After another hour, fortunately, the teacher didn’t want to delay the class. As soon as the bell rang, he immediately announced the class and left the classroom first.

Lin Jin and Chen Xinya also got together outside the classroom and planned to visit a PE teacher. They had already been to the PE teacher’s office when they put on makeup. This time, they were good at it.
The physical education teacher’s office is the kind of super-large one-room reform that causes more than a dozen desks to be separated in the office, and the physical education teacher’s desk is the deepest.
There are not many teachers left in the office. These teachers won’t even come to school unless there is something wrong with the class. On one occasion, Lin Jinwu had a class at four o’clock, and a group of students were at the door of the class for half an hour before the teacher hurried to class in a car.
"What’s the name of the PE teacher again?" Lin Jin stretched out his head and took a look at the office. He directly saw half the head of the physical education teacher sitting in the innermost part.
"It seems to be called …" Chen Xinya stared blankly with an embarrassed look on his face. "You can just call her Miss Lin."
"Well," Lin Jin wanted to let the PE teacher give him more than 20 years of experience in hooking up with men, so he looked a little red at this time
"Teacher Lin!" Chen Xinya took the lead and went in. Lin Jin poked around and followed Chen Xinya behind him, "We’re here to see you."
"Why are you looking at me?" Miss Lin stuck her head out from the partition of her desk. "I’m not in the hospital. What’s there to see?"
"I just came to thank you." Chen Xinya skipped to directly hug Miss Lin’s arm and said, "Thank you for your help with makeup at the next party ~"
"Oh?" Teacher Lin looked at Chen Xinya with a suspicious face. "Are you sure you didn’t provoke anything and then you want me to help you throw the pot?"
"And you, Lin Jin." Teacher Lin squinted at Lin Jin slightly. "Do you want women’s clothes again and want me to help you make up?"
Lie in the trough! How can it be seen through at a glance?
Lin Jin looked stupid.
"Lin Jin is just one of the women’s dresses in Taiwan." Chen Xinya sincerely said to Teacher Lin, "We really came to thank you."
"Then thank me for not even bringing a gift?"
"Yes," Chen Xinya stepped aside and joked before retiring Lin Jin. "I brought you a large toy hanger!"
"hey! You are poisonous! " Lin Jin broke away from Chen Xinya’s hand and glanced at it. It was dangerous. Teacher Lin immediately took two steps back and looked at her warily. "What do you want?"
"I didn’t prepare for the class." Miss Lin withdrew her eyes and stopped fighting with them. She packed up a hand of teaching materials and stuffed them into her briefcase. "You go to lunch quickly. I have to go back to dinner."
"Yeah, yeah" Chen Xinya turned away without hesitation.
Lin Jin took a deep breath and glanced at Chen Xinya, who had walked out of the office. He put his head together and asked Miss Lin.
"Teacher … do you know … how to seduce a man?"
Chapter 149 Take a day off for physical examination
I have to get up at six o’clock tomorrow to go to Fuzhou for a physical examination and take the bus in the past, trying to get the report after the early physical examination at noon, so I may not be able to touch my brain all day, and I will see if I can update another chapter. If not, I will take a day off.
Chapter 15 146 You just want me to be a clothes hanger, right?
"Teacher, do you know how to seduce a man?"
Asked this sentence, Lin Jin’s face is red, just like a monkey’s ass. He twisted uneasily and clenched his hands together.
Teacher Lin looked up at Lin Jin for a few seconds with a strange face. What the hell is that face?
A moment later, she seemed to have figured something out, and the dull look instantly became very happy. "Do you want to seduce a man? This will do! Teacher, I am an expert! "
"Expert?" Jin Lin blushed and swallowed a mouthful of saliva.
Then, in my mind, I imagined that this beautiful teacher lingered in the bar every night and took a Han to the hotel near the bar every night to sing songs.
Lying in the trough seems terrible
"That is! Don’t look at the teacher, I’m out of shape now, and I don’t look very beautiful without much makeup. "Teacher Lin began to brag about his campus experience." You know, when I was a student, half the boys in my class had a crush on me! "
"So powerful?"
"Of course! Although I am a heartthrob, the teacher is still very single-minded. I found a boyfriend in the whole university, and now that boyfriend is already my husband. "Teacher Lin snorted righteously and immediately forgot to go home for dinner to show off his college life to Lin Jin.
"By the way, why are you seducing men?" The teacher suddenly remembered that the student in front of him was a boy, and although he had some younger sisters, he used to be a false mother.
Lin Jin had already thought of an excuse, and her face was flushed with frustration. "I played truth or dare with my roommates yesterday, and I lost. They said they wanted to see me wear women’s clothes and make a fool of the street people."
"Make a fool of yourself?" Miss Lin didn’t quite understand what Lin Jin said.
"Let me wear women’s clothes, and then let the street people be attracted to me, and then let them bump into the door, step on the pit and fall down." Lin Jin put her hands on the desktop and held them tightly for fear that the teacher would not believe his excuse.
"Do you boys also play this game?" Teacher Lin stayed for some time and then suddenly struck the table with his eyes bare and did all the work to ensure that "it’s okay!" Teacher, let me help you! I can definitely dress you up so that those men can’t keep their eyes open for a second! "
Lin Jin suddenly felt as if she were dead.
I must have aroused the interest of this bad taste teacher, right? Does this teacher study how to hook up with men every day, and now she wants him to do an experiment?
"Lin Jin?" Chen Xinya has some doubts and sticks out a head from the office door. "What did you say to the teacher?"
"I have something you should go home first." Lin Jin turned around and gave a hand. "Don’t wait for me."
Lin Jin looked at Chen Xinya’s figure disappearing from the door and turned to look at Miss Lin again.
If Lin Jin didn’t admit that he had been a man for ten years, he would definitely be better at attracting men’s attention than Miss Lin, a woman with more than 20 years’ experience as a woman, so he wouldn’t find this teacher and then fall into her plaything, okay?
"Teacher …" Lin Jin turned and found that Miss Lin was looking at him with eyes that seemed to peel him clean all over.
I was stunned by Miss Lin’s eyes, and Lin Jin swallowed her saliva, and her bewildered eyes looked everywhere.
"Well, if you don’t want to attract men’s attention, either you are particularly beautiful or you have something particularly attractive." Teacher Lin said that even Lin Jin, a man of twenty years, knows things.
"Yeah, yeah," Lin Jin agreed and nodded. "Then what?"
"It is said that even if you wear makeup, you are not very beautiful, at least not as beautiful as the United States, which can highlight some characteristics of your body."
Teacher Lin continued to look at Lin Jin. Because she is a physical education teacher, she wore a suit of sports, which can highlight her figure. * * * * * * See Lin Jin’s eyes keep straight.
She noticed that Lin Jin’s eyes stood unceremoniously on her chest and continued, "Big breasts are the most attractive thing for men to see, just like you now, but you are a man with no breasts at all."
Actually, I am a little bit
Lin Jin was a little dissatisfied and suddenly found out how she would mind the teacher saying that she was flat-chested. !
Just as Lin Jin realized that her thoughts were suddenly messy, Miss Lin continued
"But your ass is up!" The teacher slapped Lin Jin * * * * so scared that Lin Jin jumped aside like a frightened rabbit, but the teacher continued without any intention, "How about a black coat that wraps you up as a dance student?"
"Dance students?"
Lin Jin touched his being patted, and looked up and asked with some numbness and confusion.
"Yes, students who study dance are generally similar to leggings and tight-fitting elastic short sleeves, which can highlight their figure very much." Teacher Lin seems to have imagined that Lin Jin is wearing that tight-fitting dance to practice, hooking up with a man outside, and her mouth is slightly grinning, almost drooling.
"You can’t wear it like that, can you?" Lin Jin has also seen that kind of clothes. Teacher Lin said that some of his classmates practiced dancing in high school. Those dancers usually put on a dress outside, but most of them don’t wear a pair of pants.
Lying in the trough? You can’t let me wear that dress, can you?
"Why can’t you wear it out? Buy a thick point to keep warm. I dress well like me. "
Teacher Lin is wearing sports now. Although the color looks a little old-fashioned, it really highlights her figure.
Lin Jin can’t imagine what she will look like after wearing this kind of exercise … Is it true that her tight-fitting little brother won’t stick out?
"But … but I’m a man …" Lin Jin took two steps back and always felt that the teacher didn’t think about it, just wanted to flirt with him.
"It’s not like you haven’t worn women’s clothes anyway." The teacher shrugged. "I’ll go out and buy it for you if you like."
"But …" Lin Jin retorted with a frown. "What must be practiced in dancing? Can’t you wear tight jeans? "
"That’s right." Teacher Lin nodded to show that Lin Jin said it was reasonable and then shrugged. "But I want to see you dressed like that."
"I knew you were unreliable." Lin Jin sighed deeply. Before that, he was ruddy. Now, after chatting for a long time, his face flushed away gradually.

