"Jian Tian has always attached great importance to grievances." Fu Xijin continued to sneer. "I used to be kind to him, so he still regarded my friend even though I was a Western Emperor. However, the Taiji Emperor robbed his wife. Do you think he would willingly become a Western Emperor?"

The wind soul has been completely shocked
He originally suspected that the dangerous messenger’s practice of plotting against Wang Miao was mostly inspired by the Western Emperor, but now it seems that there is obviously another reason for practicing heaven, that is, the messenger of the seven nights in the Arctic, an ordinary fairy god’s affirmation method, bought him off
Although Wang Miao thinks that if he dies, he will benefit directly from Sun Lingxiu and her heavenly way, even if Sun Lingxiu is a real queen, will he still want her to give him an official position?
In fact, he had a chance to ask Sun Lingxiu a clear question about this matter. Unfortunately, he didn’t like to ask others’ privacy very much. Besides, Wang Miao thought that he had nothing to do, but he died, so he wouldn’t be at ease. Now it seems that Sun Lingxiu’s practice of heaven and the Western Emperor are really confusing and elusive.
Fu Xijin already knows that the wind soul is lying to him if he is not angry? And XuanYuan brick since this little hands so practice talent is run.
He suddenly raised his chopping axe.
The wind soul turned and ran first.
Fu Xijin was even more furious, but he couldn’t beat his escape, but it was not bad, which made Fu Xijin dizzy.
Fu Xijin was impatient with the chase, and his figure suddenly became bigger and bigger, and he had indomitable spirit. The axe conjured up several shadows and went straight to the wind soul, and the wind soul was a place to escape, so he could scold him for his disadvantages, but he didn’t know it was so good at the moment.
At this moment, a red light swept from a distance and crashed into the shadow of the axe, followed by a loud bang, a violent wind and a few water columns.
Fuxijin was surprised and retreated a few steps, only to see that there was a girl in red in front of the wind-proof soul.
This young girl is naturally Xue Honglian. She blocked the purple gauze sword in front of the master. It turned out that Fu Xijin’s potential energy was abruptly connected to the axe shadow. Her lunar sword tactic was cold and extreme, and there was a cold overflow. The splashing waves inexplicably condensed into icicles and fell into the sea one by one.
The wind soul never dreamed that this beautiful woman could pick up the Arctic God of War with such a strong axe. Although she was still in the red dress, she trembled slightly and knew that she was barely picked up, so she quickly took her and hid away in the distance.
Fuxijin just didn’t expect that his axe would be dazed by a little girl. At this time, when he saw the wind soul and wanted to escape, he quickly continued to chase him. He knew that the wind soul was slick and swept the axe shadow while chasing it, which made the wind soul escape very badly.
The wind soul knew that the situation was not good and secretly called it bad. Fortunately, when the red line was red, he recovered his breath and called "Master, hold me tight."
The wind soul quickly hugged her from behind.
Fu Xijin thought he had trapped them, but the axe shadow flashed red and Xue Honglian ran away like a disease with the wind.
Fu Xijin saw that the girl who suddenly appeared could not only meet him with an axe and a sword, but also was incredibly fast. He couldn’t help but be surprised. Although he was catching up with the mountain axe, he could reach hundreds of feet with his huge step, but he could not catch up with it.
Just when he had to give up, the red light in front suddenly stopped and fell straight.
The wind soul also got a fright. The red line flew well. Why did it suddenly get out of control? He was worried that the red line was injured in the blow just now and quickly asked, "What happened to the red line?"
Xue Honglian wanted to control the sword, but he was shy and flustered. Instead, he fell faster and faster, shrinking his body and shyly saying, "Master, if you hug me like this, I can’t get up quickly."
The wind soul realized that she bypassed her hands from the red line and just crossed her chest.
It’s a good thing that she didn’t wake up. When she woke up, the wind soul felt that the tentacles were soft, and it was so wonderful that she couldn’t help but knead a red line. A girl who has grown up since she was touched by Master can clearly feel the bumps on her chest and the sliding in Master’s hands. Is it shameful? It happened that the enemy was getting closer and closer, and she was afraid to throw Master away and try to control the sword.
Feng Soul encouraged, "Come on, disciple, you should know that people who cultivate immortals should persist even if they encounter great setbacks. You should regard this as a small attempt to practice the unity of mind and sword and not be disturbed by external factors …"
Red line airway "Master, if you touch me while talking again, I will kick you out."
Fu Xijin chased after him and saw the red light in front of him. When he was about to chase, the other horse fled away again. When he wanted to give up the other party, he shook it up again. His wind spirit treated him like a monkey and was even more angry. He simply threw the chopping axe at them.
The red line of the wind and soul found the situation dangerous, and quickly offered a brick of Xuanyuan and a sword of purple gauze. Qi Xin joined forces to stop Fu Xijin’s axe. All three were magic weapons of the fairy family, and immediately the strength was crazy and the waves splashed, even the moonlight was dark.
When the wind blows away, Xi Jin takes back the axe, and when he sees the red light in the sky, it is obvious that the master and the apprentice have escaped and disappeared.
The foot is a small island, and the face of the island is extremely ugly
At this time, a black dragon came out of the sea and circled around Fu Xijin’s head, then fell down and became a young man in a black fur coat.
This young man is the wind soul who once saw a dragon in the South China Sea.
Mrs. Long of Nanhai bowed to Fu Xijin and asked doubtfully, "What happened to the general just now?"
FuXiJin cold hum a don’t want to let ao often know that called wind soul small unexpectedly escaped from his hand again he looked at ao often way "why are you still here? I asked you to do things well? "
Ao often hurriedly said, "General, you can rest assured that everything has been arranged. The witty girl is still secretly helped by the South China Sea Dragon, but I don’t know that we have got in touch with Emperor Wu of Song. Tonight, we will remove the fog and help Emperor Wu of Song to catch her all."
Fu Xijin said, "Sun Lingxiu and those sorcerers around her are of no value to us. The Emperor Tai Chi doesn’t want people to know that he has had contact with these people. You must remove everyone from their department."
Ao often hesitates to tunnel "those ordinary believers are easy to handle, but daoist magic, a clever girl, will be trapped if her heart wants to escape."
"Don’t worry about that woman," Fu Xijin said coldly. "Then someone will give her head to the Emperor. You should send your Nanhai aquarium to guard the surrounding area and don’t let others slip through the net. And don’t let anyone know what you did tonight."
Ao Chang hurriedly ordered that he was forced to obey the orders of the Western Emperor. He really hoped that the Arctic God of War would be clean, and even if Fu Xijin didn’t tell him, he wouldn’t dare to let people know that they were involved in the private affairs of the South China Sea clan and the Tai Chi Emperor.
Fu xijin, if you can’t see ao Chang’s mind? He sneered, "If you South China Sea dragons are single-minded towards the emperor’s position, there will be benefits for you when the Western Emperor ascended the throne in the future. If you are half-hearted, the two ends of the snake rat provoke the emperor’s position to get angry, so be careful that you can’t even stay in the South China Sea."
Ao Chang hurriedly bowed his head and said he didn’t dare.
Fuxijin jumped away again with a snort.
It was not until Fu Xijin went to Yuanao that she wiped her head with a cold sweat and sighed bitterly.
When ao Chang also went far away, he took his beautiful female disciple out of a boulder with a flash of wind. Just now, he had an illusion and pretended to escape, but he hid himself with a red line. Unexpectedly, he overheard Fu Xijin’s words.
I don’t think much about it, but he also knows that Sun Lingxiu is in danger tonight. This is the dragon territory in the South China Sea. If Aochang and his soldiers and crabs will secretly betray Sun Lingxiu, I’m afraid that Sun Lingxiu and her people are really one and don’t want to escape.
After all, the wind soul strolled a few steps, worried about Sun Lingxiu. Maybe Sun Lingxiu really wanted to be altruistic last night, but no matter what, he ignored Sun Lingxiu when he was in danger. He turned to look at the beautiful girl around him. "Red line …"
Xue Honglian covered her chest and jumped far away
Hey, don’t treat your master like a goat! Feng Soul coughed a dry cough. "That disciple didn’t mean to touch you just now … well, you have to believe me when I meet you on purpose!"
The red line lowered its head. "Master … you are not allowed to do this again."
"Okay, no"
"Don’t touch me again on purpose."
"Well, don’t touch it on purpose … but what if it wasn’t intentional?"
"If it wasn’t intentional," Xue Honglian blushed and looked at it. "That, that’s nothing!"
The wind and soul are pounding very fast.

