Belong to is born in Rome, Wang Ting and king!

There are no elders’ homes that dare to get in the way.
After all, those foes in Olga dare not even fart in the face of them, and one dares to kneel as a dog.
Let them promote themselves to the level of Abyss Lord …
How to say this thing …
What happens if you don’t lose first
Even if it is really successful.
It doesn’t make any sense to look at it horizontally and vertically …
It’s like being the legal heir of the world’s richest man, and it’s very popular. Suddenly, I want to be self-reliant, and I have to risk being kidnapped in the mountains and rivers, and then it takes me decades to finally make my company bigger and stronger. The monthly net profit has successfully reached the level of spending ten thousandths of my previous monthly income.
Put it here to play with snakes?
Call on Olga’s side
[Immortality] must be far stronger than normal [Abyss Lord Level]
Unless Olga wants to
Otherwise, even the Abyss Blood Battlefield will pull them away.
I’m afraid that the only practical significance of the whole thing for Ortega’s descendants is that the independent promoters have some necessary preconditions for the promotion [Abyss King].
Chapter 176 【 scale thick soup chain 】
"I haven’t seen you for many years, but now it seems that you are doing well after leaving your hometown?"
This is a short greeting, which comes suddenly and without warning.
Shaozheng feeding genus [Naiguan] has not been induced before.
But the familiar voice tone and the sudden appearance of obscure breath … that terrible feeling.
Let his body immediately froze and the company commander had a big mouth, pustules and a big belly, and the greasy fat could not help but shake it.
It’s a little long silence
The poor quantity field is flowing quickly in my mind.
But because I didn’t know what to say.
[nano-scale] At that time, the brain CPU actually crashed slightly.
It makes Olga, who waited for a while but didn’t get a response, a little puzzling.
"Fat boy, say something?"
"Believe it or not, I’ll give you a flash of five whips? ?”
Hear "dirt" fell silent again.
Speak rudely’
Meaning is hard to threaten’
The smell is still very strong. It’s really that bad guy …’
Sip your mouth, rotten meat
Will be his lips are sipped to chew after chewing, dirt 】 【 finally turned to look at the ORR Fu and feeling the other side sends out a sense of oppression suddenly can’t help but sigh with emotion.
"I haven’t seen you for years."
"It seems that you have crossed that step …"
Although more or less a little sigh with emotion
But he was not too surprised by Olga’s promotion [Abyss King].
Because when Olga discussed cooking in Asia, he knew what kind of personality Olga was.
Like to die
A guy who is not afraid of risks for the benefit.
Whether it’s being killed halfway.
Or did the failure of promotion lead to death
Or is it a smooth promotion to the top and everything?
【 Na scale 】 but won’t be surprised.
The other party really dares to make trouble.
The kind where you risk your life to do things.
And no one will seek to usurp the throne anywhere.
These good virtues are beyond his compare.
And those guys who used to rob food saw that their boss stopped moving and looked a little serious. Someone suddenly appeared and communicated, and soon they all died down, so they stopped making all kinds of noises and silently watched.
[Nano-scale] Some old cadres who lived for a long time were alive when the [Hammer Plane] was still alive, and the [Nano-scale Devil] quickly recalled who the guy was communicating with [Nano-scale], and his eyes widened involuntarily.
[Metamorphosis Master]?’
And the in the mind is not white [multiverse] so big Olga is found.
Old department
They all clearly remember how fast it was when [Nai Dirt] was playing …
A hammer plane 】 【 that immediately turned and ran.

Don’t look back at that!
Olga’s being able to find the door will never be "Na Dirt" taking the initiative to do things.
"That’s right, there’s no white kung fu at last."
And after admitting that he has reached the peak,

What is command? What is the significance of commanding? A hundred people may get a hundred answers, but at least we can’t bring the fleet to death, can we? Since you have the responsibility to control, you have to shoulder this burden and try your best to avoid risks. But what about Tyrande? Foolish was led by the nose and ended up in a trap.

