Since the body has become more and more feminine, Lin Jin has begun to reject contact with men more and more. However, it is good for Wenxuan to poke an arm. If she is in contact with each other like before, Lin Jin will be unable to stand it.

"I just heard her say what you lip-synched yesterday." Wenxuan looked at Feng Jingran in the front row and then clicked on the mobile phone post bar to say to Lin Jin, "She also posted it to blacken you."
"So-called" Lin Jin is in a good mood. I don’t want to pay attention to Feng Jing’s doing things, but today is also the last day for Feng Jing. Lin Jin also plans to make things disgusting by herself.
"When did your temper become so good?" Wenxuan looked at Lin Jin with a surprised face. "Look not to come out."
"Anyway, I’m going to show my love with Wu Min in front of Feng Jing this afternoon." Lin Jin holds his chin in one hand. Although he doesn’t really want to play Wu Min’s girlfriend, he still shows his love, but it’s nothing to make a little sacrifice to complete.
"What?" As soon as Wu Min heard Lin Jin’s words, he immediately raised his head and asked, "When did I promise you this?"
"Then you solved Feng Jing today." Lin Jin turned supercilious look. "And it was you who first came out of this way."
"I was wrong." Wu Min held his head and held it against the desktop.
But playing boyfriend and girlfriend with Lin Jin seems pretty good, doesn’t it? Anyway, Lin Jin’s women’s dress is so beautiful, and she had a strong wind yesterday. After going out, she won’t be ashamed, but she can get a lot of envious eyes, right?
"Then you ask Feng Jing out to talk face to face." Lin Jin has a generous waist. "You are already college students, and you are still haggling over every ounce. Now college students are really getting impure and generous."
Wu Minli spoke to Lin Jin and took out his mobile phone to make an appointment with Feng Jing qq.
Lin Jin, this guy is getting more and more shameless
"Wu Min" Lin Jin began to arrange troops according to his own ideas. "You will pretend to be close to me then and leave the rest to me."
"You won’t make trouble, will you?" Wu Min worried about looking at Lin Jin.
Although Lin Jin said that Feng Jing haggles over every ounce and has been trying to be a classmate, he himself is not like this. If Feng Jing comes out this time, he will give Lin Jin the opportunity to vomit blood.
"It’s better to find a quiet place where there is no one around, so it’s more convenient for me to do things," Lin Jin admitted without hesitation
"Don’t?" Wu Min’s eyelids jumped and he always felt that something bad would happen this afternoon.
Isn’t it said that the left eye jumps over the money and the right eye jumps over the disaster? So … Is that your left eye? Wu Min stare blankly for a silly touched his eyelids.
Wenxuan a listen to Wu Min is not willing to immediately help Lin Jin speak "don’t also is you do things to bring Lin Jin? Come is the result of your things. Lin Jin suffers. "
"Yes!" Lin jinshen felt the same way, nodded and then glanced at Wenxuan strangely.
Wenxuan seems to have been more and more protective of Lin Jin’s performance yesterday, and it was the same when all the audience were waiting for the performance honestly. Wenxuan jumped up and down to cheer for Lin Jin with his mobile phone open.
It must be because of women’s clothes that Wenxuan’s affection for me has increased again, right?
It is not a pleasant thing for Lin Jin to frown and be liked by her roommates.
Chapter 13 135 Beauty can’t look at it
"I’m ready," said Lin Jin, dressed in women’s clothes, squatting by the flower bed in front of the dormitory door. He cocked his head and said to his mobile phone, "Hurry up."
"Got it, Malay"
Wu Min there extremely nai sound made Lin Jin chuckle for a while and then put his mobile phone back against the flower bed with his hands chin wait for a while looked at the dormitory door.
After squatting for a few minutes, Lin Jin noticed the pain in her calf, yawned and stretched a lot, and then she found that she seemed to be conspicuous.
Yesterday’s performance was amazing. Even those students who didn’t go to the scene or watch DouYu learned about Lin Jin through various channels. Now, seeing that beautiful girl with a long singing voice crouched in front of the boys’ dormitory yesterday, she looked like she was waiting for her boyfriend, which immediately attracted many passers-by.
Lin Jin glanced at the students nearby and found that he was not so attractive. About ten people passed by and at most three or four recognized him.
But it seems to be famous now, right? And positive fame?
There must be many more admirers over there, right?
Although I think so, Lin Jin is too lazy to look at his mobile phone again. He got up and waited for two minutes before he saw Wu Min coming out of the dormitory door wearing a handsome coat.
"Where did you make an appointment with Feng Jing?" Lin Jin greeted him with his hands in his pockets.
Wu Min glanced at Lin Jin and found that there was a big difference between Lin Jin today and yesterday’s royal elder sister. Although the clothes were still the same as yesterday’s, her hair was changed with a single ponytail and short hair, and her face was not covered with those eye shadow makeup and feet. Those white sneakers were clean and neat, and there was a feeling of being a young sports girl.
"This hairstyle is quite beautiful today."
Wu Min smiled and boasted that he was interrupted by glared at Lin Jin before saying anything.
"I asked you about where you said I was beautiful and woolly." Lin Jin rudely put on her waist and widened her eyes. "Hurry up and solve Feng Jing with you. I have to date my girlfriend, okay? ! I am very busy. "
"There are few people in the back door Hunan restaurant at this time." Wu Min gave a wry smile. Lin Jinxian looks almost like a girl, but his personality is still so bad
Not the kui is a female Han.
"Then let’s go." Lin Jin left his ponytail and walked towards the back door, while Wu Min continued to follow Lin Jin’s ass with a wry smile.
When they both went to the Hunan Restaurant, Lin Jin’s face was cold and suddenly changed. He stepped back and waited for Wu Min to walk beside him. Suddenly, he put his hands around Wu Min’s arm, and Wu Min almost jumped up and slapped Lin Jin.
Lie in the trough! Lin Jin, is this evil? !
Wu Min trembled and looked down at Lin Jin and found that Lin Jin seemed to feel bad at this time, and her face was full of blush. The whole person was shy and didn’t look like a female Han at ordinary times
"This is acting! You don’t think too much. I like being a younger sister. "Lin Jin noticed that Wu Min looked up and glared at him with shame in her heart." I just saw that Feng Jing is already inside. We have to play it really, at least not for her to see it. "
"Well" Wu Min’s brain is in a state of semi-crash at this time
"And don’t fiddle with your hands!" Lin Jin slapped Wu Min and took advantage of the opportunity to take a waist and palm and gave him a bad look. "I’ll chop your hand if you move back again!"

Although she has just eaten pork once, she knows the pharmacological reaction.

