety, I have to decorate this maze of Liujia.
Dear brothers, if you are bent on attacking the enemy and focusing on the natural things outside the array, I will immediately withdraw from the battle to make everyone fair. If anyone has malicious intentions, don’t blame me for being impolite and unite all the people to strangle them. "
"You say so much to guard against us, so how can we trust that you won’t play any tricks?" The first fake monk Dan a cold hum a way
"I think the sign of the Five Elements Sect is enough to guarantee!" Who avoid light way
"The Five Elements Sect also has a heavenly punishment hall. There have always been many Di Xiao!" The false monk Dan continued
Hearing this, Wei Ji was not angry, but still smiled faintly and replied, "Then I have nothing to say. My condition is that you can accept it. There is no room for bargaining. If you don’t believe me, I don’t have to come in. I believe that many monks outside will believe it!"
Wei Ji’s words can be described as a red luo naked threat, but this fake monk Dan has to admit that he is still eating this threat. Don’t say that he has already killed 26 monks with them, that is, the remaining 11 monks who have made friends with them have now become a little tempted because they haven’t got a chance. It seems that they want to join those people and attack themselves and others.
After thinking about it for a while, the first fake monk Dan replied at that time, "Well, I will believe in the five elements once!"
As soon as his words fell, Wei Ji did it and ordered, "Brother Zuo, let them all come in!"
"Yes!" At this time, Zuo Qiu is very obedient to Wei Ji. From the smell of this statement, he immediately vibrates and manipulates the Four Spirit Method to let the road let the big fake monk Dan and others come in.
After these people came in, they all found that there was a vast expanse of black smoke around them, and there was no trace of people. This was to isolate themselves and others, that is, to avoid conflicts between evil intentions, and that evil spirits and dark luck led Xuangong to observe quietly in all directions. Only after passing through dozens of feet did they know that this Liujia maze was worthy of its name.
Not only they Zuo Qiu, Chu Zhuang, and Six Devils all feel this way, but when they are in doubt, Wei Ji Yin is coming. "Don’t think about it, just go forward slowly and attack vigorously!" I will withdraw from the array if I get out of the hole! "
Chapter 35 Fly separately
Chapter 35 Fly separately
"Booming, jingling,"
Thunder, fire, golden light, magic weapon, flying sword, Qi Fei! The rivalry between the two powers is particularly fierce!
After a big holiday, Brother Dan, a group of people joined Weiji. Although the number of people on this side is not as large as that on the other side, the strength has already been increased. There are two large arrays of protection in this way. Although it is not very Qi Xin, it can also work together.
On the other hand, although the other side gathered together for the same goal, they still kept too much when they made great moves, and after the big fake brother Dan called on them to be kind, those people wavered and did not join them, so it can be said that they were suppressed by Weiji this way from the beginning.
There are four spiritual methods, but for a moment, Wei Ji’s side broke up the blocking party, but Wei Ji didn’t do much killing. He rushed forward to prepare for leaving this ghost hole and rushed over to the defender. He immediately dispatched two Dafa and four fake Dan to resist in the rear through dispatching.
Everyone went all the way straight ahead, no matter zombies, ghosts or monks of all factions, they all gave way because this force is too big.
The remaining monks failed to stop them and were quite hurt. Naturally, they were depressed. Although they had already resigned themselves and were not going to get the ghost grass in the cave again, they didn’t want Wei Ji to be better than this bunch of people. Therefore, most of them went on a wild rumor that Wei Ji and others had obtained more than ten plants in the ghost grass period, and more and stronger monks joined in the sniper attack on them.
No one believes that there is a hole in the grass when it is precious, but the news that there is a hole in the grass in the hands of Wei Ji and others is confirmed by everyone. Many people are chasing after Wei Ji and others.
However, these people are afraid of bringing disaster to their own sects for fear of the Five Elements Sect and the Six Demons Zongwei, so they dare not compose the message behind Wei Ji and others. The speed of the message is not slow. Some Wei Ji and others plowed and swept the cave, but it was extremely fast. Those who were first chased and scattered were easily cleaned up by Wei Ji and others. When the big brother chased them, they had already rushed out of the seventh fork and were about to leave the ghost cave.
