At the same time, the three princesses’ pointed nails hit their faces. Although they didn’t have swords, their nails were sharp and suddenly they were covered with blood.

At first, the advantage gradually receded, and the guards suddenly became bitter.
But dare not die. Hands can make a lot of women bite.
A woman kicks a bodyguard’s crotch.
"Uh-oh!" The bodyguard collapsed in pain, clutching his crotch.
A group of women are not strong enough, but they are more fierce than the fierce fighting. It didn’t take long for a group of guards to be torn off and cut out a lot of nails and blood, but they didn’t dare to resist too much.
Women don’t fight, but they hate it more than men.
At that time, the scene was almost one-sided.
Most people opened their mouths to show disbelief at the banquet.
"How is it possible? How can you losers get up and beat them!" Fu Cha surprised anger than shouted.
It’s already happened when the guards in the distance heard it. Who will get up and fight at this time? Let the princesses vent their anger and don’t think about me.
Chapter 45 Don’t string
"Get up!" Fu Cha roared.
On Fu Cha’s shouting that all the guards are curled up with their heads at the moment with a group of female soldiers kicking and biting, and the clothes have been torn to reveal a large piece of back meat.
The nails were dug with blood stains, but after all, the power of female soldiers was limited, and although there was injury, it was almost a skin injury
"I want you to hit me, I want you to hit me and kick you to death!" A princess kept kicking a soldier to vent.
Nine women beat a bodyguard to death.
Almost all military commanders opened their mouths at the banquet, and they were all a little confused.
"How did that happen? Those female soldiers don’t have much strength. That strength is just like tickling. Are these guards useless? "
"Can this be lost?"
"Too guards too fragile?"
The ministers talked about it in succession.
It’s too much to talk about how to shout to awaken the fighting spirit of all the guards. It’s unbelievable with a blank face.
Even the prince of Wu’s eyes are vacant at the moment.
My own princess, the prince of Wu, knows best that they are as weak as quails, and their strength is even more fragile. But this group of quails beat a group of guards so miserably and humanely?
Wu Xu’s eyes flashed with surprises. Looking at Jiang Tai’s heart, he kept thinking that it was good to recruit Jiang Tai. Wu added a weight to the war against Chu.
While sun Wu is light in the wind and light in the clouds. Obviously, he has long known the result.
"How did this happen?" Fu Cha face vacant way
Those guards were hand-picked by themselves, but now they are torn by a group of vulnerable female soldiers.
"It’s too close, isn’t it?" Jiang tai laughed
Fu Cha’s eyelids jumped wildly and his face was hard to see. "You are cheating!"
Fu Cha!’ The prince’s face sank to stop Fu Cha.
Jiang Tai stared at Fu Cha and said, "Are you really humorous?"
"eh?" Fu Cha face a stiff all is also a vacant.

"By that time, if he doesn’t come to us, we will go to him, and we will congratulate him and cheer him on his pride and pride."

After these words, several people left the restaurant with boss Chen, and I don’t know where to go for a drink, and Sister Yu heard that there were also these.
Chapter three hundred and sixteen Will win
"Does that mean that Li Qi’s gang are not going to see me now?"
"They hope to see me again when I win the elite group championship of Jingwu Tianshen League, don’t they?"
There is a little anger in the words. Although they are old friends, there are still some words to think that these guys should promote their enterprise in this way.
"Well, it seems that your opponents are different in the semi-finals and finals of Jingwu Tianshen League this year."
"I know that whoever tries to stop me is my enemy."
Because I didn’t see Li Qi and others, I was a little angry, and I left without waiting for Yu Jie to finish talking and talk to Yu Jie.
And watching Fang want to leave the back Yu Jie is also worried.
"Party less … I want to say Wei less. They said that this time your opponent in the elite group of Jingwu Tianshen League had a low chance of winning after you met him …"
Because I didn’t see what Li Qi and others thought, I returned directly from the Bund to Fudan University.
And this time Han Xuanxuan, love tired heart and bare, and Ruoshui are all ready to go.
Watching Fang want to come back is like discovering a new continent.
"Ah? Before Fang thought, didn’t you say let’s go to Shenzhen first and you’ll meet the old teammates of the new urk? "
Han Xuanxuan curious to ask.
And after hearing Han Xuanxuan’s words, I think it’s also Nai Tan Tan’s hand
"I intend to come here, but people don’t see me and let people say that they won’t see me until I win the elite group championship of Jingwu Tianshen League."
"Hey, you said that this kind of conditional, why do they want to come out? If it is not the same as the third time in the fourth time, it is not stable to deal with our championship?"
In the words, self-confidence is also revealed.
At this time, Han Xuanxuan looked at each other for a few times, and his eyes were full of deep worries, but no one said what he wanted to say in his heart. They didn’t want to add trouble to Fang Xiang at this time.
Moreover, that information was obtained only after data analysis and comparison. It does not mean that in the semi-finals and finals, if Fang thinks that they meet the flu team, it must not be the opponent’s heart that comforts him so much. After that, Han Xuanxuan and others decide not to tell this matter to Fang for the time being, saving the influence party’s confidence and state.
It is also this time that Fang wants to look around.
"Ah? Where’s Brother Ending? Won’t Brother Ending go to Shenzhen with us? "
Hear Fang Xiang Han Xuanxuan smiled.
"You shouldn’t have forgotten to come to the end and negotiate things with the official Fantasy Westward Journey, right? He simply won’t come back because he wants to participate in the Jingwu Tianshen League. "
"It’s time for the host to stay in the hotel and wait for us."
When I heard Han Xuanxuan’s words, I thought it was "Oh"-he naturally knew that today’s Fantasy Westward Journey could make such a great leap forward, except for his own credit yesterday, and it was the most critical factor to wait for someone to negotiate with the official side of Fantasy Westward Journey.
No matter Fang Xiang or all the dream friends now, the official people on the Journey to the West are a group of vampires, and no one thought that the official would make such concessions.
Including Fang Xiang, he doesn’t know how the old urk predecessors made the official side compromise.
Laughing and a group of people have already packed up. Although the dreamer team members are not short of money, they rarely go to other cities, let alone to the game venue. Everyone also decided to arrive in Shenzhen two days early and then play and compete in Shenzhen.
Soon Fang Xiang, Han Xuanxuan, Guangguang, Ruoshui and Love were tired and lazy, and Xiaotian and wangyi and his party came to Modu Airport.
Because Han Xuanxuan didn’t buy tickets for Fang before, Fang wanted to buy them at the airport temporarily, but because these guys are not simple roles, even adding a seat in the first class is not a problem
Modu takes about two hours to fly to Shenzhen.
When a group of people arrived at the airport, they thought they suddenly received a message.
See the phone to display the name of the party want to slightly one leng, and then said good morning to Han Xuanxuan and others want to go to the edge to pick up the words.
"Zhang Peihao?"
Fang Xiang tentatively asked, "Your ex-boyfriend" is the comment displayed on the mobile phone, and your ex-boyfriend’s real name is Zhang Peihao. Fang Xiang wanted to directly address the other person’s real name.
"Well, captain, I didn’t expect you to have such a good memory. I told you once and you will remember it."
I want to smile when I hear Zhang Peihao’s words.
"Of course I have a good memory."
"By the way, what is it that you call me? I’m going to Shenzhen to participate in the semi-finals and finals of Jingwu Tianshen League. "
When the Dreamer Team was first built, the team members thought that they had a good feeling for Zhang Peihao and others, because at that time, everyone didn’t know who they were, and these people didn’t doubt themselves. If it wasn’t for the fact that the hardware was really poor, it wouldn’t be the arry team but their dreamer team that won the elite cup final.
And hear Fang Xiang words Zhang Peihao also explained
"Well, captain, I’m here with Sunset in Shenzhen. Speaking of which, you still don’t believe it. Sunset and I are in the same county, and then there’s just nothing going on recently. We bought tickets for this Jingwu Tianshen League and will go to the scene to cheer you up."
When I heard Zhang Peihao, I thought there was another person in my head.
Sunset …
"Xie Zhao?"
"You two are really thoughtful."
Think of your ex-boyfriend and Sunset, the dreamer team, who followed their dream friends when they were first built, with a gentle smile on their faces.

Since the body has become more and more feminine, Lin Jin has begun to reject contact with men more and more. However, it is good for Wenxuan to poke an arm. If she is in contact with each other like before, Lin Jin will be unable to stand it.

