After another hour, fortunately, the teacher didn’t want to delay the class. As soon as the bell rang, he immediately announced the class and left the classroom first.

Lin Jin and Chen Xinya also got together outside the classroom and planned to visit a PE teacher. They had already been to the PE teacher’s office when they put on makeup. This time, they were good at it.
The physical education teacher’s office is the kind of super-large one-room reform that causes more than a dozen desks to be separated in the office, and the physical education teacher’s desk is the deepest.
There are not many teachers left in the office. These teachers won’t even come to school unless there is something wrong with the class. On one occasion, Lin Jinwu had a class at four o’clock, and a group of students were at the door of the class for half an hour before the teacher hurried to class in a car.
"What’s the name of the PE teacher again?" Lin Jin stretched out his head and took a look at the office. He directly saw half the head of the physical education teacher sitting in the innermost part.
"It seems to be called …" Chen Xinya stared blankly with an embarrassed look on his face. "You can just call her Miss Lin."
"Well," Lin Jin wanted to let the PE teacher give him more than 20 years of experience in hooking up with men, so he looked a little red at this time
"Teacher Lin!" Chen Xinya took the lead and went in. Lin Jin poked around and followed Chen Xinya behind him, "We’re here to see you."
"Why are you looking at me?" Miss Lin stuck her head out from the partition of her desk. "I’m not in the hospital. What’s there to see?"
"I just came to thank you." Chen Xinya skipped to directly hug Miss Lin’s arm and said, "Thank you for your help with makeup at the next party ~"
"Oh?" Teacher Lin looked at Chen Xinya with a suspicious face. "Are you sure you didn’t provoke anything and then you want me to help you throw the pot?"
"And you, Lin Jin." Teacher Lin squinted at Lin Jin slightly. "Do you want women’s clothes again and want me to help you make up?"
Lie in the trough! How can it be seen through at a glance?
Lin Jin looked stupid.
"Lin Jin is just one of the women’s dresses in Taiwan." Chen Xinya sincerely said to Teacher Lin, "We really came to thank you."
"Then thank me for not even bringing a gift?"
"Yes," Chen Xinya stepped aside and joked before retiring Lin Jin. "I brought you a large toy hanger!"
"hey! You are poisonous! " Lin Jin broke away from Chen Xinya’s hand and glanced at it. It was dangerous. Teacher Lin immediately took two steps back and looked at her warily. "What do you want?"
"I didn’t prepare for the class." Miss Lin withdrew her eyes and stopped fighting with them. She packed up a hand of teaching materials and stuffed them into her briefcase. "You go to lunch quickly. I have to go back to dinner."
"Yeah, yeah" Chen Xinya turned away without hesitation.
Lin Jin took a deep breath and glanced at Chen Xinya, who had walked out of the office. He put his head together and asked Miss Lin.
"Teacher … do you know … how to seduce a man?"
Chapter 149 Take a day off for physical examination
I have to get up at six o’clock tomorrow to go to Fuzhou for a physical examination and take the bus in the past, trying to get the report after the early physical examination at noon, so I may not be able to touch my brain all day, and I will see if I can update another chapter. If not, I will take a day off.
Chapter 15 146 You just want me to be a clothes hanger, right?
"Teacher, do you know how to seduce a man?"
Asked this sentence, Lin Jin’s face is red, just like a monkey’s ass. He twisted uneasily and clenched his hands together.
Teacher Lin looked up at Lin Jin for a few seconds with a strange face. What the hell is that face?
A moment later, she seemed to have figured something out, and the dull look instantly became very happy. "Do you want to seduce a man? This will do! Teacher, I am an expert! "
"Expert?" Jin Lin blushed and swallowed a mouthful of saliva.
Then, in my mind, I imagined that this beautiful teacher lingered in the bar every night and took a Han to the hotel near the bar every night to sing songs.
Lying in the trough seems terrible
"That is! Don’t look at the teacher, I’m out of shape now, and I don’t look very beautiful without much makeup. "Teacher Lin began to brag about his campus experience." You know, when I was a student, half the boys in my class had a crush on me! "
"So powerful?"
"Of course! Although I am a heartthrob, the teacher is still very single-minded. I found a boyfriend in the whole university, and now that boyfriend is already my husband. "Teacher Lin snorted righteously and immediately forgot to go home for dinner to show off his college life to Lin Jin.
"By the way, why are you seducing men?" The teacher suddenly remembered that the student in front of him was a boy, and although he had some younger sisters, he used to be a false mother.