In this situation, Wei Ji has already explained to everyone through the sound, and everyone knows that it is not easy to fight safely than to fight. Therefore, as soon as Wei Ji comes out of the hole of the ghost yin, he will immediately withdraw from the large array. "I won’t say much when the situation is critical. My Chu younger brother wants to compete with our other disciples for the hole, so come with us!"
Say who avoid then Chu Zhuang royal sword at the same time and fly away somewhere toward the bell volcano.
Zuo Qiu, Xuanshou and Yunjing are not tired of fighting. Naturally, they won’t stay here to make a target for other coveted people. Without saying a word, they will be prompted by the Four Spirit Method to fly away from the Bell Volcano and prepare to leave directly.
The rest of the people have long been taught by Wei Ji face to face, which is natural and white. If you want to do the six magic cases, six people will also drink a big drink. "My six magic cases have always been the same enemy and six people want to grab food from our brothers. Come on! But don’t send more people. In that case, we don’t have to keep the fair contract! "
Followed by resin magic Lin Zhao, the other two fake Godsworn Dan also flew away in the direction of the Bell Volcano, but the two fake Godsworn Dan were in the same place. Only resin magic Lin Zhao was alone, but Wei Ji specially arranged to make people not doubt that resin magic Lin Zhao gave himself a foreign godsworn status.
The resin demon Lin Zhao’s innate five-escape avatar wants to share with everyone that if he keeps his promise and doesn’t keep his promise, Wei Ji won’t do much. After all, it is normal for a foreign monk to rob Zuo Qiu of his criminal record, so it’s no wonder that Wei Ji has lost his head.
Who avoid a bunch of people suddenly action nature is to let the big fake brother Dan this bunch of people white by the calculation, but such a calculation is also in a reasonable category, that is, others know what can’t say who avoid, after all, he did not violate the principle of fairness.
But in this way, these people are divided. After all, Wei Ji, these people are strong and weak. This time, it is natural that they are fast and slow. Those exquisite minds should fly out first or over Wei Ji’s side or over two fake Dan’s side. Because The six great divisions in the wheel of karma’s large array is difficult, everyone knows that Lin Zhao, the corpse demon, seems to be the weakest, but they still have a corpse demon helper, one enemy and two natural, which is not taken by the wise.
There are seven monks left, and there is no way to feel unlucky and choose two places left.
Big brother, although this bunch of people said that they all hesitated, the speed of action was still very fast. When the big brother rushed out of the dark hole, it was already flying outside and there was no trace of it.
This clock volcano is no better than other places. It is easy to see the situation. Even if you can’t see it clearly, you can confirm the signs of the other party’s escape from the residual traces. Here, there are mysterious yin and corpse gas everywhere, and even a few traces are washed away.
In the face of this situation, the monks rushed out excitedly, but they were able to curse and return to the ghost cave to continue their search journey. Perhaps it was because there was a hole in the ghost grass that they lost their arms. These people were very anxious in their hearts and their mood was not so good. Therefore, when they met evil spirits and zombies, they were no longer as gentle as before. They all learned their magic weapon in their lives and made great efforts to nullify them.
As a result, the zombie spectre in the ghost cave was in great trouble and was severely cleaned up, but it saved a lot when Wei Ji entered again. Of course, this is another story
Chapter 36 Front broken array
Chapter 36 Front broken array
Who avoid ChuZhuang two people flying towards the south with a strong body shield is met some fierce demon birds road is also a blunt and find a small valley.
As soon as Wei Ji fell, he set up a labyrinth of Liujia. There are also many ghosts and monsters in this small valley, but there is a large array to stop the two people from harassing them, but they don’t worry too much about these things.
"Brother Wei deserves to be a leader in the clan. He is rich in wealth and treasures. With Brother Wei behind him, the two fake monks Dan can’t get along!" Chuzhuang draw mouth way
After hearing this, Wei Ji knew that Chu Zhuang was not the kind of person who was bent on penance, but paid special attention to all kinds of situations. Therefore, after five years, he was still aware of the fact that he was rewarded by the sect. Compared with this Wei Ji, he naturally would not deliberately be modest and smiled calmly and replied, "It’s just a fortune, but it made Teacher Chu laugh!"