Actually, if Sikkim didn’t hear the horn, Lin Sisuo didn’t know that this change would happen. Everyone underestimated the importance of the moon-moon mother prominence, and it was beyond imagination that the mother emperor resolutely mobilized so many zerg.
Lin Sisuo thinks that it is only a part of the strength of the Elf fleet that the war zone is dealing with the Zerg territory. With the help of the shield defense, it depends on the specific situation whether to deal with the prominence or not. If the prominence is too strong, it will never hit the stone and find a wormhole from other star fields to return to the public area. It is the most important thing.
Seeing that the shadow of the starlight worm buried 20 thousand star cruise ships, suddenly two thousand star cruise ships rushed to display their skills, and rhinoceros rodents were still the main targets of killing.
At the same time, these star cruise ships broke out in his direction, and they also had mobile turrets, which were much more than those that had just been built and had not devoured the Zerg Jingxie Worm Turrets. Plus, they played tens of thousands of destruction bombs like free money, and the massive insect shadows that covered the starlight showed signs of melting.
Tyrande couldn’t help but breathe a sigh of relief. Obviously, these human captains have reservations. Now the fighting capacity is the real strength. Maybe some people continue to hide the means, but he has tried hundreds of elf ships. Isn’t that the case? Always leave some tricks to save your life.
The wormhole still spews out the shadow of the worm. After ten hours, the Yan magic worm has been killed and wounded, and the antlers have spewed out again. This time, the pressure mixed with different types of zerg has further increased.
The number of zerg is so large that Tyrande has tasted the zerg badly. The fleet suffered casualties. Seventy star cruise ships collapsed, and the number of casualties rose slowly. The missile consumption was crazy. This battle is not easy to fight!
Volume 21 fighters star! Cloud nuclear Chapter 1243 A gamble
"Oh my God! A lot of zerg. Are those elf fleets? Many elite star cruise ships will block the wormhole and spew out the shadow of insects, and how long will they last? " Grace looked up at the screen.
About half a light away from the battlefield, there are six ship shadows parked in the darkness. They pretend to be pumice and glide slowly by the gravity of distant stars, but the real purpose is to observe from a distance.
Gruss was also attracted by the screen images and nodded and said, "It’s really a question. How long can these elf fleets last? And this rambling zerg number? It seems that the mentor plan has been successful and very successful. We will continue to observe and see the situation, and send a boat back to inform the main fleet to prepare. "
"Hee hee to prepare? Do you want to fish in troubled waters? " Grace Zhan Yan smiled. She has grown a lot in the past six months. She is already a slim and beautiful woman, or she should be called beauty adjutant.
"More than that? Touch the big fish if you want. Our discoverer fleet is not interested in small shrimps. "gruss burst out laughing. After this period of super exercise and drug strengthening, he is gradually growing into a bruiser.
"You two brother and sister are very happy! However, it is overlooked that these ships are not like elves except for more than 100 ships in important positions. In my opinion, they are likely to come from human forces. Don’t forget that Jakkula, the head of the Blood-soaked Adventure Group, wanted to join the elves. I don’t know how that guy is now. Try to think about it. What would you do if you were in the position of a mentor? " Next to someone interjected
"Yi morning is good! Know how to empathize? If the instructor knows this situation, he will definitely secretly arrange to swallow both the Zerg and the enemy fleet, regardless of whether these star cruises are from human forces or not. Since they are willing to be led by the Elves, they are all dead. The only difficulty is who is better than the Zerg and the Elves. "
Nie Chen slightly pondered and said, "I think the Zerg’s offensive is beyond imagination. These 20,000 ships may not be able to withstand the wormhole, and the momentum is extremely fierce. It is very likely that the mother emperor Prometheus of the main era came to visit in person. Assuming that these star cruise ships suffered heavy losses and had to disperse and retreat, that was the trouble. It is not difficult to see from their fighting that their roots don’t have much tacit understanding, and the double helix array has been motionless. It is too difficult for the president of the fleet to win this hard battle. I believe that the mentor will not act rashly. If the Zerg still have considerable strength after
"Look, the fleet has changed." Grace exclaimed and interrupted Nie Chen’s words.
Unusual changes have indeed taken place in the distant fleet. Tyrande, after all, is an elf spirit commander. Many years ago, he came to the out-of-bounds galaxy to wander, and even entered the Zerg crazy attack that the Dark Dominion was struggling to hone his will to fight. He was not intimidated, but quickly outlined a new attack formation.
Wormholes are always spewing in one direction, just like a high-pressure oil well. The double helix array is formed along the spewing direction of the worm shadow, and the resultant force will be annihilated in the process of the worm shadow rising. But now the situation is different. There are also many zerg outside the double helix array, and there are more than 10 million worm tides. It is different from dying according to the double helix array.
The situation forced this crisis to force the fleet to change. Tyrande knew that it was not good to maintain the double helix array. Instead, he would gather together to form a loose spherical array and launch different attacks in all directions
Even if the wormhole spewing can’t be blocked, it’s not as important as before. There are so many zerg around, one is to kill two, the other is to kill three, and only by forming a fist can we better meet.
The double helix array began to rotate, but it quickly condensed together instead of circling. When nearly 20,000 star cruise ships hung in the wormhole to form a fluffy "big ball", the ship’s shadow tried to fire a few shots and hurriedly selected the right position, so it was afraid to move. Everyone hung at the point and fired shots through the gap between the ships.
It is very complicated to make nearly 20 thousand star cruise ships transport in a fixed mode, and it is necessary to arrange the trajectory of each ship, otherwise it is easy for our own people to beat our own people
It’s a pity that Tyrande doesn’t have the time to play with this huge fleet, and he can arrange his troops according to the simplest mode, or he wants to keep changing.
It would be more suitable for the general small fleet to run naturally in a spherical array, but now these 20 thousand star cruise ships are spectacular, and even if they stop at a fixed point, they will fire enough firepower for the Zerg to drink a pot.
"Boom …"
Hundreds of odd-class star cruise ships have sent Willie’s super firepower output to kill as many wormholes as possible. The zerg is coming in. At this time, it is difficult to complete the ban. About a quarter of the insect shadows spread to the periphery of the wormhole by rapidly interweaving adult clouds to make enough room for the insect shadows behind them to continue to cross.
The fleet had just formed a "ball", and those who responded to the call to withdraw the insect tide from the border came near. Many heavy-bodied rhinoceros rodents collided like a tsunami, and the situation was extremely tense at this moment.
This scene makes people’s hearts pounding in the distance, watching gruss and others just can’t hold it anymore. Some people can’t bear to keep watching it. Compared with the Zerg army, the 20,000 star cruise ships are too thin to form a spherical array, giving people a feeling of dark clouds and like the end of the world.
When the dark clouds cover all the shadows of the ship, be sure to light the photochemical crescent-shaped light curtain and release it. The dark clouds will continue to kill and retreat, and they will spread out like a dazzling sun floating in the dark clouds.
At the moment, I don’t worry that I can’t hit the zerg outside the insect array. There are so many zerg that I can kill hundreds of thousands of insect corpses if I want to shoot them out, and hundreds of insect shadows will follow up with twenty thousand star cruise ships. How much can I do? Just take a look at the scene.
There are hundreds of thousands of gamma-ray bombs detonated by the dense cannon light, and the zerg died layer after layer, but more rhinoceros-horn rodents rushed in, and countless golden ladybugs lived in Fangfang.
Blue-line necrophilia is being sprayed in the direction of the wormhole. It depends. The mother emperor has been informed of the situation on the other side of the wormhole. Once the blue-line necrophilia gathers to a million, it will be very troublesome.
Tyrande has failed to consider the arrival of the blue line zombie, and the zerg’s offensive is amazing at this moment. He is also deeply afraid of the mental endurance of the Elves. It seems that the Tibetan image of heaven and earth has become a storm and stormy waves, and it is difficult for humans or Elves to resist the zerg’s monstrous power.
"You on the occasion of the crisis move your greatest strength! Bring out the life-saving trick, and we will have a chance to leave alive only if we weaken the strength of all parties to the greatest extent. "Tyrande summoned up his courage as if he had tried his best to shout in the frequency of the waves."
No one wants to die, even if these captains take refuge in the elves, they want to live a more beautiful life in the future, not to be killed by worms, not to incinerate cosmic dust, and not to be wiped out by their crew.
At this time, the Tyrande Guard fired a burst bomb, and the passage opened by the cannon light directly fell to the vicinity of the wormhole. Suddenly it became extremely quiet, and then a cold current spread out and blinked, and countless insects were fixed in place. The emblem of life gradually faded from the screen.
The Elves fleet moved to hide and kill those human captains, and they also decided to fight fiercely. I didn’t know how many armor-piercing bombs were scattered and how many rhinoceros-horn rodents were sifted. Then the cannon light tried to open the passage in the insect cloud and then forced hundreds of thousands of destruction bombs into the insect tide.
Life and death head these human captains broke out in a very strong tacit understanding. After Tyrande opened a head, they did a very good job. When the energy tide was overwhelming, the amount of shock wave stars was lifted in the "dark clouds". Most of the haze was dispelled. Many rhinoceros rodents rolled and flew hundreds of kilometers. Their bodies seemed to be coated with a thick layer of ashes, which quickly drifted away in the middle to reveal one after another bloody bodies.
Such an attack shocked the stars, but the price was quite high. Nearly a thousand star cruise ships were damaged by destructive bombs, and the tidal waves suddenly melted the wreckage or the hull fragments drifted too slowly. The fleet prepared destructive bombs and vented them out, accounting for almost 70% of the total number, leaving a lot of gamma-ray bombs such as armor-piercing bombs. It is almost impossible to attack again at this level.
"The crisis is finally over, and the situation is stable again." Tyrande was glad that rhinoceros rodents gathered and the adult tide was completely destroyed. The insect tide composed of golden thread ladybug has also collapsed, and some ordinary insect tides in the distance have also vanished. After all, it was hundreds of thousands of destructive bombs that caused the impact force.
The dark clouds dispersed all over the sky, leaving at most a few less spectacular small clouds and being blocked by insect corpses, and at one time they gathered together to launch a common force, while Tyrande took the opportunity to consolidate the results and blocked them in the direction of the wormhole.
The individual defense ability of the blue-line corpse worm is not strong, so many star cruise ships’ expectations soared. Soon the wormhole began to spew antlers back to their original state.
It’s a super-strong battle for a long time, and the fleet here has been very tired. Most star cruises maintain the best output attack power through energy integration, which is weaker by more than 30% to 40%.
Volume 21 fighters star! Cloud nuclear Chapter 1244 Abandoned pawn
There are billions of insect corpses floating in Tai Zhong, many of which are unrecognizable, and a large number of hull wrecks are flying outward, adding tragic elements to this picture.
It was another five hours, and Tyrande didn’t know that he was such a supporter. I’m afraid those captains are also numb and increasingly indifferent to life and death.
Tired, very tired. That’s why Tyrande feels that it takes dozens of times as much energy to command such a huge fleet battle as usual. Often, a little mistake in one command will cost more than a dozen star cruise ships.
The direction of the wormhole has never stopped erupting. There are often insect clouds attacking around the fleet. Once the spherical array loses its integrity, the consequences are unimaginable. Every star cruise ship is precious. How long can it last?
"Temple, should we consider retreating?" Screen a bald man drooping canthus to tyrande said at the same time

Hu roared and jumped in the past, commanding and slashing his retinue to death with an axe.

