Goblin warrior’s life just returned!

Goblin warriors used to swallow dozens of pounds of stimulants, but now they are like taking the wrong medicine. When they fall to the ground, their red skin turns blue again.
Burst out several balls of light
A huge aura came out, and nearly half of it fell on Zhang Xiaoqiang, and a small part fell on the last blow. Hang Yushen, Angelnan and Zhao got a little scrap.
Reiki flooded into the body instantly.
A critical point has been broken.
Hang Yu felt that a force broke out from the outside, and all aspects of attributes rose.
It has been upgraded!
Hang Yu quickly checked the information.
Warrior level 2
Vitality 15
Spirit 12
Reiki /15
[Memory of the Great Sage] Exclusive innate skills With the wisdom of the Great Sage, the speed of practicing skills will be greatly increased.
Hang Yu received a lot of reiki all the way to hunt Goblin and killed the elite Goblin. Now she has finally successfully upgraded.
From the change of personal attributes, the maximum vitality increased by 5 points, and the maximum mental strength increased by 2 points.
And this is a visible dominant attribute. In fact, everyone has a hidden attribute.
Such as strength, agility, physique, spirit, will, consciousness, resistance and so on.
These attributes will increase as the level rises.
So Hangyu has become stronger in all aspects.
"Great God, great God, look!" Angelnan shouted with joy, "This monster has exploded a lot!"
Goblin broke out many things, but everyone held back and did not move.
They wait for Hang Yu to come and check it out.
Chapter 9 A bumper harvest
Goblin Warriors, Goblin Low-rank Warlocks and Goblin Low-rank Priests all burst out with five balls of light.
Four are gray and one is white.
The color of spiritual objects symbolizes rank gray, which is common, white, excellent, green, rare, blue, overlord, purple, king, silver, epic and gold, which means that mythical artifacts are not fixed.
Each stage has different stages.
Can directly reflect the brightness of the object.
for example
Gray objects have three states: dark gray, light gray and bright gray.
White objects have three states: dark white, light white and bright white.
The quality of the three states corresponding to the intermediate level is different even if the order is the same.
If the color of a piece of equipment is dark gray, it can be judged that the equipment is either old and incomplete or seriously worn, which leads to a significant decline in attributes or effects, and the quality of gray equipment is the worst.
Hang Yu was pleasantly surprised to find that five light balls were not dark gray, and one was bright white except one was light gray and two were bright gray.
Is lying in the trough so lucky?
The first time I killed the elite monster, I was still a bronze elite. Did it just come out in white?
Hang Yu quickly checked the information of five objects and was displayed in turn.
【 Goblin Priest Robe 】 Level 1 Gray Intermediate Physical Defense +1 Spirit +1 Durability (it takes four gray SPAR to bring it back to this world)
【 Goblin Sorcerer’s Staff 】 Level 1 Gray Intermediate Physical Attack +1 Spell Attack +1 Durability 1 (it takes four gray SPAR to bring it back to this world)
【 Excellent Goblin Boots 】 Level 1: Gray movement speed +1: Durability 1 (it takes a gray spar to bring it back to this world)
【 Excellent Goblin Mace 】 Level 1 Gray Physical Attack +3 Physical Fitness +1 (it takes a gray spar to bring it back to this world)
【 Goblin Warrior Call Scroll 】 Level 1 White quality consumes 1 point of spirit to summon a Goblin Warrior Call creature. The longest duration is 5 minutes, and the remaining times are 3/3 (it takes 3 white spar to bring it back to this world).
Hangyu is white equipment, but I didn’t expect it to be a pole prop
It is also a very good thing that the summoning scroll can summon the mighty Goblin warriors three times!

"Shoot me. Dare you shoot me?" XingHao expression crazy ferocious looked down at Ma Laoer shouted "do you fucking know who I am? Huh? !”

"Bang bang!"
Punishment Hao raised the spray gun and slammed the horse’s second face in a row.
"If I hadn’t caught the old horse, would you still be alive now? Huh? !”
"Bang bang!"
"Fuck you, you rotten bastards, maggots in the ninth-rate living shed, can you fight with me to grab my job?"
"Bang bang!"
After more than a dozen consecutive slams, Ma Laoer’s nose bone sagged, his teeth collapsed and his mouth gaped, and there was no one left.
Xing Hao gasped and stared at his eyes with a gun and shouted, "Look up, you look up."
Ma Laoer looked up callously. "… I lost … I have nothing to say … but sooner or later you will die in our hands."
"Ha ha what did you say?" Xing bold step before his hands held high the butt of the gun to Ma Laoer’s crown and shouted, "Do you want to kill me? Fuck you, if you’re always gone, half the people in Tuzha Street will follow me into the coffin. In a word, the nine districts will stop taking drugs 40% immediately. Who dares to kill me? Do you dare to ask the mayor of Fengbei? !”
Outside the iron fence, a figure who had stopped for at least three or four seconds suddenly suddenly burst up and rushed over with a gun. The sound was deafening and shouted, "Fuck your mother, I dare to kill you! !”
Xing Haowen turned around.
An old face blinked to the muzzle. wait for a while raised three meters away and aimed at Xinghao’s head.
"You his mama …? !” XingHao leng back two steps can be an old fashioned gun.
"I am Songjiang old horse, and I dare to kill you."
Shout for a long time echoed with the trigger of the construction site.
Three days later, Xing Hao stepped back again and fell on his back.
Uncle Ma’s body is bent, his right hand is holding a gun, and his left hand is fluttering. His iconic worn-out military coat shows his waist and a row of tubes. He said with an expression, "Now young people can really brag. B I am still this age, but are you your mother’s husband and young master?" ! Who will come to you and play with you? "
The words sound just fell outside the hospital and there was a burst of footsteps again. Old cats and others flocked in with guns and shouted "Don’t move."
The crowd finally Qin Yu rushed in and looked down at Xing Shao, who had just been killed.
Chapter one hundred Ma Shu Don’t panic and slow down.
construction site
The simplest and most direct way to kill Ma Shu is to subdue all the foes across the street, plus that one who is not very popular. Xing Shao has been killed by three shots. The guy opposite the base didn’t resist, and the old cat Qi and others rushed in and released the gun.
Qin Yu glanced at the construction site and immediately turned around and looked out. When he saw a car driving at a high speed in the distance, he immediately turned around and ordered, "Let’s go first."
Ma Laoer stayed in the crowd. wait for a while looked at his rickety figure and said nothing to his uncle.
Old horse mouth twitched and looked at the dead little six bent down to help Liu Shu without saying a word.
"Help people up quickly," the old cat beckoned with a wave.
When they heard that they had lifted the body of Ma Er Xiao Liu and turned to run to the rear of the construction site, Qin Yu immediately shouted, "Take Xing Hao’s body with his messenger."
The old cat stared back. "Why take them when people are dead?"
"Don’t dawdle and do whatever you are told."
"Can’t the car sit?"
"You Cheqi, you take two more people and we run to the left." Qin Yu quickly ordered, "Ten meters and one gun lead the remaining people across the street. Come on."
The old horse was silent for a long time and turned and responded, "Listen to Xiaoyu."
Everyone listens and does it.
After a few seconds, the star gun sounded at the construction site, and the troubled stablehand who had lost contact with XingHao chased them up.
In two minutes, Qin Yu took Qi, tens of thousands of square meters of them, turned around twice, and then put on his coat instead of leaving the gun.
The old horse is silent.
Ma Laoer was unconscious, raised his arm and grabbed his uncle’s thigh.
After two people were silent for a long time, Ma Laoer broke down and said with tears, "Uncle … I was wrong … I killed Xiao Liuhe and Mao … You said nothing to me … nothing."
The old horse bowed his head and grabbed Liu Shu and Ma Laoer’s wrist sounds respectively, and still calmly replied, "You can’t always point at me at my age."
Ma Laoer cried bitterly when he heard this.
In the middle of the night, serve the wasteland in the suburbs of North China.
Qin Yu bowed his head and smoked cigarettes with the old horse next to Zita Law’s shell.
After two people were relatively silent for a long time, the old horse looked up and said, "Xiaoyu, I still can’t get up for so long. Uncle is quite ashamed of you."
Qin Yu frowned at this and replied, "Uncle, you shouldn’t kill Xing Hao."
"If I don’t kill him, the opposite person won’t be shot again, and those troubled stablehands will be able to walk away as soon as they come after us." Old Ma Yin responded smoothly.
Qin Yu sighed and nodded his head.
"Don’t worry that Xing Hao is dead, but things will fall off his horse. No matter how much noise is made outside, Uncle won’t pit you kids." The old horse replied in a low voice, "You and the old cat Qi will go soon."
Qin Yu took a puff at his cigarette. "What are you going to do?"
"To tell the truth, I haven’t thought about it," the old horse nodded. "But at present, let the second uncle leave the SAR first. It’s up to you whether you can leave or not."
"What about you?"
"I just didn’t have to have no dirt street." The old horse replied without hesitation, "The old man and the young man won it for me. I can’t finally run away with a fake drug name on my back … I can’t wash it clean. Even if I confess, I will let the dirt street people sentence me."