"I’m afraid everyone wants this kind of fortune," Chu Zhuang immediately replied. "It seems that I have to be much closer to Brother Wei in the future. I dare not expect to be able to get a point and a half like Brother Wei, which is enough for me to practice!"
Just then, two fake Godsworn Dan chased and landed in the valley. The Liujia maze was banned. In addition, although there was no one who repaired the highest, it was the only one. Obviously, the two people would pinch persimmon with Weiji and Chuzhuang.
Two fake Godsworn Dan fell behind the slightly superior and immediately walked "Wei Daoyou, don’t you want to give us a fair chance to fight? How can you set up a large array of Liujia ecstasy and hide in the battle? Is it because you think you’re not going to be guarded by this? Or did Wei Daoyou cheat at the beginning? If so, it will be a great disadvantage to the names of the five elements! "
Who avoid is a veteran, where will he be moved by such a little words? "Since when have the two Taoist friends been excluded from their personal strength? I am a little ill-informed and want to ask."? Is this the rule of your sect? If so, I’m afraid your rival sects will be very happy! "
Chu Zhuang was born in Tiandufeng, a famai, and Tiandufeng was poisoned from heaven, so Tiandufeng’s brother’s practice is poison. Although Tiandufeng has transplanted poisonous flowers, poisonous weeds and poisonous insects from all over the world, There are many poisonous beasts, but most of them are ordinary. After all, the place where the Five Elements Sect is located is not suitable for the poison breeding ground. It can be said that the five elements Sect has the most frequent experience in Zhongshan, because they almost need a poison to cooperate every time they practice, and they are not ordinary poisons. If the younger brother is rich, it’s okay to buy the bases needed for the early practice. If the net worth is insufficient, there is no way to travel thousands of miles to those dangerous mountains and waters to search, pick and catch themselves.
Chu Zhuang’s talent is not good, so it’s not Tiandufeng’s master’s brother-in-law, but he’s one of many registered brothers. Now he’s getting through his advanced studies step by step, so his experience abroad is more than ordinary. My brother doesn’t know how much, saying that he has long been honed into an operator, but as soon as Wei Ji’s words fell, he immediately laughed.

However, this middle-level Fang city, trading places, the peak of Bao Yao, which is displayed in front of Qiu at this time, is particularly quiet, and there are not many trading monks.

The three-square-kilometer transaction here is divided from the mouth of the cave. On the left, there are some sects building stores, while on the right, there are places where monks set up stalls. Those who set up stalls need to be repaired more.
Autumn after familiar with some kind of trading places here, he went straight to the left store.
In the peripheral Fang city, trading places stores are mostly established by some small and medium-sized sects in the cultivation of immortals in Daqin, while in this middle-level Fang city, stores are mostly built by high-level cultivation sects, and top-level clans will join them.
"Well, this is the mark of Danling Sect, so this store should be established by Danling Sect."
There is a special gate in the Mid-Autumn Festival in those dozens of stores. This store should cover an area of 10,000 square meters, which is several times that of other stores.
The plaque of this store is engraved with the words "Bao Yao Zhai" and the symbol of Danling Sect is engraved in one corner of the plaque. It is a sword holding a Danding.
In this autumn, I still know something about the symbol mark of Danling Sect. At first, the symbol mark of Danling Sect was a tripod to show the meaning of alchemy. With the passage of time, Danling Zong Yue paid more and more attention to force, especially when Danling Sect became one of the top ten sects in the world of cultivating immortals in Daqin, and this attention became more and more obvious until the Danling Sect was finally marked with a sword.
In this middle-level square city in the south of Dinglin, Bao Yao Feng Qiu Xian Dan Lingzong has established a store here, which can not help but be slightly surprised and more cordial.
Since Dan Lingzong has a store here, and the scale of the store is also the largest, it is natural to go to this store without hesitation.