Phoenix flies and soars, and the four seas seek to burn.

Naijiaren is not in the east wall
Talk about the piano and talk about it.
When I see Xu Xi, I feel embarrassed.
Willing to match words with virtues and join hands with generals.
I can’t fly to make me fall. "
She looked amazing after reading the joke. Well, he looked amazing. Wondering if he was surprised or scared?
It’s like going through an experience and a half-ring before I stare at her in disbelief and ask, "Are you expecting me to do this?" A day without thinking like crazy? Can’t fly together and make me perish? "
Warm "…"
How narcissistic is this bear child?
Magic fierce strike table ashamed and awe-inspiring way "you die that heart, no way! I’d rather die than be sick. Do that! "
Warm forehead
Liu Bo’s face is a little embarrassed, so emotional intelligence won’t leave a psychological shadow on the young lady, will it? But why does he feel that this poem is a portrayal of the future of Sangong?
Please don’t make too much noise when the time comes.
"Hey, do you understand? What’s your expression? "
Warm sigh "I can’t understand it any more, mistress. It seems that you are suitable for writing this kind!"
"What?" Intuition is not very good!
The question is warm. What do you think mistress is suitable for?
A romance novel b fairy tale martial arts novel d teasing paragraph
Girls are actively participating!
Every day, I repeat the No.1 frame, and I beg for it.
☆, Chapter 60 Old people don’t serve.
Warm sigh "I can’t understand it any more, mistress. It seems that you are suitable for writing this kind!"
"What?" Intuition is not very good!
Sure enough!
Magically listening to her Gherardini said, "Once upon a time, the water was so blue like the most beautiful cornflower petals in the distance of the sea, and at the same time it was so clear like the brightest glass …" Although he frowned, he didn’t know what she was going to say, but listening to the coaxing tone, he was sure that it would run him more than those poems that lashed him!
The more he listened, the tighter his frown became. Even Liu Bo’s facial expression was always single, but he was puzzled. However, he listened to the magical mood ups and downs with relish, such as the sea in her story. When she talked about that paragraph, "Her skin is bright and tender like rose petals, her eyes are blue and the deepest lake, but like other princesses, she has no legs, and her body is a fish tail …", the magic broke out irrepressibly.
It’s amazing to look at him warmly. The reaction to the story is so different. When she went to the orphanage to tell the children, people were all crazy. How could he bear it and fly into a rage?
"What the hell are you talking about?"
Warm and leisurely way "story"
"What story is so Hu said? How can there be people at the bottom of the sea? Give a man a fishtail? How do they breathe? How to speak? " Amazing, aggressive, unacceptable
Warm so don’t understand "hey? Shouldn’t you be curious about when the mermaid can land? "
Isn’t it more appropriate for him to ask such a childish question?
Magic leng for a while didn’t understand the meaning of a run in her words, but the brain hole went to another layer and then his face changed. "You tell this fairy tale to coax the old man to sleep, don’t you?" Are you always so easily confused? Even if you fall asleep, you will never succeed if you are crazy! "
This time it’s warm and stupid. What is the logic of this bear child?
"Hey, did you hear me?" Magic suddenly yelled again, which made it a little complicated. He was flustered and guilty. Is he a ghost? Otherwise, what makes her heart beat faster?
Warm nod "I heard that, but I have to correct that this is not a fairy tale, it is a fairy tale!" "
Fairy tales are suitable for preschool children to listen to. Well, of course, they can also be used as bedtime stories to help them sleep.
"Well, this is the most suitable one for you. It’s innocent and interesting. Write it quickly."
Magical shortness of breath, angry stare at her for half a ring and suddenly throw a sentence "I’m tired of serving!" " Turn around and go.
Liu Bo stretched out his arm and stopped him.
Magical dissatisfaction growled "Liu Bo humiliated me!"
Liu Bo’s expression said, "Sangong misunderstood Shaofu. This is … special love for you."
"You …"
Warmly, I almost burst into laughter when I heard that special love. "Is Liu Bo right or do you actually prefer inspirational poems with whipping significance?" Still touching tenderness … "
Magic suddenly turned his head and interrupted, "Old people don’t like those!"
Warm stand hand "that’s all right" sound jokingly asked "or do you like that kind of arty? Does your second brother seem to be better at it? Your temperament … "
"Old no!"

Although she has just eaten pork once, she knows the pharmacological reaction.

"I don’t believe him. Don’t believe you. Come on, Miss Ogata, my time is limited. I wish you and your children all the best."
Ogata’s eyes still didn’t let go, but they became a little stronger. "Dr. Chu, do you really believe in him? In fact, his body has been tried by various drugs since childhood. He still has some self-control in that situation."
Chu smiled and pulled out of Ogata’s eyes and looked at her commanding, holding out her chest.
"Since he still has some self-control, it is even more unreasonable to eat porridge and side dishes instead of a big meal. I still have confidence in this."
Save it for you
Chu smile don’t want to wordy turned and walked out back looking at seems to be somewhat relaxed.
But Ogata’s eyes and face behind him were not as embarrassed, lost and painful as expected, but a faint smile appeared strangely.
The smile grew louder and louder and finally spread to the whole face.
The tawny glass of the fashionable building towering into the forest keeps the rolling heat wave out.
Qin Fan sat in front of her head and looked at all aspects of email. Suddenly, her cell phone rang.
He looked at his eyes to show that he would stop his hand immediately.
"Smile and miss me."
"I miss you, your woman brought your child to my clinic. This is the first and last time for me to see Qin Fan again. You are dead."
Chu smile coldly threw this sentence quickly hung up the words.
Qin Fan heart first a surprised and then a happy.
He knows very well that she laughs. She beats you, scolds you and tortures you. That means she has you in her heart and believes you.
Is it that woman who dares to look for him, or is it that he is too timid?
Since Ogata took the initiative to attack, how could he live up to the letter of smile?
Qin Fan immediately got up and picked up the phone to go out.
Suddenly, the office door was pushed in by the assistant, "Miss Fang Liang, General Manager Qin, is looking for you."
Just in time, Qin Fan coldly said, "Invite her in."
After two minutes, Ogata’s eyes will blow Qin Fan to pieces in the first sentence in front of Qin Fan.
"Qin Fanjun, I’ve come to confess that this child is not you."
Qin Fan is ready to question, but I didn’t expect to hear it, but I was shocked.
"Say what you just said again."
"This child is not you and I have come to make amends to you."
"You wait"
Qin Fan quickly walked out of the shock and immediately picked up the words, "Smile, no matter what happens to your hand now, immediately put a life for me. You must come over."
"It must be right now!" Qin fan shout at top of voice
Mood Jessica Fong Ching got such a fright that he couldn’t help helping his lower abdomen.
Fortunately, fortunately, she doesn’t love this man, so she is full of rage, and her sister forced her to sleep with him?
Mood Jessica Fong Ching sat on the sofa to "are you sure you want to call your woman? You don’t even know what I’m going to say next, do you? "
At this moment, Jessica Fong Ching changed Jiao Jiao’s weakness and wanted to hook three and take four shapes, and his eyebrows were actually sharp with a touch of light.
Qin Fan’s eyes sparkled slightly, and sure enough, this is the Ogata woman.