Ha ha ….. Machine warfare is for ordinary people to play real combat. The stronger the fighters are, the more powerful they are. You will make a fool of yourself if you can’t even reach the high school mecha league!

Oh … By the way, you didn’t even have a chance to make a fool of yourself because you couldn’t even pass the preliminary selection of the high school mecha league! "
Yun Fan frowned slightly at him. Cui Yushi resented each other again and again. It was a bit too much for him.
Liu Shanggong said, "Monitor Cui is right. Although mechanical warfare has certain training effect on actual combat, it is not the same as real combat. It is far more difficult for real mecha to operate again than in mechanical warfare. Many of them can’t exert their real power without strong strength."
A Liu Shanggong see Yun Fan still there continued, "still there? Go out to the playground and run for ten laps. I advise you that the entry level of the high school mecha league should be strengthened. This is not what you ordinary students can achieve in high school. This is a family competition. Don’t be wishful thinking! "
This is very hurtful. Most of the classes are aristocratic brothers. They hold their heads high one by one, and very few of them are ordinary brothers with outstanding achievements. They have the honor to take the mecha high school exam, and their heads are lowered at the moment.
"I don’t believe that ordinary born students have no real future!" Yun Fan cold hum a brisk walk out of the classroom to run outside the playground.
Liu Shanggong watched Yun Fan walk out of the classroom and glanced at the ordinary brothers in the class. "For ordinary brothers, being able to take the mecha high school means that adults can envy the mecha in the future. This is already getting ahead. You don’t want to be ambitious like Yun Fan, but you are worthless like him!"
Yun Fan is running on the playground. Running for ten laps on the playground is nothing for dark strength peak fighters. Yun Fan explained to Liu Shanggong that he didn’t want to come out and punish him because he didn’t want to lose face.
Now that he has come out, he is naturally throwing caution to the wind. He runs along the runway outside the playground and always looks hopeful when he looks at the billboard of the high school mecha league.
"I must participate in the Mecha League and I want to win the first place!"
Yun Fan heart andao eyes firm.
For ordinary students, it is already very different to participate in the high school mecha league. Want to win the first place? That’s even more impossible.
When Yun Fan was in class, he said that he was going to participate in the high school mecha league, and he was ridiculed. He didn’t dare to think of winning the first place!
"Xiao Xuan, I must win the first prize! I can’t let Xiao Xuan become a genetic monster! "
Yun Fan bite a tooth eyes warm.
Since the earth people entered the interstellar era and set foot on other planets, genetic life has always been the enemy of the earth people!
Gene life The earth fighters are all scientific and technological, but the direction is different. The earth fighters strengthen the body by practicing ancient martial arts, and the gene life evolves genes through gene drugs to strengthen the body.
Gene warrior Gu Wu realm is divided into nine levels, the same level. Gene warrior is a little weaker than ancient fighters, but gene warrior can directly upgrade through gene drugs. It is much more difficult for ancient fighters to practice on their own. The number of ancient fighters is far less than that of gene fighters
Therefore, a person on earth is at a disadvantage in the face of genetic life. Once, genetic life broke into the earth’s land and dropped a genetic virus, which caused genetic mutation in most creatures on earth.
After gene mutation, some animals’ size and strength have exploded rapidly and become genetic monsters. Humans infected with genetic viruses will also undergo various changes in gene mutation and eventually become genetic monsters.
It was in the darkest era of the earth in the new era that a large number of earthlings were infected with genetic viruses and turned into genetic monsters. Gu Wu’s father’ Jiang Huagu’ led the earthlings to cling to the last territory to retain the pure blood of the earthlings.
Until the new era in two hundred,’ father mecha’ Ji Daoqin developed the strength of the mecha’s cooperation, which was greatly improved. The fighters at the same level were slightly stronger than the gene fighters at the same level, but a mecha was enough to sweep an army of gene fighters at the same level!
Since then, the earth people have an overwhelming advantage over genetic life and have fought back against alien genetic life.
However, the earth has been infected by genetic virus, and the descendants of uninfected organisms still maintain pure blood. Those descendants of infected organisms are also genetic mutation monsters.
On the one hand, the earth’s genetic monsters are killed endlessly, and on the other hand, both ancient fighters and mecha need real enemies to sharpen their actual combat level. Genetic monsters are obviously the best target.
Therefore, even if the earth people have set foot in the era of interstellar migration, they have found many habitable life planets to immigrate to their hometown, but there will eventually be genetic monsters to compete with humans.
It was also a major reason that the people of the earth migrated in the past. The gene monster carrying the gene virus was a great threat to human beings.
Yun Fan was born into an ordinary family in Yuecheng in the new millennium. Three years later, a little baby was added to the family, his sister Yunxuan.
Now Yunxuan is studying in Yuecheng No.15 Middle School. Half a month ago, the No.15 Middle School was attacked by a gene monster. Although the gene monster was quickly eliminated by the city guard mecha, her sister Yunxuan was unfortunately attacked by a gene monster and infected with a gene virus.
Genetic virus is always a problem for people on earth. Even if Yunxuan is infected with genetic virus, it is not advanced, but it is not easy to treat. For a family like Yun Fan, it can’t afford precious anti-virus drugs in the face of genetic virus roots.
Up to three months, if the genetic virus is not removed, genetic mutation will occur, and Yunxuan will become a genetic monster!
Think of my sister Yunxuan, Yun Fan, her eyes are more enthusiastic, and her will is stronger than her heart.
"I … I must get the first place in the high school mecha league, so there will be one million federal money rewards, so I can have money to clear the genetic virus for Xiaoxuan.
And ….. The first place in the high school mecha league will reward a class B mecha, which is my dream treasure! "
Mecha, like ancient fighters and gene fighters, has nine levels: A, B, C, D, E, F, S, SS and SSS from low to high!
Mecha is much bigger than ancient fighters and gene Shiqiang Zhan. A-level mecha has the strength equivalent to level 4 ancient fighters and level 4 gene fighters, and it is even better because of the invulnerability of mecha!
This means that a level 1 ancient fighters or a level 1 gene fighter can defeat a level 4 ancient fighters or a level 4 gene fighter by manipulating a level A mecha!
The importance of mecha can be seen.
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Chapter 2 Mysterious Crystal
Today is April 1 ST, when the high school mecha league was pre-selected, Yun Fan came to pre-select for the first time.
High school mecha league entries are all A-level mecha. The pre-selection process is very simple. If you want to defeat an A-level mecha in the early stage of transformation, you will pass.
Yun Fan entered the mecha battle room after signing up.
The Mecha War Room is the place where the Mecha soldiers really carry out actual combat training. Although all the students in Mecha High School will be given an A-class Mecha, Yun Fan rarely comes here.
Mecha battle is a kind of loss for mecha, which will destroy it and need a lot of money to repair it.
Mecha High School distributes A-level mechs, but the mechs repair and maintain schools. No matter Yun Fan is an ordinary student, he doesn’t have much money to repair the mechs. Therefore, if he wants to exercise his actual combat level, he has to go to the’ Mecha War’ to conduct simulated battles.
Dadada …
A heavy sound came from a mecha in front of Yun Fan.
K15 mecha This is a powerful mecha, which belongs to the heavy mecha tonnage’ 2′.
Each level of mecha is divided into four types: H-type defense mecha, K-type strength mecha, Z-type speed mecha, and comprehensive mecha!
Medium-sized and Z-shaped light mechs, K-shaped and H-shaped heavy mechs

The jade emperor frowned and was unhappy. Others didn’t say anything, but the cast opposed it first.