Lin Jin had already thought of an excuse, and her face was flushed with frustration. "I played truth or dare with my roommates yesterday, and I lost. They said they wanted to see me wear women’s clothes and make a fool of the street people."
"Make a fool of yourself?" Miss Lin didn’t quite understand what Lin Jin said.
"Let me wear women’s clothes, and then let the street people be attracted to me, and then let them bump into the door, step on the pit and fall down." Lin Jin put her hands on the desktop and held them tightly for fear that the teacher would not believe his excuse.
"Do you boys also play this game?" Teacher Lin stayed for some time and then suddenly struck the table with his eyes bare and did all the work to ensure that "it’s okay!" Teacher, let me help you! I can definitely dress you up so that those men can’t keep their eyes open for a second! "
Lin Jin suddenly felt as if she were dead.
I must have aroused the interest of this bad taste teacher, right? Does this teacher study how to hook up with men every day, and now she wants him to do an experiment?
"Lin Jin?" Chen Xinya has some doubts and sticks out a head from the office door. "What did you say to the teacher?"
"I have something you should go home first." Lin Jin turned around and gave a hand. "Don’t wait for me."
Lin Jin looked at Chen Xinya’s figure disappearing from the door and turned to look at Miss Lin again.
If Lin Jin didn’t admit that he had been a man for ten years, he would definitely be better at attracting men’s attention than Miss Lin, a woman with more than 20 years’ experience as a woman, so he wouldn’t find this teacher and then fall into her plaything, okay?
"Teacher …" Lin Jin turned and found that Miss Lin was looking at him with eyes that seemed to peel him clean all over.
I was stunned by Miss Lin’s eyes, and Lin Jin swallowed her saliva, and her bewildered eyes looked everywhere.
"Well, if you don’t want to attract men’s attention, either you are particularly beautiful or you have something particularly attractive." Teacher Lin said that even Lin Jin, a man of twenty years, knows things.
"Yeah, yeah," Lin Jin agreed and nodded. "Then what?"
"It is said that even if you wear makeup, you are not very beautiful, at least not as beautiful as the United States, which can highlight some characteristics of your body."
Teacher Lin continued to look at Lin Jin. Because she is a physical education teacher, she wore a suit of sports, which can highlight her figure. * * * * * * See Lin Jin’s eyes keep straight.
She noticed that Lin Jin’s eyes stood unceremoniously on her chest and continued, "Big breasts are the most attractive thing for men to see, just like you now, but you are a man with no breasts at all."
Actually, I am a little bit
Lin Jin was a little dissatisfied and suddenly found out how she would mind the teacher saying that she was flat-chested. !
Just as Lin Jin realized that her thoughts were suddenly messy, Miss Lin continued
"But your ass is up!" The teacher slapped Lin Jin * * * * so scared that Lin Jin jumped aside like a frightened rabbit, but the teacher continued without any intention, "How about a black coat that wraps you up as a dance student?"
"Dance students?"
Lin Jin touched his being patted, and looked up and asked with some numbness and confusion.
"Yes, students who study dance are generally similar to leggings and tight-fitting elastic short sleeves, which can highlight their figure very much." Teacher Lin seems to have imagined that Lin Jin is wearing that tight-fitting dance to practice, hooking up with a man outside, and her mouth is slightly grinning, almost drooling.
"You can’t wear it like that, can you?" Lin Jin has also seen that kind of clothes. Teacher Lin said that some of his classmates practiced dancing in high school. Those dancers usually put on a dress outside, but most of them don’t wear a pair of pants.
Lying in the trough? You can’t let me wear that dress, can you?
"Why can’t you wear it out? Buy a thick point to keep warm. I dress well like me. "
Teacher Lin is wearing sports now. Although the color looks a little old-fashioned, it really highlights her figure.
Lin Jin can’t imagine what she will look like after wearing this kind of exercise … Is it true that her tight-fitting little brother won’t stick out?
"But … but I’m a man …" Lin Jin took two steps back and always felt that the teacher didn’t think about it, just wanted to flirt with him.
"It’s not like you haven’t worn women’s clothes anyway." The teacher shrugged. "I’ll go out and buy it for you if you like."
"But …" Lin Jin retorted with a frown. "What must be practiced in dancing? Can’t you wear tight jeans? "
"That’s right." Teacher Lin nodded to show that Lin Jin said it was reasonable and then shrugged. "But I want to see you dressed like that."
"I knew you were unreliable." Lin Jin sighed deeply. Before that, he was ruddy. Now, after chatting for a long time, his face flushed away gradually.