"I don’t believe him. Don’t believe you. Come on, Miss Ogata, my time is limited. I wish you and your children all the best."
Ogata’s eyes still didn’t let go, but they became a little stronger. "Dr. Chu, do you really believe in him? In fact, his body has been tried by various drugs since childhood. He still has some self-control in that situation."
Chu smiled and pulled out of Ogata’s eyes and looked at her commanding, holding out her chest.
"Since he still has some self-control, it is even more unreasonable to eat porridge and side dishes instead of a big meal. I still have confidence in this."
Save it for you
Chu smile don’t want to wordy turned and walked out back looking at seems to be somewhat relaxed.
But Ogata’s eyes and face behind him were not as embarrassed, lost and painful as expected, but a faint smile appeared strangely.
The smile grew louder and louder and finally spread to the whole face.
The tawny glass of the fashionable building towering into the forest keeps the rolling heat wave out.
Qin Fan sat in front of her head and looked at all aspects of email. Suddenly, her cell phone rang.
He looked at his eyes to show that he would stop his hand immediately.
"Smile and miss me."
"I miss you, your woman brought your child to my clinic. This is the first and last time for me to see Qin Fan again. You are dead."
Chu smile coldly threw this sentence quickly hung up the words.
Qin Fan heart first a surprised and then a happy.
He knows very well that she laughs. She beats you, scolds you and tortures you. That means she has you in her heart and believes you.
Is it that woman who dares to look for him, or is it that he is too timid?
Since Ogata took the initiative to attack, how could he live up to the letter of smile?
Qin Fan immediately got up and picked up the phone to go out.
Suddenly, the office door was pushed in by the assistant, "Miss Fang Liang, General Manager Qin, is looking for you."
Just in time, Qin Fan coldly said, "Invite her in."
After two minutes, Ogata’s eyes will blow Qin Fan to pieces in the first sentence in front of Qin Fan.
"Qin Fanjun, I’ve come to confess that this child is not you."
Qin Fan is ready to question, but I didn’t expect to hear it, but I was shocked.
"Say what you just said again."
"This child is not you and I have come to make amends to you."
"You wait"
Qin Fan quickly walked out of the shock and immediately picked up the words, "Smile, no matter what happens to your hand now, immediately put a life for me. You must come over."
"It must be right now!" Qin fan shout at top of voice
Mood Jessica Fong Ching got such a fright that he couldn’t help helping his lower abdomen.
Fortunately, fortunately, she doesn’t love this man, so she is full of rage, and her sister forced her to sleep with him?
Mood Jessica Fong Ching sat on the sofa to "are you sure you want to call your woman? You don’t even know what I’m going to say next, do you? "
At this moment, Jessica Fong Ching changed Jiao Jiao’s weakness and wanted to hook three and take four shapes, and his eyebrows were actually sharp with a touch of light.
Qin Fan’s eyes sparkled slightly, and sure enough, this is the Ogata woman.

Ha ha ….. Machine warfare is for ordinary people to play real combat. The stronger the fighters are, the more powerful they are. You will make a fool of yourself if you can’t even reach the high school mecha league!

Oh … By the way, you didn’t even have a chance to make a fool of yourself because you couldn’t even pass the preliminary selection of the high school mecha league! "
Yun Fan frowned slightly at him. Cui Yushi resented each other again and again. It was a bit too much for him.
Liu Shanggong said, "Monitor Cui is right. Although mechanical warfare has certain training effect on actual combat, it is not the same as real combat. It is far more difficult for real mecha to operate again than in mechanical warfare. Many of them can’t exert their real power without strong strength."
A Liu Shanggong see Yun Fan still there continued, "still there? Go out to the playground and run for ten laps. I advise you that the entry level of the high school mecha league should be strengthened. This is not what you ordinary students can achieve in high school. This is a family competition. Don’t be wishful thinking! "
This is very hurtful. Most of the classes are aristocratic brothers. They hold their heads high one by one, and very few of them are ordinary brothers with outstanding achievements. They have the honor to take the mecha high school exam, and their heads are lowered at the moment.
"I don’t believe that ordinary born students have no real future!" Yun Fan cold hum a brisk walk out of the classroom to run outside the playground.
Liu Shanggong watched Yun Fan walk out of the classroom and glanced at the ordinary brothers in the class. "For ordinary brothers, being able to take the mecha high school means that adults can envy the mecha in the future. This is already getting ahead. You don’t want to be ambitious like Yun Fan, but you are worthless like him!"
Yun Fan is running on the playground. Running for ten laps on the playground is nothing for dark strength peak fighters. Yun Fan explained to Liu Shanggong that he didn’t want to come out and punish him because he didn’t want to lose face.
Now that he has come out, he is naturally throwing caution to the wind. He runs along the runway outside the playground and always looks hopeful when he looks at the billboard of the high school mecha league.
"I must participate in the Mecha League and I want to win the first place!"
Yun Fan heart andao eyes firm.
For ordinary students, it is already very different to participate in the high school mecha league. Want to win the first place? That’s even more impossible.
When Yun Fan was in class, he said that he was going to participate in the high school mecha league, and he was ridiculed. He didn’t dare to think of winning the first place!
"Xiao Xuan, I must win the first prize! I can’t let Xiao Xuan become a genetic monster! "
Yun Fan bite a tooth eyes warm.
Since the earth people entered the interstellar era and set foot on other planets, genetic life has always been the enemy of the earth people!
Gene life The earth fighters are all scientific and technological, but the direction is different. The earth fighters strengthen the body by practicing ancient martial arts, and the gene life evolves genes through gene drugs to strengthen the body.
Gene warrior Gu Wu realm is divided into nine levels, the same level. Gene warrior is a little weaker than ancient fighters, but gene warrior can directly upgrade through gene drugs. It is much more difficult for ancient fighters to practice on their own. The number of ancient fighters is far less than that of gene fighters
Therefore, a person on earth is at a disadvantage in the face of genetic life. Once, genetic life broke into the earth’s land and dropped a genetic virus, which caused genetic mutation in most creatures on earth.
After gene mutation, some animals’ size and strength have exploded rapidly and become genetic monsters. Humans infected with genetic viruses will also undergo various changes in gene mutation and eventually become genetic monsters.
It was in the darkest era of the earth in the new era that a large number of earthlings were infected with genetic viruses and turned into genetic monsters. Gu Wu’s father’ Jiang Huagu’ led the earthlings to cling to the last territory to retain the pure blood of the earthlings.
Until the new era in two hundred,’ father mecha’ Ji Daoqin developed the strength of the mecha’s cooperation, which was greatly improved. The fighters at the same level were slightly stronger than the gene fighters at the same level, but a mecha was enough to sweep an army of gene fighters at the same level!
Since then, the earth people have an overwhelming advantage over genetic life and have fought back against alien genetic life.
However, the earth has been infected by genetic virus, and the descendants of uninfected organisms still maintain pure blood. Those descendants of infected organisms are also genetic mutation monsters.
On the one hand, the earth’s genetic monsters are killed endlessly, and on the other hand, both ancient fighters and mecha need real enemies to sharpen their actual combat level. Genetic monsters are obviously the best target.
Therefore, even if the earth people have set foot in the era of interstellar migration, they have found many habitable life planets to immigrate to their hometown, but there will eventually be genetic monsters to compete with humans.
It was also a major reason that the people of the earth migrated in the past. The gene monster carrying the gene virus was a great threat to human beings.
Yun Fan was born into an ordinary family in Yuecheng in the new millennium. Three years later, a little baby was added to the family, his sister Yunxuan.
Now Yunxuan is studying in Yuecheng No.15 Middle School. Half a month ago, the No.15 Middle School was attacked by a gene monster. Although the gene monster was quickly eliminated by the city guard mecha, her sister Yunxuan was unfortunately attacked by a gene monster and infected with a gene virus.
Genetic virus is always a problem for people on earth. Even if Yunxuan is infected with genetic virus, it is not advanced, but it is not easy to treat. For a family like Yun Fan, it can’t afford precious anti-virus drugs in the face of genetic virus roots.
Up to three months, if the genetic virus is not removed, genetic mutation will occur, and Yunxuan will become a genetic monster!
Think of my sister Yunxuan, Yun Fan, her eyes are more enthusiastic, and her will is stronger than her heart.
"I … I must get the first place in the high school mecha league, so there will be one million federal money rewards, so I can have money to clear the genetic virus for Xiaoxuan.
And ….. The first place in the high school mecha league will reward a class B mecha, which is my dream treasure! "
Mecha, like ancient fighters and gene fighters, has nine levels: A, B, C, D, E, F, S, SS and SSS from low to high!
Mecha is much bigger than ancient fighters and gene Shiqiang Zhan. A-level mecha has the strength equivalent to level 4 ancient fighters and level 4 gene fighters, and it is even better because of the invulnerability of mecha!
This means that a level 1 ancient fighters or a level 1 gene fighter can defeat a level 4 ancient fighters or a level 4 gene fighter by manipulating a level A mecha!
The importance of mecha can be seen.
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Chapter 2 Mysterious Crystal
Today is April 1 ST, when the high school mecha league was pre-selected, Yun Fan came to pre-select for the first time.
High school mecha league entries are all A-level mecha. The pre-selection process is very simple. If you want to defeat an A-level mecha in the early stage of transformation, you will pass.
Yun Fan entered the mecha battle room after signing up.
The Mecha War Room is the place where the Mecha soldiers really carry out actual combat training. Although all the students in Mecha High School will be given an A-class Mecha, Yun Fan rarely comes here.
Mecha battle is a kind of loss for mecha, which will destroy it and need a lot of money to repair it.
Mecha High School distributes A-level mechs, but the mechs repair and maintain schools. No matter Yun Fan is an ordinary student, he doesn’t have much money to repair the mechs. Therefore, if he wants to exercise his actual combat level, he has to go to the’ Mecha War’ to conduct simulated battles.
Dadada …
A heavy sound came from a mecha in front of Yun Fan.
K15 mecha This is a powerful mecha, which belongs to the heavy mecha tonnage’ 2′.
Each level of mecha is divided into four types: H-type defense mecha, K-type strength mecha, Z-type speed mecha, and comprehensive mecha!
Medium-sized and Z-shaped light mechs, K-shaped and H-shaped heavy mechs