"Give a seal things won’t be rejected, you go back first."
Three fairy twist a head looked at yuan yuan.
"The Jade Emperor is not a child’s play. The immortal mountain Lord is in charge of the qualification of all new officials."
The mood in Yuanyuan’s eyes has not been affected at all. She really can’t figure out that they are a mother and sister. She is also very sad because of her mother’s death, but her other sisters and brothers will sympathize with her and take care of her. The third sister and the older sister seem to be on guard against her.
Today, she understands that it is because she is blessed with a unique gift, and her spirit has soared after the robbery. There is always such a fear.
Now that the position of the Lord of Fairy Mountain is hers, no one will take away the robbery. She has long understood what it is to kiss these people and it is not worth being sad about.
The jade emperor is really angry this time. He knows that the old man is mindless at ordinary times, but he doesn’t think she is so mindless.
"Go, Gourmet, come back today, and the party is ready."
The god of food came to be an old god. Seeing that the royal family fight was suddenly named, it was a ceremony and respectfully agreed.
The Jade Emperor knows that this is not the time to chat with Xiao Lao at home. She will face more challenges when she takes the position of Xian Zun. He can protect her for a while and he can’t sit in this position forever.
"Okay, that’s it."
As soon as the voice fell, he was gone
The god of food breathed a sigh of relief and saw her former good friend standing in the hall, but looking at this tense atmosphere is really beyond the control of a little fairy like her.
Within a minute, everyone in the hall was gone.
How many immortals are left?
Daxian walked slowly to Yuanyuan with a smile on his face.
"Don’t blame your third sister. She has a good heart and feels that you are too young to win this position."
Yuanyuan smiled and waved one by one, which made thousands of auspicious signs appear outside the hall.
"Big sister, what do you think this is? The ability to summon thousands of auspicious things is that Yu Pei can make it recognize the Lord after recognizing the Lord. "
Although Daxian was surprised, his face didn’t show at all.
Is three fairy took two steps forward in the eyes is unbelievable.
"How is that possible? I have never seen Yu Pei in Xianshan confess the Lord so quickly, even when the Jade Emperor was a day later. "
The position of respecting the Lord in Fairy Mountain is not good. The first step is to get the approval of the Jade Emperor. The second step is that Yu Pei recognizes the Lord. It is extremely difficult for Yu Pei to recognize the Lord unless Yu Pei recognizes the master’s ability and mind.
"I don’t know if the big sister is still satisfied?"
Yuanyuan never disdained to fight with them. I heard them walking and rumors from the day before yesterday. If you are not firm in mind, it can really destroy a person. Some immortals have fallen to hell and become spectres.
But now that she has come back, she has grown up, and it has not been in vain for more than 60 years. She has experienced the warmth of family and seen many births, deaths and illnesses, and she has also sent away her relatives at home.
Similarly, she has saved many people and taught her a lot.
Daxian doesn’t know what the smiling face is, but he took a step back instead of holding on.
"Don’t be so stubborn, it’s not good for your mind."
Yuanyuan corners of the mouth smile with a wave of his hand makeup has changed a big red dress wearing a symbol of identity hairpin Youguiqi.
"Please don’t forget that the big sister is such a heavy gift. A person should not disobey it. Also, you should remove the people who planted the fairy mountain yourself first, otherwise don’t blame me for being merciless."
Sanxian still has a stupid expression. How can her big sister do anything out of line when she is so good?
"What are you talking about? You’ve been disobedient since you were a child, and you’ve never bullied anyone in this heaven. Why don’t you tell others?"
YuanYuanJiao is quite interesting. What’s the difference between a fairy and a human being? Isn’t it also used as a gun by others?
"Third sister, what do you think will happen if I start work on you?"
Three immortals took a step back and made a guard posture.
"You see what our good elder sister has done in private. I have evidence. Elder sister, you still don’t want any moths. I always mean to do it. If you dare to do it again, how about I personally end your life next time?"
Yuanyuan looked at Daxian word by word, and now she won’t be patient.
Daxian had sweated on his forehead and made a polite gesture.
"The lesson of Xianzun is that I will abide by it."

"Well, I’ll wait for you to slap me." Zheng Xiaojie’s childish face is full of expectation, but he knows in his heart how his father loves him so much that he can really smoke. Now it’s just a verbal joke.