"No woman’s intuition"

"Okay, so what’s her motivation? I remember hearing you say that Jiang Lan and Qin Keqing are sisters and sisters, but Jiang Lan doesn’t have much friendship with you, so what will she do to help you? "
Warm sighed, "This is not helping me. I think she is helping Qin Keqing, or that she doesn’t want her to water under the bridge, repeat her mistakes, and finally can’t turn her head."
I am fascinated. "If you say this, Jiang Lan is much more thorough than Qin Keqing Cong and knows that there will be no good result with you and us. Unfortunately, Qin Keqing will not be ungrateful and will not give up. She is going to go black."
"Who said not? Jiang Lan may not be surprised that she sent this message on this floor, that is, to seek peace of mind. Well, she can also sell it to me. It’s hard to say that one day we will have a real conflict, and I will show my mercy. "
I suddenly frowned at the thought of longing. "Jiang Lan seemed to have a reason for breaking into the tribal surface at that time. She had visited yiguang several times at night, but I don’t think it was the last time. That is to say, she went to Baihua Valley, which means she was surrounded by some flowers and plants. I set up a law and ordinary people couldn’t get past it, but she went in."
Warm eyes narrowed. "She knew in advance?"
"I don’t say that the disposal method is very clever, but the enemy knows that few people are interested in the array. Uncle Yao is in poor health. Sometimes he has to lie in bed for half a year and likes to study the array to pass the time."
"Do you suspect that Yao Meng Shen told her?"
I shook my head with longing. "I still know uncle Yao, but he studies those broken notes and puts them in his room. As soon as Jiang Lan enters the tribe, she lives in Yao’s house. It is not difficult for her to go into the room and have a look."
"But I heard from my mother-in-law that your uncle Yao’s room is full of machines and people who don’t understand it are very vulnerable when they go in. Jiang Lan should not find anything so easily."
"That’s right. I have reason to suspect that Jiang Lan knows Yao Shenyu, or that Jiang Lan is Yao Shenyu and goes to the tribe, so that he can live in Yao’s house smoothly, otherwise Uncle Yao won’t allow it."
"Well, your analysis makes sense. When I saw Qingyun Jiangse, I thought of Jiang Lan. Two people feel so much like martial arts, and Qingyun is behind Jiang Gu …"
A little longing reveals that "So Yao Shenyu went to the Imperial Capital after leaving the tribe and attached himself to the Jiang family. Jiang Lan was the Jiang family who helped Yao Shenyu go to the Baihua Valley of the tribe to get something."
"What is it?"
"If I am not mistaken, it should be a beauty flower."
Warm and surprised "beauty flower? I heard your eldest brother say that the process of healing with flowers is very painful. "
"It is very painful and unbearable, but Yao Shenyu dares. She was the first beauty in the tribe, and she was most proud of her face. Nothing is more important than her appearance, but she was ruined when she left the tribe for life and death."
Warmth is even more surprised. "How do you know?"
"If she is not destroyed, how can there be no movement? You know, her personality is the most high-profile, and she likes bright and dazzling life, which makes her silent and forbear, that is, life is worse than death. "
Warm and white, but one thing is not connected. "How did she attach herself to Jiang Gu when she was destroyed? Jiang’s family is no ordinary family. Why should Zijiang’s family accept her? How can you let Jiang Lan venture to the tribe to help her get the beauty flowers? "
"Nature is that she is also beneficial to Jiang Gu."
Fascinated sneer at "what else can it be? What is more attractive to the ambitious Jiang family than this? Yao Shen-yu may have been looking for someone to lean on, but she didn’t know what disaster she would bring to the tribe! If the Jiang family really attacks the tribe in the future, she will be a tribal sinner! "
The warmth of my heart sank. "Ah Wang, did you and the holy already know?"
Looking forward to god, my eyes flashed and my whole body cold faded. "What did I know?"
Warm grunted, "Don’t pretend. Isn’t it too late to hide it now? I just said I was happy, but now I’m vague. Do you think I’m stupid? "
Enthusiasm is still struggling "warm son …"
Warm up and leave. When you see it, you are so fascinated that you sit beside her and hug Nai Tao. "Well, if I say a word, it will make you warm, and you are here to torture me."
Warm smile scold "who told you to fool me?"
"I’m not fooling you. I’m the eldest brother. Let me keep it from you for a while."
"Hum, I’ll settle accounts with your eldest brother another day. You should say frankly, be lenient and resist strictly."
"What’s from? Can you still sleep at night? "
"You are a sperm brain! Hurry up and explain! "
"Ha ha ha ….. well, I said that in fact, when the eldest brother went to the imperial city to see Zhou Hanhan’s father, he vaguely felt that we had thought about many possible tribal crises. In fact, in the final analysis, it is two words * * or greed, ambition and the ability to be greedy for the tribe will surely be a high-ranking person."
"So you suspect that Zhou Jia or Jiang Jia?"
"The most capable people in this country are their families, aren’t they?"
Let’s try it around five o’clock.
Section 413
☆ It is my greatest responsibility to be at the top with you when you send me at midnight.
The warmth of the heart is even heavier, and it is difficult to ask after the voice is blocked for half a ring. "So do you suspect that it is the Zhou family first?"
Enthusiastic hug her hand a tight "warm son very don’t want to be a week home? For what? Zhou Hanhan? "
Warm reluctantly smiled. "Where did you want to go? I don’t want it to be Zhou’s family because of Master Zhou. I have a good impression on him. I don’t want to be wrong about General Zhou. I don’t know about Zhou’s strength and ability. You all know that if the enemy is the tribe’s misfortune and disaster."
He grunted wistfully, "We are not afraid of him."
Warmth gave him a beating. "Aren’t you afraid of me? I’m afraid that if he really covets the tribe, even if the tribe wins, there will be casualties. Are you willing?"

"I’d better help you go. I think you’ve done a lot of things yourself."