Interest country
Tang state
The news quickly spread to nearby countries, and various countries sent messengers to Cai.
Chu state territory
A stone tablet’ Xu Guo’ stands outside a small town.
A fast horse rushed into the biggest palace in town, which is the royal palace, but it was really very small and almost the same as the elixir courtyard.
"Wang Caiguo came to the news and there was a resurrection Dan!" Come and find a horse and send a bamboo slip
A 19-year-old boy snatched it from a crowd in the palace and looked at it carefully.
"Come back to life Dan? Maybe you can save grandpa! " Young eyes dew surprise way
"Xu Si came back from the dead Dan, and my royal family also remembered that it took 7749 days to save my father. It has been dead for more than a year!" A middle-aged man bitter way
"No, dad, look at this little girl who bought flint. Her grandmother has been dead for a long time. It’s all alive. If she eats it, she may be immortal. Maybe she can rejuvenate my country. My surname Jiang shouldn’t be annihilated. Although my country has lost its territory, we still have hope!" Young Xu si eyes firm way
"Hope? Oh, the land of Xu Guo was completely lost by the evil thief Zheng Guo, and our remnant royal family can wander around the territory of Chu and hide around, so as to restore the country? There is no chance for the ancestral temple to destroy everything! " Middle-aged male bitter way
"No, I want to try. Dad, I’m going to Cai!" Xu si eyes firm way
The middle-aged man stared at the son for a while and finally nodded and said, "Well, whatever!"
After ten days of daily popularity, the flow of people in Xiandan Hospital decreased. After all, not everyone is rich, but even if it is light, thousands of people visit it every day.
All this has just progressed with Xuan.
The nobles of the nearby city arrived first.
People in the nearby cities first arrived and quickly filled this period, which was light, and at that time, the accommodation in major restaurants in Cai also soared several times.
"My father’s business in Bian Que is getting colder and colder, but now people from all cities are pouring into me, and more and more people are coming! Where is this selling tickets? This is naked robbing money! " Cai Aihou eyes red way
"It seems that I really underestimated Bian Que and danced. When you go to see Bian Que, tell him that Wang appreciates his theory very much and hopes that Cai Guo will promote the doctor’s theory and let him come to see me soon!" Cai Wang eager way
Cai Wang always feels a little bad. What’s the problem? I can’t think for a moment.
"Well, it’s enough for Bian Que to go in person, father. Wait!" Cai Aihou said.
Cai Aihou was about to go out when attendants rushed in.
"Your Majesty has an urgent report!" The attendants sent two letters.
"Urgent report?" Cai Aihou stopped.
Cai Wang took the letter.
"The envoy sent by Zheng will arrive soon!"
"An envoy from the Tang Dynasty will arrive soon?"
Cai Wang looked at the letter in surprise.
"Is it coming to Dan from the dead?" Cai Aihou face a heavy.
"This is a country close to my Cai country, but the news is too fast!" Cai Wang surprised way
"Maybe it’s a letter of flying birds!" Aside green robe bodhi old zu frown way
"If you go there, maybe there will be envoys from other countries, such as Chen and Chu?" Cai Wang looks pale way
"Come back to life Dan and the ten exaggerated stories have been broadcast to the nations? And countries are also interested in sending people? " Blue robe bodhi old zu surly way
Dan should be in his pocket to come back to life here. Now there are so many variables?
"Father, I will go to Bian Que now!" Cai Aihou can’t wait.
"Go ahead!"
Chen Yizheng teaches Jiang Tai, Lu Brothers and Little Witch knowledge.
"Man Zhong Qi Guo stayed with him and learned more about Confucianism. Let him speak!" Chen looked at Manzhong.
Man Zhong nodded and then explained Confucianism to Jiang Tai and his party.
Then Bian Que suddenly came from the outside.