Here Muming and his party left the door of the ward at the corner on the first floor, and they met two people who were checking out, Shu Xia and Zhu Li.
Mu Ming looked at the wound that had been bandaged before he left and asked, "Did you sprain your ankle?"
"The doctor said that there was slight friction in the bones after a month’s inability, but it would be swollen for a while." She smiled beautifully and felt very close.
"Then have a good rest for a few days." Cheng Man fiddled with a short hair in his ear and the whole person looked dashing. "The suspect who robbed you has been arrested and will probably give you an account the day after tomorrow."
"So soon?" Comfortable leisure some surprised tone also soar three points grain also open a pair of big eyes waiting for an accurate answer.
In this way, the criminal suspect has been arrested, which is not necessarily too fast! Even when adjusting the traffic management bureau’s camera, it’s not enough.
"Officer, you’re not looking for our hearts, are you?" Granny took her arm and frowned and asked.
She has this idea, and it is reasonable that no one will believe it. It was only an hour before the report was made, and the criminals were arrested an hour later. Even if the police speed is extremely fast, it may not have such high accuracy.
However, Cheng Man was not in a hurry to refute the grain, but rather relaxed and scolded, "How can you talk to a police officer like that!" "
Granula vomitted to stick out her tongue and snorted softly from her nose. "Sister Liu, it’s not that you don’t know many policemen. The victim can rest assured and likes to boast. Who knows if they trusted you so quickly this time?"
Gave her a leisurely glance, and her eyes fluttered around, and she didn’t know where to start.
"I believe this a few police officers" her eyes glowing bright look at a few people slowly way
People in the hall came and went in their leisure time, saying that the voice was not high or low, but it just knocked into the hearts of several people on the spot. This was from the parties’ letter, and the police naturally had another experience. It was an unspeakable feeling.
Very wonderful, very proud, very excited sense of mission.
Comfortable leisure and grain by grain paid ready to go back and Muming a line of people can’t just stand in the hall to see the situation. Cheng Man and Qi Shaochen and two small policemen went out of the hospital gate and left Muming and Gu Jingke alone in the hall.
"We’ll take you back." Looking at walking limping, Cheng Man suddenly took her wrist on the other side.
Shu Xia just wanted to refuse, but Cheng Man smiled brightly and said, "Don’t believe anything else."
She moved her lips and refused to say anything, so she swallowed back to her stomach. "Thank you," Cheng Man smiled and didn’t say anything. Qi Shaochen stopped the car in front of several people. Cheng Man hit the door and carefully helped her to sit in the co-pilot seat.
Look at her every move, her face is suspicious, and she is relieved to smile instead.
Looking at the car leaving Mu Ming and Gu Jingke, she raised her hand and knocked on the window. At once, there was a middle-aged female nurse with a rigid and regular face. First, she looked at the two people dressed up and her eyes flashed.
Change to another picture and say with a smile, "Are you paying?"
There is one thing to come to this window, and that is to pay! The female nurse smiles at people with a rigid smile, just like her predecessors, but she can be alone, but one second she looks down on people and the next she recognizes reality.
But she miscalculated. These two people are not here to pay.
Mu Ming turned his finger slightly on the windowsill and said softly, "Please help me check whether Zheng Xiaojie’s medicine in Room 157 has been paid or not."
The female nurse’s face froze with a smile, but it took her a long time to give an answer. "I just paid for an operation today … Who are you?"
She was suspicious that she had been working here for so long, but she had never seen these two people ask the patients in that room. It seems that most of them are ordinary middle-aged men. What are the identities of these two young people with extraordinary temperament now?
Gu Jingke gave her a faint wind, her eyes were calm, and the female nurse was shocked and shaken, giving her a cold heart. She smiled and sat down to do her own thing, but the eyes secretly looked at the two.
Now that the money has been paid, they have no reason to ask for it, and it is not until a child’s life and heart are hard that a person can’t ruin an operation.
The victim must find another way to spend his leisure money. Zheng Xi can’t count on it!
Just Cheng Man, a few people go first to avoid leisure doubts. Two people go to the door and look at the blue sky and white clouds, but there is a bit of coolness in the whole body. There is always a demon in the deepest layer of cold human nature, which stirs people’s hearts from time to time.
There will always be a tipping point that forces people to do something, or because they have to, or because of their personality …
"Sister!" At this time, a sweaty teenager came from the stone steps. He was hot, and there was something wrong with his eyes. He blinked again to make sure that he was not mistaken. He was a little excited and was afraid that people would disappear in front of him.
Mu Ming looked at the young boy from far and near and squinted and thought about it all the time before he realized who he was-Qinchuan, the boy who robbed her, remembered that he still owed her money and his sister seemed to live in a ward of this hospital.
Qin Chuan didn’t hear the response. She didn’t hear the deliberate striding to Mu Ming, then raised her little black face and shouted, "Sister, why are you here?"
Muming looked at the young silent Qinchuan Ru lips and asked, "Elder sister, are you here to investigate the case? Or come to me? " He just changed the word "pay me back", knowing that she would never lose this purpose.
His name is sister, and he is very familiar with it. He is not flattering and sincere. He really regards Muming as his own sister!
"Yes" Muming didn’t show any coldness to him, but his eyes were dull, which made Qinchuan slightly happy that she didn’t say a word, and a word was also a word to prove that she still remembered herself.
"So you’re done?" Qinchuan moved his lips slightly and had an idea in his heart, but his eyes rolled and he was thinking about how to say it and how she wouldn’t refuse.
Muming glanced at him with a clear "yes"
His eyes lit up and he looked restless at the same time. Muming stared at him and waited for him. She was not in a hurry to leave. The boy had something to say, but the sun seemed too poisonous. If he didn’t say anything, she would leave.
Gu Jingke seems to know how she wants to stare at her face before she looks at Qinchuan, a boy who has never said hello to him. He is hostile to him on purpose, and so is he!
"Don’t you feel hot?" He calmed down a slight cold voice and made Qinchuan tremble slightly.

Clouds zheng heart way "no wonder destiny said can retreat the enemy reason is here"

After a month’s rest, there’s nothing going on. Now it’s a situation full of swords and exhausted strength. If Xiao Shouchen can really calm the crisis, it’s worth taking a long rest! What’s more, it’s enough to arrive just over a month before the ceremony of succession.
It’s an enemy of the clouds, but it’s not one with Shaolin monks in front of him, and the mountain is even more difficult, but it’s hard for the clouds to do it once.
Too room mountain feeling embarrassed (chapter 553)
Although it’s hard to do this all the time, it’s not Shaolin’s natural hope. After Wan Jianzong kills each other, it’s easy to take advantage of the fishermen’s profits.
"I’ve been coming here without sleep for days, and the 300 remnants fought to the death to stop Xiao Shouchen. How can they be so consumed now?"
Although it is necessary to be cautious once, it can’t be delayed. Let Xiao Shouchen hold Wan Jianzong!
Thought of here, the clouds are dark and determined, "How can everything be calculated?" Now you need to make a decisive decision! Even if there are some risks, you can’t hesitate! "
Hangyun’s dark determination Hangjun cried and felt that Hangjun had been guarding Hangyun before talking to himself. He just heard clearly, but he also listened to Yunshan fog and didn’t know what Hangyun was doing. Fortunately, Hangyun’s complexion was back to normal at this moment.
Then I listened to the cloud and said to myself, "No matter if I have any verbal conflict in Shaolin, I don’t want to start work. I want to follow my mountain wholeheartedly."
I don’t want to ask you if you absolutely believe it. I nodded and said, "Brother, don’t worry."
Without saying much, the two brothers clapped their hands on their younger brothers’ shoulders, then shook them and strode towards Master Guangtong, while Xing Jun followed him.
A few steps to master Guangtong, I heard Xing Yunlang ask, "The master just sent your brothers to the mountain. I wonder what the mountain is like?"
Master Guangtong didn’t hide his hands folded when he heard the news. "Amitabha just reported to the temple gate that there were some fights in the mountain and it was very fierce. Many people fell to the ground, but we didn’t dare to get too close to the temple gate and didn’t know those people’s lives and deaths."
Listen to master Guangtong say that finish walking clouds face a mountain started a fight, it’s still in walking clouds to expect someone to fall on the ground and I don’t know life and death, but it makes walking clouds lose heart and can’t help but andao "is someone a killer? Is it Xiao Shouchen? Or Guo Lao and Qin Lao? "
However, no matter who killed the two sides, the killer is intensifying the contradiction in the Sect. Once hatred is planted in the Sect, it will really become a disaster!
You know, now it’s just Xiao Shouchen playing a conspiracy to get rid of him, but once the clan becomes hostile to each other, it’s not that one or two people can solve its influence. It’s unimaginable!
In this case, Xingyun can’t delay when it comes to the sidewalk. "Master should know that I am a patriarch. Since the fighting is getting worse, please forgive Xingyun for not being with me!"
Say "eye" and signal that the two of you are ignoring Shaolin and running straight for the mountain!
Look straight at the Shaolin monks Zheng!
This is the cloud strategy!
"I’m afraid of Shaolin, but Shaolin is also afraid of Wan Jianzong! Otherwise, how could they be so hesitant? Take me or kill the mountain before it’s too early! In that case, I bet he dare not chase me! "
Facing Wan Jianzong, there are seven big schools in Qingcheng Wai, but Master Guangtong is afraid that the damage has not torn the dough. How can it be torn now?
Of course, it is precisely because of the killer, the tongtian soul, that he dares to take risks, otherwise Shaolin will not even think about escaping if he is forced too hard.
Xingyun actually sees Shaolin as a thing and goes straight to the mountain, which is what Master Guangtong expected, so he is in a dilemma!
Stop or not?
It was master Guangtong’s idea to come to Taishi. When I heard that Guo Dingfu was dead and Wan Jianzong was in chaos and the patriarch was not here, I had a great chance, but I didn’t expect the clouds to come back, although the situation of the sudden change mountain was as imagined.
And this hesitation has gone far, and this time it’s a good bet!
The good old monk looked at the back of Yunshan Mountain and shook his head without a hint of resistance. He sighed, "Shaolin has been a leader in these 200 years since the United noble family removed Wan Jianzong two hundred years ago. Even if Wudang is strong, it will be a bit inferior. But who wants Wan Jianzong to make a comeback and understand that it is even more difficult to deal with it because of the disaster? It is also amazing that this young patriarch has grown up. It is actually a great misfortune for Shaolin!
But now my Shaolin strength is still not enough, so it is so difficult to face the opportunity. If I turn Shaolin and Wan Jianzong upside down, how can I have so much scruples? "
Thought of this, the good old monk looked at Master Guangtong’s back channel again. "The safety of Master Guangtong’s nephew Shaolin abbot is the most important thing. Now it is not the time to be impulsive."
The good old monk is arrogant, and the devil has a great state of mind. Instead, it is difficult to rush to the abbot of many secret passages and master Guangtong. At this time, it is impossible to be impulsive. It is said that "this line of clouds is exhausted, and his prestige in Wan Jianzong is not small. It can be seen that these people have picked him to fight before they leave the world, so he will even stop fighting in this mountain."
We’re here to be a fisherman. We have to be tough and fierce, or else it’s good for Shaolin besides opposing others to make wedding clothes. "
The words of the good old monk Most Shaolin monks listen to Bai Shaolin to collect profits from fishermen, but if they are involved, they can take advantage of other big schools for no reason.
The good old monk’s meaning is very correct, that is, he will return it.
"It’s a pity that this is a good time!" Although all the monks in Shaolin are kind to the old monk, they are all unwilling, so someone whispered, "What if the clouds can’t level the mountain fight?"
Upon hearing this, all the monks raised their expectations and looked at Master Guangtong in succession.