"I just heard her say what you lip-synched yesterday." Wenxuan looked at Feng Jingran in the front row and then clicked on the mobile phone post bar to say to Lin Jin, "She also posted it to blacken you."
"So-called" Lin Jin is in a good mood. I don’t want to pay attention to Feng Jing’s doing things, but today is also the last day for Feng Jing. Lin Jin also plans to make things disgusting by herself.
"When did your temper become so good?" Wenxuan looked at Lin Jin with a surprised face. "Look not to come out."
"Anyway, I’m going to show my love with Wu Min in front of Feng Jing this afternoon." Lin Jin holds his chin in one hand. Although he doesn’t really want to play Wu Min’s girlfriend, he still shows his love, but it’s nothing to make a little sacrifice to complete.
"What?" As soon as Wu Min heard Lin Jin’s words, he immediately raised his head and asked, "When did I promise you this?"
"Then you solved Feng Jing today." Lin Jin turned supercilious look. "And it was you who first came out of this way."
"I was wrong." Wu Min held his head and held it against the desktop.
But playing boyfriend and girlfriend with Lin Jin seems pretty good, doesn’t it? Anyway, Lin Jin’s women’s dress is so beautiful, and she had a strong wind yesterday. After going out, she won’t be ashamed, but she can get a lot of envious eyes, right?
"Then you ask Feng Jing out to talk face to face." Lin Jin has a generous waist. "You are already college students, and you are still haggling over every ounce. Now college students are really getting impure and generous."
Wu Minli spoke to Lin Jin and took out his mobile phone to make an appointment with Feng Jing qq.
Lin Jin, this guy is getting more and more shameless
"Wu Min" Lin Jin began to arrange troops according to his own ideas. "You will pretend to be close to me then and leave the rest to me."
"You won’t make trouble, will you?" Wu Min worried about looking at Lin Jin.
Although Lin Jin said that Feng Jing haggles over every ounce and has been trying to be a classmate, he himself is not like this. If Feng Jing comes out this time, he will give Lin Jin the opportunity to vomit blood.
"It’s better to find a quiet place where there is no one around, so it’s more convenient for me to do things," Lin Jin admitted without hesitation
"Don’t?" Wu Min’s eyelids jumped and he always felt that something bad would happen this afternoon.
Isn’t it said that the left eye jumps over the money and the right eye jumps over the disaster? So … Is that your left eye? Wu Min stare blankly for a silly touched his eyelids.
Wenxuan a listen to Wu Min is not willing to immediately help Lin Jin speak "don’t also is you do things to bring Lin Jin? Come is the result of your things. Lin Jin suffers. "
"Yes!" Lin jinshen felt the same way, nodded and then glanced at Wenxuan strangely.
Wenxuan seems to have been more and more protective of Lin Jin’s performance yesterday, and it was the same when all the audience were waiting for the performance honestly. Wenxuan jumped up and down to cheer for Lin Jin with his mobile phone open.
It must be because of women’s clothes that Wenxuan’s affection for me has increased again, right?
It is not a pleasant thing for Lin Jin to frown and be liked by her roommates.
Chapter 13 135 Beauty can’t look at it
"I’m ready," said Lin Jin, dressed in women’s clothes, squatting by the flower bed in front of the dormitory door. He cocked his head and said to his mobile phone, "Hurry up."
"Got it, Malay"
Wu Min there extremely nai sound made Lin Jin chuckle for a while and then put his mobile phone back against the flower bed with his hands chin wait for a while looked at the dormitory door.
After squatting for a few minutes, Lin Jin noticed the pain in her calf, yawned and stretched a lot, and then she found that she seemed to be conspicuous.
Yesterday’s performance was amazing. Even those students who didn’t go to the scene or watch DouYu learned about Lin Jin through various channels. Now, seeing that beautiful girl with a long singing voice crouched in front of the boys’ dormitory yesterday, she looked like she was waiting for her boyfriend, which immediately attracted many passers-by.
Lin Jin glanced at the students nearby and found that he was not so attractive. About ten people passed by and at most three or four recognized him.
But it seems to be famous now, right? And positive fame?
There must be many more admirers over there, right?
Although I think so, Lin Jin is too lazy to look at his mobile phone again. He got up and waited for two minutes before he saw Wu Min coming out of the dormitory door wearing a handsome coat.
"Where did you make an appointment with Feng Jing?" Lin Jin greeted him with his hands in his pockets.
Wu Min glanced at Lin Jin and found that there was a big difference between Lin Jin today and yesterday’s royal elder sister. Although the clothes were still the same as yesterday’s, her hair was changed with a single ponytail and short hair, and her face was not covered with those eye shadow makeup and feet. Those white sneakers were clean and neat, and there was a feeling of being a young sports girl.
"This hairstyle is quite beautiful today."
Wu Min smiled and boasted that he was interrupted by glared at Lin Jin before saying anything.
"I asked you about where you said I was beautiful and woolly." Lin Jin rudely put on her waist and widened her eyes. "Hurry up and solve Feng Jing with you. I have to date my girlfriend, okay? ! I am very busy. "
"There are few people in the back door Hunan restaurant at this time." Wu Min gave a wry smile. Lin Jinxian looks almost like a girl, but his personality is still so bad
Not the kui is a female Han.
"Then let’s go." Lin Jin left his ponytail and walked towards the back door, while Wu Min continued to follow Lin Jin’s ass with a wry smile.
When they both went to the Hunan Restaurant, Lin Jin’s face was cold and suddenly changed. He stepped back and waited for Wu Min to walk beside him. Suddenly, he put his hands around Wu Min’s arm, and Wu Min almost jumped up and slapped Lin Jin.
Lie in the trough! Lin Jin, is this evil? !
Wu Min trembled and looked down at Lin Jin and found that Lin Jin seemed to feel bad at this time, and her face was full of blush. The whole person was shy and didn’t look like a female Han at ordinary times
"This is acting! You don’t think too much. I like being a younger sister. "Lin Jin noticed that Wu Min looked up and glared at him with shame in her heart." I just saw that Feng Jing is already inside. We have to play it really, at least not for her to see it. "
"Well" Wu Min’s brain is in a state of semi-crash at this time
"And don’t fiddle with your hands!" Lin Jin slapped Wu Min and took advantage of the opportunity to take a waist and palm and gave him a bad look. "I’ll chop your hand if you move back again!"

The dense floating boats penetrated the thick black clouds and entered the battlefield, surrounding the giant worms, but they were afraid to get close.

The newcomer is not the patrol army, but the Wanshan demon army
However, at this time, they are a little sad. Nearly half of the floating boats are smoking, and some of them are broken and crumbling.
They looked at the "bite" giant bug sticking together, and Wanshan God showed some fear and dared not approach.
"What are you doing here!"
Wanshan God drank with ferocious fangs.
"Report back to God"
A fairy snake demon flew out and trembled, "I don’t know where an army came from and surrounded us and destroyed the exit of the large array."
"They are numerous and seem to be heavenly soldiers."
It is not surprising that Wang Xuan’s eyes are slightly narrowed.
In his arrangement, he sent an elite team to attack first to find the export of Wanshan large array to intercept reinforcements
After all, according to Jubaoge’s intelligence, Wanshan is superior, but half of the demon army is still guarding the secluded large array, and there are still some private troops of Gouyuan Tianwang.
Not to mention, there are ghosts and three yuan, two old monsters, and many military forces are eyeing up near Wanshan Mountain.
It is the best choice not to accidentally cut off the entrance.
The army of talking and surveying the sky has finally arrived
First of all, the Wanshan fleet fled in the direction of dense stars piercing the dark clouds, just like a huge dragon pattern faintly formed in the arrival of stars in the night.
The flagship of the Central Committee, Mo Yunxiao, stood at the bow in a white cloak, hunting and dancing, and his brow rose.
Nowadays, besides being incorporated into the Nine-Route Army of the Gluttonous Army, the patrol army also has four big flags, that is, Zhang Heng, Liu Shun and others have re-established an elite army, which is regarded as the coach’s pro-army.
Mo Yunxiao of Qinglong Banner is good at fast attack and surprise attack, so cutting off backup naturally falls on him.
Most of the nearly 5,000 floating boats are the fastest ones, and they are good at colliding with each other. Besides, the Dragon Star Army and Wanshan Demon Army were beaten to flight before they could react.
"Star power … bucket department?"
Seeing that Tianxinghui formed the Qinglong Method, Wanshan God was also a little surprised and asked Wang Xuan, "Who are you?"
Wang Xuan glance "for the dead this question is not important".
This original effort suppressed the spirit and calmed down, and Wanshan God was completely crazy.
"What about the bucket department!"
"What about heaven!"
"The chaos in the Three Realms will start on the rise day of my cave-dwelling clan. I’ll kill you heavenly soldiers today just to sacrifice the flag!"
There are hundreds of tentacles coming out of the speaker, accompanied by the sound of snow, and all of them are inserted into the "bite" giant worm through the altar.
Even this ancient giant worm seems to feel the pain and let out a piercing and long cry.
The tail suddenly rises like a giant tower.
It’s comparable to the violent vibration of mountain giant eggs accompanied by the number of howls, and the shadow flies out like a bomb.
But it’s a few weird-looking giant worms
Some of them are similar to centipedes, but they are like small floating boats, and the insect armor is also similar to a giant worm. There are holes in front of the mouthparts to turn black balls …
Some are similar to poisonous pythons, but they have wings, and their bellies are densely covered with tentacles, spewing five-color poisonous smoke …

Startled looking at Ye Tian, Ye Tian suddenly changed from weakness to this earth and took the initiative to provoke it. The shining golden warrior couldn’t help but estimate that he didn’t know how to deal with it at the moment.