Two figures came out of the department, one wearing a black robe and unable to see clearly, and the other was Niu Mowang.

The black man is naturally the keeper of hades.
Hades stepped into the human world and looked at the sky.
"Vatican Palace?" Hades eyebrows slightly wrinkled.
"Hades that elder brother beast how so scary? As disgusting as a rotting beast, "Niu Mowang’s face twitched.
Hundreds of thousands of sirens in the East China Sea have arrived in the underworld, but the image has made Niu Mowang struggle and break up, and it is bound to be teased when he is placed in another demon army, and finally he can reorganize a team.
"Let’s go!" Hades didn’t say much.
With Niu Mowang step quickly flew to the main entrance.
Tathagata, together with hades
"I have seen the Buddha!" Niu Mowang respectful way
"I have seen the king of hades!" Bian Que, Meng and Mengmeng solemnly said
Tathagata and hades nodded his head.
"Almost?" Hades looked at the Tathagata.
"It should be enough. I have distributed most of the believers in Da Lei Yin Temple these days, and there are only one million left!" Tathagata nodded his head
Hades also nodded his head.
Mengmeng!’ Jiang Tai looked at Mengmeng.
"Our horse is about to open the Fuxi seal, and we are going to enter the seal department. There are many fierce demons in Tai Hao Mountain to prevent accidents. You lead the Dragon Department to the outside world to prevent changes!" The Tathagata ordered
"Yes!" Mengmeng should be in the eyes of some pity that he didn’t have a chance to go.
"By the way, I don’t know if I should say anything about the Buddha!" Mengmeng frowning slightly way
"Oh?" Tathagata doubt way
"You know that there is a Geng Jin gas emission place in front of the bottom of the Longtan where I live. I prefer it!" Mengmeng pointed to the valley where he lived.
"Well, that’s good!" Tathagata doubt nodded.
"It seems that these two days have suddenly become more intense, and the Geng Jin gas is more than ten times!" Mengmeng frown way
"Oh?" Tathagata gave me a little surprise.
"It should be that there is a change in the seal!" Hades mouth way
Tathagata nodded
"Let’s go!" Tathagata said
Hades nodded.
Bian Que and Meng showed a surprise, but they never dreamed that Tai Hao Mountain had Fuxi Seal.
Bian Que and Meng followed Tathagata, Niu Mowang and Hades into the Hall of Ursa Major.
The doors of the main hall crashed together.
Mengmeng immediately led a large number of dragon guards to get up.
In the Ursa Major Hall


Interest country
Tang state
The news quickly spread to nearby countries, and various countries sent messengers to Cai.
Chu state territory
A stone tablet’ Xu Guo’ stands outside a small town.
A fast horse rushed into the biggest palace in town, which is the royal palace, but it was really very small and almost the same as the elixir courtyard.
"Wang Caiguo came to the news and there was a resurrection Dan!" Come and find a horse and send a bamboo slip
A 19-year-old boy snatched it from a crowd in the palace and looked at it carefully.
"Come back to life Dan? Maybe you can save grandpa! " Young eyes dew surprise way
"Xu Si came back from the dead Dan, and my royal family also remembered that it took 7749 days to save my father. It has been dead for more than a year!" A middle-aged man bitter way
"No, dad, look at this little girl who bought flint. Her grandmother has been dead for a long time. It’s all alive. If she eats it, she may be immortal. Maybe she can rejuvenate my country. My surname Jiang shouldn’t be annihilated. Although my country has lost its territory, we still have hope!" Young Xu si eyes firm way
"Hope? Oh, the land of Xu Guo was completely lost by the evil thief Zheng Guo, and our remnant royal family can wander around the territory of Chu and hide around, so as to restore the country? There is no chance for the ancestral temple to destroy everything! " Middle-aged male bitter way
"No, I want to try. Dad, I’m going to Cai!" Xu si eyes firm way
The middle-aged man stared at the son for a while and finally nodded and said, "Well, whatever!"
After ten days of daily popularity, the flow of people in Xiandan Hospital decreased. After all, not everyone is rich, but even if it is light, thousands of people visit it every day.
All this has just progressed with Xuan.
The nobles of the nearby city arrived first.
People in the nearby cities first arrived and quickly filled this period, which was light, and at that time, the accommodation in major restaurants in Cai also soared several times.