"Don’t delay your time?" Chen Jing thought about it again and said, "That’s fine. Just go get the money from me."
At this time, the owner called and asked Zhang Bin why he hadn’t sent it to the workers. In fact, Zhang Bin pulled the frozen goods from two warehouses, which was not far, but it was more than ten kilometers. But isn’t this sending Chen Jing back? Zhang Bin was also a punctual person and said to Lin Cheng, "If you send her first, I’ll hurry back and unload this car. The boss is in a hurry." Before Lin Cheng could answer, Zhang Bin drove off.
Lin Cheng holds Chen Jinglou. Chen Jing lives on the fifth floor of this community. Lin Cheng noticed that Chen Jing’s left abdomen was injured. Chen Jing took off his coat and wrapped the injured left abdomen. It also blocked the blood from dripping. After all, this is the community. The corridor is full of blood and it is doubtful.
The floor Chen Jingxian points out one thousand dollars and hands it to Lin Chenglin, who takes it and puts it on the table.
Chen Jing sued. Excuse me and went to health.
After more than half an hour, Chen Jing has changed into a tight-fitting home wound, and it seems that the waist has been bandaged, and traces of gauze winding can be seen vaguely.
After coming out, Chen Jing looked cool. It seemed that the injury was trivial and worthless. He put the gun on the tea table and looked at Lin Cheng.
This gun is a double-clip Bei Leita 92F, which is one of the most popular pistols in the international market.
9 Yu gang jun Shi
Lin Cheng glanced at the table Bei Leita and then at Chen Jing. "Is this a real gun?"
"Ha ha, don’t pretend. Anyone can see that you are definitely not an ordinary person." Chen Jingjiao laughed.
"Haha, why do you say that?"
"I’ve never missed looking at people for so many years. That’s how I thought it was a man from the first time you easily lifted that safe. Don’t deny it. You won’t deny it, will you?" Chen Jing looked at Lin Cheng defiantly.
"Haha, actually, I’m just an ordinary coachman girl who makes a living. You think too much."
"Well, no matter how much I think about it, let’s not entangle this question. Honestly, thank you very much for saving me today. I’m afraid it’s not appropriate to call me a girl?"
"Ha ha" Lin Cheng did a quick laugh. "Passers-by who happen to pass by will save you. In fact, I came to see you like a drunk. To tell the truth, I’m going to rob you, but when you point a gun at me, it won’t happen." Lin Cheng joked.
Chen Jingxiao cuttlefish disorderly fibrillation "that you rob now, give you a chance"
This time, it was Lin Cheng’s turn to be embarrassed. Lin Chenggang bowed his head and Chen Jing quickly grabbed the Bei Leita and pointed to Lin Cheng. "Who are you?" Chen Jingbian asked while playing insurance. "Don’t dawdle. Too long guns will really go off."
Lin Cheng stopped teasing. "If this is how you treat the person who saved you, then I admit that I am blind."
"What if a person’s life is going to be blind?"
Lin Cheng looked at Chen Jing unblinkingly. "You have to give a reason, right?"
"The reason is that you are too calm. You shouldn’t be calm. No one can be so calm when facing a gun, and no one can be so calm when being pointed at by the glamorous poison strategist of Shidao Fishing Gang. Tell me who you are?"
"You wouldn’t believe me if I said I was really a passer-by?"
Chen Jing shook his head. "Of course I don’t believe it, and it seems to me that when your brother left just now, that remark was premeditated, that is, going alone to reassure me."
"You may really think too much, but I want to say that you are wrong."
"Then can you prove where I am wrong?"
"I can’t prove it, but one thing I can prove is that I didn’t care that the gun in your hand would go off."
Chen Jing Bei Leita held a gun for a long time, and the muzzle was very stable. He didn’t lose half a point because of the weight of the gun. At first glance, he was a gun master. "How do you prove it?" Chen Jing saw something fly when the words sound just fell. Chen Jing didn’t come without a gun. Lin made it to Chen Jing. Two fingers held Chen Jing’s wrist head close to Chen Jing’s face. "It smells good. Haha" Lin Cheng smiled proudly and unruly.
Chen Jing didn’t see clearly that the flying sofa cushion was thin and weightless, but the speed of throwing discus by Lin Cheng was not that Chen Jing didn’t have a chance to shoot, but that Chen Jing’s sight was blocked by the flying sofa cushion at that time, and he hesitated a little. Just before preparing the gun, he was held by Lin Cheng’s two fingers.
Chen Jing make a determined effort root clenched "I knew you are not ordinary people say you are what person? Let me die for nothing? "
Lin Cheng unloaded the Chen Jing gun and put it on the coffee table, then sat down where he got up just now to "talk about it."
"From that day to help me carry the safe that day to calculate us? You Weihai Gang are really amazing, and you are such a master, but you still don’t wait until you catch me. Pepe wasted my name as a fishing gang strategist, but I didn’t expect you to figure it out. "
Lin Cheng is now thinking about whether it is time to talk to Chen Jing. Is Chen Jingxian misunderstood and even said that he is a Weihai gang? What, do you have triad written on your head, or do you have bad guys written on your head? Elder brother is so dark in five stresses, four points of beauty and three loves, but it’s healthy black, black skin or underworld!
"Don’t you believe me now?"
"Actually, I don’t say anything. If you give me the gun, I might believe you."
Lin Chengyi pushed Bei Leita Bei Leita and turned to Chen Jingxuan. Chen Jing grabbed a gun in his hand and pointed it at Lin Chenglin. Chen Jing held the gun for a long time and put it "Okay, I believe you". He said that he couldn’t believe it and asked "Are you really passing by?"
"Really no malice"
"That line you also don’t do freight rental follow me do it with what you want whatever you choose? Money? Woman? Whatever. "
"I’m from Wendeng, and I have something to do this time in Shidao. Can I ask you some questions?"
Chen Jing relaxed. Since he is not the enemy, just "ask."
"What are the biggest gangs here in Shidao?"
"Ha ha, there aren’t so many Shidao triads. Just one is how old we are to help Shidao. How can we get so many triads? Shidao is a fishing industry, and Jin Yuanbao has always taken a fancy to this fishing port business. Like today, it is not the Weihai gang that values our fishing port pier and comes with us to grab territory. But today, Weihai gang has enough firepower and we are defeated by fire. "Chen Jing wants to attract Lin Chengsuo to talk about Lin Chengzhi.
"That’s it. The purpose of my coming to Shidao this time is to have something to do with the Shidao gang. Since you said Shidao was a gang for fishing, I asked you what the truck should pay for one thousand yuan a month to join. My friend came to me because it was painful. "
"Oh, hehe, it’s actually a piece of cake. I know it’s really done by our gang’s minions. Actually, we don’t want to do this to make people angry, but there are so many brothers to eat in our fishing gang. Hehe, it’s easy to do this. If you have any relatives and friends, and this situation, just ask them to sign up for me." He said, he brushed and wrote a few words in a newspaper. "This is my words. Call me if you have anything."
Lin Cheng didn’t look at the note written by Chen Jing and threw it directly into the paper basket. "All trucks and trucks are my brothers and sisters. I want all freight vehicles not to pay this membership."
Chen Jing eyes staring at Lin Cheng seems to be saying that Lin Cheng is unappreciative and gives you a ladder. You have to push your nose and face if you don’t climb.
Chen Jing looked at Lin Cheng’s mouth and smiled faintly. Chen Jing thought to himself, "I’m not afraid of life and death, and I’m too domineering. It’s my favorite type for men to treat life and death as if they were idle."
"Well, I promised you to join us and help you with all your requirements." Chen Jing is also a great man who holds hands with life and death.
"Well, I’m a little hungry now. Go and make me something to eat. I’ll think about it." Lin Cheng put his foot on the tea table and Shu Zhi sent Chen Jing.
I didn’t expect Chen Jing to really go. Soon a plate of steaming quick-frozen dumplings was brought. "I’m sorry, there are other quick-frozen dishes at home. I really can’t cook them. Do you dare to eat them?"
"Why? Can it be toxic? " Lin Cheng picked up a dumpling and put it in his mouth.