After talking for a long time, the golden knight couldn’t help but growl and say, I’m tired of small work. Just say, I can give you a way. Now give me this position. I want it
Disdainfully skimming the pie mouth, Ye Tian laughed and said, I don’t seem to be tired of living, so you don’t have to worry, let alone send you. It’s not my son who is so filial.
I’m so angry that you attack the shining golden warrior without dirty words in the face of Ye Tian’s swearing, but you don’t know how to fight back, not without excuses, not even without excuses.
Seeing that the master is ashamed and angry, the four guys behind the shining golden warrior can’t look any more. One of the warriors suddenly stepped in the previous step and shouted boldly. Do you know who our master is who dares to talk nonsense?
Oh, I took a curious look at the warrior with a livid face and shining armor. Ye Tiankou said, I really can’t see who he is. Is he a mad dog? Probably, except a mad dog, who will bite people at random.
I, you heard Ye Tian’s words, and the shining golden warrior has probably never been treated like this. You and I spent a long time but couldn’t say a word.
Seeing the Lord’s anger, the Red Armored Warrior suddenly stepped forward and growled, "Our young master is the king of Tianfeng Empire. You’d better apologize at once. Otherwise, I promise you will die miserably."
Ye Tianxin was suddenly surprised when he heard the words of the red knight. I didn’t expect this arrogant guy to be out of date with this background, and Ye Tianshi wouldn’t show weakness until now.
Man is a very strange creature, and he is the only one who would rather have his neck broken than lose his dignity, especially a proud man like Ye Tian who doesn’t want to lower his noble head.
I frowned, Ye Tianshen insulted everyone, insulted everyone, and scolded everyone in the street. I won’t give up my seat today, or you will find your king, so I will definitely give up my seat to you. You haven’t let me give up my seat yet.
Facing Ye Tian’s tough shining golden warrior, I finally returned to my absolute being and gave Ye Tian a hard stare. Then I flatly turned around and strode away from the classroom.
Looking at the figure of a line of people rushing off the ground, Ye Tian sighed with a wry smile, saying that biting dogs don’t call this guy, although he didn’t say a word, but instead he made his decision.
Shaking his head, Ye Tian turned around and hit the class. It’s better to warm up before class, otherwise I’m afraid the solution won’t be so profound just by listening to the teacher.
When they came, although the surrounding area was still more noisy, Ye Tian devoted himself to it physically and mentally until an elegant aroma drifted into his nostrils. Ye Tiancai stopped reading and looked up doubtfully along the place where the aroma floated.
Hiss finally when Ye Tian saw the source of the fragrance, he looked at everything. Yuzryha could not help but take a breath of air conditioning. How is that possible?
Yuzryha was surprised to find a woman, or rather a girl, but she was so beautiful that even Ye Tian, a guy who has been tested by many stars, couldn’t stay up.
Keenly feel that Ye Tian is watching the girl’s brows wrinkle beautifully and fiddle with a skirt horn. Don’t go away. Ye Tian, after all, just looks at it and doesn’t do anything.
Looking at the girl with a smile, Ye Tian felt that her soul was flying for a long time. Ye Tian had to admit that she had fallen completely.
There are many attractive aspects for a man, but a woman doesn’t need anything else if she wants to be beautiful enough. It is said that eloquence and female appearance alone are valuable assets that can be compared with everything.
Ye Tian has never taken the initiative to pursue anyone for so many years, and no one has really talked about it once. Before falling in love, she came to this world because of professional needs. Although she also passed through Nina, a woman in Yuzryha, Ye Tian was too down and out to raise the idea of pursuing.
But today, after seeing this beautiful fairy-like girl with my own eyes, Ye Tian knew that he had been shot by an arrow, and it was Cupid’s arrow of love.
Although I don’t know much about her, when I meet a girl who makes me crazy, I would rather kill her by mistake than let her go. If the girl’s hand is a little slow, she may never belong to you again.
Thinking about Ye Tian, he suddenly turned around and wrote wildly with a pen and paper. Although he didn’t know whether he would succeed, Ye Tian had decided that he would pursue this girl regardless of all costs.
Seeing that Ye Tian is no longer staring at herself, the girl can’t help but breathe a sigh of relief. In fact, there are many people looking at her because of her beautiful landform, but I don’t know what. This time, the gaze made her ignore those eyes as if they were on fire, and she was everywhere.
Secretly looked at Ye Tian, and the girl frowned in disbelief. At this moment, Ye Tian seemed crazy and struggled to write something quickly with a carbon pen in his hand.
Just as the girl stared in disbelief, Ye Tian suddenly stopped, threw the pen on the table, grabbed the paper, turned around and handed it to the girl with a big smile. I hope you can have a look.
Doubt looked at Ye Tian, although she knew it was not good, but the girl was very curious. After staring at herself for half a day, what was this crazy guy writing just now?
Hesitated a girl gently biting her lip, probing the glittering and translucent jade hand, gently accepting the paper handed by Ye Tian and carefully looking at the handwriting on the paper.
I understand, master. I finally understand why you won’t let me scabbard. Looking at Ye Tian, Essien’s eyes are full of crazy worship
Smiling, Zhan Ji Ye Tian nodded and said, Yes, you are not too stupid. Yes, when the scabbard is bound to delay your hand, you must first line the scabbard and then connect the ground behind it. Once the scabbard is gone, you can attack instantly from the angle of intention.
Ye Tian thought about it for a while, and then continued, you can’t wear heavy armor or even light armor. When you get back, get a set of soft armor. Wear it on this sword, and you can hang it directly around your waist. This sword is not sharp.
En nodded excitedly. Essien asked bledsoe for an animal tendon to tie the toy-like black iron sheet to his waist. Although it is still fettered, it does not need to be in a straight sheath, so he can launch a thunderous attack from the angle of the sword at any time.
After saying goodbye to Bly, Ye Tian Essien arrived at the specially rented house near the hospital together. As soon as Ye Tian entered the room, he called Essien to the front. Some things must be replaced as soon as possible.
Sitting in the chair and looking at it, standing respectfully, Essien Ye Tian Shen Dao Essien, all the conditions have been met today, so from now on, I will give you the meaning of L sharp sword.
Ah, I raised my head with horror, and Essien looked at Ye Tianfa in disbelief. After imagining that I had given so many incredible lighter skills, didn’t I really teach it in Upanishads?
Looking at Essien’s expression with horror, Ye Tianshen continued, "The martial arts of Heaven are only fast and unbreakable, but they must be fast enough and unbreakable, and this fast word is the meaning of a fast sword."
The fast word of the fast sword is not reflected in the fact that the fast sword is mainly divided into three directions: the sky, the human face and the right and wrong. Facing these three targets, it is the essence of the fast sword to launch the fastest attack.
It’s not a stab, but it also includes a swing and chop. However, other sword paths are different. The only pursuit of a fast sword is a fast word, which will be able to omit the link and omit the fastest instant hit target.
It can be said that the practice of fast sword is never limited, whether it is the speed or the angle of the sword, the line will never be limited, and finally the extent to which it can be achieved depends on the individual’s slave talent.
It is the most suitable point to bind the sword to the waist. You can attack people and the ground at any time in the sky, and you can angle the sword at any time because you have no scabbard to bind it.
The fast sword is a single target without group killing, but the killing speed of the fast sword is definitely not slower than that of swordsmanship, and it may be the fastest.
Fast sword is the purest method of killing people. All moves are created to kill the enemy quickly. Practice to the limit, as fast as cutting life and grass.
Listening to Ye Tian’s explanation in a simple way, Essien’s eyes gradually sharpened. The more he understood the fast sword, the more he felt this kind of swordsmanship terror, that is, he would never return to this sword to create the sword after killing people, which is the most horrible sword in the world.

"You are dead meat! Do you know who you killed? He’s the young master of Yokogawa Valley and the only master of Valley Valley. You’re killing yourself! "

Four big fellow came one step behind and saw their personal protection. A piece of minced meat splashed like the rotating dead leaves, pointing to Xia Qi’s trembling mouth.
"A group of dog slaves!"
Xia Qi frowned slightly. I didn’t expect to kill someone casually to be a person of great status, but at the moment, I have no regrets. My eyes are cold and I drink a dragon hand and wave it out.
Although the injury has not been fully recovered, the power of the dragon catcher is still earth than the golden handprint. Four big men have been bombarded and plunged into a pool of blood!
"wow! Big brother, you are amazing! "
Then, the three layers were repaired neatly to kill five people. It was as simple as eating and drinking water. The girl who grabbed Xia Qi’s arm burst into a strong look and a face of worship exclaimed.
"The trouble is solved. Now that it’s settled, you can leave."
Xia Qi saw the girl who grabbed her arm with a face of worship and blinking eyes. Nai Ji, a lovely heart, couldn’t bear any ill feelings. Nai said
"Big Brother, that man just now was killed by you, but the Lord of Yokogawa Valley will definitely not leave it at that. He will definitely search in this area. When the time comes, I am so dangerous. Can I follow Big Brother?" Girl took Xia Qi arm a face of pathetic mouth way
"We have sinned against transverse valley valley master with more dangerous by my side! Little girl, you must follow me when you are in an extraordinary position? " Xia qi smiled and looked at the girl’s way
The girl’s watery eyes blinked and blinked, pulling Xia Qi’s arm and not putting a pathetic face.
In the end, Xia Qi still didn’t get rid of this little girl, and they walked hand in hand in the direction away from Hengshan City to avoid the horizontal valley search.
"Ah …! Who is it? Who killed my son? I want you to break into pieces! "
In a luxurious white jade palace in Hengshan valley, an angry roar shook the ground and there were glazed tiles from the top tribe!
In a secret room in this palace, a middle-aged monk looks thin with a beard and looks very energetic. At this moment, the sit-in old man suddenly grows up and shouts angrily!
This person is Feng Liang, the owner of Yokogawa Valley. When he just sat quietly practicing, he suddenly felt that a wisp of breath attached to his son had completely dissipated!
Feng Liang loves him very much, and he also knows that this bullying place has always had a wisp of breath attached to his son to ensure that he will know immediately that he can go to the rescue if something happens to his son.
But the breath just dissipated so fast!
In the blink of an eye, he felt that he was attached to his son’s body, and his breath disappeared completely!
"Even if you are a monk in Yuan’s infancy, I will never spare you!"
Feng Liang’s eyes flashed with sadness and anger, killing his own son in a short time. He guessed that the other party was a strong infant, but even so, he would not give up!
You can’t kill revenge without reporting it!
Figure directly from the luxury palace to break out of the stone chips splashing in the horizontal valley, a group of younger brothers horrified Feng Liang has broken away and vaguely escaped from that wisp of dissipation breath to find.
Brother Yuan’s infant period was as fast as light, but it was only a moment before he arrived at the place where Xia Qi killed five people.
A huge palm print in the dense forest is unfathomable. At the palm print point and beside it, minced meat and blood are scattered all over the place, mixed with soil and brown.
"Kill with one hand!"
Feng Liang’s eyes sparkled with astonishment!
This huge palm print is unfathomable. He was not at the scene and didn’t know that this was the result of Xia Qi’s bombardment of four palms in the same place. This was shocking.
"No matter who killed my son, Feng Liang wants you to cut to pieces!"
Feng Liang’s face was determined, and the hand tactic was used to choke the real yuan. Some of the original dissipated breath around this jungle slowly condensed and was finally collected by Feng Liang in the jade bottle!
This is a condensed breath method to determine that Feng Liang can receive the breath of Xia Qi, who has just left, and can be recognized immediately by the breath when he meets Xia Qi in the future!
Yuan baby gods made no secret of directly probing out, and all these Fiona Fang miles were shrouded in which every cent was clearly controlled.
Feng Liang was somewhat disappointed. Although Xia Qi’s breath didn’t dissipate, he left soon. At this moment, the gods could not find Xia Qi’s sight.