Goblin warrior’s life just returned!

Goblin warriors used to swallow dozens of pounds of stimulants, but now they are like taking the wrong medicine. When they fall to the ground, their red skin turns blue again.
Burst out several balls of light
A huge aura came out, and nearly half of it fell on Zhang Xiaoqiang, and a small part fell on the last blow. Hang Yushen, Angelnan and Zhao got a little scrap.
Reiki flooded into the body instantly.
A critical point has been broken.
Hang Yu felt that a force broke out from the outside, and all aspects of attributes rose.
It has been upgraded!
Hang Yu quickly checked the information.
Warrior level 2
Vitality 15
Spirit 12
Reiki /15
[Memory of the Great Sage] Exclusive innate skills With the wisdom of the Great Sage, the speed of practicing skills will be greatly increased.
Hang Yu received a lot of reiki all the way to hunt Goblin and killed the elite Goblin. Now she has finally successfully upgraded.
From the change of personal attributes, the maximum vitality increased by 5 points, and the maximum mental strength increased by 2 points.
And this is a visible dominant attribute. In fact, everyone has a hidden attribute.
Such as strength, agility, physique, spirit, will, consciousness, resistance and so on.
These attributes will increase as the level rises.
So Hangyu has become stronger in all aspects.
"Great God, great God, look!" Angelnan shouted with joy, "This monster has exploded a lot!"
Goblin broke out many things, but everyone held back and did not move.
They wait for Hang Yu to come and check it out.
Chapter 9 A bumper harvest
Goblin Warriors, Goblin Low-rank Warlocks and Goblin Low-rank Priests all burst out with five balls of light.
Four are gray and one is white.
The color of spiritual objects symbolizes rank gray, which is common, white, excellent, green, rare, blue, overlord, purple, king, silver, epic and gold, which means that mythical artifacts are not fixed.
Each stage has different stages.
Can directly reflect the brightness of the object.
for example
Gray objects have three states: dark gray, light gray and bright gray.
White objects have three states: dark white, light white and bright white.
The quality of the three states corresponding to the intermediate level is different even if the order is the same.
If the color of a piece of equipment is dark gray, it can be judged that the equipment is either old and incomplete or seriously worn, which leads to a significant decline in attributes or effects, and the quality of gray equipment is the worst.
Hang Yu was pleasantly surprised to find that five light balls were not dark gray, and one was bright white except one was light gray and two were bright gray.
Is lying in the trough so lucky?
The first time I killed the elite monster, I was still a bronze elite. Did it just come out in white?
Hang Yu quickly checked the information of five objects and was displayed in turn.
【 Goblin Priest Robe 】 Level 1 Gray Intermediate Physical Defense +1 Spirit +1 Durability (it takes four gray SPAR to bring it back to this world)
【 Goblin Sorcerer’s Staff 】 Level 1 Gray Intermediate Physical Attack +1 Spell Attack +1 Durability 1 (it takes four gray SPAR to bring it back to this world)
【 Excellent Goblin Boots 】 Level 1: Gray movement speed +1: Durability 1 (it takes a gray spar to bring it back to this world)
【 Excellent Goblin Mace 】 Level 1 Gray Physical Attack +3 Physical Fitness +1 (it takes a gray spar to bring it back to this world)
【 Goblin Warrior Call Scroll 】 Level 1 White quality consumes 1 point of spirit to summon a Goblin Warrior Call creature. The longest duration is 5 minutes, and the remaining times are 3/3 (it takes 3 white spar to bring it back to this world).
Hangyu is white equipment, but I didn’t expect it to be a pole prop
It is also a very good thing that the summoning scroll can summon the mighty Goblin warriors three times!

At the same time, the three princesses’ pointed nails hit their faces. Although they didn’t have swords, their nails were sharp and suddenly they were covered with blood.

At first, the advantage gradually receded, and the guards suddenly became bitter.
But dare not die. Hands can make a lot of women bite.
A woman kicks a bodyguard’s crotch.
"Uh-oh!" The bodyguard collapsed in pain, clutching his crotch.
A group of women are not strong enough, but they are more fierce than the fierce fighting. It didn’t take long for a group of guards to be torn off and cut out a lot of nails and blood, but they didn’t dare to resist too much.
Women don’t fight, but they hate it more than men.
At that time, the scene was almost one-sided.
Most people opened their mouths to show disbelief at the banquet.
"How is it possible? How can you losers get up and beat them!" Fu Cha surprised anger than shouted.
It’s already happened when the guards in the distance heard it. Who will get up and fight at this time? Let the princesses vent their anger and don’t think about me.
Chapter 45 Don’t string
"Get up!" Fu Cha roared.
On Fu Cha’s shouting that all the guards are curled up with their heads at the moment with a group of female soldiers kicking and biting, and the clothes have been torn to reveal a large piece of back meat.
The nails were dug with blood stains, but after all, the power of female soldiers was limited, and although there was injury, it was almost a skin injury
"I want you to hit me, I want you to hit me and kick you to death!" A princess kept kicking a soldier to vent.
Nine women beat a bodyguard to death.
Almost all military commanders opened their mouths at the banquet, and they were all a little confused.
"How did that happen? Those female soldiers don’t have much strength. That strength is just like tickling. Are these guards useless? "
"Can this be lost?"
"Too guards too fragile?"
The ministers talked about it in succession.
It’s too much to talk about how to shout to awaken the fighting spirit of all the guards. It’s unbelievable with a blank face.
Even the prince of Wu’s eyes are vacant at the moment.
My own princess, the prince of Wu, knows best that they are as weak as quails, and their strength is even more fragile. But this group of quails beat a group of guards so miserably and humanely?
Wu Xu’s eyes flashed with surprises. Looking at Jiang Tai’s heart, he kept thinking that it was good to recruit Jiang Tai. Wu added a weight to the war against Chu.
While sun Wu is light in the wind and light in the clouds. Obviously, he has long known the result.
"How did this happen?" Fu Cha face vacant way
Those guards were hand-picked by themselves, but now they are torn by a group of vulnerable female soldiers.
"It’s too close, isn’t it?" Jiang tai laughed
Fu Cha’s eyelids jumped wildly and his face was hard to see. "You are cheating!"
Fu Cha!’ The prince’s face sank to stop Fu Cha.
Jiang Tai stared at Fu Cha and said, "Are you really humorous?"
"eh?" Fu Cha face a stiff all is also a vacant.