When I entered the store in the Mid-Autumn Festival, my eyes swept away, and there were no shelves, pillars, tables and chairs. What furnishings seemed to be deserted in the whole retail department? There were huge jade cards hanging on the four walls, and all kinds of information appeared on the jade cards.
"Wow, I, Dan Lingzong, deserve to be one of the top ten sects in the world of cultivating immortals in Daqin. It’s not a small sample."
On the four walls of the store, it shows that the jade brand is made of refined jade slips.
Autumn rough calculation: if all the jade cards in this city are made into jade slips, there will be tens of thousands of pieces of value.
This treasure medicine clinic run by Danling Sect has a large area, and there are also many monks in charge of it. There are six people in total who feel slightly in the autumn, five in the early stage of the foundation period and one in the then period.
Five monks in the early days of the foundation period except one person is responsible for welcoming guests, and the other four people are distributed around the walls of the store. Once the monks watch the information of the jade brand elixir and want to buy it, the four waiters can trade with the monk in the golden elixir period, which is a kind of palm and supervision.
When Qiu came into the store, maybe it was because of the low maintenance. The monk in charge of welcoming guests didn’t pay much attention to Qiu, and once a monk in the golden elixir period entered the store, he would be very attentive.
It’s not only acceptable for welcoming monks to neglect Qiu, but also as usual. After all, Qiu has always been a scholar in the realm of cultivating immortals. Although it hasn’t been very long since he entered the realm of cultivating immortals, this kind of situation is still very common, and Dan Lingzong is a younger brother of the top ten schools in the realm of cultivating immortals in Daqin. It’s normal to be arrogant. As the saying goes, is it a big bully in the shop?
No one paid attention to their own carelessness in autumn and looked at the jade cards on the four walls of the store to find the golden fruit.
I have to say that the middle-level Fang City Bao Yaofeng’s trading elixir is indeed much higher than that of the peripheral Fang City Bao Yaofeng’s selling elixir, and I cherish many of them.
From those jade brands, there are many kinds of elixirs that are not available in their own magic medicine garden, but the price of these elixirs is too high and it is not urgent to think twice and finally give up.
"Ha ha, there are really yuan Jinguo, but the price is too high. A yuan Jinguo is as high as a hundred low-order lingshi."
Autumn can’t help but be overjoyed after seeing the Yuan Jinguo, but the high price of this Yuan Jinguo also surprised Qiu slightly.
Whether it’s from the level or from the rare degree, the theory of Xuanyecao is equivalent to buying Xuanyecao in the precious medicine peak and autumn with 300 pieces of lingshi. When it comes to the precious medicine peak, a Yuanjinguo actually needs 100 pieces of lingshi, which makes Qiu unable to believe his eyes.
"Today, I know that most of the scattered monks are cash-strapped. The scattered monks had a hard time cultivating immortals, and all the wealth was not much. It is naturally very poor to go through these large-scale schools."
The normal value of a Yuan Jinguo is less than 300 pieces of low-grade lingshi, but when it comes to Danlingzong’s treasure medicine clinic, the price has tripled, which really makes Qiu lose heart.
I know that buying this golden fruit is a slaughter, but there are still some things that Qiu can accept. He really needs this golden fruit, and a hundred lingshi is nothing to Qiu.
"Daoyou, please get me one of these golden fruits." Determined, Qiu came to the waiter who was standing beside the wall and pointed to the jade brand in front of him and said flatly.
"Oh, a golden fruit with a hundred pieces of low-order lingshi" looked slightly surprised at Qiu, and the waiter monk didn’t say much. He took out a jade box from the bag and made a skilled offer at the same time.
"This is an intermediate stone!" Take out a medium-grade lingshi from the waist bag and hand it to the waiter and take the jade box at the same time.
"Well, it’s really a golden fruit!"
Put the jade box into it, and after careful observation, you will have a certain heart.
Yesterday, Chapter 2
Chapter one hundred and ninety-seven The center of the earth marrow jade
I came out of the Bao Yao Zhai run by Dan Lingzong, and in the autumn, I visited more than a dozen other stores nonstop, trying to buy some miraculous medicines with reasonable prices in the magic medicine garden.