"My father’s business in Bian Que is getting colder and colder, but now people from all cities are pouring into me, and more and more people are coming! Where is this selling tickets? This is naked robbing money! " Cai Aihou eyes red way
"It seems that I really underestimated Bian Que and danced. When you go to see Bian Que, tell him that Wang appreciates his theory very much and hopes that Cai Guo will promote the doctor’s theory and let him come to see me soon!" Cai Wang eager way
Cai Wang always feels a little bad. What’s the problem? I can’t think for a moment.
"Well, it’s enough for Bian Que to go in person, father. Wait!" Cai Aihou said.
Cai Aihou was about to go out when attendants rushed in.
"Your Majesty has an urgent report!" The attendants sent two letters.
"Urgent report?" Cai Aihou stopped.
Cai Wang took the letter.
"The envoy sent by Zheng will arrive soon!"
"An envoy from the Tang Dynasty will arrive soon?"
Cai Wang looked at the letter in surprise.
"Is it coming to Dan from the dead?" Cai Aihou face a heavy.
"This is a country close to my Cai country, but the news is too fast!" Cai Wang surprised way
"Maybe it’s a letter of flying birds!" Aside green robe bodhi old zu frown way
"If you go there, maybe there will be envoys from other countries, such as Chen and Chu?" Cai Wang looks pale way
"Come back to life Dan and the ten exaggerated stories have been broadcast to the nations? And countries are also interested in sending people? " Blue robe bodhi old zu surly way
Dan should be in his pocket to come back to life here. Now there are so many variables?
"Father, I will go to Bian Que now!" Cai Aihou can’t wait.
"Go ahead!"
Chen Yizheng teaches Jiang Tai, Lu Brothers and Little Witch knowledge.
"Man Zhong Qi Guo stayed with him and learned more about Confucianism. Let him speak!" Chen looked at Manzhong.
Man Zhong nodded and then explained Confucianism to Jiang Tai and his party.
Then Bian Que suddenly came from the outside.

"Now everyone stands up!" The general ordered Hua to be neat, and no one was still sitting in sound stage.

"I declare that in view of Major Zhao Li’s outstanding record, the military region specially awarded Major Zhao Li the Second Class Red Star Medal and awarded the title of combat hero!" As soon as the general’s voice fell, someone came up with a tray with a red medal lying flat.
The general personally pinned Zhao Li’s medal on his chest and then gave him a salute. Zhao Li was straight and respectful, and the officers were like a flood. In front of so many people, the general supported and praised Zhao Li, which Zhao Li did not expect.
Second-class Red Star Medal This is the golden five-star war, and Zhao Lizhi won’t be awarded to Zhao Li until now because there is no way to send it to the institute.
Just as everyone’s medal was over, the general went on to announce that "in view of Major Zhao Li’s excellent record, the theater command specially awarded Major Zhao Li the Hero Cross!"
The military region can decide that the highest-level medal is the second-class Red Star Medal. I didn’t expect that besides the military region, the theater headquarters also gave Zhao Li such a high honor, and the Hero Cross was enough for those school officials to be jealous.
Everyone warmly palms Zhao Li’s chest with another hero’s cross. To tell the truth, two medals of this order of magnitude will have been smooth all the way if there is no principled mistake in the army. Zhao Li is still so young, so it seems that winning the fuses iconic is by no means a problem.
Today, it seems to surprise everyone wave after wave. After the two medals have been issued, the general did not let everyone sit down, but once again, he looked as if he was going to announce some orders.
The officers in the auditorium have been 90% envious of Zhao Li. It seems that in addition to medals, there must be a rank promotion. Even at the first level, it has reached the height of lieutenant colonel. It seems that Zhao Li’s future is limitless
"In view of the excellent record of Major Zhao Li, the military region specially awarded Major Zhao Li the rank of Lieutenant Colonel!" The general announced that he would let a group of officers relax, and it did!
Lieutenant Colonel’s epaulettes, collar flowers and hat badge were sent to the general. The general once again personally picked up the original major epaulettes and hung them up.
When everyone thought it was the end, the general went to the front again and announced.
"In view of Lieutenant Colonel Zhao Li’s excellent record" or this sentence, everyone has heard it a little familiar, but the next sentence makes everyone feel different
"In recognition of Lieutenant Colonel Zhao Li’s great contribution to the rebel war, the High Command decided …" Behind the words, it was already a crashing.
High command, this is not just a war zone, but the honor of the whole Federation. After everyone crashed, it seems that horses realized that they are soldiers and should not be so rude and quiet.