Being an emperor wants his daughter to choose a good son-in-law, but only those who really have it can think of a good future for themselves. In fact, no one wants to be a husband-in-law, which is really frustrating, but no one who wants to be a husband-in-law can see it.

When the Liang Empire was still in existence, there was a scholar named Jiang Hui who was a handsome man. At that time, the emperor saw others outstanding and wanted to call him to be a husband and wife. As a result, Jiang Huining never died from hunger strike at home and died. There were also officials who fled with their families to the wind without being a husband and wife.
In Tianfeng Empire, there was once a son-in-law named Yuan Jin, who was a romantic and peerless figure. She lingered in the brothel every day because of her cowardice at home. As a result, the princess was a jealous altar at that time. Once, she just took a group of women to the brothel and beat her up in front of everyone. Then all the women who were good with Yuan Jin were clubbed and killed, and no women were allowed to approach Yuan Jin again.
Yuan Jin was humiliated by this and thought that it was really interesting to hang himself that night to live in such a state.
These are all ordinary. If you touch the coquettish and slutty princess, and the man doesn’t like to put a husband aside every day, then you are really wearing a big green hat.
Therefore, in history, there are never a few royal nobles who commit suicide after not being a husband or a husband. In fact, it is extremely difficult to find a good family.
At this moment, Yun Ni said that regardless of whether it is true or not, Cang Min really panicked.
She asked herself that she would never be a husband abuser in the future, but this was explained by the fact that her lively personality often caused gossip in the palace, which made men more afraid of unjust imprisonment. Now her father wants her to find such a creature. She just wants to treat it well in the future, and it is difficult to be afraid. She anxiously grabbed Yun Ni’s hand and asked, "Good sister, please teach me what to do! I don’t want to marry someone like that! "
Yun Ni sighed, "I’m afraid there’s nothing I can do about it."
Cang Min was anxious to cry. "Good sister, you must ask me to think of a way."
Yun Ni glanced at her gently, which was only slow. "The mountain male was always the first person except the position in the DPRK. He often listened to what he said. Although Nanjing Yuan was weak, there was still a mountain male in the position after all, even if he would agree to this marriage. Maybe if he didn’t marry the wrong mountain male, he would no longer be a mountain male and would no longer listen to him."
At this time, the two men are getting farther and farther away from Mammy’s maid-in-waiting, guessing that they can’t hear themselves
Cangmin Trail: "I’m a princess, and I don’t care about these things."
Yun Ni laughed. "That doesn’t necessarily mean that I have a way to make you no longer be old-fashioned by Nan Shanyue, but only if you are willing to make moves."
"What way?"
"You can’t do this alone. You have to join hands with some princesses in the palace to do it. There is hope for success."
As soon as Cang Min stayed in Yun Ni, he said, "Haven’t you heard that many things are bad in the hands of women?"
The fifth chapter everywhere fighting (1)
The war is not in shallow water
With the disappearance of Hongyan, Yun Ni made suggestions in the palace, and a series of conspiracy contests gradually came to a close.
Qingye city, Cangtian city is like two forces in the opposition;
Shallow water and clear mountains and mountains are like two classes of people, new and old;
One of them is big noble, a big bureaucrat with an intricate network of influence, and the old ruling class has a position of one person and ten thousand people. The other one represents the civilian class, who is a hero who works hard and is looking forward to the day.
They are two extremes of civil and military, with two completely different ideologies and cultures. One is wily, good at using the knife to kill people, and the other is old and strong in the mountains. One is young and energetic, with absolute prestige, and the other is the young man who makes public the leopard.
One of them is experienced, the other is wise, the other is powerful, the other is inclined to the sky, but the goal is obvious, and the position is humble but the potential is poor.
In this contest of profit and wisdom, we can’t simply say who will win and who will lose, but the one who is prepared will definitely win a lot.
The difference between Nanshanyue and Yun Ni is that it was clear before the invasion stopped. If you want to marry, you have to face not a South wound but the whole Nanshi family. It is not a Nanshanyue that he wants to defeat, and the number behind him depends on him.
But he was awed.
How can soldiers be afraid of you as an imperial prime minister if they can destroy a country with 10 thousand people at the expense of life and death?
The military style is that if you don’t move, if you move, if you thunder, the military can have a feat of snake swallowing elephants, and so can the officialdom.
Nan Shanyue is an old politician and a veteran of the two dynasties, but she is a rising star in shallow water. Newborn calves are not afraid of tigers.
To everyone’s surprise, Shallow Water Clear not only wants to move Nanshan Yue, but also moves, which will make the world pay attention to the earth-shattering, passionate and bold.
People who have experienced the battlefield of life and death once they want to play a conspiracy will regard life and death, fear the hardships of the future, strive for victory with one heart and never give up!
This time, Shallow Water Clear wants everyone to have a big vision, and see how a five-year-old boy brought down the giant tree of Nanshan Yue.
Gongsunshi sat in the small pavilion in the mountain and looked at the misty rain in the distant mountains with melancholy in his heart.
Once the most prominent figure in the DPRK, he is now down and out, guarding the mountain forest and being an old man in a pastoral garden.
He should feel glad that the struggle for the DPRK has always been cruel, and it is difficult to have a good chance for all failures.

"Actually … in fact, there are some misunderstandings!" The seventh-order ghost repair wiped the cold sweat from his face. Said trembling.