Hu roared and jumped in the past, commanding and slashing his retinue to death with an axe.

But now even Dahu has been entangled in several retinues, and it is even worse for those who sublimate it. How can he be separated from others to save people?
Another woman was hit in the head by a retinue, but only after a few seconds, she woke up only to find that several retinue had surrounded her.
The mummified figure blocked the light and cast the shadow of despair on her.
Presumably, she was defeated by her retinue, so that she could withdraw from the defense line and stretch her distance.
I didn’t expect to let my retinue cheat me when I was hit by a rough metal hammer with a retinue root. My shoulders were deformed and bloody at once, and she almost fainted in pain.
Xie Liu looked over there in his busy schedule and shouted, "Who will save her!"
Xie Liu Zheng followed and shouted, "It’s my contribution. What should I do if I get it now?"
Dahu wry smile way "thank less if we can’t carry it in the past, there will be no later."
Xie Liu gritted his teeth and struggled for some time. Finally, he even waved a few swords to force the squire to reach into the cup and pulled out something like a Grenade from his pocket.
The woman in red was so scared that she couldn’t hold her head and screamed, "I don’t want to die. I want to go back …"
She turned around and tried to climb over from the feet of her retinue. A retinue raised the hammer and knocked it. The woman died on the spot.
At the defense line, Hu split a retinue and gasped, "Xie Shao, take that thing out."
A moment later, a squire moved and suddenly his head exploded and a blood-red flame erupted from his body!
Its retinue exploded one after another, and the blood flame jumped up. In an instant, dozens of retinue in the assembly area died!
Zhong Tianyang’s eyes widened in the cab. Xie Liu just offered this weapon, which is not simple. It has the functions of scanning, locking the enemy and exploding.
But instead of throwing it to the ground, he threw it half way.
After that thing flew to the middle, it was suspended for half, and then dozens of red rays were emitted from the surface of the sphere.
The light swept the party and finally locked the retinue grenades, suddenly disintegrated, scattered light and other parts, and then shot out and blasted into the retinue.
There are more than just quiet retinue in the assembly area.
The light from the hall is gradually extinguished and the light in the assembly area becomes dim? ? ? ? Xie Gu Hunting Team hasn’t found out that Junren has just killed his retinue, and they are so tired that they are panting.
Xie Liu is no exception. A face of heartache must be due to losing a trump card.
It exploded only after the decomposed parts entered the retinue, and the retinue will be destroyed by the retinue.
Just this wave of retinue Xie Liu will gain a lot of points, and I believe that their ranking of Xie Family Department will have a great leap.
But that’s if he can get back alive.
Dahu consoled, "Thank you for being less. Don’t worry about it. Apart from a group of squires like today, things are rare in one area, so I’m sure I won’t meet them again."
"Besides, this group of followers can be worth a lot of points. Maybe we will be among the best as soon as the ranking is updated."
Xie Liu sighed, "I hope everyone will have a rest and scan and mark this area. Let’s go back to camp. I’m a little tired."
"Xie Shaogang, what weapon is that? It’s too powerful to kill all the retinue." A God of War rank sublimator has a face of compliments.
Xie Liu smiled bitterly. "That’s a tactical weapon recently developed by our family, and it hasn’t been officially named with a number."
"But it’s very effective in actual combat, so I exchanged it for a spare one. I didn’t expect to lose this trump card when I entered the hunting area today."
Something suddenly shrank in the shadow of the car body.
The girl gasped at the air conditioner and was about to warn her. Unexpectedly, her shoulders suddenly sank. Her face was full of horror and her eyes were wide open, and she slowly looked back.
Out of the corner of my eye, I caught a glimpse of my shoulder.
At the edge of the crowd, a girl with a childish face went to the body of the woman in red and silently took her nameplate. When she got back, she saluted.
Suddenly she was cold and suddenly turned to look behind her.
Behind him is a base wheel. When the crane is lifted, the maintenance personnel can enter the bottom of the vehicle for repair.
The girl’s face was rotten at once, and her gums could be seen from the ulcerated skin!
A shrill scream finally rang.
Xie Liu couldn’t help jumping up and looking around when he heard the call, and finally saw the girl.
A hand full of blue fungus!
The girl’s face suddenly ached, and a mass of bluish yellow mucus sprayed on her face. The mucus was so corrosive that it immediately eroded the girl’s skin.
"Bacteria! Mom, how many such things are there? "Dahu immediately ran to shoot the fungus man with an axe, but the girl could not live.
Xie Liu shouted "according to play! Snapshot bomb "
He was only then alert that the light in the assembly area was so dim that the light overhead seemed to go out at any time.
At the same time, I also saw a bacterium hanging behind the girl. The man spit out greenish yellow mucus from the inside with his mouth open, and this time it fell on the girl’s chest and legs.
The armor is fine. Although it keeps bubbling after being stained with mucus, the armor corrodes and collapses, but it hasn’t hurt the flesh yet.
But when clothes are touched by mucus, they are immediately eroded, and then the skin is exposed to this highly corrosive liquid. The girl’s fairly beautiful leg immediately loses a large piece of rotten flesh!
A soldier raised his gun and was about to fire a flare. Suddenly, a yellow water splashed over and dropped the gun. The terrorist acid in his hand not only scrapped the pistol, but also corroded his hand to visible bones.
Finally, the light in the assembly area disappeared, and suddenly there was a sound of notes and notes in the darkness around …
Chapter 2 Bite the hand that feeds you
In the next ten minutes, the assembly hall was filled with exclamations, screams and curses.
From time to time, people with bacteria flashed through the lights, and there were human faces full of fear
Xie Jia’s hunting team is on the verge of losing control. Even though Xie Xie has called people to fire flares more than once, no one has done so yet.
Facts once again prove that fear of darkness is human nature, whether it is sublimation or ordinary people.
Once the emotions get out of control, this nature will continue to enlarge and eventually lead to a mental breakdown.
Xie Jia’s team members couldn’t see clearly what was happening in the darkness, but they could "see" clearly when they built a model in the dark fog.

The dense floating boats penetrated the thick black clouds and entered the battlefield, surrounding the giant worms, but they were afraid to get close.