But now even Dahu has been entangled in several retinues, and it is even worse for those who sublimate it. How can he be separated from others to save people?
Another woman was hit in the head by a retinue, but only after a few seconds, she woke up only to find that several retinue had surrounded her.
The mummified figure blocked the light and cast the shadow of despair on her.
Presumably, she was defeated by her retinue, so that she could withdraw from the defense line and stretch her distance.
I didn’t expect to let my retinue cheat me when I was hit by a rough metal hammer with a retinue root. My shoulders were deformed and bloody at once, and she almost fainted in pain.
Xie Liu looked over there in his busy schedule and shouted, "Who will save her!"
Xie Liu Zheng followed and shouted, "It’s my contribution. What should I do if I get it now?"
Dahu wry smile way "thank less if we can’t carry it in the past, there will be no later."
Xie Liu gritted his teeth and struggled for some time. Finally, he even waved a few swords to force the squire to reach into the cup and pulled out something like a Grenade from his pocket.
The woman in red was so scared that she couldn’t hold her head and screamed, "I don’t want to die. I want to go back …"
She turned around and tried to climb over from the feet of her retinue. A retinue raised the hammer and knocked it. The woman died on the spot.
At the defense line, Hu split a retinue and gasped, "Xie Shao, take that thing out."
A moment later, a squire moved and suddenly his head exploded and a blood-red flame erupted from his body!
Its retinue exploded one after another, and the blood flame jumped up. In an instant, dozens of retinue in the assembly area died!
Zhong Tianyang’s eyes widened in the cab. Xie Liu just offered this weapon, which is not simple. It has the functions of scanning, locking the enemy and exploding.
But instead of throwing it to the ground, he threw it half way.
After that thing flew to the middle, it was suspended for half, and then dozens of red rays were emitted from the surface of the sphere.
The light swept the party and finally locked the retinue grenades, suddenly disintegrated, scattered light and other parts, and then shot out and blasted into the retinue.
There are more than just quiet retinue in the assembly area.
The light from the hall is gradually extinguished and the light in the assembly area becomes dim? ? ? ? Xie Gu Hunting Team hasn’t found out that Junren has just killed his retinue, and they are so tired that they are panting.
Xie Liu is no exception. A face of heartache must be due to losing a trump card.
It exploded only after the decomposed parts entered the retinue, and the retinue will be destroyed by the retinue.
Just this wave of retinue Xie Liu will gain a lot of points, and I believe that their ranking of Xie Family Department will have a great leap.
But that’s if he can get back alive.
Dahu consoled, "Thank you for being less. Don’t worry about it. Apart from a group of squires like today, things are rare in one area, so I’m sure I won’t meet them again."
"Besides, this group of followers can be worth a lot of points. Maybe we will be among the best as soon as the ranking is updated."
Xie Liu sighed, "I hope everyone will have a rest and scan and mark this area. Let’s go back to camp. I’m a little tired."
"Xie Shaogang, what weapon is that? It’s too powerful to kill all the retinue." A God of War rank sublimator has a face of compliments.
Xie Liu smiled bitterly. "That’s a tactical weapon recently developed by our family, and it hasn’t been officially named with a number."
"But it’s very effective in actual combat, so I exchanged it for a spare one. I didn’t expect to lose this trump card when I entered the hunting area today."
Something suddenly shrank in the shadow of the car body.
The girl gasped at the air conditioner and was about to warn her. Unexpectedly, her shoulders suddenly sank. Her face was full of horror and her eyes were wide open, and she slowly looked back.
Out of the corner of my eye, I caught a glimpse of my shoulder.
At the edge of the crowd, a girl with a childish face went to the body of the woman in red and silently took her nameplate. When she got back, she saluted.
Suddenly she was cold and suddenly turned to look behind her.
Behind him is a base wheel. When the crane is lifted, the maintenance personnel can enter the bottom of the vehicle for repair.
The girl’s face was rotten at once, and her gums could be seen from the ulcerated skin!
A shrill scream finally rang.
Xie Liu couldn’t help jumping up and looking around when he heard the call, and finally saw the girl.
A hand full of blue fungus!
The girl’s face suddenly ached, and a mass of bluish yellow mucus sprayed on her face. The mucus was so corrosive that it immediately eroded the girl’s skin.
"Bacteria! Mom, how many such things are there? "Dahu immediately ran to shoot the fungus man with an axe, but the girl could not live.
Xie Liu shouted "according to play! Snapshot bomb "
He was only then alert that the light in the assembly area was so dim that the light overhead seemed to go out at any time.
At the same time, I also saw a bacterium hanging behind the girl. The man spit out greenish yellow mucus from the inside with his mouth open, and this time it fell on the girl’s chest and legs.
The armor is fine. Although it keeps bubbling after being stained with mucus, the armor corrodes and collapses, but it hasn’t hurt the flesh yet.
But when clothes are touched by mucus, they are immediately eroded, and then the skin is exposed to this highly corrosive liquid. The girl’s fairly beautiful leg immediately loses a large piece of rotten flesh!
A soldier raised his gun and was about to fire a flare. Suddenly, a yellow water splashed over and dropped the gun. The terrorist acid in his hand not only scrapped the pistol, but also corroded his hand to visible bones.
Finally, the light in the assembly area disappeared, and suddenly there was a sound of notes and notes in the darkness around …
Chapter 2 Bite the hand that feeds you
In the next ten minutes, the assembly hall was filled with exclamations, screams and curses.
From time to time, people with bacteria flashed through the lights, and there were human faces full of fear
Xie Jia’s hunting team is on the verge of losing control. Even though Xie Xie has called people to fire flares more than once, no one has done so yet.
Facts once again prove that fear of darkness is human nature, whether it is sublimation or ordinary people.
Once the emotions get out of control, this nature will continue to enlarge and eventually lead to a mental breakdown.
Xie Jia’s team members couldn’t see clearly what was happening in the darkness, but they could "see" clearly when they built a model in the dark fog.

Two dog is aware of the team’s production situation.

He reported to Hang Yu one by one.
"In the low-grade medicine, 75 copies of Goblin spirit recovery medicine, 5 copies of Goblin vitality recovery medicine and 2 copies of goblin painkillers were prepared!"
"In the mid-range potions, the speed potions and latent potions of the cat demon have been prepared for 5 portions of cat eye drops and turtle breath potions after working overtime, but there are also 3 portions."
"In the high-end potion, the cat demon turns into a magic potion, and the cat demon agile secret medicine is 2!"
"What about the boss?"
"I think it’s enough to sell for a few days!"
Hang Yu touched the second dog’s head and said, "It’s good to give Mr. Su a potion in the fat restaurant and store so many potions at the same time. You will be rewarded when you make great contributions."
Two dog shook his tail. "Oh, of course, Wang can’t slow down the production speed by himself."
Examples of spirit and vitality potions
At present, it takes about 5 minutes for a normal pharmacist to process materials and refine potions on average.
You can refine 12 in an hour.
Only 12 cigarettes in ten hours.
People are always tired and distracted when they want to use the toilet.
So the actual number is about one.
Although the team of pharmacists in Qinglong Group has already expanded to dozens of people, it is definitely the credit of everyone staying up all night and working overtime to get so many medicines in a short time.
The number far exceeds expectations.
Xiaobai, there are some aura secret medicines here.
Plus, the newly acquired potions have not been refined.
This time, once Qinglong Pharmacy started, I believe it will soon cause a sensation in Jiangcheng!
Chapter 246 Hot scene
Qinglong drugstore Wu Shi yi ye
Liang Dong called almost all the people who just didn’t have members in Skynet for two or three hundred to pull them to Qinglong Street.
Most of them are members of the first brigade 2.
In addition, there are also logistics and administrative personnel of his three brigades.
"I think the pharmacy industry in Laoliang is just a gimmick. There is no need to drag so many of us here." A burly man who looks like a gorilla couldn’t help complaining. "I think it must be a wave!"
This man is Sun Chaosheng, the captain of the tenth team.
Not only Sun Chaosheng, but also members of Skynet are puzzled.
Medicine Skynet is very tight. After all, at present, Skynet has four groups of combatants, each with about one thousand people.
The drug consumption of official combat members alone is an amazing number.
Besides these thousands of fighters, there are also constantly expanding reserves and logistics production troops, which do not produce huge consumption. Everyone is in short supply of potions.
National background skynet still has the method to ensure that drugs should be sufficient.
Is it really reliable for a people to get up to the pharmacy?
Team 7 beauty Liang Qiu said, "Don’t underestimate Qinglong Street. This place looks inconspicuous, but it’s actually hidden dragon and crouching tiger. Am I right?"
She glanced at Liang Dong.
Hangyuke lives in seclusion near here.
Nine times out of ten, this drugstore is owned by Hang Yu.
"Since it’s a pharmacy, maybe you can buy a batch of potions, don’t you just lack potions?" Liang Dong said, "Besides, this street is the busiest in this neighborhood. Many people come here to make deals. Let’s go for a stroll. Even if we can’t buy potions, we may get something from him."
It’s all here.
Of course, I have to go shopping.
When a large group of people entered Qinglong Street in great strides.
They were very surprised to find that Qinglong Street was more lively than expected. There were many street vendors on both sides of the street. Besides, the most distinctive and noticeable thing in Qinglong Street was … dogs!

A few people here laughed and someone took a look at the fist big yellow jade and jumped into the ring. "My master had got such a piece of jade, which looked very good, but I asked many people what it was. I didn’t plan to win when it happened. At the same time, I brought 100 thousand pieces of intermediate lingshi. If you recognize it, don’t feel too tired to move your tongue. My master will be grateful."