"Misunderstanding? I don’t know what it is? " Zhang Xiaotian sneer at 1, light asked.
"Is … is the upper bound of the magic xuan zong pang childe missing in hell. Bodhisattva asked me to invite Master Zhang to the underworld … to help with the investigation! " Seventh-order ghost repair said trembling.
"I’m busy, I don’t have time!" Zhang Xiaotian light glanced at him and said coldly.
"Since … in that case, I’ll go back to the Bodhisattva and report to me!" Seven order ghost repair to Zhang Xiaotian bent down for a gift, relieved and said.
"Since I’m here! Then you don’t have to go! " Zhang Xiaotian responded and said slowly.
Hearing Zhang Xiaotian’s words, everyone was frightened to disgrace!
"I said, no one can leave without our permission!" All of a sudden, Zhang Xiaotian facial expression, a sudden cold voice drink a way. More than a dozen purple psychic powers came out and struck one of them, the Seven-Order Magician, from all directions!
There is no time to hide, and there is no place to hide!
I saw that the black mountain on the magic repair body flashed and immediately went out under the purple light!
A black baby was rolled out of it, and Zhang Xiaotian said coldly, "Even if you can teleport, you can’t get rid of one today!" .
"poof!" With a loud sound, the black baby broke up! ——————————— There is no charge for the following words!
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Chapter three hundred and two Meet again
More than sixty masters of magic repair and ghost repair are about to cry, but this one is not the master of the seventh order, even the ordinary master of the eighth order is not as bad as him! How have they been treated like this when they are usually high above each other?
The seven-order ghost repair who spoke earlier breathed a sigh of relief and bent down. Usually, the higher the cultivation, the higher the status, the more afraid of death, and he is no exception. Adjust the agitation in the body, and the seventh-order ghost xiu said carefully: "Zhang’s adult! I don’t know what to tell me to do? " .
Zhang Xiaotian looked at the ghost repair with admiring eyes, and then said faintly: "In fact, there is not much matter for you to stay next time. I just want to treat you well after seeing you all the way here!" .
Hearing Zhang Xiaotian’s words, more than 60 masters couldn’t help cursing, damn it! Hospitality? Is there anyone who is so entertaining? However, they dare not show this emotion on their faces, nor dare they say anything to shirk it! Those dead companions just now have sounded the alarm for them! Stay, stay, stay!
"It’s said that the Lord of the Qin Clan of the Heavenly Ghost Gate was invited by your master, the King Earth Treasure, to sit in the underworld. I wonder if this is the case?" Zhang Xiaotian deadpan asked slowly.
"Heavenly Ghost Gate, Master of Qin Gate?" They look one leng!
"What adults are talking about is that guy Qin Wen?" Suddenly, a ghost emperor at the peak of the sixth order asked gruffly. Hell 18, the slowest exhibition! Master also corresponding hand, mostly from other hell! There are only five, which belong to Hell No.18! However, four of them were just killed by Zhang Xiaotian! Qin Wen is a new generation of masters, and this sixth-order ghost repair is also known by coincidence! As for other ghosts in hell, as long as they are not new seven-order masters or geniuses like Wang Mu. They don’t even care! Six-order peak period? There are too many such ghost practices around the earth treasure king! After all, it has accumulated for nearly one hundred thousand years …
"Exactly!" Zhang Xiaotian deep eyes suddenly a bright, slowly nodded and said.
"I don’t know if the Lord of Qin is in the underworld?" Zhang Xiaotian a face of insipid, could not say what expression.
"Yes … yes!" Sixth order ghost emperor said hesitantly! Qin Wen’s whereabouts, he heard some! See Zhang Xiaotian this attitude, seems to have anything to do with Qin Wen … This made his heart, very uneasy …
"Qin door Lord is a friend of mine, who once had a kindness to me! I am a grateful person. The grace of dripping water, the spring pays off! As soon as he comes back, I will let you go at once! You can tell this to your master! " Zhang Xiaotian coldly glanced at the six-order ghost repair, said slowly. Heart is holding up incomparably anger! Look at the expression of this ghost, the form of Qin Wen, obviously not so good! Zhang Xiaotian also don’t beat around the bush with them, directly point out the intention! Take your lives for Qin Wen’s! Qin Wenhuo, you live! Qin Wen died. You die! A group of experts look confused! However, a Qin Wen can cover the lives of more than 60 of their masters, which is obviously unusual! Good for Zhang Xiaotian? Is it an eighth-order master? The brains of a group of masters of magic repair and ghost repair immediately began to activate! The earth treasure king arrested an eighth-order monk? Now Zhang Xiaotian wants to trade them? Although they are confident of their nobility, compared with the masters of the eighth order … the difference is not a fragment!
"Zhang Xiaotian! Do you know the consequences of this? You do this. Will get our whole magic Xuanzong hostility! Our patriarch and the earth treasure king together … "A sixth-order peak magic repair with a snort of cold. Said coldly.
"Before-"before he finished. Several purple lights flashed. Directly annihilate his whole body clean!
"I don’t like others to threats! You demon Xuanzong sent such a big battle. Is it like no hostility? " Zhang Xiaotian said coldly.
"Zhang’s adult misunderstood! The reason why we magic Xuanzong are like this. Real is to find our big childe! The eldest son hasn’t returned for a long time. The patriarch was afraid that something would happen to him. This just sent me to wait! " A seventh-order magic repair accompanied by a smiling face. Said respectfully.
"PangShen has been killed by me. You all know it in your hearts! You say. My relationship with the demon Xuanzong. Can it be eased? " Zhang Xiaotian stared at the magic repair. Asked slowly.
"Uh …" Hear Zhang Xiaotian so bluntly. Seven order magic repair immediately remained! Who killed Ponshin? The two sides thought that Zhang Xiaotian should speak so frankly! In this way. He is nothing to say.
"You let the earth treasure king hurry to send Qin door Lord! Otherwise. Every two minutes, I will kill one of you! After killing you, the earth treasure king won’t come. Then I will personally call the door! " Zhang Xiaotian eyes coldly scanned the rest of the ghost repair master, said slowly.
Just now, the magic monk reminded him that a king of earth treasure would make him difficult to deal with! If we give the earth treasure king time, let the earth treasure king get Pang Tianyou, the patriarch of Xuanzong, or find an eighth-order master again, it will be in trouble! Therefore, Zhang Xiaotian can’t give the earth treasure king too much time!
Hell is not far from the back capital, and it has a transmission array! It takes less than two minutes to get here from hell, if you hurry!
"yes! Yes! Yes! " Listen to Zhang Xiaotian, every two minutes to kill one, a seven-order ghost repair immediately got a fright! Nodding in a hurry, I took out a communication stone from my pocket and linked it with the earth treasure king! After they showed their extraordinary talents, they were gathered up by the king of earth treasure, and they have been growing up around the king of earth treasure, eating and drinking Lazarus, and they have special personnel to serve them, and they have not made more contact with the outside world! Therefore, Zhang Xiaotian a threat, immediately afraid!
Seeing the performance of this seventh-order ghost repair, Zhang Xiao, as a heavenly heart, felt sad! What the earth treasure king has done is still not comprehensive enough! Cultivate such a group of masters … No wonder we have to choose official positions from those low-ranking monks! Empty has a strong strength, but ability! Compared with the calm state of the sixth and seventh order magic repair next to it, it is really far from it!
Now the enemy’s powerful imagination, unable to deal with, immediately fled! People who often kill on the edge of life and death basically do this! However, among those who just escaped, there are three seventh-order magic repairs and two sixth-order magic repairs! There are only two sixth-order ghosts!
Now that the consequences of running away are a dead end, we should stop this kind of action immediately! However, a group of magic repair masters did not move. Look calm! The master of ghost repair is in a panic, and some even want to run again! If it weren’t for Zhang Xiaotian’s mercy, I’m afraid some ghosts will be added in the ghost repair!
From this little thing, we can see the gap between the two! In the secular world, because of a series of reasons for the country’s exhibition, it has high scores and low energy, and that’s it!
However, this can’t blame the Tibetan king, who has the eye of Lingshan. He also had to be careful! As far as possible, let these "talents" escape from the world, and it is best for a monk to disappear! Otherwise, one thousand is Lingshan now, then his forbearance will be immediately shown! You know, Lingshan has a large number of Buddha and Bodhisattva Lohan who are uncomfortable and staring at him all the time.
It is these ghosts who want to stand up against Lingshan! Zhang Xiaotian really couldn’t bear to hurt them if it wasn’t for the king of earth treasure’s excesses!
But now, their relationship can’t be eased!
The earth treasure king tried to kill him for the first time. Zhang Xiaotian is very depressed! Now he has sent so many masters to wipe him out with the magic Xuanzong! No matter how compelling the reason is, Zhang Xiaotian can’t let it go!

"Is Lyu3 bu4 really dead?" Although Yan Yan is still calm, anyone can hear the surprise and excitement in his tone. "Are you sure? What is the situation of Dong thief camp now? "