"Jian Tian has always attached great importance to grievances." Fu Xijin continued to sneer. "I used to be kind to him, so he still regarded my friend even though I was a Western Emperor. However, the Taiji Emperor robbed his wife. Do you think he would willingly become a Western Emperor?"

The wind soul has been completely shocked
He originally suspected that the dangerous messenger’s practice of plotting against Wang Miao was mostly inspired by the Western Emperor, but now it seems that there is obviously another reason for practicing heaven, that is, the messenger of the seven nights in the Arctic, an ordinary fairy god’s affirmation method, bought him off
Although Wang Miao thinks that if he dies, he will benefit directly from Sun Lingxiu and her heavenly way, even if Sun Lingxiu is a real queen, will he still want her to give him an official position?
In fact, he had a chance to ask Sun Lingxiu a clear question about this matter. Unfortunately, he didn’t like to ask others’ privacy very much. Besides, Wang Miao thought that he had nothing to do, but he died, so he wouldn’t be at ease. Now it seems that Sun Lingxiu’s practice of heaven and the Western Emperor are really confusing and elusive.
Fu Xijin already knows that the wind soul is lying to him if he is not angry? And XuanYuan brick since this little hands so practice talent is run.
He suddenly raised his chopping axe.
The wind soul turned and ran first.
Fu Xijin was even more furious, but he couldn’t beat his escape, but it was not bad, which made Fu Xijin dizzy.
Fu Xijin was impatient with the chase, and his figure suddenly became bigger and bigger, and he had indomitable spirit. The axe conjured up several shadows and went straight to the wind soul, and the wind soul was a place to escape, so he could scold him for his disadvantages, but he didn’t know it was so good at the moment.
At this moment, a red light swept from a distance and crashed into the shadow of the axe, followed by a loud bang, a violent wind and a few water columns.
Fuxijin was surprised and retreated a few steps, only to see that there was a girl in red in front of the wind-proof soul.
This young girl is naturally Xue Honglian. She blocked the purple gauze sword in front of the master. It turned out that Fu Xijin’s potential energy was abruptly connected to the axe shadow. Her lunar sword tactic was cold and extreme, and there was a cold overflow. The splashing waves inexplicably condensed into icicles and fell into the sea one by one.
The wind soul never dreamed that this beautiful woman could pick up the Arctic God of War with such a strong axe. Although she was still in the red dress, she trembled slightly and knew that she was barely picked up, so she quickly took her and hid away in the distance.
Fuxijin just didn’t expect that his axe would be dazed by a little girl. At this time, when he saw the wind soul and wanted to escape, he quickly continued to chase him. He knew that the wind soul was slick and swept the axe shadow while chasing it, which made the wind soul escape very badly.
The wind soul knew that the situation was not good and secretly called it bad. Fortunately, when the red line was red, he recovered his breath and called "Master, hold me tight."
The wind soul quickly hugged her from behind.
Fu Xijin thought he had trapped them, but the axe shadow flashed red and Xue Honglian ran away like a disease with the wind.
Fu Xijin saw that the girl who suddenly appeared could not only meet him with an axe and a sword, but also was incredibly fast. He couldn’t help but be surprised. Although he was catching up with the mountain axe, he could reach hundreds of feet with his huge step, but he could not catch up with it.
Just when he had to give up, the red light in front suddenly stopped and fell straight.
The wind soul also got a fright. The red line flew well. Why did it suddenly get out of control? He was worried that the red line was injured in the blow just now and quickly asked, "What happened to the red line?"
Xue Honglian wanted to control the sword, but he was shy and flustered. Instead, he fell faster and faster, shrinking his body and shyly saying, "Master, if you hug me like this, I can’t get up quickly."
The wind soul realized that she bypassed her hands from the red line and just crossed her chest.
It’s a good thing that she didn’t wake up. When she woke up, the wind soul felt that the tentacles were soft, and it was so wonderful that she couldn’t help but knead a red line. A girl who has grown up since she was touched by Master can clearly feel the bumps on her chest and the sliding in Master’s hands. Is it shameful? It happened that the enemy was getting closer and closer, and she was afraid to throw Master away and try to control the sword.
Feng Soul encouraged, "Come on, disciple, you should know that people who cultivate immortals should persist even if they encounter great setbacks. You should regard this as a small attempt to practice the unity of mind and sword and not be disturbed by external factors …"
Red line airway "Master, if you touch me while talking again, I will kick you out."
Fu Xijin chased after him and saw the red light in front of him. When he was about to chase, the other horse fled away again. When he wanted to give up the other party, he shook it up again. His wind spirit treated him like a monkey and was even more angry. He simply threw the chopping axe at them.
The red line of the wind and soul found the situation dangerous, and quickly offered a brick of Xuanyuan and a sword of purple gauze. Qi Xin joined forces to stop Fu Xijin’s axe. All three were magic weapons of the fairy family, and immediately the strength was crazy and the waves splashed, even the moonlight was dark.
When the wind blows away, Xi Jin takes back the axe, and when he sees the red light in the sky, it is obvious that the master and the apprentice have escaped and disappeared.
The foot is a small island, and the face of the island is extremely ugly
At this time, a black dragon came out of the sea and circled around Fu Xijin’s head, then fell down and became a young man in a black fur coat.
This young man is the wind soul who once saw a dragon in the South China Sea.
Mrs. Long of Nanhai bowed to Fu Xijin and asked doubtfully, "What happened to the general just now?"
FuXiJin cold hum a don’t want to let ao often know that called wind soul small unexpectedly escaped from his hand again he looked at ao often way "why are you still here? I asked you to do things well? "
Ao often hurriedly said, "General, you can rest assured that everything has been arranged. The witty girl is still secretly helped by the South China Sea Dragon, but I don’t know that we have got in touch with Emperor Wu of Song. Tonight, we will remove the fog and help Emperor Wu of Song to catch her all."
Fu Xijin said, "Sun Lingxiu and those sorcerers around her are of no value to us. The Emperor Tai Chi doesn’t want people to know that he has had contact with these people. You must remove everyone from their department."
Ao often hesitates to tunnel "those ordinary believers are easy to handle, but daoist magic, a clever girl, will be trapped if her heart wants to escape."
"Don’t worry about that woman," Fu Xijin said coldly. "Then someone will give her head to the Emperor. You should send your Nanhai aquarium to guard the surrounding area and don’t let others slip through the net. And don’t let anyone know what you did tonight."
Ao Chang hurriedly ordered that he was forced to obey the orders of the Western Emperor. He really hoped that the Arctic God of War would be clean, and even if Fu Xijin didn’t tell him, he wouldn’t dare to let people know that they were involved in the private affairs of the South China Sea clan and the Tai Chi Emperor.
Fu xijin, if you can’t see ao Chang’s mind? He sneered, "If you South China Sea dragons are single-minded towards the emperor’s position, there will be benefits for you when the Western Emperor ascended the throne in the future. If you are half-hearted, the two ends of the snake rat provoke the emperor’s position to get angry, so be careful that you can’t even stay in the South China Sea."
Ao Chang hurriedly bowed his head and said he didn’t dare.
Fuxijin jumped away again with a snort.
It was not until Fu Xijin went to Yuanao that she wiped her head with a cold sweat and sighed bitterly.
When ao Chang also went far away, he took his beautiful female disciple out of a boulder with a flash of wind. Just now, he had an illusion and pretended to escape, but he hid himself with a red line. Unexpectedly, he overheard Fu Xijin’s words.
I don’t think much about it, but he also knows that Sun Lingxiu is in danger tonight. This is the dragon territory in the South China Sea. If Aochang and his soldiers and crabs will secretly betray Sun Lingxiu, I’m afraid that Sun Lingxiu and her people are really one and don’t want to escape.
After all, the wind soul strolled a few steps, worried about Sun Lingxiu. Maybe Sun Lingxiu really wanted to be altruistic last night, but no matter what, he ignored Sun Lingxiu when he was in danger. He turned to look at the beautiful girl around him. "Red line …"
Xue Honglian covered her chest and jumped far away
Hey, don’t treat your master like a goat! Feng Soul coughed a dry cough. "That disciple didn’t mean to touch you just now … well, you have to believe me when I meet you on purpose!"
The red line lowered its head. "Master … you are not allowed to do this again."
"Okay, no"
"Don’t touch me again on purpose."
"Well, don’t touch it on purpose … but what if it wasn’t intentional?"
"If it wasn’t intentional," Xue Honglian blushed and looked at it. "That, that’s nothing!"
The wind and soul are pounding very fast.