Mu Tianxuan frowned when he saw that thing. Hu Yingxue noticed it and asked him, "Is there anything wrong with me feeling uncomfortable when I see that jade?"
Mu Tian Xuanyin replied, "This is a cloudy stone."
Mu Tianxuan almost got lost when he was hurt by Yin Shi before he broke out of Ling Tian’s name. After he survived, he found himself very sensitive to hatred and anger. Since then, there has been another thing to distinguish Yin Shi.
Therefore, when Hu Yingxue heard that it was a yin stone, he knew that he must have read his brow correctly and slightly wrinkled a yin stone. It was not the yellow jade. The name of the stone was used to cultivate the yin stone. There are many ways to cultivate the yin stone. One purpose is to harm people.
For example, the jade with Taiwan in hand should be made of a material suitable for carving and refining the heart. If someone really has this jade pendant, you can’t see what will happen for a short time. How will the temperament problems change? It depends on how the jade turns into a stone.
They are not nosy people. They don’t know that this Yin stone is owned by people, but they don’t want to listen to Du Teng’s words to Zhuang Junyuan. "This person really can’t help but say that he just arrived to say hello to Tong Si, and he ran out by himself. The other day, when he heard that he had a good jade in his hand, he always felt scared, but he couldn’t see the problem, but he didn’t know if it was this one."
Zhuang Junyuan picked an eyebrow. "Then he acted a little recklessly today. If there is a problem, he will startle him when he comes out like this."
Du Teng left the corner of his mouth. "It is estimated that he just wants to startle him. A little movement is better than no clue."
That piece of yellow jade is really a good jade, but it’s hard to determine what kind of jade it is. When I think of it for a moment, I feel it’s not like it. It’s always a bit specious, and I don’t know what kind it is, so no one dares to wait for a while and take the jade, so people leave it with 100 thousand intermediate lingshi bags and hold the jade.
Zhuang Junyuan, the bodyguard, took the initiative to withdraw from the ring after standing in Taiwan for a while. When he came back, a group of people came over to the other side of the ring and walked to the crowd. The first person leaned over to Zhuang Junyuan and Du Teng. "Zhuang Er Lao Du, you have to think of a discount for me to find out how that thing makes me feel scared, because it is going to give away. At the very least, you must determine whether it is a good thing or a bad thing."
Seeing that Hu Yingxue glanced at himself and Mu Tianxuan when he spoke, I knew that he must have observed them just now, so I noticed that the two of them saw the jade and listened to Cong Hua’s reaction. It should mean that they wanted to have some contact with the earth forces and said, "I’m not sure what this jade is, but there is a way to determine whether it is a good thing or a bad thing."
Smell speech ZhuangJunyuan then turned to Hu Yingxue and said, "This is Tong Dong, who is the fourth oldest in the family. Lao Du and I used to call him Tong Si. If you have a method to tell whether that thing is good or bad in Zhuangcheng, the three of us can guarantee that no one will easily provoke you."
Hu Yingxue smiled. "The method is very simple. You take out the lotus leaf that sets off the bamboo joint and let him wrap the jade with the lotus leaf. It should take three to five hours to see whether it is good or bad."
At this time, the bodyguard holding the jade box just walked over and grabbed the jade box before Zhuang Junyuan’s mouth was Tongdong. He took out the bamboo lotus leaf in the jade box as a foil, divided by three and five, and wrapped the jade back from his entourage into a dumpling.
Zhuang Junyuan grabbed the jade box. "I didn’t say I wouldn’t give it to you. What did you grab?"
Tong Dong rolled his eyes. "Of course you will. Just like Lao Du, you like to keep my appetite. If you don’t want to be teased by me, I can beat you to it."
When several people were talking, someone came to the challenge and took out a magic weapon with a spindle shape. This time, Zhuang Junyuan, Du Teng and Tong Dong did not show their interest in the magic weapon before others saw it. People kept taking things to each other, and after seeing the magic weapon, they said they would give up and then left 100,000 pieces of Zhongling Stone and went directly to the challenge.
Du Teng laughed at "Jubaoge is really nothing new. I still play this this time."
"Don’t care if people have any new ideas, someone will eat this one." Tong Dong narrowed his eyes. "Zhuang Er, you took people to smash their signboard. Cai Jiping didn’t dare to find you directly or Lao Du and I’m afraid I will …"
Tong Dong didn’t finish Hu Yingxue, and he didn’t know what to say. Sure enough, the Taiwanese said to them, "Some friends here must have come to Zhuangcheng to be a guest. I wonder if you are interested in playing with my Cai Jiping?"
ZhuangJunYuan smell speech quickly turned to Hu Yingxue and they said, "The roll call desk is a little different from the previous one. If you don’t take out one thing, you can always take it out until you know that Cai Jiping’s taking it out is a magic weapon of the terrace. If you take it out, you must also be a magic weapon of the terrace."
Hu Yingxue smiled, "If that person in Taiwan deliberately provokes the wrong person, I, a Taoist couple, have more magic weapons if I don’t have many others."
When Hu Yingxue told others about him, he directly said that her Taoist couple Mu Tianxuan had gone with the wind, but no one could see that Hu Yingxue had said that. Of course, he had to wait for Hu Yingxue to finish, and he said to the stage, "Then I’ll go with Taoist friends."
Mu Tianxuan walked behind the stage step by step, and someone immediately sneered, "This man’s bravery is fat enough, but he dared to meet Cai’s shopkeeper during the construction period."
Cai Jiping paid attention to Hu Yingxue before they chatted with Zhuang Junyuan. When Mu Tianxuan walked to Taiwan, he didn’t notice that he showed it. However, he didn’t like those who laughed at his eyelids directly, and his heart suddenly hitched. Some regretted that his mind was hot and swept to Zhuang Junyuan’s eyes, which almost turned into a curettage knife.
Mu Tianxuan walked about five meters away from Cai Jiping and stopped to flip his hand and took out a fusiform magic weapon. "I don’t know how to judge who is taller and who is lower?"
As soon as his voice fell in the middle of the ring, a column rose, and at the same time, a pair of eyes were left uncovered in a bag. "If the attack type magic weapon is the strongest, you can attack and hit the column. If the defense type magic weapon can be handed over to me for verification."
Cai Jiping took a step forward. "Seeing that Daoyou is really playing this for the first time, then Cai will give Daoyou a demonstration first."
Then Cai Jiping threw up the shuttle-shaped magic weapon in his hand, and then he saw a beam of silver light shooting from the shuttle-shaped magic weapon and hitting the pillar in the middle of the ring. A flash of light finally wrapped in a layer of green light.
Someone in the crowd said, "It’s the first step, but the attack power can reach the level of green light. No wonder everyone in the front directly gives up."
Hu Yingxue looked at Zhuang Junyuan. "What is the green light level?"
Zhuang Junyuan replied, "The pillar in the challenge is called Yuan Shi. Different strength attacks will stimulate different lights. From low to high, it is red, orange, red, green, blue and purple. Cai Jiping took out that magic weapon, but it is so powerful that it is estimated that it is difficult to overwhelm him."
Hu Yingxue smiled. "It shouldn’t be difficult."
Hu Yingxue said that Mu Tianxuan’s fusiform magic weapon in his hand came to the stone pillar. The light of the first-class stone pillar was straight and flashing, and it was blue light. But this time, the green light was more prominent than the previous color, which means that Mu Tianxuan’s fusiform magic weapon won Cai Ji’s draw.
"Come again" Cai Jiping bit his teeth and took out a magic weapon. This time, the magic weapon attack fell on the stone pillars, and the last thing left was green light, which looked deeper than the green light that Mu Tianxuan had just made.
"Good" Mu Tianxuan put away his fusiform magic weapon and took out a magic weapon of terrace. A magic weapon came to the central stone pillar of the challenge. The last stone pillar left or the green light looked a little deeper than before Cai Jiping.
"Again" Bang!
"Good" Bang!
"Again" Bang!
"But" Bang!
Cai Jiping was about to vomit blood. He took out seven magic weapons in a row, and every time it was a little darker than the green light, he took out the last magic weapon. Although he was confident in this magic weapon, his hands were full of sweat.
After the bang, the green light of the stone pillar has reached its limit. When Cai Ji saw it, he breathed a sigh of relief and hooked his mouth and said to Mu Tianxuan, "Come again?"
"Taoist friends are so interested that I should have a good time with Taoist friends." Say that finish, Mu Tianxuan took out a magic weapon in the shape of a disk, and after a bang, the stone pillar in the middle of the ring flashed and burst into dazzling blue light.
"I’m not dizzy, am I?"
"How is that possible?"
"Today is really an eye-opener."
"Isn’t this to seduce me to move something that I shouldn’t have thought about?"
Looking at that blue light, Cai Jiping couldn’t hear the discussion from Taiwan, and finally turned his head to Mu Tianxuan. "How can you have so many magic weapons?"
Mu Tianxuan flipped the magic weapon. "The reason is very simple. I am a refiner. It is very clever to study a problem. I refined a lot of steps and a magic weapon some time ago."
Seeing Zhuang Junyuan and others stunned, Hu Yingxue bent his eyes. "I said that he provoked the wrong person, right?"
Chapter 22 Insect jade
Cai Jiping wants to hit Zhuang Junyuan in the face, but he doesn’t want to make a door. According to the usual practice, the winner can choose something from the loser or ask for 500 thousand pieces of intermediate lingshi Mu Tianxuan. Of course, look, he chose lingshi for that.
Don’t look at Cai Jiping’s usual habit of pointing his nose at people, but he didn’t dare to default in the fighting ring. He took the bag containing 500,000 pieces of intermediate lingshi from his entourage and walked over to Mu Tianxuan but laughed. "I wonder if this Taoist friend intends to sell those magic weapons?" If it is sold to us, Jubaoge will definitely give Daoyou a satisfactory price. "
Mu Tianxuan stretched out his hand and took the bag that Cai Jiping handed me. "I didn’t intend to keep those magic weapons because I refined them along with the gender, but I didn’t give them to Jubaoge because my family hated Jubaoge."
Cai Jiping’s smile suddenly froze. "Please be careful, Taoist friends."
Mu Tianxuan smiled gently. "Can you people in Jubaoge be so crazy that they don’t care about a city owner and are afraid that others will get bored with you?"
Cai Jiping, though just competing with Zhuang Junyuan, did not dare to really oppose Zhuang Bei. Suddenly, there was a layer of sweat on his forehead, "Hu said."
Mutianxuan corners of the mouth with a sarcasm "just send LingShi to you should be very valued by you? This man does have something to do in the dry yuan world. He shouldn’t have provoked people to run away overnight, but he actually mixed in the mixed yuan world and entered the Jubaoge. "
Cai Jiping’s face really changed this time. Mu Tianxuan said that the name of the person was Liu Yuping, that is, the one who had a hard time with Hu family in Fenglincheng. Liu Hei Liu Yuping was his first sister, and although he was his nephew, he had no heirs. He always cultivated people as relatives.
When Liu Yuping ran away from Fenglin City, Cai Jiping happened to have something to do in the past. Yuan World didn’t know where Liu Yuping got the news. He found his poor sister who ran away from home but died in a foreign land, so Cai Jiping took him back to the mixed world.
At that time, Cai Jiping listened to Liu Yuping and said that he wanted to mix the horizons of the Yuan World. Now it seems that he has provoked disasters over there and blocked his breath. He thought that he had been angry with Liu Yuping for years, and he stopped talking to Mu Tianxuan and turned to Jubaoge that a bunch of people walked over.
Go back to Hu Yingxue and Mu Tianxuan will listen to Hu Yingxue’s voice and give him "narrow-minded guy, how long has it been? You’re still digging up old scores with others."
Mu Tian Xuanyin replied, "The dog can’t change the dog and eat shit. That guy will definitely give Cai Jiping some bad ideas when he turns back. It’s better to let him give us trouble and let him enjoy it first."