The newcomer is not the patrol army, but the Wanshan demon army
However, at this time, they are a little sad. Nearly half of the floating boats are smoking, and some of them are broken and crumbling.
They looked at the "bite" giant bug sticking together, and Wanshan God showed some fear and dared not approach.
"What are you doing here!"
Wanshan God drank with ferocious fangs.
"Report back to God"
A fairy snake demon flew out and trembled, "I don’t know where an army came from and surrounded us and destroyed the exit of the large array."
"They are numerous and seem to be heavenly soldiers."
It is not surprising that Wang Xuan’s eyes are slightly narrowed.
In his arrangement, he sent an elite team to attack first to find the export of Wanshan large array to intercept reinforcements
After all, according to Jubaoge’s intelligence, Wanshan is superior, but half of the demon army is still guarding the secluded large array, and there are still some private troops of Gouyuan Tianwang.
Not to mention, there are ghosts and three yuan, two old monsters, and many military forces are eyeing up near Wanshan Mountain.
It is the best choice not to accidentally cut off the entrance.
The army of talking and surveying the sky has finally arrived
First of all, the Wanshan fleet fled in the direction of dense stars piercing the dark clouds, just like a huge dragon pattern faintly formed in the arrival of stars in the night.
The flagship of the Central Committee, Mo Yunxiao, stood at the bow in a white cloak, hunting and dancing, and his brow rose.
Nowadays, besides being incorporated into the Nine-Route Army of the Gluttonous Army, the patrol army also has four big flags, that is, Zhang Heng, Liu Shun and others have re-established an elite army, which is regarded as the coach’s pro-army.
Mo Yunxiao of Qinglong Banner is good at fast attack and surprise attack, so cutting off backup naturally falls on him.
Most of the nearly 5,000 floating boats are the fastest ones, and they are good at colliding with each other. Besides, the Dragon Star Army and Wanshan Demon Army were beaten to flight before they could react.
"Star power … bucket department?"
Seeing that Tianxinghui formed the Qinglong Method, Wanshan God was also a little surprised and asked Wang Xuan, "Who are you?"
Wang Xuan glance "for the dead this question is not important".
This original effort suppressed the spirit and calmed down, and Wanshan God was completely crazy.
"What about the bucket department!"
"What about heaven!"
"The chaos in the Three Realms will start on the rise day of my cave-dwelling clan. I’ll kill you heavenly soldiers today just to sacrifice the flag!"
There are hundreds of tentacles coming out of the speaker, accompanied by the sound of snow, and all of them are inserted into the "bite" giant worm through the altar.
Even this ancient giant worm seems to feel the pain and let out a piercing and long cry.
The tail suddenly rises like a giant tower.
It’s comparable to the violent vibration of mountain giant eggs accompanied by the number of howls, and the shadow flies out like a bomb.
But it’s a few weird-looking giant worms
Some of them are similar to centipedes, but they are like small floating boats, and the insect armor is also similar to a giant worm. There are holes in front of the mouthparts to turn black balls …
Some are similar to poisonous pythons, but they have wings, and their bellies are densely covered with tentacles, spewing five-color poisonous smoke …

Two dog is aware of the team’s production situation.

He reported to Hang Yu one by one.
"In the low-grade medicine, 75 copies of Goblin spirit recovery medicine, 5 copies of Goblin vitality recovery medicine and 2 copies of goblin painkillers were prepared!"
"In the mid-range potions, the speed potions and latent potions of the cat demon have been prepared for 5 portions of cat eye drops and turtle breath potions after working overtime, but there are also 3 portions."
"In the high-end potion, the cat demon turns into a magic potion, and the cat demon agile secret medicine is 2!"
"What about the boss?"
"I think it’s enough to sell for a few days!"
Hang Yu touched the second dog’s head and said, "It’s good to give Mr. Su a potion in the fat restaurant and store so many potions at the same time. You will be rewarded when you make great contributions."
Two dog shook his tail. "Oh, of course, Wang can’t slow down the production speed by himself."
Examples of spirit and vitality potions
At present, it takes about 5 minutes for a normal pharmacist to process materials and refine potions on average.
You can refine 12 in an hour.
Only 12 cigarettes in ten hours.
People are always tired and distracted when they want to use the toilet.
So the actual number is about one.
Although the team of pharmacists in Qinglong Group has already expanded to dozens of people, it is definitely the credit of everyone staying up all night and working overtime to get so many medicines in a short time.
The number far exceeds expectations.
Xiaobai, there are some aura secret medicines here.
Plus, the newly acquired potions have not been refined.
This time, once Qinglong Pharmacy started, I believe it will soon cause a sensation in Jiangcheng!
Chapter 246 Hot scene
Qinglong drugstore Wu Shi yi ye
Liang Dong called almost all the people who just didn’t have members in Skynet for two or three hundred to pull them to Qinglong Street.
Most of them are members of the first brigade 2.
In addition, there are also logistics and administrative personnel of his three brigades.
"I think the pharmacy industry in Laoliang is just a gimmick. There is no need to drag so many of us here." A burly man who looks like a gorilla couldn’t help complaining. "I think it must be a wave!"
This man is Sun Chaosheng, the captain of the tenth team.
Not only Sun Chaosheng, but also members of Skynet are puzzled.
Medicine Skynet is very tight. After all, at present, Skynet has four groups of combatants, each with about one thousand people.
The drug consumption of official combat members alone is an amazing number.
Besides these thousands of fighters, there are also constantly expanding reserves and logistics production troops, which do not produce huge consumption. Everyone is in short supply of potions.
National background skynet still has the method to ensure that drugs should be sufficient.
Is it really reliable for a people to get up to the pharmacy?
Team 7 beauty Liang Qiu said, "Don’t underestimate Qinglong Street. This place looks inconspicuous, but it’s actually hidden dragon and crouching tiger. Am I right?"
She glanced at Liang Dong.
Hangyuke lives in seclusion near here.
Nine times out of ten, this drugstore is owned by Hang Yu.
"Since it’s a pharmacy, maybe you can buy a batch of potions, don’t you just lack potions?" Liang Dong said, "Besides, this street is the busiest in this neighborhood. Many people come here to make deals. Let’s go for a stroll. Even if we can’t buy potions, we may get something from him."
It’s all here.
Of course, I have to go shopping.
When a large group of people entered Qinglong Street in great strides.
They were very surprised to find that Qinglong Street was more lively than expected. There were many street vendors on both sides of the street. Besides, the most distinctive and noticeable thing in Qinglong Street was … dogs!