Belong to is born in Rome, Wang Ting and king!

There are no elders’ homes that dare to get in the way.
After all, those foes in Olga dare not even fart in the face of them, and one dares to kneel as a dog.
Let them promote themselves to the level of Abyss Lord …
How to say this thing …
What happens if you don’t lose first
Even if it is really successful.
It doesn’t make any sense to look at it horizontally and vertically …
It’s like being the legal heir of the world’s richest man, and it’s very popular. Suddenly, I want to be self-reliant, and I have to risk being kidnapped in the mountains and rivers, and then it takes me decades to finally make my company bigger and stronger. The monthly net profit has successfully reached the level of spending ten thousandths of my previous monthly income.
Put it here to play with snakes?
Call on Olga’s side
[Immortality] must be far stronger than normal [Abyss Lord Level]
Unless Olga wants to
Otherwise, even the Abyss Blood Battlefield will pull them away.
I’m afraid that the only practical significance of the whole thing for Ortega’s descendants is that the independent promoters have some necessary preconditions for the promotion [Abyss King].
Chapter 176 【 scale thick soup chain 】
"I haven’t seen you for many years, but now it seems that you are doing well after leaving your hometown?"
This is a short greeting, which comes suddenly and without warning.
Shaozheng feeding genus [Naiguan] has not been induced before.
But the familiar voice tone and the sudden appearance of obscure breath … that terrible feeling.
Let his body immediately froze and the company commander had a big mouth, pustules and a big belly, and the greasy fat could not help but shake it.
It’s a little long silence
The poor quantity field is flowing quickly in my mind.
But because I didn’t know what to say.
[nano-scale] At that time, the brain CPU actually crashed slightly.
It makes Olga, who waited for a while but didn’t get a response, a little puzzling.
"Fat boy, say something?"
"Believe it or not, I’ll give you a flash of five whips? ?”
Hear "dirt" fell silent again.
Speak rudely’
Meaning is hard to threaten’
The smell is still very strong. It’s really that bad guy …’
Sip your mouth, rotten meat
Will be his lips are sipped to chew after chewing, dirt 】 【 finally turned to look at the ORR Fu and feeling the other side sends out a sense of oppression suddenly can’t help but sigh with emotion.
"I haven’t seen you for years."
"It seems that you have crossed that step …"
Although more or less a little sigh with emotion
But he was not too surprised by Olga’s promotion [Abyss King].
Because when Olga discussed cooking in Asia, he knew what kind of personality Olga was.
Like to die
A guy who is not afraid of risks for the benefit.
Whether it’s being killed halfway.
Or did the failure of promotion lead to death
Or is it a smooth promotion to the top and everything?
【 Na scale 】 but won’t be surprised.
The other party really dares to make trouble.
The kind where you risk your life to do things.
And no one will seek to usurp the throne anywhere.
These good virtues are beyond his compare.
And those guys who used to rob food saw that their boss stopped moving and looked a little serious. Someone suddenly appeared and communicated, and soon they all died down, so they stopped making all kinds of noises and silently watched.
[Nano-scale] Some old cadres who lived for a long time were alive when the [Hammer Plane] was still alive, and the [Nano-scale Devil] quickly recalled who the guy was communicating with [Nano-scale], and his eyes widened involuntarily.
[Metamorphosis Master]?’
And the in the mind is not white [multiverse] so big Olga is found.
Old department
They all clearly remember how fast it was when [Nai Dirt] was playing …
A hammer plane 】 【 that immediately turned and ran.

Don’t look back at that!
Olga’s being able to find the door will never be "Na Dirt" taking the initiative to do things.
"That’s right, there’s no white kung fu at last."
And after admitting that he has reached the peak,

"Shoot me. Dare you shoot me?" XingHao expression crazy ferocious looked down at Ma Laoer shouted "do you fucking know who I am? Huh? !”