At the sight of the other side’s reinforcements next to the virtual gate, the president’s channel immediately ordered the struggling troops in the tenth floor of hell, "All the marines with pets are engaged in fighting to support the cavalry!"

A seven million marines stationed in the ten-story hell "hoo hoo hoo", millions of combat players drove their pets up to quickly integrate the formation and lay out the battle phalanx, and then roared out through the virtual door and went straight to North Korea and Vietnam to raise reinforcements and kill two million troops.
In a blink of an eye, the two sides staggered and collided to fight together.
Although this batch of reinforcements from Hellfire is a temporary army, it is not like a cavalry regiment that has gone through a professional battle routine for the first time to form a team to fight a battle. However, the combat effectiveness of these players is getting stronger and stronger one by one. When they get together, it is a mountain of tigers that pounce on and kill, and the killing effect is also not excessive.
The reinforcements of both sides are not adapted to the charge battle of the Chinese regiment, and it will not be like the integration of the two armies. It is like two eagles fighting in the middle, and they will end up in a big hun war. The two armies are mixed together and hunluàn is killed.
After a fierce battle, reinforcements from Vietnam and North Korea came out, like hell’s crazy flowers. When the players saw it, they showed more enthusiasm and expanded their advantages, gradually changing the situation of mutual attack and killing into unilateral cover-up.
Sirius and heyday to see this kind of situation look at each other heart shock inexplicable "… a killer! !”
Instantly reached a consensus. The Sirius Horse Commander Channel reached an order to an army hidden in the dark. "Stop watching! Show them your power! !”
"yes! !” I should fall, but when I saw a mountain not far outside all saints’ capital, ten black shadows suddenly turned out and rushed towards all saints’ capital.
When I was near, these ten black shadows finally showed their true colors. They were actually ten ing dragons with a player on their backs. Obviously, these dragons all have owners’ backs, and those players’ pets, and those ten players are dragon knights.
These ten Dragon Knights are Sirius and the killer weapon in the heyday-the Dragon Knights, which were jointly formed by Vietnam and Korea.
The Knights of the Dragon, like ten fortresses, swaggered through the city, rapidly approaching all saints’ capital in a blink of an eye.
"Give it to me!" Sirius face lu with a new smile "out of them! Show them your terrible power! !”
"roar! !” After receiving Sirius’ command, the Dragon Knight instructed the ten dragons to burst into a loud sound, and the dragons yin shook the fields to seize people first, and then went straight to the Hellfire Riding Corps to cull them.
Next to the virtual door, Jiuchong saw the approaching ten dragons from a distance and smiled. "How dare you make a fool of yourself by fucking ten dragons?" !” "Ye Yu, your performance opportunity is here!" said the president channel of Jiuchong Ambassador to Ye Yu.
Virtual door led by Ye Yu has already seen ten dragons coming from afar, ready for the fight. Wait until the ninth attack orders a ten-frost dragon to form a wingspan formation and roared out of the virtual door.
"roar! !” As soon as I rushed out of the virtual door, the ten frost dragons showed no weakness, and they also broke out that Yi Long yin resounded through the heavens and the earth to form a huge Lang, which flew the fighters in the nearby battlefield.
“……? ! !” See the dragon knights rushed out from the virtual door Sirius and heyday eyes critical stare almost fell off "he … how do they also have the dragon knight? And there are so many? !”
The Dragon Knights came out, and the other Dragon Knights also came to see that the Dragon Knights of Hell were forced to give up attacking the Dragon Knights of Hell, and the idea of changing the confrontation atmosphere of the Dragon Knights was tense, and a dragon war was imminent.
Ye Yu’s arms shook, and the nine swords of Feilong exploded like a mountain, and then Ye Yu was about to lead the Dragon Knights to attack.
However, at this moment, a figure flashed in front of them. "You start slowly!"