More than a dozen outlets have been to novel kinds of elixir Qiu, but the price of each one is not less than 500 pieces of low-order lingshi, and Qiu finally didn’t dare to sell it.
Although Qiu needs to buy one copy of each kind of elixir and then plant it in the magic medicine garden, Qiu’s current financial resources to buy these retail elixirs will go bankrupt even if it takes less than 200 kinds of autumn.
A few of those retail elixirs need 500 pieces of low-order lingshi at a very low price, and 700 pieces or even a thousand pieces of low-order lingshi at a higher price, which is also unaffordable.
After visiting more than a dozen stores, Qiu did not leave Bao Yaofeng immediately and went to the opposite store, where most of them were set up by scattered monks.
Most of the monks who set up stalls in trading places, the peak of this treasure medicine, are engaged in scattered repairs in the then-elixir period. These high-level scattered repairs will explore some dangerous places around because they are not weak.
High risk is often accompanied by high income and high reward. Those monks who are fierce and dangerous in it often get great gains and some precious, rare or even strange things.
It is said that you can often find some good things from those high-level scattered repairs in the elixir period. Of course, this requires your vision and the price will not be cheap.
There are not many monks in the right half of trading places at the peak of this treasure medicine. There are dozens of people. After all, there are not as many monks in the elixir period as in the construction period.

Clouds zheng heart way "no wonder destiny said can retreat the enemy reason is here"

After a month’s rest, there’s nothing going on. Now it’s a situation full of swords and exhausted strength. If Xiao Shouchen can really calm the crisis, it’s worth taking a long rest! What’s more, it’s enough to arrive just over a month before the ceremony of succession.
It’s an enemy of the clouds, but it’s not one with Shaolin monks in front of him, and the mountain is even more difficult, but it’s hard for the clouds to do it once.
Too room mountain feeling embarrassed (chapter 553)
Although it’s hard to do this all the time, it’s not Shaolin’s natural hope. After Wan Jianzong kills each other, it’s easy to take advantage of the fishermen’s profits.
"I’ve been coming here without sleep for days, and the 300 remnants fought to the death to stop Xiao Shouchen. How can they be so consumed now?"
Although it is necessary to be cautious once, it can’t be delayed. Let Xiao Shouchen hold Wan Jianzong!
Thought of here, the clouds are dark and determined, "How can everything be calculated?" Now you need to make a decisive decision! Even if there are some risks, you can’t hesitate! "
Hangyun’s dark determination Hangjun cried and felt that Hangjun had been guarding Hangyun before talking to himself. He just heard clearly, but he also listened to Yunshan fog and didn’t know what Hangyun was doing. Fortunately, Hangyun’s complexion was back to normal at this moment.
Then I listened to the cloud and said to myself, "No matter if I have any verbal conflict in Shaolin, I don’t want to start work. I want to follow my mountain wholeheartedly."
I don’t want to ask you if you absolutely believe it. I nodded and said, "Brother, don’t worry."
Without saying much, the two brothers clapped their hands on their younger brothers’ shoulders, then shook them and strode towards Master Guangtong, while Xing Jun followed him.
A few steps to master Guangtong, I heard Xing Yunlang ask, "The master just sent your brothers to the mountain. I wonder what the mountain is like?"
Master Guangtong didn’t hide his hands folded when he heard the news. "Amitabha just reported to the temple gate that there were some fights in the mountain and it was very fierce. Many people fell to the ground, but we didn’t dare to get too close to the temple gate and didn’t know those people’s lives and deaths."
Listen to master Guangtong say that finish walking clouds face a mountain started a fight, it’s still in walking clouds to expect someone to fall on the ground and I don’t know life and death, but it makes walking clouds lose heart and can’t help but andao "is someone a killer? Is it Xiao Shouchen? Or Guo Lao and Qin Lao? "
However, no matter who killed the two sides, the killer is intensifying the contradiction in the Sect. Once hatred is planted in the Sect, it will really become a disaster!