"No woman’s intuition"

"Okay, so what’s her motivation? I remember hearing you say that Jiang Lan and Qin Keqing are sisters and sisters, but Jiang Lan doesn’t have much friendship with you, so what will she do to help you? "
Warm sighed, "This is not helping me. I think she is helping Qin Keqing, or that she doesn’t want her to water under the bridge, repeat her mistakes, and finally can’t turn her head."
I am fascinated. "If you say this, Jiang Lan is much more thorough than Qin Keqing Cong and knows that there will be no good result with you and us. Unfortunately, Qin Keqing will not be ungrateful and will not give up. She is going to go black."
"Who said not? Jiang Lan may not be surprised that she sent this message on this floor, that is, to seek peace of mind. Well, she can also sell it to me. It’s hard to say that one day we will have a real conflict, and I will show my mercy. "
I suddenly frowned at the thought of longing. "Jiang Lan seemed to have a reason for breaking into the tribal surface at that time. She had visited yiguang several times at night, but I don’t think it was the last time. That is to say, she went to Baihua Valley, which means she was surrounded by some flowers and plants. I set up a law and ordinary people couldn’t get past it, but she went in."
Warm eyes narrowed. "She knew in advance?"
"I don’t say that the disposal method is very clever, but the enemy knows that few people are interested in the array. Uncle Yao is in poor health. Sometimes he has to lie in bed for half a year and likes to study the array to pass the time."
"Do you suspect that Yao Meng Shen told her?"
I shook my head with longing. "I still know uncle Yao, but he studies those broken notes and puts them in his room. As soon as Jiang Lan enters the tribe, she lives in Yao’s house. It is not difficult for her to go into the room and have a look."
"But I heard from my mother-in-law that your uncle Yao’s room is full of machines and people who don’t understand it are very vulnerable when they go in. Jiang Lan should not find anything so easily."
"That’s right. I have reason to suspect that Jiang Lan knows Yao Shenyu, or that Jiang Lan is Yao Shenyu and goes to the tribe, so that he can live in Yao’s house smoothly, otherwise Uncle Yao won’t allow it."
"Well, your analysis makes sense. When I saw Qingyun Jiangse, I thought of Jiang Lan. Two people feel so much like martial arts, and Qingyun is behind Jiang Gu …"
A little longing reveals that "So Yao Shenyu went to the Imperial Capital after leaving the tribe and attached himself to the Jiang family. Jiang Lan was the Jiang family who helped Yao Shenyu go to the Baihua Valley of the tribe to get something."
"What is it?"
"If I am not mistaken, it should be a beauty flower."
Warm and surprised "beauty flower? I heard your eldest brother say that the process of healing with flowers is very painful. "
"It is very painful and unbearable, but Yao Shenyu dares. She was the first beauty in the tribe, and she was most proud of her face. Nothing is more important than her appearance, but she was ruined when she left the tribe for life and death."
Warmth is even more surprised. "How do you know?"
"If she is not destroyed, how can there be no movement? You know, her personality is the most high-profile, and she likes bright and dazzling life, which makes her silent and forbear, that is, life is worse than death. "
Warm and white, but one thing is not connected. "How did she attach herself to Jiang Gu when she was destroyed? Jiang’s family is no ordinary family. Why should Zijiang’s family accept her? How can you let Jiang Lan venture to the tribe to help her get the beauty flowers? "
"Nature is that she is also beneficial to Jiang Gu."
Fascinated sneer at "what else can it be? What is more attractive to the ambitious Jiang family than this? Yao Shen-yu may have been looking for someone to lean on, but she didn’t know what disaster she would bring to the tribe! If the Jiang family really attacks the tribe in the future, she will be a tribal sinner! "
The warmth of my heart sank. "Ah Wang, did you and the holy already know?"
Looking forward to god, my eyes flashed and my whole body cold faded. "What did I know?"
Warm grunted, "Don’t pretend. Isn’t it too late to hide it now? I just said I was happy, but now I’m vague. Do you think I’m stupid? "
Enthusiasm is still struggling "warm son …"
Warm up and leave. When you see it, you are so fascinated that you sit beside her and hug Nai Tao. "Well, if I say a word, it will make you warm, and you are here to torture me."
Warm smile scold "who told you to fool me?"
"I’m not fooling you. I’m the eldest brother. Let me keep it from you for a while."
"Hum, I’ll settle accounts with your eldest brother another day. You should say frankly, be lenient and resist strictly."
"What’s from? Can you still sleep at night? "
"You are a sperm brain! Hurry up and explain! "
"Ha ha ha ….. well, I said that in fact, when the eldest brother went to the imperial city to see Zhou Hanhan’s father, he vaguely felt that we had thought about many possible tribal crises. In fact, in the final analysis, it is two words * * or greed, ambition and the ability to be greedy for the tribe will surely be a high-ranking person."
"So you suspect that Zhou Jia or Jiang Jia?"
"The most capable people in this country are their families, aren’t they?"
Let’s try it around five o’clock.
Section 413
☆ It is my greatest responsibility to be at the top with you when you send me at midnight.
The warmth of the heart is even heavier, and it is difficult to ask after the voice is blocked for half a ring. "So do you suspect that it is the Zhou family first?"
Enthusiastic hug her hand a tight "warm son very don’t want to be a week home? For what? Zhou Hanhan? "
Warm reluctantly smiled. "Where did you want to go? I don’t want it to be Zhou’s family because of Master Zhou. I have a good impression on him. I don’t want to be wrong about General Zhou. I don’t know about Zhou’s strength and ability. You all know that if the enemy is the tribe’s misfortune and disaster."
He grunted wistfully, "We are not afraid of him."
Warmth gave him a beating. "Aren’t you afraid of me? I’m afraid that if he really covets the tribe, even if the tribe wins, there will be casualties. Are you willing?"

"Now everyone stands up!" The general ordered Hua to be neat, and no one was still sitting in sound stage.