"Bang bang!"
Punishment Hao raised the spray gun and slammed the horse’s second face in a row.
"If I hadn’t caught the old horse, would you still be alive now? Huh? !”
"Bang bang!"
"Fuck you, you rotten bastards, maggots in the ninth-rate living shed, can you fight with me to grab my job?"
"Bang bang!"
After more than a dozen consecutive slams, Ma Laoer’s nose bone sagged, his teeth collapsed and his mouth gaped, and there was no one left.
Xing Hao gasped and stared at his eyes with a gun and shouted, "Look up, you look up."
Ma Laoer looked up callously. "… I lost … I have nothing to say … but sooner or later you will die in our hands."
"Ha ha what did you say?" Xing bold step before his hands held high the butt of the gun to Ma Laoer’s crown and shouted, "Do you want to kill me? Fuck you, if you’re always gone, half the people in Tuzha Street will follow me into the coffin. In a word, the nine districts will stop taking drugs 40% immediately. Who dares to kill me? Do you dare to ask the mayor of Fengbei? !”
Outside the iron fence, a figure who had stopped for at least three or four seconds suddenly suddenly burst up and rushed over with a gun. The sound was deafening and shouted, "Fuck your mother, I dare to kill you! !”
Xing Haowen turned around.
An old face blinked to the muzzle. wait for a while raised three meters away and aimed at Xinghao’s head.
"You his mama …? !” XingHao leng back two steps can be an old fashioned gun.
"I am Songjiang old horse, and I dare to kill you."
Shout for a long time echoed with the trigger of the construction site.
Three days later, Xing Hao stepped back again and fell on his back.
Uncle Ma’s body is bent, his right hand is holding a gun, and his left hand is fluttering. His iconic worn-out military coat shows his waist and a row of tubes. He said with an expression, "Now young people can really brag. B I am still this age, but are you your mother’s husband and young master?" ! Who will come to you and play with you? "
The words sound just fell outside the hospital and there was a burst of footsteps again. Old cats and others flocked in with guns and shouted "Don’t move."
The crowd finally Qin Yu rushed in and looked down at Xing Shao, who had just been killed.
Chapter one hundred Ma Shu Don’t panic and slow down.
construction site
The simplest and most direct way to kill Ma Shu is to subdue all the foes across the street, plus that one who is not very popular. Xing Shao has been killed by three shots. The guy opposite the base didn’t resist, and the old cat Qi and others rushed in and released the gun.
Qin Yu glanced at the construction site and immediately turned around and looked out. When he saw a car driving at a high speed in the distance, he immediately turned around and ordered, "Let’s go first."
Ma Laoer stayed in the crowd. wait for a while looked at his rickety figure and said nothing to his uncle.
Old horse mouth twitched and looked at the dead little six bent down to help Liu Shu without saying a word.
"Help people up quickly," the old cat beckoned with a wave.
When they heard that they had lifted the body of Ma Er Xiao Liu and turned to run to the rear of the construction site, Qin Yu immediately shouted, "Take Xing Hao’s body with his messenger."
The old cat stared back. "Why take them when people are dead?"
"Don’t dawdle and do whatever you are told."
"Can’t the car sit?"
"You Cheqi, you take two more people and we run to the left." Qin Yu quickly ordered, "Ten meters and one gun lead the remaining people across the street. Come on."
The old horse was silent for a long time and turned and responded, "Listen to Xiaoyu."
Everyone listens and does it.
After a few seconds, the star gun sounded at the construction site, and the troubled stablehand who had lost contact with XingHao chased them up.
In two minutes, Qin Yu took Qi, tens of thousands of square meters of them, turned around twice, and then put on his coat instead of leaving the gun.
The old horse is silent.
Ma Laoer was unconscious, raised his arm and grabbed his uncle’s thigh.
After two people were silent for a long time, Ma Laoer broke down and said with tears, "Uncle … I was wrong … I killed Xiao Liuhe and Mao … You said nothing to me … nothing."
The old horse bowed his head and grabbed Liu Shu and Ma Laoer’s wrist sounds respectively, and still calmly replied, "You can’t always point at me at my age."
Ma Laoer cried bitterly when he heard this.
In the middle of the night, serve the wasteland in the suburbs of North China.
Qin Yu bowed his head and smoked cigarettes with the old horse next to Zita Law’s shell.
After two people were relatively silent for a long time, the old horse looked up and said, "Xiaoyu, I still can’t get up for so long. Uncle is quite ashamed of you."
Qin Yu frowned at this and replied, "Uncle, you shouldn’t kill Xing Hao."
"If I don’t kill him, the opposite person won’t be shot again, and those troubled stablehands will be able to walk away as soon as they come after us." Old Ma Yin responded smoothly.
Qin Yu sighed and nodded his head.
"Don’t worry that Xing Hao is dead, but things will fall off his horse. No matter how much noise is made outside, Uncle won’t pit you kids." The old horse replied in a low voice, "You and the old cat Qi will go soon."
Qin Yu took a puff at his cigarette. "What are you going to do?"
"To tell the truth, I haven’t thought about it," the old horse nodded. "But at present, let the second uncle leave the SAR first. It’s up to you whether you can leave or not."
"What about you?"
"I just didn’t have to have no dirt street." The old horse replied without hesitation, "The old man and the young man won it for me. I can’t finally run away with a fake drug name on my back … I can’t wash it clean. Even if I confess, I will let the dirt street people sentence me."

"By that time, if he doesn’t come to us, we will go to him, and we will congratulate him and cheer him on his pride and pride."