"The army hangs filial piety and cries loudly" and goes to inquire about the news, panting and saying, "Dong thief hangs up white cloth in every camp and village, and there are evocation banners and sorrows in front of the main business."
"Great!" Lieutenant Yan Yan cheered. "As soon as Lyu3 bu4 dies, the thief Dong will retreat to the rising tone, and the lost county will be recovered smoothly. And the main force of the thief Dong will also lose morale. It is a matter of time before it is serious. General, you can make outstanding achievements."
Yan Yan, though excited, was steady by nature, but he still dared not forget that he didn’t see Lyu3 bu4′ s body with his own eyes. Yan Yan dared not easily take risks and ponder for a long time. Yan Yan decided to be cautious. "You take a few people and I will take the mountain road to explore before Dong thief camp to see if Lyu3 bu4 is really dead."
Although the lieutenant felt that Yan Yan was a little too cautious, he still followed the order. After two hours, Yan Yan and others took the path around Dong Zhuo’s barracks. As detailed, Dong Zhuojun’s camp had already cried loudly, and more than 50 feet high was erected in front of the main account. Every camp was dressed in mourning and looked very eye-catching.
Yan Yan observed for a long time in the hiding place at the top of the mountain, paying special attention to the movement in front of the camp. Although you can’t see their faces, you can see that those people are stumbling and obviously very sad, and all camps are closed. It is forbidden for soldiers to leave the camp. Martial law should have been imposed in the military camp.
"General Yan, look at this situation." The lieutenant quietly gathered around Yan Yan and whispered, "Lu Bu must be dead. At the end, he will suggest that our army come to rob Dong thief camp at night. If we can grab Lu Bu’s body and send it to the front of Jia Meng, we can make Dong thief’s main force retreat without a fight."
Yan Yan didn’t speak, didn’t say yes or didn’t sayno. It took a long time before he said, "Wait, we should guard the rising tone or be careful." Suddenly Yan Yan saw several soldiers in Dong Zhuojun’s right camp turning over the village fence and sneaking out of the camp along the path to the rising tone. Yan Yan immediately ordered, "Grasp your tongue with them."
Those soldiers who escaped from Dong Zhuojun also seem to be used to taking mountain roads and picking up trees and rocks to hide their bodies, but after all, they are not familiar with the terrain near the rising tone, and they are easily surrounded by Yan Yan people before they get there, and suddenly rush out and take them all into the rising tone.
"Who are you? What escaped from Dong thief camp? " Yan Yan hewen those Dong Zhuojun deserters way
Those deserters said that they were all in Yizhou dialect, and one of them replied, "Report back to the general, we are all Yizhou people who were captured by Dong Zhuojun because of defeat. They surrendered their troops yesterday, and Lu Bu was shot dead in the battlefield. Zhang Xiu children will take the blame and take it out on us to kill our troops. We overheard Lu Bu and fled Dong Zhuojun’s camp to take refuge in Yangping."
"Lyu3 bu4 really dead? Have you seen his body? " Yan Yan asked
Those deserters nodded together. "Yes, we all saw his body and his heart was shot through. Last night, Lu Bu’s wife The Story Of Diu Sim cried herself out several times."
"Going out with a wife" Yan Yan scornfully said, "No wonder there is no such thing in the battlefield."
Lieutenant Yan Yan was overjoyed. "Old General, let’s seize the opportunity to start work."
Yan Yan hesitated for a moment and said, "Although the enemy commander is dead, we can still wait and see." Yan Yan paused and said, "If Dong thief withdraws his troops and the narrow mountain road method retreats once, we will take advantage of the virtual situation to attack them and eat them bite by bite."
Unexpectedly, after the death of Lu Bu, Dong Zhuojun did not withdraw his troops. On the second day, Zhang Xiu, dressed in white clothes and white armor, led the troops to the front to scold him. Seeing that Zhang Xiu Yan Yan was confused, the commander-in-chief was killed and his morale was greatly damaged. Did you continue to scold the front to invade the army?
The enemy’s actions don’t shoulder heavy Yan Yan’s caution, but he still can’t hold on to it. Fortunately, Zhang Xiu is not as impulsive as Lyu3 bu4. After a few hours, he retired and returned to camp. It didn’t storm the rising tone. But the next day, Zhang Xiu received the former scolding array. This time, Yan Yan’s taste was wrong, and an idea flashed in his heart …
Zhang Xiu retreated and returned to camp. Yan Yan called the lieutenant and ordered him, "You send a few people to Dong Zhuojun’s camp to count the number of their stoves every day and report back to me."
The lieutenant wondered, "The old general counted their military stoves? This is? "
Yan Yan said coldly, "Lyu3 bu4 is dead, Dong Zhuojun should withdraw, but Zhang Xiu scolded the array before it came. I’m worried that this is Zhang Xiu’s deception, but in fact, he quietly withdrew his troops and then came for us." The lieutenant suddenly realized that he had hurriedly arranged it.
On the third day, Zhang Xiu was still cursing at the front, but the number of stoves reported by the sergeant to Dong Zhuojun was more than a thousand. According to the calculation of 50 people in one stove, it was already inconsistent with Dong Zhuojun’s 50,000 troops. On the fourth day, the number of military stoves of Dong Zhuojun was only 7,000; On the fifth day, the number of military stoves of Dong Zhuojun decreased by 5,000; On the sixth day, Dong Zhuojun had only four thousand stoves …
"Dong Zhuojun indeed as expected in the withdrawal" Yan Yan ordered with a heavy punch "to prepare thatched sulfur and other kindling materials, and beat Dong Zhuojun off guard at 2 o’clock tonight"
Fair weather and beautiful Yan Yan decided to rob the camp. On the night of the robbery, there was only one round of moonlit night. The high black wind was not only a murder, arson and flower picking thief’s favorite weather, but also an ideal time for the army to rob the camp and rob the village. On the second watch, Yan Yan took thousands of elite soldiers and took many criminal tools such as firewood, sulfur and so on, and quietly touched Yangping Road. First, he killed a few unlucky patrol fighters and quietly touched Dong Zhuojun’s camp.
Yan Yan carefully concluded that there was no ambush and waved his hand to the rear. Two archers shot down the barracks almost at the same time. The sentry quietly moved to the front of the village and refused to horse. Suddenly, he shouted and rushed into the camp to set fire to the sky.
Yan Yan led an army straight to the main account, but when she first ran to the front of the main account, Yan Yan felt wrong-why didn’t there even be a wake? At this time, Dong Zhuojun’s back camp suddenly burst into flames, and several armed Dong Zhuojun soldiers came out from all corners like locusts, and Yan Yanjun was surrounded like an iron drum. The first member of the general, the red rabbit BMW, was in the hands of Fang Tian, who painted a golden crown on his head and approved a red robe. It was time to die. Wen Hou Lv Fengxian!
Yan Yan exclaimed, "You? You are not dead! "
Lyu3 bu4 laughed and patted Baojia and laughed. "Salt-cured old son saw clearly that this is Tang Xian’s armor, which is unique. Even Hou Yi’s father, Xuantie Baojia, is worse than Hou Yi’s armor. It’s really possible that he has been killed by you, but it’s better to wait for him to play along to lead you out of this salt-cured old son." Lyu3 bu4 boasted that he had a brainwave before playing dead, but it was Zhang Xiu’s idea that the body was also carefully selected from the soldiers killed that day. Deliberately made the bloody public to increase the number of troops, but also The Story Of Diu Sim and Zhang Xiu figured out the cheating together, and if it weren’t for The Story Of Diu Sim’s bitter pulling him to calm down these days, he was afraid that Lu Bu would not be able to bear it early.
Yan Yan knew she was lucky, but she still struggled to kill Lu Bu, trying to break the larger foe. Yan Yan angrily opened her eyes and shouted, "The dog thief took a shot at me!" Take Lu Bu with a gun, but Lu Bu can be afraid that he will ride with a halberd, hold a halberd, drag the halberd and slide in the middle of Yan Yan’s left shoulder. Suddenly, Yan Yan will fall off his horse and wait for Yan Yan to get up. In wartime, Lu Bu’s painting halberd has resisted his throat. "Who is my opponent except Zhao Long who can play one or two hundred rounds?"
As soon as Lyu3 bu4 got together, he took the opportunity to shout, "Listen, Yizhou Army, release weapons and spare you from death, distribute money and food, and you will go home or you will be shot!"
In the firelight, Lyu3 bu4 stands tall and mighty like a god of war, intimidating and surrounded by Yizhou Army. Look at me, I will look at you. Although they are already the most elite in Yizhou Army, they can be in the same elite and the number of equipment is far in front of their Dong Zhuojun. Their hope of breaking through is almost equal to hesitation for a moment. Finally, someone takes the lead in laying down their weapons and surrenders on their knees, and then it is like a snowball. Almost all Yizhou Army chose to surrender. Although they tried to deus ex, they were immediately chopped into pieces by Dong Zhuojun soldiers who were dozens of times their size.
Solved the problem of robbing Yizhou Army. Lu Bu Zhang Xiu acted as planned, stripped the captives of Yi Shan, and led the troops to Yangping. By the time it was four o’clock, Lu Bu made Yizhou surrender, and Yizhou dialect shouted, "Old General Men Yan won, and old General Yan took the body of Lu Bu!"
"Long live!" In the dark firelight, the garrison saw that it was their sergeant’s clothes. There was no doubt that he cheered the door and beat Lu Bu to take the opportunity to shout and lead into the Chinese army. Followed by Zhang Xiu troops, they also took advantage of the situation and entered the Chinese garrison. They were not killed by Dong Zhuojun and were lucky to be alive. Most of the defenders chose to surrender. A small number of them fled over the mountains and fled to Sichuan. The second biggest risk after Jiange also fell into Dong Zhuojun’s hands.