"ah? Now? " Xu Shao said, "Are you going to save the old man now?"

Ghost crazy heaven "is that I can’t let go of my grandpa as long as he is still in it. Now I must save him first."
Xu Shao said urgently, "No, now the ghost gate is your second uncle’s pawn. Can we save it alone?"
Ghost crazy day resolutely said, "Hum, no matter what, you have to give it a try, even if it is smashed to pieces."
Xu Shaodao said, "No, don’t worry yet."
"Hum, you’re not in a hurry." Ghost crazy suddenly got up and seemed to go. "That’s not your grandfather."
Xu Shao quickly stopped before saying, "Who said it wasn’t my grandfather?"
"Ah?" This ghost crazy day and ghost jiao froze.
Xu Shao explained, "I, I mean … Grandpa Jiao Mei, isn’t that my grandpa?"
Ghost jiao listened to the in the mind don’t have much comfort, but still stared at Xu Shao.
Xu Shao stamped his foot and said, "Well, since you’re going, I’ll go with you, but not now. We have to wait until late to act. Besides, there are so many of them that we have to discuss it first."
Ghost crazy day just nodded, "you’re right. I’m sorry I was too impulsive just now."
Xu Shao smiled and patted Ghost Crazy Day on the shoulder and said, "What are you saying? You still have to apologize. It’s a diagnosis."
Ghost crazy day also stretched out his hand and shook on his shoulder that Xu Shao hand smiled gratefully.
Xu Shao three people borrowed a farmhouse in a small village not far from the ghost gate that night to settle down and jointly plan to rescue the ghost old man that night.
Xu Shaodao "ghost brother, what do you think we should do in the past? Jiao younger sister this ran out, they must be more closely guarded. "
Ghost crazy heaven "if it’s a big deal, kill it and stop me."
Xu Shao shook his head. "No, if so, we may not have rushed to the house yet. Let’s hang up and talk about saving the old man." Besides, it’s not the way to kill each other. After all, most of these people are still your ghost brothers. "
Ghost crazy day grunted, "This bunch of animals will die if they dare to rebel with juwan. I’ll just clean the door."
Xu Shaodao: "Otherwise, these brothers must have been confused by your second uncle. Besides, this is a matter for the leadership department. How can they know that they are all leaders? Isn’t it that everyone has to follow the orders?"
Ghost crazy day wanted to think that Xu Shao’s words don’t make sense. He hit his thigh with his palm and said, "Hey, what do you say?"
Xu Shao smiled and said, "Brother Ghost, don’t worry. I think we’ll still touch back from Jiao Mei’s tunnel."
Ghost crazy heaven "? Still going there? Jiao Jiao just escaped from there during the day, not to say that there are also two uncles there. "
Xu Shaodao: "I know, but brother ghost, think about it. The elite of your ghost family are all staying in the city and guarding the crossing there. Jiao Mei also said that they are not ghost families. Do you think it is easier for us to deal with your ghost brother hidden weapons or those fools?"
Ghost crazy day nodded.
Xu Shao added, "Besides, if we take the tunnel, we can get to the mansion at once, and we can save the road from danger."
Ghost crazy heaven "yes, let’s just …" Suddenly I heard a lot of noise outside as if a large group of people were coming.
Knowing that it might be bad, the three men blew out the oil lamp and looked out under the door.
Seeing several big men with knives going in and out of a farmhouse seems to be checking something.
Ghost jiao said sadly, "How many of them are in the group during the day?"
Xu Shao looked at it carefully, except for an old man with a thick back steel knife and a young man with a judge’s pen. The rest of the big fellow himself really had some impressions.
Ghost crazy day also sad way "bad looks like they are looking for us"
Xu Shaodao "ha even if they found it? Can they take us away? "
Ghost crazy heaven "but in this way, the loose-packed will be exposed, and they will have to come to our side soon."
Xu Shaodao: "I’m afraid they won’t come. They’ll knock at the door later. You two are waiting for me in the house to deal with it."
Ghost crazy brother and sister don’t know what Xu Shao has up their sleeves, but they all know that Xu Shaosu is a kid with a lot of tricks, so they also follow what he said
After a while, the gang really knocked at the door.
Xu Shao had already found a farmer’s tattered jacket in the house and replaced it with a past door.
It was the young man with the judge’s pen who came to the door and saw Xu Shaogao. "Hey, have you seen two men and a woman today?" It’s good to say that you’re welcome
Xu Shao deliberately lowered his bass and seemed very afraid. He said, "Oh, I see a lot of people today, let alone two men and one woman, or twenty men and ten women."
The young man scolded, "Why did he tell you your little poverty? I asked you, of course, it wasn’t you township men and women."
Xu Shao said, "Hey, back to Ye, there are many city people passing by our small village all day."

Fu Hang turned his head to have a look at "Dad".