"I declare that in view of Major Zhao Li’s outstanding record, the military region specially awarded Major Zhao Li the Second Class Red Star Medal and awarded the title of combat hero!" As soon as the general’s voice fell, someone came up with a tray with a red medal lying flat.
The general personally pinned Zhao Li’s medal on his chest and then gave him a salute. Zhao Li was straight and respectful, and the officers were like a flood. In front of so many people, the general supported and praised Zhao Li, which Zhao Li did not expect.
Second-class Red Star Medal This is the golden five-star war, and Zhao Lizhi won’t be awarded to Zhao Li until now because there is no way to send it to the institute.
Just as everyone’s medal was over, the general went on to announce that "in view of Major Zhao Li’s excellent record, the theater command specially awarded Major Zhao Li the Hero Cross!"
The military region can decide that the highest-level medal is the second-class Red Star Medal. I didn’t expect that besides the military region, the theater headquarters also gave Zhao Li such a high honor, and the Hero Cross was enough for those school officials to be jealous.
Everyone warmly palms Zhao Li’s chest with another hero’s cross. To tell the truth, two medals of this order of magnitude will have been smooth all the way if there is no principled mistake in the army. Zhao Li is still so young, so it seems that winning the fuses iconic is by no means a problem.
Today, it seems to surprise everyone wave after wave. After the two medals have been issued, the general did not let everyone sit down, but once again, he looked as if he was going to announce some orders.
The officers in the auditorium have been 90% envious of Zhao Li. It seems that in addition to medals, there must be a rank promotion. Even at the first level, it has reached the height of lieutenant colonel. It seems that Zhao Li’s future is limitless
"In view of the excellent record of Major Zhao Li, the military region specially awarded Major Zhao Li the rank of Lieutenant Colonel!" The general announced that he would let a group of officers relax, and it did!
Lieutenant Colonel’s epaulettes, collar flowers and hat badge were sent to the general. The general once again personally picked up the original major epaulettes and hung them up.
When everyone thought it was the end, the general went to the front again and announced.
"In view of Lieutenant Colonel Zhao Li’s excellent record" or this sentence, everyone has heard it a little familiar, but the next sentence makes everyone feel different
"In recognition of Lieutenant Colonel Zhao Li’s great contribution to the rebel war, the High Command decided …" Behind the words, it was already a crashing.
High command, this is not just a war zone, but the honor of the whole Federation. After everyone crashed, it seems that horses realized that they are soldiers and should not be so rude and quiet.
"The high command decided to award Lieutenant Colonel Zhao Li the first-class Red Star Medal and the title of combat hero!" The general’s words were like pouring a gourd ladle of cold water into boiling oil, and the whole auditorium was suddenly no longer quiet. This time, even the faces of only a few generals showed envy.
What does it mean to stop the first-class red star medal at the root of the noise? People don’t have to say much. Even guys like Sanders have said that they would rather give up their persistence in exchange for a first-class red star medal, not to mention these guys who are still in the military and are still eager for honor.
"Quiet!" The general’s words made the lively auditorium quiet immediately, and then the brocade box with the first-class red star medal was respectfully held by an officer on duty to the stage.
This time, even the general seemed to be jealous when he picked up the medal. He fumbled carefully in his hand for a long time and didn’t give it to Zhao Li for two minutes.
"wow!" This time, the general ordered that when Zhao Li wore a medal to salute everyone, the officers in the auditorium, including General Lucas, were all uniform, and the faces of the officers were as excited as those of Zhao Li wearing a medal. Let alone seeing the first-class red star medal awarded with your own eyes, and even seeing the medal body with your own eyes. How can it not be exciting to see the living medal winner now?
Even Zhao Li was excited once when he got the news, but now he can’t help but feel uneasy when he looks at the real medal hanging on his chest
The appearance of the first-class red star medal brought the whole commendation meeting to a climax. After the salute, the thunderous palm resounded throughout the auditorium for a long time.
No one asked why Zhao Li would win this medal. Everyone knows the confidentiality rules, and no one will question that the high command will never make such a mistake. Then it can be said that Zhao Li did make the high command recognize the record!
But the first-class Red Star Medal is out of the military area command, which has made the general very happy, and another reason why Zhao Li is wearing it here is to further motivate the military area command officers.
"Zhao Li wears this medal until your debriefing is over!" In the end, the general had to send Zhao Li to the warship after giving him a grand commendation, but when he left, the general told Zhao Li, "I want to see what those people really want to do?"
Chapter one hundred and ninety-nine Heart provocation
The general’s words made Zhao Li have a better understanding of this debriefing. His mind sounds as if it is not just a simple matter of debriefing, but Zhao Li’s conscience is not related to these ghosts.
This time, Zhao Li’s warship was not sent by the military region. One school seemed to have made a special trip to Zhao Li. When Zhao Li stepped on the warship, the school even took four guards to meet him.
However, a few medals on Zhao Li’s chest look like a red star in Phnom Penh, a red star with a silver edge and a hero’s cross. It seems that there are still some words to see these medals, and there is nothing superfluous to say. First, the four guards behind them saluted at attention, and then they saw Zhao Li’s medal with a face of surprise.
Finally, the school also simply confirmed the identity of Zhao Li and Li Mengdie and directly took them to their cabin.
Zhao Li can feel that the school has been influenced by the hostile battlefield for so long. This feeling is still that it is just boarding a warship. The identity problem should not be a problem when accompanied by the commander of the military region, and it is only to confirm the identity. What is it with four deputy armed soldiers?
Li Mengdie also felt the hostility of the school. Zhao Li didn’t leave the cabin around him. Neither of them spoke, but Li Mengdie asked Zhao Li for a look after sitting back.
Shook his head, Zhao Li motioned that he didn’t know what was going on. The implication in the general’s words was that it was very likely that someone wanted to be bad for Zhao Li, but General Lucas was so supportive. Obviously, this must have involved some factions of the military, and Zhao Li obviously belonged to General Lucas’ faction. If General Thomas was added, it was very likely that someone was suppressing the old warden’s faction.
After figuring this out, Zhao Li is no longer worried that even if he wants to move himself less, there must be a reason that he is not without the support of people and the record of the marginal planet is a real record. Even if others say nothing, it is impossible to erase it. What is there to worry about?
Sitting quietly in the cabin, Zhao Li slowly practiced. Li Mengdie looked at Zhao Li’s calm appearance and no longer worried about sitting opposite Zhao Li to practice the same.
When the warship landed, Zhao Licai woke up from his practice and went out of the cabin to see the school at the first sight.
"Sir, what is my itinerary here?" Zhao Li freely asked 1
"ah!" The school obviously didn’t expect Zhao Lihui to ask this question. It was a little surprised. Then it was immediately remedied. "Your … debriefing report will be held in three days. You can live here first!" When you hear it, there is something wrong with the arrangement before.
"Thank you, sir!" Although the school is hostile, Zhao Li does not forget his manners.
This is a military airport. After leaving the airport, it is a huge military base. This is the main base of the Earth Military Region, and its natural scale is not small.
There are other things that the school has appointed a soldier to take Zhao Li and Li Mengdie to the reception desk of the military region to settle down and leave the warship in a hurry.
"What’s the matter with that guy?" As soon as I entered the hotel room, I saw that there was no one else. Li Mengdie immediately asked out. Although she was always calm, Zhao Li seemed to be calm when it came to it.
"He wants warships to arrest me!" Zhao Li can see what that posture means, and he also believes that Li Mengdie must have seen it. If it weren’t for those medals, especially the first-class red star medal, the school would definitely start work. Zhao Li is very surprised that anyone dares to send the commander of the military region to arrest him personally. If you want to cheat, these guys have considerable background!
"What?" That’s what puzzles Li Mengdie. It takes so long to get such a result. Anyone would have an idea.
Zhao Li, however, wanted to understand some questions during the voyage and smiled slightly. "It is estimated that it is still due to the problem of marginal planets."
"Edge planet?" After hearing what Zhao Li said, Li Mengdie immediately understood what he meant. Zhao Lixian’s marginal planet looks like a military. No one else has now. The marginal planet has become a free trade port, and even the rebel government supports this free trade. Then the oil and water in China are definitely dozens of times fatter than the previous marginal planet. Some people estimate that it is jealous.
"But if you want the edge planet to transfer you, why come out like this?" This is also because Li Mengdie doesn’t understand that the creed that local soldiers should be transferred from the heart of Li Mengdie has been firmly embedded, and Zhao Li will not be able to solve things without listening to an order. Why do you have to make it so complicated?
"Do you think they can master the marginal planet by transferring me?" Zhao Li smiled slightly and asked, "Li Mengdie is an excellent student in a genius school, but after all, she is still a student and a warhead student. It is normal for me to imagine this kind of intrigue."
Li Mengdie seems to have seen the faces of the soldiers on the edge planet now, and then slowly shook his head. Zhao Li’s influence on the edge planet is a substitute, and even she can see it, and someone must have seen it.
"What should I do?" If it is a military action or spiritual practice, Li Mengdie can definitely give some suggestions, but when it comes to this kind of political struggle, even though Li Mengdie and Kang Hongyuan have been in contact for a long time, they have not learned the essence of Kang Hongyuan.
"They dare not deal with me privately!" Zhao Lixiao smiled. "Wait and see what this debriefing is all about!"
There are still three days before the so-called debriefing, and Zhao Li won’t stay at the reception desk all the time to arrange the hotel. Since I’m here, I naturally want to go out and have a look. Zhao Li plans to go home, but I think that my suspicion has not been cleared, so I temporarily dismissed this idea.
The military base is very large, and the facilities in it are more advanced than those so-called military bases operated by Zhao Li on the marginal planets. I don’t know how many times it is compared with here. The so-called military base in Zhao Li’s side is just a bunker.
Zhao Li vaguely found himself being followed all the way from the hotel to here, as if afraid that he would run away.
Not far away, there was a training scene where more than a dozen people practiced Zhao Li’s eyes lit up and strolled past. The regular army of the Earth Military Region did not know the difference between the training project and ordinary soldiers. Zhao Li was also interested in this aspect because he had been training soldiers recently.