Taking the rising tone may be an ordinary victory for Lu Bu and Zhang Xiu in my life, but it is a reversal of the stalemate for attempting to occupy Yizhou Dong Zhuojun. Because the rising tone is the main force of Yizhou Army, Jia Long’s troops are divided into Li Yan’s troops, and it is necessary to tightly control this road to strangle Jia Long’s troops alive.
"Cicada, sit down carefully and don’t throw our daughter." After taking the rising tone, Lyu3 bu4 immediately kicked the daughter out of the list and rectified the military to Zhang Xiu himself, but Pegasus went back to camp and personally received Diao Chan carefully, and nervously helped his wife and daughter to sit down. It didn’t look like a first military commander, but a loving husband and father.
"Cicada, are you thirsty? I’ll get you some water, cicada. Are you hungry? I’ll have someone arrange meals for you, cicada. Are you tired? I’ve arranged a room. Do you want to have a rest? "
When Zhang Xiu entered the hall, he saw the scene as usual. Lyu3 bu4 was like a nagging old man wandering around The Story Of Diu Sim to be caring and attentive. Zhang Xiu shook his head and gave a wry smile a while ago and reported, "Tell Wen Hou Anmin that the notice has been posted and the prisoners have been resettled. It’s the Yan Yan old son who doesn’t know what to do. Please show Wen Hou."
"Bring him here," said Lyu3 bu4, gnashing her teeth. "How dare you sneak up on Hou and make him hide in a tent for several days? I will personally chop him up and vent his hatred!"
"General Zhang, wait a minute." When Zhang Xiu was about to go to Yan Yan, The Story Of Diu Sim suddenly stopped him and said to Lu Bu, "I don’t know what to say."
Lu Bu was stunned, but the horse said, "If the cicada has something to do, just say that the husband must be all ears."
The Story Of Diu Sim Judo "It’s hateful that Wen Hou’s stern face is harmful to you, but the two armies can’t completely blame him. He can stop our army for many days. Wen Hou also praised him for his disciplined offense and defense. He is a general. Wen Hou’s adoptive father wants to unify the sky and return it to peace and prosperity. It’s just a plan that General Wen Hou Zhang doesn’t try to get a boost from his teacher?"
The Story Of Diu Sim dialect Lyu3 bu4 has always been obedient, and The Story Of Diu Sim does have a point. Lyu3 bu4 doesn’t even want to immediately put Yan Yan’s hatred behind him and nodded and agreed to Zhang Xiu’s approval.
In a moment, I was tied up and Yan Yan was taken to the lobby. Lu Bu sat in the hall, and the knife and axe hands stood on both sides, but Yan Yan did not kneel. Lu Bu shouted, "Yan Yan, the old son of Heaven, how dare you lead the army to resist and try to assassinate Hou?"
Yan Yan did not change his face and shouted back, "General Lu Bu’s child Xichuan has a decapitated head, but it’s a pity that my arrow didn’t kill you!"
Lu Bu was furious. "The old thing is still stubborn when he is dying!" When Lu Bu ignored Zhang Xiu’s killing chickens and wiping his neck, he winked and ordered the hatchet man to say, "Pull this old thing and cut it down!"
Knife and axe hand rushed up with Yan Yan and went away. Yan Yan still looked scared and drank heavily. The knife and axe hand said, "If you want to kill, you can’t kill you." Yan Yan turned his head and walked on the spot.
"Wait" Lyu3 bu4 suddenly changed a smiling face, pushed the knife and axe hand to untie Yan Yan personally, and Zhang Xiu sat in the hall with the misty eyes and Yan Yan, and bowed to Zhang Xiu’s head. "The young general Yan has long heard of the general’s fame, but I hope the old general will forgive me for offending in the temptation just now."
Yan Yan got a fright. The winner bowed to the loser and hurried to help Lu Bu. Zhang Xiu and Zhang Xiu also took the opportunity to fill Yan Yan with ecstasy. "The old general’s name spread far and wide, and the west cool army didn’t admire the old general enough to offend him. The old general must be buried."
Yan Yan is a man of great loyalty. When Lu Bu and Zhang Xiu treat him like this, they no longer say anything, but kowtow and say, "General Wen Hou Zhang Yan Yan, who was defeated by the army, will not dare to be the gift of the two generals. If the two generals don’t abandon Yan Yan, I hope the two generals will render their services."
"That’s great." After all, Lyu3 bu4′ s simple-minded problem has not been completely cured. After Yan Yan said this, the horse cheered. "I heard that Yangping whitewater is also in the hands of the old general, so please ask the old general to persuade them to surrender."
Zhang Xiu gave Lyu3 bu4 a hard stare and said that you are really welcome. You assigned him to do things as soon as others surrendered, but Yan Yan immediately replied, "Follow Wen Hou’s orders and Yan Yan must have said nothing."
Yan Yan didn’t lie. In front of the closed door of Baishui, Yan Yan said, "I have surrendered. Are you sure you can stop the first military commander in heaven?" Baishui closed the door and slowly hit it, followed by the Shoujiang’s self-restraint and surrender. The last line of defense of Jia Long Li Yan’s army supply line fell into the hands of Dong Zhuojun, and Guangyuan, the supply transit site, was completely exposed before Dong Zhuojun’s fighters.
Chapter 17 Kill you and save you
Lyu3 bu4 army exceeded all expectations, breaking the rising tone, referring to Yizhou’s commissary route, transporting Guangyuan, and cutting off Yizhou’s military alliance. Kang Peng was helpless with Jia Long. Of course, he was so excited that Yizhou’s soldiers and civilians went to Zhoumu Liu Yan, and ordinary people didn’t panic. People prayed day and night for their loved ones to come back safely.
In fact, the happiest thing is not dancing with Kang Peng, but Li Jue, commander-in-chief of Dong Zhuojun’s third army in Sichuan. Li Jue, a witch around him, is a clown with no culture and the most superstitious. However, at ordinary times, not only when he goes out to break ground, but even when he marches and fights, he has to ask the witchcraft party to dare to act first. Although Kang Peng has scolded him many times, he promised to turn his back to his face and go his own way. This time, Li Jue quietly brought the witch to the army. Before meeting the enemy, he had to turn to witchcraft and pray for blessings before he dared
Li Jue’s superstition about witchcraft is not ungodly. Unfortunately, witchcraft didn’t bless him. Compared with Kang Peng’s leading army to attack the city and seize the land and Lu Bu’s leading a partial division to reverse the war, Li Jue’s achievements were indeed somewhat uncertain. In January, Li Jue’s army was still deadlocked in Qishan Yizhou, Li Yanjun, and his fighter plane was delayed several times because of superstition about witchcraft, which made Guo Si, Fan Chou and Zhang Ji complain that Li Jue unanimously demanded that the witch be driven away and play a few victories to revive morale.
The rice bowl is going to be smashed. Li Jue, a witch specially designed for Li Jue, had to finally gamble with tears, hoping to give her another chance to pray that the heavenly soldiers would send the enemy into the tenth floor of hell. Li Jue could not bear to let her go, so he nodded and agreed. As a result, when Li Jue was doing something, Li Yan took the initiative to withdraw his troops. The news came that Li Jue was so happy that he jumped three feet tall, called the fairy to appear, and did not get up like a fairy.
Because Lyu3 bu4 was the first flying pigeon to inform Zhao Cen, who stayed in Hanzhong, and Zhao Cen transferred it to Kang Peng, there was a lot of delay on the way. When the news was sent to Jia Meng Kang Peng, Jia Long also received a letter from Guangyuan Shoujiang Lei Tong for help at about the same time. After reading the letter, Jia Long ordered, "Let the people go to Jia Meng and insert flags, fake swords and guns, organize the old and weak soldiers to go first, and then evacuate Jia Meng to Jiange in turn."
When Jia Long’s words came out, Yizhou people were all surprised and asked, "What happened to the old general? What to evacuate? "
"Yan Yan surrendered to the enemy" Jia Long sighed and looked at the distant light way "Yan Yan was captured by Lu Bu on the battlefield and surrendered. Dong Zhuojun Yangping Baishui lost one after another. Our route for providing foodstuff may be cut off at any time. Not only do we have to retreat, but also Li Yan’s troops have withdrawn from the stack, otherwise they will be in danger of being cut off."
"Yan Yan’s children are greedy and afraid of death!" Zhang flew angrily and kicked several cases far away. "The teacher gave me three thousand horses to get the traitor’s head."
"Rebellion is naturally to be punished, but not in a hurry now," Jia Long said coldly. "The first thing to do is to take advantage of Dong thief’s ignorance that Lu Bu has threatened us to provide foodstuff and bring more than 200,000 people back to Jiange and be surrounded by Dong thief."
Jia Long’s voice did not fall outside the hall, and the soldiers told him, "I told General Dong that the thief had personally led the army and asked General Jia Lao to talk about saving the lives of our people."
"It’s so fast," Jia Long said in surprise. "How can it be so fast for Dong thief Lu Bu to send a message to take the Dingjun Mountain bypass?" However, Jia Long was no longer able to wonder that Dong Zhuojun quickly handed over the secret. Jia Long immediately decided, "What tricks does Dong thief have?"
Before Jia Meng, Dong Zhuojun lined up Kang Peng, surrounded by a group of shield hands, and rode to Jia Meng. Jia Long stood in Jia Meng and looked coldly at this comrade-in-arms and contemporary demon king who had resisted the Qiang invasion side by side. This was the first time that Kang Peng met Jia Long. Although he could not see Jia Long’s face clearly from a distance, Jia Long stood upright like a pine tree and still broke his heart.
Kang Peng fuels in Mayi. "Old General Jia hasn’t seen his style for years."