You know, now it’s just Xiao Shouchen playing a conspiracy to get rid of him, but once the clan becomes hostile to each other, it’s not that one or two people can solve its influence. It’s unimaginable!
In this case, Xingyun can’t delay when it comes to the sidewalk. "Master should know that I am a patriarch. Since the fighting is getting worse, please forgive Xingyun for not being with me!"
Say "eye" and signal that the two of you are ignoring Shaolin and running straight for the mountain!
Look straight at the Shaolin monks Zheng!
This is the cloud strategy!
"I’m afraid of Shaolin, but Shaolin is also afraid of Wan Jianzong! Otherwise, how could they be so hesitant? Take me or kill the mountain before it’s too early! In that case, I bet he dare not chase me! "
Facing Wan Jianzong, there are seven big schools in Qingcheng Wai, but Master Guangtong is afraid that the damage has not torn the dough. How can it be torn now?
Of course, it is precisely because of the killer, the tongtian soul, that he dares to take risks, otherwise Shaolin will not even think about escaping if he is forced too hard.
Xingyun actually sees Shaolin as a thing and goes straight to the mountain, which is what Master Guangtong expected, so he is in a dilemma!
Stop or not?
It was master Guangtong’s idea to come to Taishi. When I heard that Guo Dingfu was dead and Wan Jianzong was in chaos and the patriarch was not here, I had a great chance, but I didn’t expect the clouds to come back, although the situation of the sudden change mountain was as imagined.
And this hesitation has gone far, and this time it’s a good bet!
The good old monk looked at the back of Yunshan Mountain and shook his head without a hint of resistance. He sighed, "Shaolin has been a leader in these 200 years since the United noble family removed Wan Jianzong two hundred years ago. Even if Wudang is strong, it will be a bit inferior. But who wants Wan Jianzong to make a comeback and understand that it is even more difficult to deal with it because of the disaster? It is also amazing that this young patriarch has grown up. It is actually a great misfortune for Shaolin!
But now my Shaolin strength is still not enough, so it is so difficult to face the opportunity. If I turn Shaolin and Wan Jianzong upside down, how can I have so much scruples? "
Thought of this, the good old monk looked at Master Guangtong’s back channel again. "The safety of Master Guangtong’s nephew Shaolin abbot is the most important thing. Now it is not the time to be impulsive."
The good old monk is arrogant, and the devil has a great state of mind. Instead, it is difficult to rush to the abbot of many secret passages and master Guangtong. At this time, it is impossible to be impulsive. It is said that "this line of clouds is exhausted, and his prestige in Wan Jianzong is not small. It can be seen that these people have picked him to fight before they leave the world, so he will even stop fighting in this mountain."
We’re here to be a fisherman. We have to be tough and fierce, or else it’s good for Shaolin besides opposing others to make wedding clothes. "
The words of the good old monk Most Shaolin monks listen to Bai Shaolin to collect profits from fishermen, but if they are involved, they can take advantage of other big schools for no reason.
The good old monk’s meaning is very correct, that is, he will return it.
"It’s a pity that this is a good time!" Although all the monks in Shaolin are kind to the old monk, they are all unwilling, so someone whispered, "What if the clouds can’t level the mountain fight?"
Upon hearing this, all the monks raised their expectations and looked at Master Guangtong in succession.

Chapter II Delivery

Chapter two hundred and nineteen Thick soil printing power
"Ah, why are there so many? I’m afraid there are at least three thousand of them. It takes more effort to deal with them this time."
Autumn from hearing the crow was alert, and after a while, clouds, pieces, piles of crows and ghosts appeared directly from the side, and they rushed towards autumn very quickly.
More than 3,000 raven-ghost beasts are not hundreds, which is not only several times more than the number, but also more than ten times as simple as one plus one equals two.
"Thick soil is printed with a hundred feet of pressure!"
The number of crow and ghost beasts has increased, and the strength has also risen and become much stronger. However, the coping style in autumn has not changed much.