The jade emperor frowned and was unhappy. Others didn’t say anything, but the cast opposed it first.

"Give a seal things won’t be rejected, you go back first."
Three fairy twist a head looked at yuan yuan.
"The Jade Emperor is not a child’s play. The immortal mountain Lord is in charge of the qualification of all new officials."
The mood in Yuanyuan’s eyes has not been affected at all. She really can’t figure out that they are a mother and sister. She is also very sad because of her mother’s death, but her other sisters and brothers will sympathize with her and take care of her. The third sister and the older sister seem to be on guard against her.
Today, she understands that it is because she is blessed with a unique gift, and her spirit has soared after the robbery. There is always such a fear.
Now that the position of the Lord of Fairy Mountain is hers, no one will take away the robbery. She has long understood what it is to kiss these people and it is not worth being sad about.
The jade emperor is really angry this time. He knows that the old man is mindless at ordinary times, but he doesn’t think she is so mindless.
"Go, Gourmet, come back today, and the party is ready."
The god of food came to be an old god. Seeing that the royal family fight was suddenly named, it was a ceremony and respectfully agreed.
The Jade Emperor knows that this is not the time to chat with Xiao Lao at home. She will face more challenges when she takes the position of Xian Zun. He can protect her for a while and he can’t sit in this position forever.
"Okay, that’s it."
As soon as the voice fell, he was gone
The god of food breathed a sigh of relief and saw her former good friend standing in the hall, but looking at this tense atmosphere is really beyond the control of a little fairy like her.
Within a minute, everyone in the hall was gone.
How many immortals are left?
Daxian walked slowly to Yuanyuan with a smile on his face.
"Don’t blame your third sister. She has a good heart and feels that you are too young to win this position."
Yuanyuan smiled and waved one by one, which made thousands of auspicious signs appear outside the hall.
"Big sister, what do you think this is? The ability to summon thousands of auspicious things is that Yu Pei can make it recognize the Lord after recognizing the Lord. "
Although Daxian was surprised, his face didn’t show at all.
Is three fairy took two steps forward in the eyes is unbelievable.
"How is that possible? I have never seen Yu Pei in Xianshan confess the Lord so quickly, even when the Jade Emperor was a day later. "
The position of respecting the Lord in Fairy Mountain is not good. The first step is to get the approval of the Jade Emperor. The second step is that Yu Pei recognizes the Lord. It is extremely difficult for Yu Pei to recognize the Lord unless Yu Pei recognizes the master’s ability and mind.
"I don’t know if the big sister is still satisfied?"
Yuanyuan never disdained to fight with them. I heard them walking and rumors from the day before yesterday. If you are not firm in mind, it can really destroy a person. Some immortals have fallen to hell and become spectres.
But now that she has come back, she has grown up, and it has not been in vain for more than 60 years. She has experienced the warmth of family and seen many births, deaths and illnesses, and she has also sent away her relatives at home.
Similarly, she has saved many people and taught her a lot.
Daxian doesn’t know what the smiling face is, but he took a step back instead of holding on.
"Don’t be so stubborn, it’s not good for your mind."
Yuanyuan corners of the mouth smile with a wave of his hand makeup has changed a big red dress wearing a symbol of identity hairpin Youguiqi.
"Please don’t forget that the big sister is such a heavy gift. A person should not disobey it. Also, you should remove the people who planted the fairy mountain yourself first, otherwise don’t blame me for being merciless."
Sanxian still has a stupid expression. How can her big sister do anything out of line when she is so good?
"What are you talking about? You’ve been disobedient since you were a child, and you’ve never bullied anyone in this heaven. Why don’t you tell others?"
YuanYuanJiao is quite interesting. What’s the difference between a fairy and a human being? Isn’t it also used as a gun by others?
"Third sister, what do you think will happen if I start work on you?"
Three immortals took a step back and made a guard posture.
"You see what our good elder sister has done in private. I have evidence. Elder sister, you still don’t want any moths. I always mean to do it. If you dare to do it again, how about I personally end your life next time?"
Yuanyuan looked at Daxian word by word, and now she won’t be patient.
Daxian had sweated on his forehead and made a polite gesture.
"The lesson of Xianzun is that I will abide by it."