Pearl will be caught by crows? Under the command of his master, he flew up and down, twitching from left to right, unwilling to be taken away by crows or caught by crows.

At that time, one wanted to hide, the other wanted to catch, and only the violent wind that the two armies were tossing in front of each other made it stink. The crows condensed by Fu Bing fought more and more fiercely, not only absorbing the mana of Fu Bing, but also croaking and barking, and the vicious gas was swallowed by the crows.
Every time an evil breath is swallowed, the illusory raven is fierce, and it does not spit out ropes to scratch the pearl. Second, it pours out endless black smoke to diffuse the earth. At that time, a huge black cloud lurks in front of the two armies, with pearls flashing from time to time and crows chirping.
"Wang Daoyou, I haven’t seen you in this costume for many days, which really surprised me." When Wang Guang was enjoying himself in Chengtou, he didn’t want to suddenly hear a voice coming from behind. The voice was familiar, but he didn’t understand it when he remembered it carefully.
Looking around, Wang Guang couldn’t help exclaiming, "Is it you?"

Chapter seventy-two Snake Road to crow defeat
"Are you surprised?" People laughed.
Wang Guang nodded, only to see someone coming to his upper body, carrying a bronze tripod on his back, and a little fishy smell emerged from the bronze tripod, with only an animal skin around his waist, barefoot and unarmed. Behind him with dozens of men in the same costume, one by one eye dew yoshimitsu, a bloody breath foaming at the mouth.
"Snake friends, what are you doing here? Could it be that the tunnel people allowed you to come here? " Wang Guang naturally knows the Taoist priest in front of him, and he is the snake Taoist priest who received some copper ingots from himself.
Hearing Wang Guang’s words, Taoist Snake couldn’t help giggling: "It was the Taoist Cleavage who sent me. He saw that your progress was too slow, so he sent me and some others."
Wang Guang was embarrassed when he heard that the stranger said that he was making too slow progress here. As the Snake Road flyover said, according to the plan, he did not say that he would master three or five large families at this time, but also seven or eight mineral deposits. But now he can only get a few minerals from the big prince and Laurence family, and those minerals are for his own use, except for a part that was initially given to the tunnel people.
Shame in my heart, I can’t say anything for a while. "That snake friend, being original, has caused trouble here. You are just here to help. Thank you very much." Say and salute.
"It doesn’t matter. After all, there are too few people who belong to us here in Tianyu Dynasty, and it is normal to make slow progress. The crack leader didn’t say anything." Road flyover snake Gaga laughed. "I heard that you provoked a witch some time ago, and the other party almost killed you. Is this the case?"
"False rumors." Wang Guangyi repeatedly waved his hand and refused to recognize it. "I saw that the woman was pitiful and couldn’t bear to kill her. I thought that letting her go again and again would make her turn over a new leaf. I didn’t think that there were some mistakes. Finally, I gave her a good lesson and let her go."
The snake road flyover listened to Wang Guang’s defense, but he just laughed and refused to refute it again and again. Wang Guang was also a cheeky fellow, and he proudly told the other party about his changes. Among them, she said that she was chased by a female practitioner and she was desperate. She said that she led her to travel in order to make the other person calm.
After talking, Wang Guang invited Taoist Snake to talk about the camp in detail. He didn’t want Taoist Snake to shake his head and refuse, but this man reached out and pointed. "Who do you think will win the following battle?"
"I think the road flyover crow can win. This fellow is not only supported by hundreds of Fu Bing, but his mount is also a formidable object." Wang Guang did not hesitate to make his own judgment. "What do friends mean by asking these words? Don’t you think Taoist crow can’t resist the Aoki Sect’s spiritual practitioner? "
Road flyover Snake sneered, "Exactly. It seems that the crow player has the upper hand. Unfortunately, this fellow only has Fu Bing and his mount, and there is no other means. Not to mention whether the avatar can manipulate a few times, even he has not practiced several kinds of Taoism. How can he win if he relies solely on foreign things? What’s more, it’s only a matter of time before his Fu Bing practice fails and his power is not displayed. When Aoki Zong’s boy is familiar with the means, he will definitely fight back. "
Wang Guang didn’t believe it, and the snake Taoist didn’t argue with him, so the two of them watched silently in the city.
"If the road flyover crow can’t resist, being original must take the opportunity to kill that boy of Aoki Zong, so that he won’t find the soul I want later." Wang Guang’s face is ferocious and he thinks silently. As for whether he will get into other troubles after killing Aoki Zong, this fellow didn’t think about it at all.
But in a quarter of an hour, the black smoke in the field rolled more violently, and the originally extremely thick black smoke was melted by more than half of the pearl that suddenly broke out. Then I saw a blue-robed trainer coming out of the black smoke. The trainer rubbed his hands, and gold pieces of B-wood thunder flew out of his hands and Fu Bing, who was sitting cross-legged below, blew up.
Those Fu Bing eyes dementia, where know dodge? It’s just a lot of handling methods to maintain the art of war of the head operator. Road flyover crow has just been traumatized, and he is confident that his Fu Bing can withstand it, so he never takes it to heart.
Blink of an eye, the thunder struck Fu Bing, only to see a loud bang, the black mask hanging around Fu Bing was instantly fragmented, and thousands of logs emerged out of thin air. The logs rolled and stirred, and hundreds of Fu Bing were strangled. Blood rained everywhere, the meat pieces were scattered randomly, and the pillars of clouds dispersed out of thin air, and the recovering art of war seemed to shrink by more than half.
"good means!" Wang Guang long, he never thought that Fu Bing would be broken in this way.
At the same time, the road flyover crow saw that his Fu Bing was destroyed, and immediately he made a long cry, manipulating the art of war and grabbing the blue robe trainer.
I saw the practitioner clap his head, and the Aoki crown scattered boundless green light, which burst like a fountain, and the blue smoke entangled the French crow to prevent it from falling. At the same time, I saw his shoulders flash, and the method of pinching was determined. The flying sword on his back turned into hundreds of lights and strangled the Fu Bing who were still cross-legged on the ground below.
Black smoke blocked the road, but the crow road flyover knows that hundreds of lights are true or false? Stopped more than half but didn’t stop the real flying sword. The remaining light merged into one, and it fell into a stir in Fu Bing. In an instant, the big head fell to the ground, and the blood column went up into the sky.
Wang Guang was so anxious that he didn’t dare to wait. He tugged at the waist gourd and placed it in Chengtou, and took out three pieces of sandalwood from the treasure bag to light it.
"Infinite Buddha! When will the baby not shoot? " Say and bow down.
This worship, the dark gourd turned, and a black light more than three feet long emerged from the gourd. Then Wang Guang made two more obeisances, and two black lights three feet long emerged from the gourd and merged into the first one.
Gal, three feet long black light is like a crystal standing quietly in the air, three sandalwood fast burning, three to five breathing time, sandalwood burning out, a large group of light smoke like milk swallow homing drill into the black light.
Got sandalwood smoke, black light flashing, turned a circle at the top of the gourd, and instantly appeared next to the head of Aoki Sect.
Aoki Zong’s trainer is also a great figure. Although he is manipulating Fu Bing, who had no time to close the crow road flyover, he also noticed the black light from Wang Guang.
Just as he wanted to use his means to abolish the black light that suddenly appeared around him, he saw that the black light easily pierced the mask formed by the Aoki crown and then wound around his neck.
"I am not reconciled." The blue robe shouted at the National People’s Congress. After saying his word, his head was twisted by black light. The head trembled and wanted to go by surprise, but the black light didn’t want to. I saw the black light spread, wrapped my head at once and returned to the gourd.
"Your magic weapon is really powerful." Road flyover snake looked at the gourd and absorbed his head, so he gasped. "Fierce gas, resentment, bloody gas and murderous look are all gathered in it. It’s a good magic weapon." While speaking, the snake road flyover glanced at Wang Guang.
Wang Guang only felt a cold, a murderous look enveloped him, and his heart suddenly became angry. "Infinite Buddha! Does Snake Daoyou have any ideas? " With a snort of cold, Wang Guang reached out and pointed at the gourd, and a black light was drilled in the mouth of the gourd, twisting and shaking in the air. As long as you see a snake Taoist with a strong heart, Heiguang will not hesitate to cut off the other person’s head.
"Some ideas." Road flyover snake’s eyes twinkled, but he dared not look Wang Guang in the eye. "I’m very curious about how you trapped each other’s soul with this magic weapon and dragged it back at once?"
"It’s just a record in the book of Zongmenkou, and it’s not a secret method. If you have the heart, you can go to the Sutra Pavilion to read the classics." Wang Guang frowned and didn’t hide it. He directly said the means of refining this magic weapon himself.
Hearing this, the snake Taoist sighed, turned and pointed to the front of the two armies and said, "That fellow is an Aoki Sect. Although he can’t have Taoist books and classics with him, he must have magic weapons. Why don’t you go forward and take them away? Don’t let the boy who plays with crows take them away."
Wang Guang smiled strangely. "He doesn’t dare to fool around." Say eye dew yoshimitsu, ruthlessly stare at the crow road flyover below to pick up the body.
Road flyover crow seems to feel Wang Guang’s eyes, and while shaking the flag to fold the remaining Fu Bing back, he turned his head and glanced at ChengTou. See Wang Guang dew yoshimitsu, heart can’t help but tremble.
"Don’t worry, Taoist. After I have picked up all the treasures, I will definitely return them to Taoist." Then this fellow jumped out of the bird’s nest, commanded the big bald crow to peck at the dead bodies on the ground one by one, and spewed out a black smoke to roll up the flying swords, pearls and bodies scattered on the ground, and returned to Chengtou while a black wind blew.
"Thank you for saving your life." Road flyover crow eyes flashing, see Wang Guang dew yoshimitsu staring at himself, although the heart is not frank, but also dare not expect. On the one hand, I have seen Wang Guang’s means, on the other hand, because I spend too much mana, I will definitely suffer a big loss when fighting.
Then this fellow threw the body in front of Wang Guang. "I think the Taoist friend’s magic weapon can swallow flesh and blood and absorb boundless suffocation. Presumably, this person’s body can make the magic weapon more powerful."
Wang Guang nodded and didn’t say anything. His fingertips spewed smoke to roll down the Aoki crown and the waist treasure bag on the body. Then he patted the gourd, and the mouth of the gourd spewed black smoke to erode the body, and then he withdrew from the gourd.
"At that time, you stopped this boy on behalf of being original. Being original can’t thank you. The magic weapon will be yours and the treasure bag will be mine. Will you?"
"I dare not push it." Road flyover crow just wanted to talk about exchanging with Wang Guang, but when he looked up, he saw this fellow with a ferocious face and fierce eyes. How dare he talk about exchanging? Therefore, I nodded at once and bent over to put Aoki Crown, Flying Sword and Pearl in my arms.
Wang Guangda laughed, accused Taoist Snake of a crime, and returned to the camp in the city with the other person’s treasure bag. As for the practitioners who came out to seek revenge from him by the Daqi Dynasty, Li ignored half of them.
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