Chapter II Delivery

Chapter two hundred and nineteen Thick soil printing power
"Ah, why are there so many? I’m afraid there are at least three thousand of them. It takes more effort to deal with them this time."
Autumn from hearing the crow was alert, and after a while, clouds, pieces, piles of crows and ghosts appeared directly from the side, and they rushed towards autumn very quickly.
More than 3,000 raven-ghost beasts are not hundreds, which is not only several times more than the number, but also more than ten times as simple as one plus one equals two.
"Thick soil is printed with a hundred feet of pressure!"
The number of crow and ghost beasts has increased, and the strength has also risen and become much stronger. However, the coping style in autumn has not changed much.
"Rumble …"
This time, the spiritual force injected when driving the thick earth seal is far more than nine times, and the thick earth seal is bigger than the second time when it is huge, nearly twenty feet square, and the natural thick earth seal looks far more powerful.
As the autumn leaves, the thick soil marks fall like weightlessness, and more than 3,000 raven-ghost herds collide with each other, and the earth-shattering rumbling sound reverberates in the front and rear walls of Longyuan for a long time.
The thick earth seal was shot down with great power at a time, and more than 3 thousand crows and ghosts were killed, shot down and wounded by a blow.
In autumn, the crow ghost herd suffered heavy losses, and those living crow ghost beasts also panicked and flew around without knowing what to do.
A blow failed to destroy all the more than 3,000 raven-ghost beasts in autumn. Naturally, his right hand was slightly lifted, and then he pressed the thick soil to the virtual space. After rising, he slammed down again and became powerful.
"Bang bang …"
The blow of thick soil seal is even more aggressive, and it goes straight to hit those already chaotic crow ghost herds. In a burst of explosion and bombing, crow ghost beasts have burst into pieces and scattered blood.
And urged the mana to be chaotic. The crow ghost beast hit hard three times and finally wiped out most of the crow ghost beasts.
"It’s really troublesome that there are too many ravens and ghosts, but I can’t completely destroy them after several attacks. There are so many fish escaping from the net."
Autumn nine layers of mana drove the thick soil seal to attack several times, but it still failed to destroy this group of raven-ghost beasts. There are more than a hundred scattered raven-ghost beasts who want to try their best to escape deeper into Longyuan.
"The wasp attacks!"
Wipe your waist and take a spirit beast bag to punch the mouth of the spirit beast bag. Immediately, there will be groups of wasps flying out of the spirit beast bag and circling around Autumn endlessly.
Running away desperately in the rolling of Fang Yin qi, the hundred crows and ghost beasts point to ten thousand wasps and rush towards those crows and ghost beasts that escape through the net in a "buzzing" sound.
A swarm of wasps in Chengcheng Huang has always been saved and immediately stirred in Longyuan. However, in the Mid-Autumn Festival, you can feel that the strength of wasps has been suppressed, and many forces are not left.
Every wasp in autumn is a first-class spirit beast, which is much more powerful than a first-class high-order crow ghost beast. However, because of the suppression of yin qi, the strength that each wasp can really exert is equivalent to that of a crow ghost beast.
However, the crow ghost herd has been wiped out by autumn, and there are more than 100 wasps in each group.
A hundred enemies and a wasp are better than smaller ones, and they take off and turn flexibly. Those ravens and ghosts that have leaked out naturally escape and are destroyed.
Two handprints and a knot of dharma tactic have done all they can, and the wasps have been returned to the spirit beast bag by the autumn harvest in the buzz.
"In this Longyuan Yin Qi, the power of my wasp spirit beast has been suppressed by more than 70%. It seems that it is inconvenient to clean a tail if you want to fight the enemy."
This Longyuan is indeed a wonderful place that can suppress one’s own consciousness for more than nine layers, even the wasp’s power has been suppressed for seven layers. Autumn’s own mana should also be divided into one layer to prevent Longyuan’s yin and qi from eroding itself and getting lost and festering.
Where this Longyuan Mid-Autumn Festival itself can swing out strength is really limited by a smaller part.
"I’m the best at killing and pushing the powerful five-element splitting sword tactic. At this time, my consciousness has been suppressed for more than nine layers, but the five-element splitting sword tactic is still too influential, so it’s okay to continue to explore it."
After killing this wave of more than 3,000 crows and ghosts, Qiu stopped in place and thought quietly for a moment. Finally, he decided to continue to explore Longyuan and didn’t want to give up halfway.
It was not long before I entered Longyuan that I was attacked by two crows and ghosts. Although they were all easily hit, I can’t guess how many dangerous autumn there are.
I have some scruples and fears in my heart. I feel that Qiu’s mind was once shaken, but after thinking about it, Qiu once again strengthened his will and continued to dive.
With a firm face, Qiu pressed the flying sword to speed up the escape of light and went straight to Longyuan deeper.

These people in the holy land of Zi Xia are not stupid enough to know that there is little hope of escaping from the golden crown and ghost snake, but if they can catch Xia Qi, they can immediately take the initiative!

Shout and kill dozens of figures towards Xia Qichong.
Xia Qi sees all this in his eyes, and his eyes are cold without any change.
This group of immortals in Zi Xia Holy Land have a good idea. Capturing him can naturally get away from it, but there is one prerequisite for all this, that is, they can really capture Xia Qi!
Obviously, this is impossible!
"You all deserve to die!"
Xia Qi roared in the face of dozens of immortals rushing to the holy land of Zi Xia. His sword and the town platform appeared at the same time, and a sword was dense and a ShaQi rolled fiercely (the fastest and most stable update).
Roar soon filled the whole world, and dozens of immortals facing the blind alley in Zi Xia Holy Land broke out with strong strength and fierce attacks, which suppressed the town soldiers and the front sword intensely!
Two fierce magic weapons were restrained, which made a group of immortals in the holy land of Zi Xia more excited to watch Xia Qi figure rush over one by one to capture Xia Qi.
However, this group of immortals seem to forget that Xia Qi can compete with them. Besides vision and powerful magic weapon, he himself is the most important reason!
Although Xia Qi is just the realm of the fairy king now, even if he wants to compete with a quasi-emperor without many means and magic weapons, there is no difference. It is absolutely equally divided!
Don’t forget that Xia Qishen is pregnant with five elements of the holy family and five emperors!
This is one of the five rare failures in the world, the fierce emperor’s housekeeping skills, and Xia Qi’s department has all learned the five emperors’ skills, and it’s hard to imagine how fierce they are!
"Chi Di Fire Emperor Boxing!"
Xia Qi roared Chi Di’s Fire Emperor Boxing.
Since Xia Qi got the fire pulse spirit and Yan Mo demon fire, Xia Qi’s Chi Di Fire Emperor Boxing has become the most powerful terrorist avatar in Xia Qi’s Five Emperors Juexue.
The flaming fist roared out and broke the hegemony of heaven and earth!
Several immortals in the Holy Land of Zi Xia are very daring to compete with the power of a fire emperor boxing in Chi Di, but in the end, the field directly became the fly ash of the fire emperor boxing in Chi Di!
Xia Qi took the initiative to rush into the crowd to kill.
A pair of meat fists swept the square, and each punch was full of strength, which seemed to smash the heavens and the earth. Zi Xia Shengdi was directly smashed by Xia Qi one by one in horror!
Even a statue of an emperor-to-be confronted with Xia Qi was completely suppressed by Xia Qi, so he had to escape in a mess and never dared to confront Xia Qi again!
He has been broken by Xia Qi!
"Let’s go! Let’s go! "
At this time, the immortals in Zi Xia Holy Land cried out in horror.
A Zi Xia Holy Land Immortal fled away from Xia Qi faster than when he came!
They used to be a soft persimmon in the last summer, but when they kneaded it, they could find the way to escape, but only then did they find that they had not found a soft persimmon to get rid of, but a hell demon!
They released this demon themselves!
Now the devil is killing them, and there is no intention to leave a hand behind than the root.
"Isn’t it too late to leave now?"
Xia Qi sneer at fled Zi Xia holy land elite sneer at a..
"Haha … I like to cut the grass and get rid of the roots best!"
Wu laughed and killed him with a golden broadsword.
Although there is no imperial weapon, Wu is fierce, but he doesn’t cut his sword by half. Every knife fall is chilling and there is an illusion of splitting his throat!
"Crazy! You are crazy! "
Zi Xia holy land fairy frightened and shouted.
Look at this situation. Xia Qi and Wu are trying to exterminate the holy people in Zi Xia!
Zi Xia Holy Land is not Wan Jianzong. This is a fairy gate whose strength is at its peak. The whole celestial world is famous. People dare to underestimate it!
Now, some people dare to kill the elite of Zi Xia Holy Land the next day, which makes it hard for Zi Xia Holy Land brothers to imagine and can’t believe it is true.
"Xia Qi! Wu! I’ve already heard the news that you two have made moves on our holy land in Zi Xia. If you really want to kill them all, the next day will be when you cut up ten thousand pieces! "
A holy land in Zi Xia must be drunk by the emperor.
At this time, they can also hope to be able to deter Xia Qi from the holy land of Zi Xia without being too presumptuous.
However, this Zi Xia Holy Land Emperor is obviously threatening the wrong target
If others face such a behemoth as the Holy Land of Zi Xia, they may stop after killing the Holy Land of Zi Xia, and they will not want to completely offend the Holy Land of Zi Xia.
But it happened that this prospective emperor faced Xia Qi and Wu! These two people are bold, and the Lord will not look at the threat to the holy land in Zi Xia!
Xia Qi doesn’t say that behind him is the Emperor of Heaven, which is the top five in the whole celestial world, and there is also such a big Heaven Sect, which is behind him to face the indefensible Zi Xia holy land Xia Qigen without scruple!
And Wu is not to say.
He doesn’t have such a prominent background as Xia Qi, but who let him have a first-class teacher?
Behind him is Qing Di, an extremely powerful top emperor, especially Qing Di, who is concerned about having an apprentice, that is Wu!
If something was wrong with Wu Qing Di can desperately!
This alone is enough to make the whole celestial world even the top fairy gate dare not provoke Wu for provoking Wu, which means provoking a top emperor!
And it’s also a statue of the emperor who is so tough that he is unreasonable and bold!
Think at the beginning Qing Di but even dare to take possession of the fierce Yang body of the Five Elements Emperor. Is this bold?
Speaking of which, when Qing Di chose one person from Xia Qi and Lieyang, it was really tough to a certain extent.
If Xia Qi and Lieyang are the Emperor of Heaven and the Emperor of Five Elements, both of them are among the top five strong people in the celestial world, and Qing Di dares to seize the descendants of such strong people!
Fortunately, at the beginning, because of Wu, Qing Di always seized the fierce sun. Otherwise, if Xia Qi was seized, he was afraid that the Emperor of Heaven would not be able to have a chance to take revenge like the Emperor of the Five Elements.
Just like now, the Five Elements Emperor hates Qing Di’s guts, but he can’t!
It is too difficult for such a top emperor to want to kill him!
Even the Five Elements Emperor can’t do it easily.
With such a strong man behind him, Xia Qi and Wu’s words about the quasi-emperor of the holy land in Zi Xia have not been taken to heart!
"Ha ha, I’m so scared! Let’s not say that the news will be sent outside the next day. Do you have such means? Even if you do send the news outside, so what? Something happened. Zi Xia the Great came to bite me! "