The bearer is Fu Shouyi, Fu Hangdi’s father. He said, "Hang, do you know that you still can’t be the heir to Kunlun under dad’s push?"
Fu Hang puzzled "?"
Fu Shouyi said, "I showed you to him as early as when the leader chose his successor. Your conditions will never be worse than others, but the leader took one look at it and flatly refused to say that you were doomed. If you put the leader in your Kunlun, you will inevitably go down the road from now on. Now it seems that you may be destined to have a love robbery."
Fu Hang told the truth, "Dad, this is no reason. How did he know that I would be doomed?"
Fu Shouyi grunted coldly, "Have you ever thought that Kunlun is now the strongest of the three schools? Every leader will use a spell called" Eye of the Wheel ".When they see the heir, they can predict whether that person will benefit Kunlun, but it turns out that Kunlun has indeed surpassed Shushan and Kongtong to become the first school every day for so many years?"
Fu Hang retorted, "Dad, no matter how strong the head of the school is, it is always one person who is strong. The overall strength of the school is strong."
Fu Shouyi shook his head. "What you said is really good, but the importance of the head is very important. Do you remember when I was a child, I told you about some big events in the field of fixing the truth?" Wrong novel network does not skip words.
Fu Hang liked listening to Fu Shouyi talk about what happened in the fix-up world before going to bed when he was a child. Fu Shouyi was naturally obedient to him since he was a child without his mother. He often told some stories about the fix-up world before going to bed. When Fu Hang heard Fu Shouyi’s words, his face was shocked and he blurted out, "Dad, you mean the once-mysterious school."
Fu Shouyi nodded, "Chongxuan Sect was once the heyday of the fix-the-true world. Even if we joined hands with the three major sects, we might not be able to be equal to Chongxuan Sect. However, the Chongxuan Sect behind us is becoming more and more inclined to disappear in the world, which is a problem for the head owner." Fu Shouyi said this, fortunately, Zhang Chongxuan was not here, otherwise Zhang Chongxuan would be busy after listening to Fu Shouyi.
Fu Hang was silent for a long time before saying, "Dad, you are a big boy with one hand. Even if there are people in the twelve elders, it may not be my opponent. But it’s really impossible to be a child?" Wrong novel network does not skip words.
"No, you have to come with me to pick up the heir right now. Even if the heir returns to Kunlun and wants the head to soar, I can still help you rebound." Fu Shouyi said.
Fu Shihang hesitated when he heard Fu Shouyi’s words, and Ji Xue came to mind again. He said, "Dad, can you wait?"
"Wait!" Fu Shouyi asked, looking at Fu Hangdao with his eyes fixed. "We have investigated clearly that there is no one behind the aid of Ji Shi Tong Ren Tang. We should have left as early as ten days ago, but you ask Dad to pretend to be sick every day to accompany you to Ji Shi Tong Ren Tang. Aren’t you satisfied?" Wrong novel network does not skip words.
Fu Channel "Dad knows how you are. Although you have been strict with me since childhood, you never say no to your child. It’s too much for your child these days, but it’s like Ji Xue’s decision to get her heart again and then take her back with you."
"Don’t you want to be the head of Kunlun?" Fu Shouyi folded way
Fu Hang said, "Dad, there is still a month before the head rises. I will definitely get back to Kunlun in a month, but now I can’t leave."
Fu Shouyi sneer at a "do you know that JiXue? Although there is no one behind them to help Tong Ren Tang, she has reached the early stage of Du Jie at a young age. Doesn’t this make you know? " Wrong novel network does not skip words.
Fu Hangjian said, "Dad, baby is carefully cultivated by you. Who else can trap me when you say that baby is capable?"
Fu Shouyi said, "Hang Dad asked you a question and you have to answer me honestly."
Fu channel "dad, please tell me that the child must answer truthfully."
Fu Shouyi pondered for a long time before saying, "If you had to choose between Dad and Ji Xue, who would you choose?"
Fu channel "dad made this statement?"
Fu Shouyi looked up and saw a dark sky with a hint of worry. "Aviation dad is always a little restless these days. I have explored Ji Xue and Zhang Jiagong. Although Ji Xue is simply a doctor who helps others in Tongrentang, she is willing to work hard for a rich boy in Du Jie. It is not simple and there is no figure in the black curtain doctor who took out the book" Saving People’s Medicine ".There is also a certain mystery in it. If the head is soaring in succession, we will take over the heirs, otherwise I will try them."
Fu channel "dad, don’t worry about this. I also noticed that I will find out if there are some tricks in it."
Fu Shouyi patted Fu Hang on the shoulder and said, "I believe in your ability, but one thing you have to remember is that if it’s really not good, don’t force Dad not to be pedantic. If it works, it will work. Dad also wants you to bring him back to Kunlun."
Fu channel "does dad mean to leave?" Wrong novel network does not skip words.
Fu Shouyi nodded his head. "It’s good to leave and stay here for a long time. I can’t stay any longer. If I’m wrong, I’ll be in trouble. Dad decided to leave tomorrow. One thing you should pay attention to is that no matter what happens in the end, you must get back to Kunlun after the head rises."
Fu channel "child white"
While Fu Shouyi and Fu Hang were still talking in the maple tree, Ji Xue had already returned to Zhang Fu and told Zhang Zhongxuan what he had heard about this trip.
After listening to Zhang Zhongxuan, Zhao Zifeng asked, "Did Xue Sister Fu Hang say that it was time for his father and him to go to the forbidden area in Kunlun?" Wrong novel network does not skip words.
At Zhao Zifeng, Zhang Zhongxuan said, "Zifeng, it seems that you know my temper a little."
Zhao Zifeng replied, "Master Zifeng is really psychologically speculating about this matter and thinking about what to do. I think the master who sent the door to Kunlun will never let him slip away from his hand and will certainly drag Kunlun to the water."
Zhang Zhongxuan put his hands crossed on his legs and casually said, "The head of the Kunlun Sect is soaring soon, so you can’t move, otherwise you will be killed. However, they have an heir. I have been sitting in the house recently and I am a little uncomfortable. I am going to play in Kunlun."
Ji Xue’s face was shocked at the moment when he learned from Zhang Zhongxuan that Zhang Zhongxuan had to pay attention to the quiver, "Master is going to pretend to be the heir of Shushan."
Zhang Zhongxuan revealed a smile at the corner of his mouth. "Is it necessary?" Wrong novel network does not skip words.
Zhao Zifeng asked, "Master, do you want me to send someone to watch Fu Hang’s second father now?"
Zhang Zhongxuan said, "It’s up to you to handle the purple wind."
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Chapter one hundred and fifty-two Kunlun Forbidden Area 1
Chapter one hundred and fifty-two Kunlun Forbidden Area 1
Just before dawn, a figure came from the street towards the street of Ji Shi Tong Ren Tang. The man dressed as a bartender gasped and went straight to Zhang Fu’s door and took pictures.
Zhang fumen creaked and a dozen gatekeepers were startled to see the visitors. "Who are you looking for?"
The bartender dressed up and said, "I’m looking for Master Zhao."
The doorman took a look at the bartender and gave way to "Come in". Then he let the bartender go in and led the bartender towards the house.
The bartender led by the gatekeeper came to Zhangfu waiting room, etc. It was good for the bartender to sit in Zhangfu’s room. The tea bartender hurried all the way and was thirsty. He took the side tea and drank it. After a few doors, Zhao Zifeng appeared in front of him.

She finally waited, and when she waited, he would give the ring to the marriage, which is beyond doubt.

"Forget it, let you cry now. Don’t cry when you go out later," Gu Yanchen said overbearingly.
"Are we going out?" Yuan Xixi asked blankly.
"How can I get married if I don’t go out?" Gu Yanchen said. "Don’t cry, or people will call the police and invite us all to the police station to get married."
"I don’t want" Yuan Xixi suddenly growled.
Gu Yanchen face a heavy "what did you say?"
The child is pregnant, and she dares to say not to marry him.
"I want to marry you, and I don’t want to go to the police station." Yuan Xixi rarely speaks, and his hands tightly embrace Gu Yanchen’s arm.
Side eyes looking at the little woman firm eyes Gu Yanchen elegance face is full of smile mood flying high.
He’s finally getting married again. They must be happy with him in America, right?
It is in
Strangers on the Road to Marriage (the rich and powerful win the love and the cold owl president replaces his wife).
Section 1
A stranger in marriage/a rich man wins love. President Lengxiao replaces his wife.
Zhe ye Wei Shu
official documents and correspondence
One night’s mistake and lingering let him eat the marrow and know the taste, and never sleep for a fit!
It is said that he is thin and cold by nature, but he is fond of her deeply.
But she knows in her heart that what he is attached to is her body, and there is someone in his heart who really makes him love his bone marrow ~ ~ ~
Unexpected pregnancy, she begged him not to let her keep the baby, but he said abort.
She smiled and turned around. He was affectionate to that woman but cruel to her.
When she disappeared from sight, she was shocked that she had already been branded in the depths of the vein and became his favorite!
【 small theater
Sanshao, this profile is not written correctly. It’s a pet article. What about the overbearing and spoiled wife president? o╯□╰o
Where is the president of Xiaoxue’s overbearing pet wife? I want to change men! ~≧▽≦~
Three little (stare)
Xiaoxue dear, I love you ~ ~ ~
Label Modern Romance President Giants
Chapter 1 Give me a kiss
City airport
The crowd at the international flight security exit is crowded, noisy and noisy.
Le Xuewei, with a face of serious gills, hung his hands slightly in the crowd, his eyes staring at the security exit, and his long eyelashes flapped from time to time like fine porcelain of butterflies flapping their wings, which could break the pink lips and pout slightly, which was very annoying.
"This won’t work."
"This mouth is too thick."
"Well, this Hu Taichang"
From time to time, her mouth opens and closes, and she mumbles something. Every time a man comes out of the exit, she has to comment on it. That’s like picking someone! That’s right, she’s picking someone to kiss!
Yeah, she’s upset now. Why isn’t there a man who looks better?
What to do! I can’t even watch it pleasing to the eye. How can I shoot this video?
Suddenly Le Xuewei’s eyes brightened and her pupil shrank. She couldn’t help squinting and her mouth slightly raised. It was him!
It’s absolutely hot to see a man coming out of the exit!
Visually, the height is more than one meter, five clothes are ironed properly, and the legs are wrapped in the west, which makes people think. The legs are especially straight and slender. The hair is light chestnut, and the temples are trimmed neatly. Some bangs are dragged obliquely to cover the bridge of the nose. The huge sunglasses bridge of the nose is super pretty and slightly hooked. Therefore, the whole person looks very overbearing, and his thin lips are pinched into a straight line. The corners of his mouth slightly evoke a momentum of anger and arrogance.
Le Xuewei’s heart thumped violently, clenched his fist and got up the courage to go forward.
"Hello" Le Xuewei grinned at the handsome man.
Han Chengyi got off the plane and didn’t see someone picking him up. He was just about to make a conversation. Suddenly, he saw a little girl in front of him. Han Chengyi glanced at her with dark glasses. "You Ni Jun are …"
Han Chengyi also came to ask about everything. An unexpected situation happened!
Le Xuewei suddenly stood on tiptoe and put her arms around his neck, spitting a fragrant smell and saying, "Do me a favor and kiss for 3 seconds, just 3 seconds."
While talking, he took out his mobile phone from his pocket to take a selfie photography mode. He hooked Han Chengyi in one hand and held two pink and tender lips on his mobile phone in the other, and posted Han Chengyi.
Four lips fit together. It’s a simple and pure fit …
Han Chengyi was caught off guard by the kiss. What is the situation? He was kissed? On the first day when I just returned to the city, now the girl has reached this level? And make a video?
But this girl tastes good, and her mouth is full of meat, so she can’t help but want to continue.
In an instant, Han Chengyi’s hands clasped Le Xuewei’s back and held people close to her chest. Her thin lips were slightly stretched, and her charming lips were light, juicy and elastic, like jelly.
Want more … Han Chengyi found himself addicted and couldn’t help but want to pry each other’s teeth.
The situation changed suddenly. Le Xuewei panicked and struggled. Wait, what happened? What is this man doing?
"Put well …"
Le Xuewei kept flapping Han Chengyi’s shoulder and the phone slipped to the ground.
Han Chengyi deepened the kiss.
"Well, put it …" Le Xuewei’s eyes are red and she wants to break free, but her body is firmly imprisoned by the other party. Through the thin cloth, she can feel the strange smell of the other party hiding in the shirt and chest, which belongs to men alone, filling and spreading in her mouth.
The feeling be nasty heart a horizontal Le Xuewei mouth bite Han Chengyi faint scent in each other’s mouth dispersion.
"psst!" Han Chengyi ended the kiss with a sigh.
Le Xuewei raised her hand toward Han Chengyi and fanned Han Chengyi’s load and firmly grasped her wrist.
"Why? Are you really willing to bite and hit you just after kissing? " Han Chengyi looked at Le Xuewei with scorn through sunglasses.
Le Xuewei blushed and glared at Han Chengyi with tears in her eyes. "You … rogue!"