"Rumble …"
This time, the spiritual force injected when driving the thick earth seal is far more than nine times, and the thick earth seal is bigger than the second time when it is huge, nearly twenty feet square, and the natural thick earth seal looks far more powerful.
As the autumn leaves, the thick soil marks fall like weightlessness, and more than 3,000 raven-ghost herds collide with each other, and the earth-shattering rumbling sound reverberates in the front and rear walls of Longyuan for a long time.
The thick earth seal was shot down with great power at a time, and more than 3 thousand crows and ghosts were killed, shot down and wounded by a blow.
In autumn, the crow ghost herd suffered heavy losses, and those living crow ghost beasts also panicked and flew around without knowing what to do.
A blow failed to destroy all the more than 3,000 raven-ghost beasts in autumn. Naturally, his right hand was slightly lifted, and then he pressed the thick soil to the virtual space. After rising, he slammed down again and became powerful.
"Bang bang …"
The blow of thick soil seal is even more aggressive, and it goes straight to hit those already chaotic crow ghost herds. In a burst of explosion and bombing, crow ghost beasts have burst into pieces and scattered blood.
And urged the mana to be chaotic. The crow ghost beast hit hard three times and finally wiped out most of the crow ghost beasts.
"It’s really troublesome that there are too many ravens and ghosts, but I can’t completely destroy them after several attacks. There are so many fish escaping from the net."
Autumn nine layers of mana drove the thick soil seal to attack several times, but it still failed to destroy this group of raven-ghost beasts. There are more than a hundred scattered raven-ghost beasts who want to try their best to escape deeper into Longyuan.
"The wasp attacks!"
Wipe your waist and take a spirit beast bag to punch the mouth of the spirit beast bag. Immediately, there will be groups of wasps flying out of the spirit beast bag and circling around Autumn endlessly.
Running away desperately in the rolling of Fang Yin qi, the hundred crows and ghost beasts point to ten thousand wasps and rush towards those crows and ghost beasts that escape through the net in a "buzzing" sound.
A swarm of wasps in Chengcheng Huang has always been saved and immediately stirred in Longyuan. However, in the Mid-Autumn Festival, you can feel that the strength of wasps has been suppressed, and many forces are not left.
Every wasp in autumn is a first-class spirit beast, which is much more powerful than a first-class high-order crow ghost beast. However, because of the suppression of yin qi, the strength that each wasp can really exert is equivalent to that of a crow ghost beast.
However, the crow ghost herd has been wiped out by autumn, and there are more than 100 wasps in each group.
A hundred enemies and a wasp are better than smaller ones, and they take off and turn flexibly. Those ravens and ghosts that have leaked out naturally escape and are destroyed.
Two handprints and a knot of dharma tactic have done all they can, and the wasps have been returned to the spirit beast bag by the autumn harvest in the buzz.
"In this Longyuan Yin Qi, the power of my wasp spirit beast has been suppressed by more than 70%. It seems that it is inconvenient to clean a tail if you want to fight the enemy."
This Longyuan is indeed a wonderful place that can suppress one’s own consciousness for more than nine layers, even the wasp’s power has been suppressed for seven layers. Autumn’s own mana should also be divided into one layer to prevent Longyuan’s yin and qi from eroding itself and getting lost and festering.
Where this Longyuan Mid-Autumn Festival itself can swing out strength is really limited by a smaller part.
"I’m the best at killing and pushing the powerful five-element splitting sword tactic. At this time, my consciousness has been suppressed for more than nine layers, but the five-element splitting sword tactic is still too influential, so it’s okay to continue to explore it."
After killing this wave of more than 3,000 crows and ghosts, Qiu stopped in place and thought quietly for a moment. Finally, he decided to continue to explore Longyuan and didn’t want to give up halfway.
It was not long before I entered Longyuan that I was attacked by two crows and ghosts. Although they were all easily hit, I can’t guess how many dangerous autumn there are.
I have some scruples and fears in my heart. I feel that Qiu’s mind was once shaken, but after thinking about it, Qiu once again strengthened his will and continued to dive.
With a firm face, Qiu pressed the flying sword to speed up the escape of light and went straight to Longyuan deeper.