After these words, several people left the restaurant with boss Chen, and I don’t know where to go for a drink, and Sister Yu heard that there were also these.
Chapter three hundred and sixteen Will win
"Does that mean that Li Qi’s gang are not going to see me now?"
"They hope to see me again when I win the elite group championship of Jingwu Tianshen League, don’t they?"
There is a little anger in the words. Although they are old friends, there are still some words to think that these guys should promote their enterprise in this way.
"Well, it seems that your opponents are different in the semi-finals and finals of Jingwu Tianshen League this year."
"I know that whoever tries to stop me is my enemy."
Because I didn’t see Li Qi and others, I was a little angry, and I left without waiting for Yu Jie to finish talking and talk to Yu Jie.
And watching Fang want to leave the back Yu Jie is also worried.
"Party less … I want to say Wei less. They said that this time your opponent in the elite group of Jingwu Tianshen League had a low chance of winning after you met him …"
Because I didn’t see what Li Qi and others thought, I returned directly from the Bund to Fudan University.
And this time Han Xuanxuan, love tired heart and bare, and Ruoshui are all ready to go.
Watching Fang want to come back is like discovering a new continent.
"Ah? Before Fang thought, didn’t you say let’s go to Shenzhen first and you’ll meet the old teammates of the new urk? "
Han Xuanxuan curious to ask.
And after hearing Han Xuanxuan’s words, I think it’s also Nai Tan Tan’s hand
"I intend to come here, but people don’t see me and let people say that they won’t see me until I win the elite group championship of Jingwu Tianshen League."
"Hey, you said that this kind of conditional, why do they want to come out? If it is not the same as the third time in the fourth time, it is not stable to deal with our championship?"
In the words, self-confidence is also revealed.
At this time, Han Xuanxuan looked at each other for a few times, and his eyes were full of deep worries, but no one said what he wanted to say in his heart. They didn’t want to add trouble to Fang Xiang at this time.
Moreover, that information was obtained only after data analysis and comparison. It does not mean that in the semi-finals and finals, if Fang thinks that they meet the flu team, it must not be the opponent’s heart that comforts him so much. After that, Han Xuanxuan and others decide not to tell this matter to Fang for the time being, saving the influence party’s confidence and state.
It is also this time that Fang wants to look around.
"Ah? Where’s Brother Ending? Won’t Brother Ending go to Shenzhen with us? "
Hear Fang Xiang Han Xuanxuan smiled.
"You shouldn’t have forgotten to come to the end and negotiate things with the official Fantasy Westward Journey, right? He simply won’t come back because he wants to participate in the Jingwu Tianshen League. "
"It’s time for the host to stay in the hotel and wait for us."
When I heard Han Xuanxuan’s words, I thought it was "Oh"-he naturally knew that today’s Fantasy Westward Journey could make such a great leap forward, except for his own credit yesterday, and it was the most critical factor to wait for someone to negotiate with the official side of Fantasy Westward Journey.
No matter Fang Xiang or all the dream friends now, the official people on the Journey to the West are a group of vampires, and no one thought that the official would make such concessions.
Including Fang Xiang, he doesn’t know how the old urk predecessors made the official side compromise.
Laughing and a group of people have already packed up. Although the dreamer team members are not short of money, they rarely go to other cities, let alone to the game venue. Everyone also decided to arrive in Shenzhen two days early and then play and compete in Shenzhen.
Soon Fang Xiang, Han Xuanxuan, Guangguang, Ruoshui and Love were tired and lazy, and Xiaotian and wangyi and his party came to Modu Airport.
Because Han Xuanxuan didn’t buy tickets for Fang before, Fang wanted to buy them at the airport temporarily, but because these guys are not simple roles, even adding a seat in the first class is not a problem
Modu takes about two hours to fly to Shenzhen.
When a group of people arrived at the airport, they thought they suddenly received a message.
See the phone to display the name of the party want to slightly one leng, and then said good morning to Han Xuanxuan and others want to go to the edge to pick up the words.
"Zhang Peihao?"
Fang Xiang tentatively asked, "Your ex-boyfriend" is the comment displayed on the mobile phone, and your ex-boyfriend’s real name is Zhang Peihao. Fang Xiang wanted to directly address the other person’s real name.
"Well, captain, I didn’t expect you to have such a good memory. I told you once and you will remember it."
I want to smile when I hear Zhang Peihao’s words.
"Of course I have a good memory."
"By the way, what is it that you call me? I’m going to Shenzhen to participate in the semi-finals and finals of Jingwu Tianshen League. "
When the Dreamer Team was first built, the team members thought that they had a good feeling for Zhang Peihao and others, because at that time, everyone didn’t know who they were, and these people didn’t doubt themselves. If it wasn’t for the fact that the hardware was really poor, it wouldn’t be the arry team but their dreamer team that won the elite cup final.
And hear Fang Xiang words Zhang Peihao also explained
"Well, captain, I’m here with Sunset in Shenzhen. Speaking of which, you still don’t believe it. Sunset and I are in the same county, and then there’s just nothing going on recently. We bought tickets for this Jingwu Tianshen League and will go to the scene to cheer you up."
When I heard Zhang Peihao, I thought there was another person in my head.
Sunset …
"Xie Zhao?"
"You two are really thoughtful."
Think of your ex-boyfriend and Sunset, the dreamer team, who followed their dream friends when they were first built, with a gentle smile on their faces.

Phoenix flies and soars, and the four seas seek to burn.

Naijiaren is not in the east wall
Talk about the piano and talk about it.
When I see Xu Xi, I feel embarrassed.
Willing to match words with virtues and join hands with generals.
I can’t fly to make me fall. "
She looked amazing after reading the joke. Well, he looked amazing. Wondering if he was surprised or scared?
It’s like going through an experience and a half-ring before I stare at her in disbelief and ask, "Are you expecting me to do this?" A day without thinking like crazy? Can’t fly together and make me perish? "
Warm "…"
How narcissistic is this bear child?
Magic fierce strike table ashamed and awe-inspiring way "you die that heart, no way! I’d rather die than be sick. Do that! "
Warm forehead
Liu Bo’s face is a little embarrassed, so emotional intelligence won’t leave a psychological shadow on the young lady, will it? But why does he feel that this poem is a portrayal of the future of Sangong?
Please don’t make too much noise when the time comes.
"Hey, do you understand? What’s your expression? "
Warm sigh "I can’t understand it any more, mistress. It seems that you are suitable for writing this kind!"
"What?" Intuition is not very good!
The question is warm. What do you think mistress is suitable for?
A romance novel b fairy tale martial arts novel d teasing paragraph
Girls are actively participating!
Every day, I repeat the No.1 frame, and I beg for it.
☆, Chapter 60 Old people don’t serve.
Warm sigh "I can’t understand it any more, mistress. It seems that you are suitable for writing this kind!"
"What?" Intuition is not very good!
Sure enough!
Magically listening to her Gherardini said, "Once upon a time, the water was so blue like the most beautiful cornflower petals in the distance of the sea, and at the same time it was so clear like the brightest glass …" Although he frowned, he didn’t know what she was going to say, but listening to the coaxing tone, he was sure that it would run him more than those poems that lashed him!
The more he listened, the tighter his frown became. Even Liu Bo’s facial expression was always single, but he was puzzled. However, he listened to the magical mood ups and downs with relish, such as the sea in her story. When she talked about that paragraph, "Her skin is bright and tender like rose petals, her eyes are blue and the deepest lake, but like other princesses, she has no legs, and her body is a fish tail …", the magic broke out irrepressibly.
It’s amazing to look at him warmly. The reaction to the story is so different. When she went to the orphanage to tell the children, people were all crazy. How could he bear it and fly into a rage?
"What the hell are you talking about?"
Warm and leisurely way "story"
"What story is so Hu said? How can there be people at the bottom of the sea? Give a man a fishtail? How do they breathe? How to speak? " Amazing, aggressive, unacceptable
Warm so don’t understand "hey? Shouldn’t you be curious about when the mermaid can land? "
Isn’t it more appropriate for him to ask such a childish question?
Magic leng for a while didn’t understand the meaning of a run in her words, but the brain hole went to another layer and then his face changed. "You tell this fairy tale to coax the old man to sleep, don’t you?" Are you always so easily confused? Even if you fall asleep, you will never succeed if you are crazy! "
This time it’s warm and stupid. What is the logic of this bear child?
"Hey, did you hear me?" Magic suddenly yelled again, which made it a little complicated. He was flustered and guilty. Is he a ghost? Otherwise, what makes her heart beat faster?
Warm nod "I heard that, but I have to correct that this is not a fairy tale, it is a fairy tale!" "
Fairy tales are suitable for preschool children to listen to. Well, of course, they can also be used as bedtime stories to help them sleep.
"Well, this is the most suitable one for you. It’s innocent and interesting. Write it quickly."
Magical shortness of breath, angry stare at her for half a ring and suddenly throw a sentence "I’m tired of serving!" " Turn around and go.
Liu Bo stretched out his arm and stopped him.
Magical dissatisfaction growled "Liu Bo humiliated me!"
Liu Bo’s expression said, "Sangong misunderstood Shaofu. This is … special love for you."
"You …"
Warmly, I almost burst into laughter when I heard that special love. "Is Liu Bo right or do you actually prefer inspirational poems with whipping significance?" Still touching tenderness … "
Magic suddenly turned his head and interrupted, "Old people don’t like those!"
Warm stand hand "that’s all right" sound jokingly asked "or do you like that kind of arty? Does your second brother seem to be better at it? Your temperament … "
"Old no!"