Thought of here, Guo Xiaosi quietly stayed in the ground to think about how to crack this attack. Then Guo Xiaosi successively tried several methods. It’s a pity that the beating energy disappeared quietly before touching the peach tree, and it’s a pity that the sapphire sword eventually flew to a little place, or it was a little before.

After trying to come to Guo Xiaosi, I found that I didn’t get the effect except my own mana, and the maze still didn’t change at all, which made Guo Xiaosi even more amazed at the ability of the array.
What secret does the avatar hide? Guo Xiaosi sighed and observed the same scenery around him.
At present, the peach blossom forest is finally hidden in the smoke, and it seems to have just bathed. The pink color of a beautiful girl is fascinating.
Drunk for a moment, Guo Xiaosi picked up several stones and suddenly flew around to see how they would fly. Like a sapphire sword, they were always advancing when attacking peach trees, but they never touched the trees and always turned their corners.
For a moment, the stone came back and shook his head slightly. Guo Xiaosi Baiji may really be trapped here, and he can crack this array with his own ability. Now the situation is that he wants to go, but he can’t go, and he can’t get in, which makes Guo Xiaosi upset.
These are the formation words of array aura, so can we feel this array along the aura? Guo Xiaosi suddenly flashed his head and slowly released his spiritual consciousness to observe the aura around him
For a moment, Guo Xiaosi has found the dynamic route of Reiki and attached his spiritual sense to Reiki Guo Xiaosi’s mouth with a smile. He feels that he seems to have found a way to break the array.
Looking at Guo Xiaosi through the spirit sleep, I also found that this maze is really powerful, and kill array is hidden vaguely, and kill array is passive, that is, if you attack the peach trees around you, you have to do a good job of attacking the peach trees. Fortunately, the previous release of the sapphire sword is just a temptation to attack, otherwise you will have to enjoy how much strength to attack.
As Lingjue looked at the source of Reiki, a bold idea came to Guo Xiaosi’s mind, which was not only bold but also desperate.
Guo Xiaosi’s idea is to use these reiki to interfere with the operation of the array. The array relies on reiki to operate, so you need to explode your own reiki to interfere with the surrounding reiki sources. Maybe you can break the array, but you can’t break the array, so you will also interfere for a while and then take the opportunity to find your way.
Guo Xiaosi cherishes his life, not because this array is too horrible. Guo Xiaosi would never take such a risk. This method is purely a way to hurt hundreds of enemies, but Guo Xiaosi’s current array is also broken by this method
When Guo Xiaosi doesn’t hesitate to sit cross-legged and explode the body mana, it is also possible to keep the body mana a little, and he can escape by luck when he breaks the array.
After the outbreak of mana, Guo Xiaosi guided these mana to be mixed with the surrounding reiki, which constantly interfered with the surrounding reiki. This was a technical job, and it was the first time for Guo Xiaosi to do it. He also didn’t expect that it was so difficult to operate mana. The surrounding reiki was vacillating at the end of the mana drive, and at the same time, it was mixed with rejection and fusion of poles, and so on.
However, Guo Xiaosi’s idea is still accompanied by Guo Xiaosi’s interference, and the surrounding aura is not as stable as before. The surrounding environment also seems to be slightly undulating on the surface of the water, sometimes revealing the truth, sometimes hiding again and sometimes rippling slightly.
Mana poured into the Reiki chaos and ran around. At the same time, it also made the array eyes unable to absorb Reiki, and immediately disrupted the array and destroyed it.
Guo Xiaosi didn’t expect that his idea would directly break the law. When he was excited, he didn’t hesitate. Guo Xiaosi looked at the road and tried his best to run to that path
With a more depressing sound, the maze burst, but Guo Xiaosi was not seen in the sand and stones, but he had already left here and rushed to a place
Guo Xiaosi Bai Ji can move forward but can’t retreat. It’s not worth the candle to spend so much effort to get here and then retreat.
However, due to the death of body mana, Guo Xiaosi didn’t move forward immediately, but sat cross-legged silently and absorbed the aura around him and slowly transformed it into his own mana
To say that Guo Xiaosi broke the array and rescued Liu Mei and Liu Jian.
When the maze burst, Liu Mei Liu Jian fell into the magic array and trembled now, which led to the flaw of the illusion and made Liu Mei Liu Jian wake up from the magic array
I saw two people with sword wounds, arch eyebrows and arch swords, and they both came from places with white swords, and they always desperately wanted to kill people. Suddenly, Bai Guo Xiaosi’s words were not alarmist, but this peach blossom array was really fierce.
Brother, let’s go. The purpose of Liu Mei’s entry into the array is to pull his brother away and don’t want his brother Guo Xiaosi to have a conflict. Today, Liu Mei is even more white. Guo Xiaosi did not brag at the beginning. It is really dangerous for him. Even a magic array almost killed two people. There are other dangers in it.
Liujian is also dying. He is afraid that his sister will die in his own sword, or he will see his father. At the same time, Liujian is also white. Guo Xiaosi is not boasting. The peach blossom array here is really powerful, even the magic array is one hundred times worse than the magic array he has ever encountered.
Hearing his sister’s words, Liu Jian pondered and nodded secretly, saying, It’s a good thing that we just came in. I believe we can retreat soon. Well, our strength is insufficient and we can’t get involved here. It’s too dangerous. When Liu Jian said to Liu Mei, let’s go, sister. We’ll wait outside for Guo Xiaosi and believe that he will pass these laws.
Liu Jian has to wait for Guo Xiaosi to come. He feels that Guo Xiaosi will definitely get rid of this array and get something in the law, while himself will stay here and see if Guo Xiaosi will give him something good.
Liu Mei is not as far-reaching as Liu Jian thinks. My brother has promised to be happy. She is the last person to see Liu Jian in conflict with Guo Xiaosi, otherwise she will help choose which side to help.
After a short contact, Liu Mei also had some thoughts about Guo Xiaosi. The love is not because of Guo Xiaosi’s high strength or Guo Xiaosi’s personality charm, but because of love and hatred.
Maybe I love you the first time I see you, or I hate you because I see you for the first time.
Perhaps because Liu Mei Liu Jian didn’t get involved deeply, they soon left the Peach Blossom Forest and came to the Peach Blossom Forest without any obstacles or dangers. When Liu Mei Liu Jian saw this aura outside the forest, he meditated on practicing here and waited for Guo Xiaosi to come.
After what happened this time, Liu Jian also realized that his strength was insufficient, especially in the magic array, he simulated that the enemy Bai Ji was not a bridled Johnson opponent, but he practiced harder and dyed Liu Mei with curiosity.
It’s a pity that neither of them knew that Johnson with bridled eyebrows had already been killed by Guo Xiaosi.
Chapter three hundred and fifty-nine Explosive armor
Chapter three hundred and fifty-nine Explosive armor
The charm of osawa in Taiyue attracted many people to cultivate immortals, and the pace of cultivating immortals also advanced rapidly. When Guo Xiaosi was still cultivating and recovering in the peach blossom array, many people approached the peach blossom forest.
It’s amazing array. I don’t know when I can reach this level. During the recovery, Guo Xiaosi added mana and recalled his experience when he observed the maze. This maze was really amazing and abnormal, but it also made Guo Xiaosi learn a lot from it, which improved his understanding of array.
After a rest, Guo Xiaosi got up slowly and looked at the scene before him. He felt a pang in his heart. It was still a peach tree. The only difference was that a quiet path was now available.
Guo Xiaosi carefully checked and found no hidden traps or formations. He tried to tread the path and walked slowly forward.
Guo Xiaosi was walking on the road, quietly looking at the path in front of him, wondering, won’t it just lead to the destination? Guo Xiaosi believes that this road is definitely not in the maze, and they often don’t arrange the same type of array. After all, in their view, people can certainly break the same array and it’s nothing.
At the end of the secluded path is a palace, which can be ruined in front of us. It seems that it has suffered some disasters. It stands precariously here. Seeing this palace, Guo Xiaosi secretly estimates that this is the destination, and the secret lies in this palace.
Take a closer look and find no trace of law. Guo Xiaosi doubts and walks into the palace. When Guo Xiaosi walks into the palace, his eyes are transient with horror.
In this palace, nothing is broken, and the palace department is fast. The boulder is very common. Besides, there is nothing that shocked Guo Xiaosi. It is a concave part of this boulder, which also makes Guo Xiaosi very familiar with the inkstone mark.