Chapter three hundred and twenty-two Wanlong Chaozong
? "Eldest brother? !” Ye Yu noticed that it was nine times.
"I just remembered that I have another trick to deal with dragons. I’ll take this opportunity to try it out!" Jiuzhong waved his hand and said, "You stay and play with me first!"
"good!" Ye Yu made a gesture behind him to signal the dragon knights to stop moving forward and stand by.
Jiuchong walks with his hands on his back and goes to the dragon knights across the street.
Sirius and heyday before he came to the half dragon knights meet while watching is coming towards the dragon knights alone "what the hell is this guy doing? Does he want to challenge our Dragon Knights by himself? !” Sirius asked in full swing.
"Hum, is this person stupid?" At the height of my power, I also saw that this guy was coming for their Dragon Knights, but I really can’t believe this possibility, which is beyond their understanding. "It’s a fantasy that he wants to challenge the Ten Dragons alone! Do we really think that the dragon is a decoration? !”
As soon as the heyday was over, Jiuzhong’s side moved.
But see nine heavy came to the other side of the dragon knights stopped hundreds of meters away and then cast out the skills of "Wan Long Chao Zong" and exhale "Ow! ! !”
To everyone’s surprise, Jiuchong suddenly broke out that Yi Long’s lust for dragons and dragons stirred up heaven and earth. All the players’ eyes were shaking, not that they were moving, but that every inch of their eyes was shaking violently.
The nine-fold roar has reached the vibration effect. Of course, the normal nine-fold roar is definitely not so exaggerated. The effect is the specific skill effect of "Wanlong Chaozong"
Hearing the nine-fold agitation of heaven and earth, all the players present were shocked by the eardrums, and the situation was slightly relieved when they hurriedly covered their ears.
"Wanlong Chaozong" is limited to the players, whether it is the dragon or the dragon.
On the opposite side of Jiuchong, the Ten Dragons heard Jiuchong’s lewdness and trembled as if they had fallen into an ice hole.
With the persistence of nine dragons’ lewdness, the ten dragons’ trembling situation became more and more serious, like break dancing, and finally they simply smoked there like epilepsy.
It doesn’t matter if it is pumped, but they are all in flight. As a result, the body of this pumping part is unbalanced and its wings are chattering. An unstable body pours down from the middle like a meteorite, crashing to the ground and stirring like an earthquake.
"Wanlong Chaozong" can be released in a targeted way. The effect of "Wanlong Chaozong" is deliberately controlled on the opposite side, but the ten dragons have little effect on the Flying Dragon Knights behind him. It is the same as the player’s eardrum. This method is avoided.
Nine heavy breaks and ten dragons fall!
This kind of thing is simply unimaginable, unheard of, unseen and unfinished, which is beyond the imagination of players.
The players present, including the hell-mad flower players, were stunned by this exaggerated skill effect when they first saw Jiuchong’s "Wanlong Chaozong". wait for a while looked up like a woodcarving clay sculpture, and the shock in his heart had reached the level of repetition.
In the hearts of all saints league players, they are crazy shouting, mom, cow, cow, cow, cow! When the road is rough, shout and drink ten dragons to death! I knew this sacred cow, but I didn’t expect it to be so awesome!
All saints league players see each other at a glance, and they are afraid that they are fighting such a terrible enemy before. Isn’t this a pure card? It’s impossible to beat!
In fact, Jiuzhong didn’t drink the ten dragons to death, which made them faint temporarily. But at this moment, it is not true that in the eyes of players, it is drinking the ten dragons to death!
Seeing Jiuzhong’s feat, all saints league players are in a complicated mood at the moment. They are both respectful and afraid of sadness and joy. All these complicated feelings are finally combined. The final result is that they are finished fighting Jiuzhong again. Jiuzhong’s strong mind has gone to their imagination. The root is the victory of the law!
And hell crazy flower players are shocked by the nine feats, but they are not so exaggerated. After all, they have seen too many abnormal places.
The most shocking scene still belongs to players in Vietnam and North Korea.
Have they ever seen such a feat? Why don’t you yell at ten dragons at once? !
This is beyond their imagination. They believe in the positive law and keep rourou’s eyes looking at it again and again, but how to look at the facts is still in front of them. The Ten Dragons were yelled at by the Nine Heavens. They can’t believe it.
After confirming that the facts are wrong, the players in the two areas are completely stupid. Imagine that the dragon is at the top of the food chain, and the super combat power of the biological battlefield is comparable to that of the war behemoth. In fact, ten heads were killed just by his roar. How horrible is this person’s strength … Is this still a person? !
Not only the players are stupid, but the coaches Sirius and Sunrise are also stupid. I didn’t expect that they have been proud of the war and haven’t moved the killer weapon until now. The Dragon Knights’ debut today was the most humiliating defeat and they were shouted to death!
This makes the two of them really have some methods to accept, and at the same time, they are full of limited curiosity about the nine-fold identity
"… are you sacred?" Sirius eyes staring at the opposite proudly and gnashing her teeth, "what’s this muddy water trip? !”
Nine heavy indifferently laughed "that’s right, I am the sacred! Dare to touch me? People in Huaxia District still ask me why I want to go to this muddy water, don’t you think? !”
Sirius and heyday smell speech are surprised squinting at nine heavy "… you are sacred? !”
"I don’t want to say it again!" Nine heavy expression sank. "I heard that you were very rampant in Huaxia District when you were away. Today, just let the old catch up with the old and let you see what flowers are so red!"
"Hum, so you are Fang Sheng!" Knowing that Jiuchong is really the identity of Sirius Cold, the first person in the myth of Huaxia District has the strongest fighting power! I didn’t expect to give an old encounter here today. What a godsend! Fang Shengren will beat you to death here today to end your myth! !”
Chapter three hundred and twenty-three This pervert
? Nine corners of the mouth despise Yang Yang "with you? !”
"Yes, just me!"

Carline root wasn’t listening. Her beautiful face was twitching and turned red with anger.

Oh, you’ll beg me if you say that she turned and pointed at each of them, and each of you should apologize. Don’t you dare to practice my vampire witchcraft again. She told Sefan that my friends are real friends and they would be happy to know all about it.
Carline, you just signed the contract this afternoon
Oh, who cares
Sefan got up, and the gray room became darker. Sefan’s shadow was cast in front of him by the bedside lamp. Bnnie looked at the shadow and poked Meredih. The shadow was tall and dark, while Carline’s shadow was vague and small.
What’s wrong with Carline? Something emanates from her or wants to enter her, or it may be. Anyway, it’s around her and around Bnnie. Bnnie is so nervous that she feels a little breathless and her heart is beating violently beside her. Meredih, who is always calm, is staring at the front anxiously.
What the hell? Meredih asked softly
Suddenly, it was like that thing was carefully arranged in the dark, as if the door of Sefan was suddenly slammed and the bedside lamp suddenly broke, and the old shutters were closed. The room was suddenly dark.
Carline screamed. It was horrible. It was like Carline was skinned and pinched from her throat.
Bnnie is also yelling that she can control herself. Although her screaming sounds very powerful, Carline is like a reply, but thankfully, Carline stopped screaming soon, and Bnnie also controlled her impulse to continue screaming. Although she had never trembled so much, Meredith held her tightly in her arms, but the darkness and silence continued. Bnnie could continue to tremble. Meredith got up and gave her to Ma. He looked a little surprised and embarrassed, but he hugged her.
Your eyes will soon get used to the darkness, he said. His voice sounds very dry, but he has done his best, because what Bnnie fears most in this world is something in the dark, so that she can see her try to hold up on him, even though she is shaking badly, and then she breathes for breath when she hears Ma.
Elena’s body exudes a faint halo, not her body. The halo also spreads behind her and on both sides. It seems to be a pair of beautiful wings.
Her wings Bnnie stammered when she spoke in a whisper, saying that it was caused by trembling, not by wonder. Ma is holding her tightly like a child now, and he is obviously speechless.
The wings fluttered with Elena’s breath, and she sat steadily in the thin air and made a refusal gesture with one hand.
Elena spoke. It was a language that Bnnie had never heard before. She doubted whether it was a human language. Those words sounded as sharp as when glass broke after falling from a height.
Those words went directly into Bnnie’s mind, because her spiritual power was inspired by Elena’s powerful power, which drove them away in all darkness, and let those who struggled in the darkness roll away. Cold words drove them away contemptuously.
And ElenaElena is as beautiful as when she was a vampire and as pale as a vampire.
But Carline is also shouting that she is chanting dark magic spells. Those spells sound like dark horror in Bnnie. Everything jumps out of her mouth, lizards, snakes and spiders.
This is a war, a magical confrontation. Carline knows so much black magic. She is not a witch descendant like Bnnie.
There was a strange sound around Sefan’s house, which sounded like a helicopter’s pronunciation, which frightened Bnnie.
But she has to do something. She has inherited the spiritual power of her ancestors. She has to help Elena. Slowly, Bnnie got up against the strong wind. She staggered and put her hand on Elena’s to give her her strength.
When Elena clenched her hand, Bnnie realized that Meredih was on her other side, shining brightly, and those things screamed and tried to escape in the darkness.
Then Elena’s wings disappeared, and things disappeared in the darkness. Elena’s white magic had great energy, and they drove them away
She will faint. Bnnie looks at Sefan’s novel and says that she has consumed too much magic.
When Sefan turned to Elena, several things happened at the same time, and the room suddenly lit up.
The shutters rattled when they hit the window.
Sefan’s bedside lamp is on. He must have tried to fix it just now.
The door also slowly played with a squeak.
Carline fell to the ground, breathing violently on all fours, and Elena won
But Elena fell, too
Extraordinary speed is needed to catch her from the other side of the room, and Sefan threw the bedside lamp in his hand to Meredih, and then quickly went to Bnnie to see that the speed crossed the distance, and then he caught Elena firmly.
Oh, damn it, Carline said that her face was covered with mascara, which made her look like a human being. She looked at Sefan with no cover and disgust. He looked back at her calmly. Oh, I shouldn’t say sternly.
Don’t say that word, he whispered, not here, not now, because it might hear it and come back.
As if it had never been here, Carline said that at that moment she looked very pitiful, as if she had done something and didn’t know it.
Carline, what are you talking about? Sefan knelt beside Elena. You mean what you have done.
Oh, Bnnie couldn’t help sighing because of the strange atmosphere in the room. Carline broke a nail and fell to the ground with blood. Carline knelt beside it and made the scene worse. Bnnie felt a little sympathy for her, but then Carline waved her finger in front of Sefan, and Bnnie’s sympathy turned to nausea.
Want to lick it? She said that her voice had changed and she didn’t try to hide it. Oh, come on, Sefan, she kept mocking you for drinking human blood these days, didn’t she? Humans or whatever she is, no matter what she will become, you two can fly together like bats now, right?
CarlineBnnie whispered, didn’t you see her wings
It’s like a bat or another vampire. Sefan turned her into
I also saw Ma behind Bnnie calmly saying that it wasn’t bat wings.
Doesn’t anyone have eyes? Meredih said at the bedside, look here. When she got up, she had a long white feather in her hand, which was shining in the light.
Or if she’s a white crow, then Carline said all this would make sense. I can’t believe you all flatter her like a princess. She’s always been everyone’s sweetheart, right, Elena?
That’s enough, Sefan said
Everyone, that’s a key word. Carline went on
The way you just kissed them one by one, she continued to make an exaggerated speech, and everyone seemed to forget it, but it was more like
Stop it, Carline
That real ElenaCarline sound is getting worse and worse, but she shouldn’t say any more, thought Bnnie, because everyone who knows you knows that you were before Sefan came here.
Carline, stop talking about it
You’re just a slut, that’s all. You’re a slut. Chapter VII