What is command? What is the significance of commanding? A hundred people may get a hundred answers, but at least we can’t bring the fleet to death, can we? Since you have the responsibility to control, you have to shoulder this burden and try your best to avoid risks. But what about Tyrande? Foolish was led by the nose and ended up in a trap.

Actually, if Sikkim didn’t hear the horn, Lin Sisuo didn’t know that this change would happen. Everyone underestimated the importance of the moon-moon mother prominence, and it was beyond imagination that the mother emperor resolutely mobilized so many zerg.
Lin Sisuo thinks that it is only a part of the strength of the Elf fleet that the war zone is dealing with the Zerg territory. With the help of the shield defense, it depends on the specific situation whether to deal with the prominence or not. If the prominence is too strong, it will never hit the stone and find a wormhole from other star fields to return to the public area. It is the most important thing.
Seeing that the shadow of the starlight worm buried 20 thousand star cruise ships, suddenly two thousand star cruise ships rushed to display their skills, and rhinoceros rodents were still the main targets of killing.
At the same time, these star cruise ships broke out in his direction, and they also had mobile turrets, which were much more than those that had just been built and had not devoured the Zerg Jingxie Worm Turrets. Plus, they played tens of thousands of destruction bombs like free money, and the massive insect shadows that covered the starlight showed signs of melting.
Tyrande couldn’t help but breathe a sigh of relief. Obviously, these human captains have reservations. Now the fighting capacity is the real strength. Maybe some people continue to hide the means, but he has tried hundreds of elf ships. Isn’t that the case? Always leave some tricks to save your life.
The wormhole still spews out the shadow of the worm. After ten hours, the Yan magic worm has been killed and wounded, and the antlers have spewed out again. This time, the pressure mixed with different types of zerg has further increased.
The number of zerg is so large that Tyrande has tasted the zerg badly. The fleet suffered casualties. Seventy star cruise ships collapsed, and the number of casualties rose slowly. The missile consumption was crazy. This battle is not easy to fight!
Volume 21 fighters star! Cloud nuclear Chapter 1243 A gamble
"Oh my God! A lot of zerg. Are those elf fleets? Many elite star cruise ships will block the wormhole and spew out the shadow of insects, and how long will they last? " Grace looked up at the screen.
About half a light away from the battlefield, there are six ship shadows parked in the darkness. They pretend to be pumice and glide slowly by the gravity of distant stars, but the real purpose is to observe from a distance.
Gruss was also attracted by the screen images and nodded and said, "It’s really a question. How long can these elf fleets last? And this rambling zerg number? It seems that the mentor plan has been successful and very successful. We will continue to observe and see the situation, and send a boat back to inform the main fleet to prepare. "
"Hee hee to prepare? Do you want to fish in troubled waters? " Grace Zhan Yan smiled. She has grown a lot in the past six months. She is already a slim and beautiful woman, or she should be called beauty adjutant.
"More than that? Touch the big fish if you want. Our discoverer fleet is not interested in small shrimps. "gruss burst out laughing. After this period of super exercise and drug strengthening, he is gradually growing into a bruiser.
"You two brother and sister are very happy! However, it is overlooked that these ships are not like elves except for more than 100 ships in important positions. In my opinion, they are likely to come from human forces. Don’t forget that Jakkula, the head of the Blood-soaked Adventure Group, wanted to join the elves. I don’t know how that guy is now. Try to think about it. What would you do if you were in the position of a mentor? " Next to someone interjected
"Yi morning is good! Know how to empathize? If the instructor knows this situation, he will definitely secretly arrange to swallow both the Zerg and the enemy fleet, regardless of whether these star cruises are from human forces or not. Since they are willing to be led by the Elves, they are all dead. The only difficulty is who is better than the Zerg and the Elves. "
Nie Chen slightly pondered and said, "I think the Zerg’s offensive is beyond imagination. These 20,000 ships may not be able to withstand the wormhole, and the momentum is extremely fierce. It is very likely that the mother emperor Prometheus of the main era came to visit in person. Assuming that these star cruise ships suffered heavy losses and had to disperse and retreat, that was the trouble. It is not difficult to see from their fighting that their roots don’t have much tacit understanding, and the double helix array has been motionless. It is too difficult for the president of the fleet to win this hard battle. I believe that the mentor will not act rashly. If the Zerg still have considerable strength after
"Look, the fleet has changed." Grace exclaimed and interrupted Nie Chen’s words.
Unusual changes have indeed taken place in the distant fleet. Tyrande, after all, is an elf spirit commander. Many years ago, he came to the out-of-bounds galaxy to wander, and even entered the Zerg crazy attack that the Dark Dominion was struggling to hone his will to fight. He was not intimidated, but quickly outlined a new attack formation.
Wormholes are always spewing in one direction, just like a high-pressure oil well. The double helix array is formed along the spewing direction of the worm shadow, and the resultant force will be annihilated in the process of the worm shadow rising. But now the situation is different. There are also many zerg outside the double helix array, and there are more than 10 million worm tides. It is different from dying according to the double helix array.
The situation forced this crisis to force the fleet to change. Tyrande knew that it was not good to maintain the double helix array. Instead, he would gather together to form a loose spherical array and launch different attacks in all directions
Even if the wormhole spewing can’t be blocked, it’s not as important as before. There are so many zerg around, one is to kill two, the other is to kill three, and only by forming a fist can we better meet.
The double helix array began to rotate, but it quickly condensed together instead of circling. When nearly 20,000 star cruise ships hung in the wormhole to form a fluffy "big ball", the ship’s shadow tried to fire a few shots and hurriedly selected the right position, so it was afraid to move. Everyone hung at the point and fired shots through the gap between the ships.
It is very complicated to make nearly 20 thousand star cruise ships transport in a fixed mode, and it is necessary to arrange the trajectory of each ship, otherwise it is easy for our own people to beat our own people
It’s a pity that Tyrande doesn’t have the time to play with this huge fleet, and he can arrange his troops according to the simplest mode, or he wants to keep changing.
It would be more suitable for the general small fleet to run naturally in a spherical array, but now these 20 thousand star cruise ships are spectacular, and even if they stop at a fixed point, they will fire enough firepower for the Zerg to drink a pot.
"Boom …"
Hundreds of odd-class star cruise ships have sent Willie’s super firepower output to kill as many wormholes as possible. The zerg is coming in. At this time, it is difficult to complete the ban. About a quarter of the insect shadows spread to the periphery of the wormhole by rapidly interweaving adult clouds to make enough room for the insect shadows behind them to continue to cross.
The fleet had just formed a "ball", and those who responded to the call to withdraw the insect tide from the border came near. Many heavy-bodied rhinoceros rodents collided like a tsunami, and the situation was extremely tense at this moment.
This scene makes people’s hearts pounding in the distance, watching gruss and others just can’t hold it anymore. Some people can’t bear to keep watching it. Compared with the Zerg army, the 20,000 star cruise ships are too thin to form a spherical array, giving people a feeling of dark clouds and like the end of the world.
When the dark clouds cover all the shadows of the ship, be sure to light the photochemical crescent-shaped light curtain and release it. The dark clouds will continue to kill and retreat, and they will spread out like a dazzling sun floating in the dark clouds.
At the moment, I don’t worry that I can’t hit the zerg outside the insect array. There are so many zerg that I can kill hundreds of thousands of insect corpses if I want to shoot them out, and hundreds of insect shadows will follow up with twenty thousand star cruise ships. How much can I do? Just take a look at the scene.
There are hundreds of thousands of gamma-ray bombs detonated by the dense cannon light, and the zerg died layer after layer, but more rhinoceros-horn rodents rushed in, and countless golden ladybugs lived in Fangfang.
Blue-line necrophilia is being sprayed in the direction of the wormhole. It depends. The mother emperor has been informed of the situation on the other side of the wormhole. Once the blue-line necrophilia gathers to a million, it will be very troublesome.
Tyrande has failed to consider the arrival of the blue line zombie, and the zerg’s offensive is amazing at this moment. He is also deeply afraid of the mental endurance of the Elves. It seems that the Tibetan image of heaven and earth has become a storm and stormy waves, and it is difficult for humans or Elves to resist the zerg’s monstrous power.
"You on the occasion of the crisis move your greatest strength! Bring out the life-saving trick, and we will have a chance to leave alive only if we weaken the strength of all parties to the greatest extent. "Tyrande summoned up his courage as if he had tried his best to shout in the frequency of the waves."
No one wants to die, even if these captains take refuge in the elves, they want to live a more beautiful life in the future, not to be killed by worms, not to incinerate cosmic dust, and not to be wiped out by their crew.
At this time, the Tyrande Guard fired a burst bomb, and the passage opened by the cannon light directly fell to the vicinity of the wormhole. Suddenly it became extremely quiet, and then a cold current spread out and blinked, and countless insects were fixed in place. The emblem of life gradually faded from the screen.
The Elves fleet moved to hide and kill those human captains, and they also decided to fight fiercely. I didn’t know how many armor-piercing bombs were scattered and how many rhinoceros-horn rodents were sifted. Then the cannon light tried to open the passage in the insect cloud and then forced hundreds of thousands of destruction bombs into the insect tide.
Life and death head these human captains broke out in a very strong tacit understanding. After Tyrande opened a head, they did a very good job. When the energy tide was overwhelming, the amount of shock wave stars was lifted in the "dark clouds". Most of the haze was dispelled. Many rhinoceros rodents rolled and flew hundreds of kilometers. Their bodies seemed to be coated with a thick layer of ashes, which quickly drifted away in the middle to reveal one after another bloody bodies.
Such an attack shocked the stars, but the price was quite high. Nearly a thousand star cruise ships were damaged by destructive bombs, and the tidal waves suddenly melted the wreckage or the hull fragments drifted too slowly. The fleet prepared destructive bombs and vented them out, accounting for almost 70% of the total number, leaving a lot of gamma-ray bombs such as armor-piercing bombs. It is almost impossible to attack again at this level.
"The crisis is finally over, and the situation is stable again." Tyrande was glad that rhinoceros rodents gathered and the adult tide was completely destroyed. The insect tide composed of golden thread ladybug has also collapsed, and some ordinary insect tides in the distance have also vanished. After all, it was hundreds of thousands of destructive bombs that caused the impact force.
The dark clouds dispersed all over the sky, leaving at most a few less spectacular small clouds and being blocked by insect corpses, and at one time they gathered together to launch a common force, while Tyrande took the opportunity to consolidate the results and blocked them in the direction of the wormhole.
The individual defense ability of the blue-line corpse worm is not strong, so many star cruise ships’ expectations soared. Soon the wormhole began to spew antlers back to their original state.
It’s a super-strong battle for a long time, and the fleet here has been very tired. Most star cruises maintain the best output attack power through energy integration, which is weaker by more than 30% to 40%.
Volume 21 fighters star! Cloud nuclear Chapter 1244 Abandoned pawn
There are billions of insect corpses floating in Tai Zhong, many of which are unrecognizable, and a large number of hull wrecks are flying outward, adding tragic elements to this picture.
It was another five hours, and Tyrande didn’t know that he was such a supporter. I’m afraid those captains are also numb and increasingly indifferent to life and death.
Tired, very tired. That’s why Tyrande feels that it takes dozens of times as much energy to command such a huge fleet battle as usual. Often, a little mistake in one command will cost more than a dozen star cruise ships.
The direction of the wormhole has never stopped erupting. There are often insect clouds attacking around the fleet. Once the spherical array loses its integrity, the consequences are unimaginable. Every star cruise ship is precious. How long can it last?
"Temple, should we consider retreating?" Screen a bald man drooping canthus to tyrande said at the same time