Real Madrid lost to Werder Bremen 23 away!

Lazio, on the other hand, drew 22 with Olympiacos at home.
The situation in this group is much more subtle.
After five rounds of group matches, Lazio ranked first, Real Madrid with seven points, Werder Bremen with six points, Olympiacos with five points.
Except Lazio, all the other three teams are likely to qualify in the group.
I went to Real Madrid for the first goal of the group and found that after Lazio drew Olympiacos, they even had suspense in qualifying for the group.
After the game, the Madrid media accused Changsheng of deliberately releasing water, because Changsheng didn’t send the main force in the game against Olympiacos, but was still a substitute mix and match of half the main force like a game against Parma League.
He meant to let more players accumulate experience in playing in the Champions League.
But I didn’t expect to be forced to a 22-draw by the tenacious Olympiacos.
However, Changsheng does not regret this arrangement.
Unexpectedly, this arrangement became the reason why Madrid media accused him.
There is a reason why the Madrid media are so angry.
If they can’t beat Lazio in the final round, they will face severe challenges in qualifying.
Because once Werder Bremen wins Olympiacos, they will surpass Real Madrid by nine points-whether they lose or draw, Real Madrid will be eliminated. Their draw with Lazio is seven points, and there is no way to be greater than nine points.
What if Olympiacos beat Werder Bremen at home? Olympiacos will score points and Real Madrid will have to draw at least. After the draw, they will score points with Olympiacos. However, Real Madrid will be able to qualify after playing against Olympiacos.
Of course, for Real Madrid, the best result is a draw between Werder Bremen and Olympiacos.
In this way, Real Madrid can qualify for the group if they can draw Lazio at home.
Of course, if Real Madrid loses … it will be seven points with Werder Bremen.
Need to compare the winners and losers.
Real Madrid and Werder Bremen are slightly more complicated.
The result of the confrontation between the two sides was a draw with one win and one loss.
Then, comparing the goal difference between the two sides, the total score of the two meetings was 44 and it was tied again.
Continue to compare the number of goals scored away from home when the two sides play each other.
This time, Real Madrid finally took advantage. They scored two away goals and Werder Bremen scored one.
If Werder Bremen and Olympiacos draw, this will be the final result.
Real Madrid is still qualified for the group.
But it’s a shame for Real Madrid to qualify in this way.
The most successful team in the history of the Champions League has to compare so many times to decide whether to advance …
It’s a shame to say it!
The match that decide that fate of real Madrid will come soon.
Lazio are about to embark on a journey to Madrid after two Serie A rounds.
In these two leagues, Lazio beat Siena 1 away and Catania 41 at home.
Fa Erkao scored twice in the last game.
The number of league goals has reached twelve.
His agent, Claudio Mosio, thinks the time is ripe.
So the day before the team went to Madrid, he found a constant victory in the head coach’s office of Vermelot training base.
"I’m here to talk to you about the new contract in Fa Erkao. My players and I both agree that the annual salary of 500 thousand euros is very inconsistent with his current performance."
Claudio Mosio sat on the sofa in the head coach’s office, while Changsheng sat behind his messy desk.
Because of the angle problem, Mosio can see half of Chang Sheng’s face, and sometimes he can’t even see half of his face because it is blocked by the monitor.
Ever-victorious leans back against the back of the chair.
This massimo can’t even see the last half of his face.
Constant sound comes from behind the monitor.
"No problem, we can talk about a new contract," Chang Sheng replied.
But in fact, Changsheng has no hope that Fa Erkao can successfully renew his contract.
Lazio can give Fa Erkao a maximum annual salary of 2 million.
This money is a lot for Fa Erkao, but when Fa Erkao becomes the golden boot of Serie A, he may not look at it … The most important thing is that his agent will not look at it.
If Fa Erkao moves to another team, they can get an annual salary of 5 million, which is still "up"!
Compared with 5 million, 2 million is really nothing.
Brokers are typical profit-seekers, who can earn 5 million 5%. What can they earn 2 million 5%?
Before the Real Madrid match, Fa Erkao’s agent came to see him. To put it bluntly, it was an invisible demonstration-my team is very important to your team. I hope you can seriously consider this and give us a contract that satisfies us!
Fa Erkao will definitely start because of the away game against Real Madrid.
When the time comes, seeing Fa Erkao’s outstanding performance and winning will naturally give Fa Erkao a big contract.
I have to say that Claudio Mosio is quite capable when I choose this time to talk about renewing my contract.
But … doesn’t he know that Lazio has a salary cap system?
Or does he think the salary cap shield will be broken because of Fa Erkao?
How is that possible?
Lazio’s current economic situation is absolutely impossible to put this salary cap system.
The maximum salary of 2 million euros cannot be moved, even if it is a constant victory, it cannot exceed this standard.

Lu mother will Shen Nuo calm down and then look at the closed Yang Jing Shen Nuo feel inexplicably distressed.