"Cousin" bodes well for a boy who is slightly hoarse but as warm as sunshine coming from the direction of stairs.

There is a man named cousin Zhou Zichen at the Zhou family meeting.
That’s that.
From head to toe, it’s so tight that Yan Xi let the edge be named. Zhou Zichen can’t even notice it.
The wind in the living room is another turn, and everyone’s eyes are on the handsome man in the main building.
"I’m about to let people shout that you didn’t expect Yanzhe to get up first." The language contains lightly chastising Jiang Lan for being the first to speak.
"It didn’t sleep for a few hours." Look at the antique clock in the corner in front of the eye. It has been very silent. Zhou Laoer Zhou Wenjia rarely squeaks.
"Yanzhe, have you had a good rest?" Cold and cheerless voice glowed with hidden love. Although Zhou Zichen and Yanxi in this room have just returned from abroad, they haven’t seen Zhou Wenjia, the aunt, asking half a sentence.
What if someone else’s child is not as valuable as his own, even if it’s his eldest brother’s daughter-in-law
"I wake up when I’m hungry." Jade hand is like a sculptor carefully carving art, gently fiddling with a soft hair, a white shirt and a pair of beige casual pants, which are just right for Gui Yanzhe to explain the randomness and nature in his bones.
Like his cousin Zhou Zichen, he is a natural clothes hanger, but because of his different styles, who is better than the elite model or the simple model?
"Yanzhe" didn’t understand that Yanxi was all tense, so he came to "introduce you to Yanxi, my wife". His arm crossed Zhou Shaoshao’s back from a young woman and got up and brought the other person up at the same time.
Meet people
What did Wen Xu’s eyes flash across? Gui Yanzhe returned to normal after a short shock. "Yanxi junior has not seen for a long time." At first, because Zhou Zichen’s tall figure blocked Yanxi to a certain extent, Gui Yanzhe never saw the little woman’s appearance clearly.
"Brother Gui Gui" steadied his line, and Yan Xi tugged at it, which seemed to be generous and said "Long time no see"
There was a wave on the ground, but it didn’t hit too high
S city says it’s big and small, but it’s also small. No one stipulates that Yan Xi and Gui Yanzhe just can’t know each other.
"You know each other" is the most direct expression compared with the elders’ ignorance.
"Yi Han, have you forgotten that I studied in A University for five years?" Facing my cousin’s doubts, Gui Yanzhe’s simple rhetorical question is enough to explain everything.
Isn’t it normal for two people in the same university to know each other?
"But when Yan Xi entered A, Yan Zhe’s brother will graduate." How can that Yan Xi always pull Zhou Jia men with them? Zhou Yihan couldn’t help wondering.
Although Gui Yanzhe’s surname is Gui and not Zhou, it is also Master Zhou who loves his grandson.
"You also say that you want to graduate, but you haven’t graduated yet." The gentle voice and warm eyes don’t know much about Zhou’s recent occurrence, but Gui Yanzhe can also feel Zhou Yihan’s hostility to Yanxi, although hidden, but the effect is too poor
Listen to mom said that my cousin got married and married a famous darling daughter in S city.
But who would have thought?
The other party actually used to have several faces in A University, Yanxi.
I can guess what Zhou Yihan will ask next, and Gui Yanzhe simply replied, "My sister Yanxi and I met at an activity together."
Participate in an activity together.
Smell speech
In my heart, I didn’t expect that Gui Gong could lie with his eyes open when it looked warm and sunny.
What activities?
Pretending to be your boyfriend to help her get rid of cowhide men?
Memory breaks free from the head, rises to the middle school and then floats far away.
Early winter four years ago
You can still get lost on campus when you first enter Dayanxi, A rookie.
I remember it was a Wednesday.
I remember it was an afternoon.
I remember it was at the gate of the library.
She met Gui Yanzhe by mistake.
Chun Qin Ming men hun chong mo si
Yan Xi can go to the library to pass the time first because she has an appointment to have dinner with her in the evening.
"Yanxi" looks fair but is as thin as a bamboo pole. A science and engineering man in F University has the opportunity to fall in love with her at first sight because her roommate is Yanxi’s roommate boyfriend.
"You and your classmates came to A big play again." As soon as you came out from the library, Yanxi met the suitor who was waiting for him.
Pit dad roommate promised to help the science and technology man catch up with his office. jane doe understands her whereabouts very well, and what leaked out again.
"How many times does Yanxi want me to say that when I came to A, it wasn’t you?" Studying science and engineering can also be sensational, but he heard from the bottom of his mouth that Yanxi wanted to die or not.
"And when on earth will you promise to be my girlfriend?" Although Yanxi was not the most beautiful in A University, she was also a famous little beauty in their college of literature at that time.
There are many boys who chase her, but few of them can persist. First, Yan Xi is always very direct when she refuses people, and she won’t give you the feeling of playing hard to get. Second, because there is warmth, such a poisonous woman escorts her. Maybe all boys can’t stand warmth and choose to give up Yan Xi.
Think about it.
Your girlfriend has a poisonous tongue, but she is a good friend. Can you still live in the future?
But this man of science and technology is absolutely a wonderful work. No matter how warm and bad the language hits him, he can still run from F to A in the east of S city as soon as he has it.
It is estimated that the average boy would have been moved a long time ago. After all, a good woman is afraid of being entangled in science and engineering, and the whole dormitory of Yanxi is touched, but only the heroine can’t give birth to a half-hearted affection for him.
"Either I’m dead or you’re dead." The smile is clever and lovely, but Yan Xi’s speech is really malicious.
Dormitory roommates say that she is too hard-hearted, saying that she doesn’t accept science and engineering men, but she hates people who are not handsome enough, which is very unfair to Yan Xi.
There are too many people in this world. Would you like to swap your position with my mother?
The whole face of "you" trembled until the bridge of your nose was thick and your glasses were about to fall off. You saw that the science and technology man was so sad that he couldn’t help covering his heart, and then roared out a sentence that was very beautiful in Yanxi’s ear. "How are you? Didn’t you see what you paid during this period?"
Smell speech jane doe is stretched out his hand and got a lazy haircut.
"Unless you can find a better and stronger boyfriend than me, I won’t give up on you." Even if you are sensational, you still boast that Yan Xi, the lover, really wants to return to each other for a moment. You lost a lot of money in science in high school.
"Actually, I’ve always had a boyfriend who is Xiaoman, and none of them know it."
"I don’t believe Xiaoman said that you are still single." The other party retorted.
"You know, there is an unwritten rule in university female dormitories that whoever has a boyfriend must invite everyone to dinner." I never believe in love at first sight. In Yanxi’s view, the so-called love at first sight is just based on skin deep reading between men and women.
Without in-depth understanding, how can you know if you can guarantee that the other party will not get along with each other for a certain period of time, and how can you know what the other party is really like?
"Because I don’t want that broken house in my family to keep it a secret."
"Then you call him out to me, and I’ll see what kind of man can beat me." I think the other party’s reason is lame because it doesn’t cost much to treat girls’ dormitories
It’s enough for a girl to laugh when she has an appetite and just go to the food stall near the school to fry five or six dishes.
A cold wind blew.
Yanxi is messy. Is there anyone more paranoid than this guy?
all right