Two figures came out of the department, one wearing a black robe and unable to see clearly, and the other was Niu Mowang.

The black man is naturally the keeper of hades.
Hades stepped into the human world and looked at the sky.
"Vatican Palace?" Hades eyebrows slightly wrinkled.
"Hades that elder brother beast how so scary? As disgusting as a rotting beast, "Niu Mowang’s face twitched.
Hundreds of thousands of sirens in the East China Sea have arrived in the underworld, but the image has made Niu Mowang struggle and break up, and it is bound to be teased when he is placed in another demon army, and finally he can reorganize a team.
"Let’s go!" Hades didn’t say much.
With Niu Mowang step quickly flew to the main entrance.
Tathagata, together with hades
"I have seen the Buddha!" Niu Mowang respectful way
"I have seen the king of hades!" Bian Que, Meng and Mengmeng solemnly said
Tathagata and hades nodded his head.
"Almost?" Hades looked at the Tathagata.
"It should be enough. I have distributed most of the believers in Da Lei Yin Temple these days, and there are only one million left!" Tathagata nodded his head
Hades also nodded his head.
Mengmeng!’ Jiang Tai looked at Mengmeng.
"Our horse is about to open the Fuxi seal, and we are going to enter the seal department. There are many fierce demons in Tai Hao Mountain to prevent accidents. You lead the Dragon Department to the outside world to prevent changes!" The Tathagata ordered
"Yes!" Mengmeng should be in the eyes of some pity that he didn’t have a chance to go.
"By the way, I don’t know if I should say anything about the Buddha!" Mengmeng frowning slightly way
"Oh?" Tathagata doubt way
"You know that there is a Geng Jin gas emission place in front of the bottom of the Longtan where I live. I prefer it!" Mengmeng pointed to the valley where he lived.
"Well, that’s good!" Tathagata doubt nodded.
"It seems that these two days have suddenly become more intense, and the Geng Jin gas is more than ten times!" Mengmeng frown way
"Oh?" Tathagata gave me a little surprise.
"It should be that there is a change in the seal!" Hades mouth way
Tathagata nodded
"Let’s go!" Tathagata said
Hades nodded.
Bian Que and Meng showed a surprise, but they never dreamed that Tai Hao Mountain had Fuxi Seal.
Bian Que and Meng followed Tathagata, Niu Mowang and Hades into the Hall of Ursa Major.
The doors of the main hall crashed together.
Mengmeng immediately led a large number of dragon guards to get up.
In the Ursa Major Hall