"His mother just gave me these two king eggs, and now he has something to do."

Hsuanchan felt two strands of medicine rushing in his heart. He just said that he was unlucky. Now he left "luck". One Dan medicine was not enough. As soon as he came, two were enough to cure his injury. And two …
"Shout …" Multicolored light suddenly overflowed, and colorful and charming colorful light enveloped Hsuanchan in the century of fixing the truth. He finally broke through to the Du Jie period in the forced situation.
Hsuanchan’s body suddenly stood up with his legs crossed and put together to enter a state of cultivation.
Seeing this situation, Xiao Qian couldn’t help smiling. "It seems that he is still more like me who has no celestial beings. After the breakthrough, he immediately set out to consolidate and repair, and he didn’t care at all. Someone just hurt him here."
"Hum to the underworld, he will naturally change." Ri Ming grunted coldly. His face was slightly ugly, but then he returned to normal and turned to Xiao Qian. "Let’s fight first and decide what he owns. I’m afraid it will take him some time to consolidate and repair."
More than a dozen Wan Li are so far away. Even if Hsuanchan’s ears are sensitive, it is impossible to hear Xiao Qian’s conversation. However, he has just broken through the knowledge of Du Jie’s gods, but he can just see their images from a distance of more than a dozen miles.
But when the gods reached a mile away, they couldn’t go any further. They must have set up some kind of barrier here. Otherwise, Hsuanchan could still hear their conversation. If he heard their conversation, I wonder if he would get carried away?
But at the moment, although Hsuanchan heard the two men talking fiercely, he could feel that they seemed to be a little off, wearing a black coat and a hundred clothes, but they were still facing each other with a distance of less than ten miles, and he could still faintly feel that there seemed to be two smells colliding with each other in a subtle way, as if the conflict would be immediately touched.
Is this the way it is? Chen Xuan’s heart was puzzled, but at the same time he was pleasantly surprised … These two guys are not the same road as he originally thought.
"Well, let’s have a fight first!" Xiao Qian’s words suddenly gushed out a trace of heroism and an wandering temperament spread out from him.
The third chapter fairy magic war
As Xiao Qian’s momentum soared, several cracks suddenly appeared around him.
At the same time, the sundial is also surging, and the original darkness around him is more gloomy, and the evil breath is wandering wildly.
Those who failed to complete the last fix-up ceremony like Hsuanchan felt a terrifying pressure at the same time, but it seemed to be heavy in their hearts, which made them panic.
At this time, it is possible to avoid Xiao Qianri’s setting up an invisible barrier at will, and with their momentum, they will break through the violent waves of energy fluctuations and attract the attention of Fiona Fang’s thousands of miles of practitioners.
The first thing that impresses them is that the gods who eat people’s cracks can reach here, and those who fix the truth can see that two of the cracks, one black and one white, stand opposite each other.
In the two worlds, the powerful momentum oscillates, and the range around them has been cracked all over the place for hundreds of miles, and the range is gradually expanding outward.
"But this is just a warm-up. Don’t be a successor." Xiao Qian’s words were so weird that he blushed and the scandal was actually moved out by him.
"Hum, cut the crap. At that time, if you didn’t have the guts, you would definitely be like me." Ritual was a little embarrassed and Xiao Qian said that his body suddenly rushed at him
Just warming up? Hsuanchan stayed for a while.
Like invisibility, the barrier that blocked the gods’ knowledge has disappeared, and it was protected by some kind of Mo force. Hsuanchan naturally heard their conversation, and immediately he almost fell into a coma. In his memory, Qing Xu’s ten successes did not necessarily have such horrible destructive power, but in their eyes, it was just a warm-up … Isn’t it a little scary?
Fairy and magic two people feel that Hsuanchan’s knowledge has come to the side, but they don’t pay too much attention to the knowledge around them at the moment. He is also the only one. Since there are no outsiders, he can see their roots as he wants.
"You’d better put away your gods." Suddenly, the evil sound sounded in his ear with a hint of arrogance. "Fighting for a while is not something you can imagine. Mind attacks are everywhere, which directly destroy your gods. Maybe it won’t just make you an unconscious fool, but it is very possible."
Xiao Qian said faintly, "Go back a little later, and we will fight hard. Maybe we can take care of you again. Although you won’t die so easily, you will suffer if you are accidentally missed by the wave."
Chen Xuan heart jump suddenly some have a guilty conscience to feel pretend ignorant nodded and immediately turned around and flew away.
"Hey, hey ….." Chen Xuan did Sarah laugh in my heart. Now that I want him to escape, wouldn’t it be better to simply escape him?
Flying in the universe, Chen Xuandu flies faster and faster, and his strength in Du Jie period has flown tens of thousands of miles away a moment later.
However, I feel that the momentum is getting stronger and stronger behind me. Hsuanchan gritted his teeth and shipped "Disillusionment with Heart", which cut through the distance and flew faster, but it also brought a weak tremor.
When he was promoted to Du Jie, his luck was naturally faster, but there were some hidden worries in Chen Xuan’s heart. He had just been forcibly sent to Du Jie at the moment, and his foundation in the early stage was very unstable and unfavorable. He consumed a lot of real yuan, but it took a lot of real yuan to move it. Although he had just been seriously injured before, he still needed some time to recuperate.
It can be said that his body is almost as weak as tofu now, and then it will consume a lot of real yuan to escape from the body at will, which will definitely have great loss
But he had no choice but to be free.
"Boom …"
Conan the destroyer storm swept through Fiona Fang millions of miles, and all the extra life disappeared. Just after quitting 20 years, Wan Li Hsuanchan was kicked out of the aura of heaven and earth and was swept hundreds of thousands of miles away.
"Depend on his mother! Oh ….. "Chen Xuan suddenly spit out a mouthful of hot blood in Xiao Qianri, specially protecting him. Although he was not hurt, he was a little flustered. When he was kicked out and integrated into the aura of heaven and earth, he could not bear to suffer a little minor injuries.
Bang …
Another wave of storms that destroyed heaven and earth swept through and drowned Xinghai’s violent energy, and the fix-up world was fragile. Several places where the energy storm passed were implicated, and the fix-up people were killed and injured. Hsuanchan was once again launched for hundreds of thousands of miles.
Several people who have not been repaired by Bo panic and flee. Although they don’t know what happened, they are very white. If they don’t run for their lives, they will die. A powerful energy fluctuation hits their hearts and makes them want to collapse.
"Bah!" Hsuanchan vomited a mouthful of residual blood and then severely wasted his head. This time, he was not injured, but he was thrown away for millions of miles in a row. Even a Du Jie master could not help but feel dizzy.
At the moment, there is no rest of life in the millions of miles around Xiao Qian Ri. In Hsuanchan, it’s almost as far away as possible. The vortex and cracks of storm energy wreak havoc on the sinking Xinghai. They can fight as much as they want. "It’s important for mother to escape quickly." Hsuanchan gritted his teeth again and continued to be disillusioned. He fled into the aura of heaven and earth and fled into the distance.
Suddenly, Hsuanchan felt a throbbing from the depths of his soul. He must have retreated from the aura of heaven and earth. His ear seemed to be able to hear a shocking thunder.
"Er … no? Sky robbery! " Hsuanchan suddenly looked up, but the top of his head was quiet and there was nothing strange.
"Shout …" Hsuanchan was relieved. Fortunately, it was an apocalypse and it didn’t really come.
However, Chen Xuan’s mood is not heavy. His current situation is that the arrogance of the Taoist priest in the Heaven and the Earth has forced him to raise his skill, which will lead to the apocalypse. Moreover, his current situation is much worse than that of the Taoist priest. He has been pulled directly from the middle of the fit to the early stage of Du Jie, and there is still a small realm. If it is not for his stable foundation before, I am afraid that some apocalypses will have come down at this moment.