At this moment, not to mention Du Qi, a few people are full of confidence in Xia Qi. When the jade bell sees the powerful poor town, it melts into the high-temperature flame, and some drums are in my heart.

This is Xia Qishen’s only super magic weapon. If it fails to merge successfully, then the town’s military station will not increase its power, and I am afraid it will be a problem to maintain its present earth.
Maybe Xia Qi will have a game.
On the contrary, Xia Qi, who owns the town soldier station, is as calm as ever, and his face is calm, watching the town soldier station change slowly in the flame.
From the beginning to the end, Xia Qi is full of confidence!
Zhenbingtai is a natural formation of the flesh and blood of millions of immortals. Although its power is poor, it also has some defects. At this time, it is slowly melted, and the flesh and blood of millions of immortals become more pure in the fire as if they were separated.
Vaguely, it seems that you can see the flesh and blood wandering in the flame, and it seems that it has become a personal shape, and it is arranged in the flame to fight for the sky.
Xia Qi’s face was faintly excited.
He had already finished refining the town station. At this time, the town station has been transformed, but the alliance has not been interrupted. He can feel that the flesh and blood of millions of immortals in the town station has undergone earth-shaking changes through flame tempering.
An evil spirit came to my face
Is Du Qi several people feel this fierce eyes also can’t help but show a little bit of horror and joy.
Just a few of them didn’t hold much hope for Xia Qi refining device, but at first they underestimated Xia Qi’s ability.
Not to mention whether the town platform can integrate millions of immortal bones, it is now that the tempered town platform has reached a high level.
Xia Qi, of course, can’t just be satisfied with the slightly higher power of the town station.
This situation is not enough to make Xia Qi’s strength soar and make the town soldiers stand as Xia Qi’s killer weapon against the immortals.
In a moment, the flames rose and the bones of millions of immortals roared like mountains and landed in the crater.
Heaven and earth furnace refine millions of bones!
Rolling ShaQi in the instantaneous outbreak swept across the quartet impact Du Qi several people are uneasy almost method to keep the flame stability and strength.
Fortunately, the millions of immortal bones are rolling ShaQi, but after all, they are dead and Du Qi several people are ready, so there is no accident.
The fire burned the sky red, and the whole ancient mysterious world was dyed red, as if the afterglow of the setting sun spread all over the mysterious world. At first glance, the scenery was magnificent and amazing.
However, several people in Xia Qi, a crater, have no idea to enjoy the magnificent scenery around them at this time, but concentrate on the bones of millions of immortals in the crater.
These bones are immortal and crystal-bright. They look harder than in the fierce flame, but they have gradually changed.
Some impurities have been refined, and the bones of millions of immortals have been piled up like mountains, but with refining, these bones have shrunk by half.
But the volume has shrunk by half, and the kind of ShaQi emitted is even more violent.
What’s more, the rolling ShaQi in the crater has turned into a blood cloud, and the red mountain is soaring, which is more fierce than letting Du Qi have to be restless and calm to resist the impact of this ShaQi on his mind.
The bones of millions of immortals have been refined for a day and a night, and the volume has shrunk by more than half. Finally, Shaqi is rolling, and the blood and flesh of millions of immortals have been merged.
The bones and flesh of this million immortals are homologous, and it is not difficult to merge now.
Visible to the naked eye, at the beginning of the flesh and blood, bloodshot blood crawled over the bones, and after a while, the bones were wrapped in flesh and blood and gradually became lifelike people.
As if a million immortals were resurrected, they seemed to kill for nine days with Shaqi, complaining that they were unwilling!
"How powerful!"
"Millions of immortals are condensed and suffocating, and the power of the town is poor!"
"If this treasure is really cultivated, I’m afraid it’s not much worse than the Hall of Immortals, and it may even surpass the Hall of Immortals!"
"I’m looking forward to Xia Qi’s training of the town’s military platform to sweep the immortal world and soar!"
Du Qi five people don’t care about it from the beginning, but now they are full of expectations for Xia Qi’s refining device this time. Perhaps it is really like Xia Qi’s saying that this town station will be the key for him to reverse the situation of cultivating immortals.
Du Qi worked harder to keep the flame fierce and stable.
At this time, Xia Qi was so absorbed that the town platform slowly took shape.
Xia Qi doesn’t know much about the refiner, but fortunately, Zhenbingtai is different from ordinary magic weapons. It is very simple to refine it. It needs to be able to withstand the impact of Shaqi.
This is not a problem for Xia Qi at all.
Volcanic tremor erupts, and the flame is more fierce. Du Qi and several people quickly stabilize the flame, but Xia Qi takes this opportunity to let the town platform take shape slowly.
The original Xia Qi intends to let the town soldiers merge flesh and bones and then form the town soldiers, but just now I saw the arrangement formation when the flesh and bones merged, but Xia Qi changed his mind when it broke out.
He intends to integrate the millions of immortals into the town platform.
This has increased the difficulty for Xia Qi several times. At this time, the integration is extremely slow. Even Xia Qi feels that he is rich and has to swallow Dan medicine to maintain it.
Fortunately, although the integration is difficult, it is also very smooth.
It will take another day for the new town to take shape, and then the power will be comparable to the absolute horror of the evil fairy hall
And just like Xia Qi as an organic whole, the town soldier platform is more closely refined after this time. When the time comes, Xia Qi’s urging town soldier platform doesn’t need to consume a lot of fairy stones like Gu Yue.
Of course, Xia Qi Zhen Yuan is limited. Although it is not necessary to burn the fairy stone to drive the evil fairy hall, it is definitely not as good as Gu Yue’s burning fairy stone to drive the evil fairy hall.
The burning temperature of the fire is appalling, and the temperature of the refining furnace has risen a lot because of the summer break.
Fortunately, all this is coming to an end.
At this time, the town platform is about to take shape, and a million immortals are left, and several statues will be integrated into the town platform to form a new town platform.
But at this time, it is a sudden change.
The last immortal left is actually different from the millions of immortals, but more fierce and fierce. Shaqi is rolling and growing with a handle, and the gun is actually coming towards Xia Qi.
Under the influence of ShaQi, this immortal seems to have come back to life, and it’s fierce and scary. He is a burly man with a pike and stabbed Xia Qi with a gun.
If you don’t say that Xia Qi has worked hard for several days to refine the town’s military platform, it will collapse, that is, Xia Qishen’s life is in danger.
"I’m afraid this immortal was built in Jin Xian before his death!"
Zhu Xuan exclaimed that he would give up the stable flame refiner to save Xia Qi’s life.
"Don’t come and stabilize the flame town platform!"
At this time, Xia Qi had a drink and let Zhu Xuan stay where he was.
The town’s military platform is about to succeed. How can he let it all fall short?