In the hospital
"Baby, I’m a good baby." Shen held a pillow in his heart and thought it was a baby walking back and forth in bed.
"Love, that’s not our child." Lu Qingzhou couldn’t see it. He came over and wanted to take the pillow from Shen’s feelings.
"Don’t you give me up and don’t hurt my child." Shen Qing suddenly went crazy and shouted at Lu Qingzhou
"Shen Qing you …" Lu Qingzhou stared at Shen Qing in the mind very not the taste.
☆ Chapter 5 An incredible dream!
"Qingzhou" At this moment, Tang Wei came over to persuade Lu Qingzhou that "Qingzhou’s mood is fluctuating now. You and dad should go out first and I will accompany her for a while."
Lu Qingzhou glanced at his delirious feelings and looked a little at Tang Wei and nodded to help Shen Fu out.
Shen Qing saw Lu Qingzhou leave and breathed a sigh of relief. He turned and threw the pillow to the ground and fell to the bed.
"It’s really tiring to pretend to be crazy. I’m exhausted this afternoon." Shen Qing fell to the bed and said something.
"Baby, it’s all worth it." Tang Wei walked up to Shen Qing and encouraged her to touch Shen Qing’s hair. "I heard Lu Qingzhou call Master Lu this morning."
"Oh?" Shen Qing immediately sat up when he heard this. "Qingzhou … What did he say?"
"Don’t worry" Tang Weixiao "Lu Qingzhou even called Master Lu with crying and howling. Master Lu knows that your child will not make Shen Nuo feel better"
Shen Qing smiled more than a yes man when she heard her mother say so.
"Hum Shen Nuo I will never let you feel better"
"But …" Tang Wei hesitated a little. "This Lu Xiusi seems to know something and always feels that he is investigating your pregnancy."
"Mom, you’re right!" Shen Qing sat next to his mother. "Former Qingzhou told me. He said that Lu Xiusi was investigating me, but he didn’t know that Lu Xiusi’s investigation was that I was pregnant."
"This person has a delicate mind, so we should be careful." Tang Wei said to Shen Qing.
"No matter how powerful he is, how can everyone see that Shen Nuo pushed me upstairs? Even if Lu Xiusi is so powerful, isn’t the child in my arms still lost by his wife?" Shen Qing said to Tang Wei with a proud face
"Okay, okay, what you have to do now is try your best to play well. I’ll help you find a way." Tang Wei comforted Shen Qing
"Hey, but being crazy is so tiring!" Shen Qing looked at Tang Wei very reluctantly
"Daughter, if you put up with it now, you can defeat Shen Nuo forever. Isn’t this a painful moment?" Tang Wei encouraged Shen Qing.
Section 7
"Mom, you’re right!" Shen Qing sits up. Every time she and Shen Nuo compare with each other, Shen Qing always seems to have beaten chicken blood inexplicably.
Shen Qing’s purpose is to take away everything Shen Nuo owns, which will give him a strange pleasure.
"You lie down first. I’ll call Qingzhou and Dad back!" Tang Wei let Shen Qing lie down and did it.
Tang Wei walked to the door and saw Qingzhou Lu and Shen Fugang outside the door. Tang Wei found Liu Fu travel-stained to catch up.
"If it isn’t Master Lu, why do you come here sometimes?" Tang Wei’s first question made him rest on the side, and Lu Qingzhou and Shen Fu also smelled the past.
"Grandpa, you are here!" After seeing Liu Fu coming, Lu Qingzhou couldn’t help but feel sad and went forward.
Lu Fu looked haggard and Lu Qingzhou comforted him with distress. "Don’t be sad. Take me to meet my son!"
Liu Fu symbolically greeted Shen Fu and Tang Wei and was led into the ward by Lu Qingzhou.
At this time, Shen Qing was lying in bed and closed his eyes when he heard someone coming in.
At this time, Tang Wei rushed from behind to the novel "I fell asleep when I was emotionally unstable just now. You’d better not wake her up first."
Liu Fu heard the nod, and the footsteps of a line of people became lighter.
He looked at lying in the hospital bed, feeling very sorry.
"If you don’t transfer to a home hospital, it will be more convenient to take care of you." Liu Fu said to Lu Qingzhou.
Lu Qingzhou was about to answer Tang Wei’s bad news. He quickly grabbed the answer in front of Lu Qingzhou. "It’s not necessary for in-laws to transfer to another hospital. Now it’s mainly heartbreak. Besides, I will take good care of her here."
Tang Wei flatters Liu Fu with a smile. Liu Fu didn’t continue to insist when she saw that she was determined to do so.
Lu Fu turned to Shen Fu and said, "My in-laws are sorry that this is the way for us to meet. We Lujia are also sorry that Shen Qing was hurt, but we Lujia will definitely give Shen Qing a satisfactory answer!"
Liu Fu finished and bowed respectfully to Shen Fu.
You know, Master Lujia doesn’t even see a few faces in sight on weekdays. Now, when we first met, we gave Shen Fu a big gift. Shen Fu was naturally flattered.
"No, no, no,no." Shen Fu quickly pulled Lu Fu up. "We all see that you Lujia are good at Shen Qing. We believe you!"
"Yes, yes," Tang Wei also chimed in. "A prestigious person like you must be very busy at ordinary times. It’s very kind of you to worry about our daughter!"
"I’m flattered by my mother’s marriage to Lujia. It’s always been our old couple’s heart. Naturally, we like it. We are also very distressed that this happened now."
Liu Fu looked at both of them very guilty.
"Well, when Shen Qing is discharged from the hospital in a few days, I will call a family meeting at home to study this matter together, and I will definitely give you justice."
"This is the best," said Tang Wei.
Father Lu glanced at the fact that he was still sleeping and said to Father Shen, "Since Qinger is still sleeping, I won’t bother you too much. I’ll go first!"
"Okay, I’ll send you." Shen Fu raised his hand and wanted to send Liu Fu a paragraph.
"Husband, your legs and feet are not good today, or I will send my in-laws!" Tang Wei walked in front of Shen Fu and went out with Liu Fu before Shen Fu allowed it.
"Lu’s family has heard a lot about your name for a long time. Today, I saw you through my daughter’s light!" Tang Wei walked and looked at Liu Fu and said
Tang Wei looked at the man in front of Liu Fu. Although he was young, he had the charm of a middle-aged man.
Father Lu didn’t think much of him as an in-laws and treated him like "I’m flattered by my in-laws, but I’m just an ordinary person!" "
"In-laws really underestimate themselves. How many women dream of you!" Tang Wei said this sentence with a silvery smile.
Liu Fu felt that there was something wrong with this woman before him. He looked at Tang Wei with some surprise.
"I admire you very much." Tang Wei knew that she had just acted a little too obviously and then she had a little convergence.
"I think" Liu Fu took a look at Tang Wei, a woman who still has some beauty in middle age. "In-laws say it’s too much!"
Liu Fu felt that Shen Qing’s mother didn’t respect herself, but she was polite and parted.
"Hum" Tang Wei looked at Liu Fu’s leaving back. "What’s the big deal? If you don’t rush for your stinking money, who wants to sell your color to curry favor with you!"
When Tang Wei married Shen Nuo’s father, she also ran for Shen Nuo’s father. A small company was in good condition, but in recent years, Shen Fu’s business has not improved. Tang Wei increasingly looks down on his fat old man.
If you want to say that parents are like children, you can learn from her mother.
A few days left, because both Lu Qingzhou and Shen Fu had work to do, they took care of Shen Qing and fell on Tang Weishen.
One day when Shen Qing was awake, she saw Lu Qingzhou and her father were not here. She asked Tang Wei, "Mom, do you think Qingzhou is good to me?"
Tang Wei is putting on makeup. She was surprised to hear her daughter ask, "Why do you ask?"
Shen Qing nai sighed, "When I entered Qingzhou on the day of abortion, I didn’t care how to ask the child directly. I had some …"
Shen Qing felt a little disappointed when he thought of this. I didn’t expect the child to be more important than Shen Qing in front of Lu Qingzhou.
Tang Wei knew what she was thinking. She put on lipstick and asked, "What’s the most important thing about this woman?"