"Xuandu, how many years have you not been out of the gate of Jinggong since the first world war?" Asked the old man

"It’s been more than two thousand years since I returned to the teacher. I can’t remember the specific time!" Xuan all division replied
"Oh, then go out and walk to your second uncle’s place. By the way, give him a message for me and tell him that his monkey has become a climate. It’s time for him to walk around!" Daoist/Taoist priest
"I know!"
"Oh, then you can go!" Old nods
"It’s my brother excusing himself!" Say that finish XuanDu division and went out.
"This meeting between the two monkeys will be wonderful!" Xuan division after exit to the old slowly way
Besides, the success of Sun Wu and Tang Sanzang, several of them will rest in the same place as the post-mentoring, and after a few days, they will take a journey again.
Mentoring and a group of four people crossed the mountain and crossed the bridge. In a blink of an eye, it was another year since they went to Qiu Lai in spring.
On this day, the master and apprentice went to a mountain again in a few days. Looking at the steep and towering mountain, Sun Wuneng felt that there must be monsters in it.
"Master elder brother …"
It seems that pig ring, who has been with master elder brother for a long time, also has this intuition about the monster smell, which does not belong to human beings but is different from ordinary mountain birds. This mountain is particularly strong in front of him, and even Bai Longma, his master seat, made a ringing nose at this time, believing that it also felt an unusual smell.
Sun Wu silently looked at the pig ring, and the pig ring also nodded his head to show that he knew that there must be strength in this mountain, and the high-powered monster would carefully and warily protect the master.
I’ve been halfway up the mountain, but nothing unusual has happened. Everything is just like several ordinary hills I passed, but the more I do, the more I need to guard against the abnormal world, that is, the demon mountain is full of evil spirits, but it seems that there is nothing unusual, but there are some eccentricities.
Sure enough, suddenly, Sun Wu felt a huge momentum burst out from somewhere on the hill, as if he were demonstrating to his party of four people. He immediately couldn’t help but prepare to rush directly towards the source of this momentum and beat the monster out so as to pass this disaster as soon as possible.
"Stop you to protect the master here first! There need to source by my old to see "
Sun Wu hold aside the same itching pig ring shoulder said to him.
Looking at his big brother’s firm eyes, Zhu Jie knew that he wanted to have a good fight with the monster. Since the second big brother and the green cow monster had not had a serious fight with anyone after World War I, he had come to be that kind of good battlefield, and he had not fought for so many days, which made his hands itch. This time, when he saw this soaring monster, he knew that there must be a profound monster, and he couldn’t help it immediately.
"Don’t worry … the master elder brother you go first! I’m here to protect the master "pig ring nods.
As soon as the words sound just fell, Sun Wu excitedly disappeared in front of three people and a horse. It should be to exorcise demons.
There’s something in the mountains that disappears quickly before I feel a little strange. When I feel there’s something, it’s a powerful monster that can be released. Even the monster doesn’t have any powerful magic weapon and no other supernatural powers, but how to say it, it should also have a pick Jin Xian’s initial strength, which won’t and can’t be wiped out by his master elder brother so soon! Moreover, according to his brother’s frankness, I believe that he will not do that kind of sneak attack, so he will feel something is wrong.
Looking at the place where there was a previous evil spirit, I saw a cloud floating here and blinking. A person falling on the cloud was his own elder brother-Sun Wu, the Great Sage of Monkey.
"quit! The monster has been destroyed by me. Although the monster seems to be particularly scary, it is actually a big straw bag. When I go to the monster with a stick, it will immediately disappear. It’s really not challenging at all. I went to a "Sun Wu’s face of disappointment seems to be quite dissatisfied with the strength of the monster."
"Oh, but judging from the monster breath at least should have picked Jin Xian early repair! How can you kill me with a stick so easily? "
Pig ring still has some doubts. After all, it is impossible for a pair of big brothers to solve the monster with an "ordinary" stick.
"I don’t know what the reason is, but the monster is always a stick in front of me, and the monster is immediately annihilated."
Sun Wu touched his head, and he was a little confused. The mind said that the monster was weak in the outside! This powerful demon can’t be faked, but that’s the truth!
"Have the enlightenment monsters ever been eliminated?" This time Tang Sanzang also rode over and asked.
"Well, it’s gone!" Sun Wu nods a way
"In that case, don’t delay the departure again!" Tang Sanzang Road
So the four of them continued to go west, but this time they were always in the front, but Sun Wu was at the back.
It didn’t take long for Sun Wu to fall behind at the end. Suddenly lou showed an evil look. Suddenly, he shouted, raised his golden cudgel, jumped up and rode on Tang Sanzang.
Sha Wujing and pig quit hearing the sound and looking back, they were dumbfounded. Their brains couldn’t react.
Seeing that Tang Sanzang was about to die with a stick, but he didn’t want him to sit in Bai Longma, he suddenly jumped up and slammed to avoid the blow.
"Monkey, are you crazy?" Pig quit watching sun Wu angry way
"I’m not crazy. I’m more awake than ever. I have to kill this monk today!" Face lou hates Sun Wudao.
"Ask an old pig first if you want to kill the master!" Pig quit picking up the nine-tooth harrow road and one side missed the risk. When Tang Sanzang heard that Sun Wu was going to kill himself, he was also stunned at the moment! "
"Ha, ha, ha. Do you think you can do it with your fat pig?" Sun Wu unbridled laughed
"No, too! Lao Sha together! " Pig Jiehe Road
After saying this, Pig quit dancing with nine-toothed harrows and attacked Sun Wu, while Sha Wujing also attacked crescent shovel waving the demon.
See two people attack to Sun Wu face a little scared instead of weird smile hand great move to meet.
"Bang bang bang!" After a burst of gold and iron, pig ring and Sha Wujing were lying on the ground, and their mouths kept overflowing with blood.
"Ha, ha, ha!" Sun Wu laughed and said that his eye lou yoshimitsu pushed Tang Sanzang step by step.
"it’ s a shore to realize the hardships!" Tang Sanzang looked at Sun Wu heartache way
"Ha, ha, ha, I turned around long ago, but I didn’t see the shore. I saw the cliff!" Sun Wu unbridled laughed
"Master, he’s crazy. Read the spell!" One side can’t move pig quit hysterically shouting Tang Sanzang way
"Enlightenment teacher saw your hatred. Do you really want to kill the teacher? If killing me can eliminate your hatred, kill the teacher! " Tang Sanzang didn’t feel that a tear fell from the corner of his eye when he finished speaking, but it was not that he was afraid of death, but that his apprentice went astray again and was heartbroken.
"Go to hell!" Sun Wu stick refers to Tang Sanzang’s attack as soon as he drinks.
Stone firelight Bai Longma took the blow for Tang Sanzang in front of Tang Sanzang.
Seeing that his eyes didn’t reach Sun Wu’s injury again, the blow was to sweep Bai Longma and Tang Sanzang out together.
"Ha ha ha ha ha ha!" Sun Wu has absolute confidence in this blow to himself. He is confident that a mortal like Tang Sanzang will never survive this blow.