"The high command decided to award Lieutenant Colonel Zhao Li the first-class Red Star Medal and the title of combat hero!" The general’s words were like pouring a gourd ladle of cold water into boiling oil, and the whole auditorium was suddenly no longer quiet. This time, even the faces of only a few generals showed envy.
What does it mean to stop the first-class red star medal at the root of the noise? People don’t have to say much. Even guys like Sanders have said that they would rather give up their persistence in exchange for a first-class red star medal, not to mention these guys who are still in the military and are still eager for honor.
"Quiet!" The general’s words made the lively auditorium quiet immediately, and then the brocade box with the first-class red star medal was respectfully held by an officer on duty to the stage.
This time, even the general seemed to be jealous when he picked up the medal. He fumbled carefully in his hand for a long time and didn’t give it to Zhao Li for two minutes.
"wow!" This time, the general ordered that when Zhao Li wore a medal to salute everyone, the officers in the auditorium, including General Lucas, were all uniform, and the faces of the officers were as excited as those of Zhao Li wearing a medal. Let alone seeing the first-class red star medal awarded with your own eyes, and even seeing the medal body with your own eyes. How can it not be exciting to see the living medal winner now?
Even Zhao Li was excited once when he got the news, but now he can’t help but feel uneasy when he looks at the real medal hanging on his chest
The appearance of the first-class red star medal brought the whole commendation meeting to a climax. After the salute, the thunderous palm resounded throughout the auditorium for a long time.
No one asked why Zhao Li would win this medal. Everyone knows the confidentiality rules, and no one will question that the high command will never make such a mistake. Then it can be said that Zhao Li did make the high command recognize the record!
But the first-class Red Star Medal is out of the military area command, which has made the general very happy, and another reason why Zhao Li is wearing it here is to further motivate the military area command officers.
"Zhao Li wears this medal until your debriefing is over!" In the end, the general had to send Zhao Li to the warship after giving him a grand commendation, but when he left, the general told Zhao Li, "I want to see what those people really want to do?"
Chapter one hundred and ninety-nine Heart provocation
The general’s words made Zhao Li have a better understanding of this debriefing. His mind sounds as if it is not just a simple matter of debriefing, but Zhao Li’s conscience is not related to these ghosts.
This time, Zhao Li’s warship was not sent by the military region. One school seemed to have made a special trip to Zhao Li. When Zhao Li stepped on the warship, the school even took four guards to meet him.
However, a few medals on Zhao Li’s chest look like a red star in Phnom Penh, a red star with a silver edge and a hero’s cross. It seems that there are still some words to see these medals, and there is nothing superfluous to say. First, the four guards behind them saluted at attention, and then they saw Zhao Li’s medal with a face of surprise.
Finally, the school also simply confirmed the identity of Zhao Li and Li Mengdie and directly took them to their cabin.
Zhao Li can feel that the school has been influenced by the hostile battlefield for so long. This feeling is still that it is just boarding a warship. The identity problem should not be a problem when accompanied by the commander of the military region, and it is only to confirm the identity. What is it with four deputy armed soldiers?
Li Mengdie also felt the hostility of the school. Zhao Li didn’t leave the cabin around him. Neither of them spoke, but Li Mengdie asked Zhao Li for a look after sitting back.
Shook his head, Zhao Li motioned that he didn’t know what was going on. The implication in the general’s words was that it was very likely that someone wanted to be bad for Zhao Li, but General Lucas was so supportive. Obviously, this must have involved some factions of the military, and Zhao Li obviously belonged to General Lucas’ faction. If General Thomas was added, it was very likely that someone was suppressing the old warden’s faction.
After figuring this out, Zhao Li is no longer worried that even if he wants to move himself less, there must be a reason that he is not without the support of people and the record of the marginal planet is a real record. Even if others say nothing, it is impossible to erase it. What is there to worry about?
Sitting quietly in the cabin, Zhao Li slowly practiced. Li Mengdie looked at Zhao Li’s calm appearance and no longer worried about sitting opposite Zhao Li to practice the same.
When the warship landed, Zhao Licai woke up from his practice and went out of the cabin to see the school at the first sight.
"Sir, what is my itinerary here?" Zhao Li freely asked 1
"ah!" The school obviously didn’t expect Zhao Lihui to ask this question. It was a little surprised. Then it was immediately remedied. "Your … debriefing report will be held in three days. You can live here first!" When you hear it, there is something wrong with the arrangement before.
"Thank you, sir!" Although the school is hostile, Zhao Li does not forget his manners.
This is a military airport. After leaving the airport, it is a huge military base. This is the main base of the Earth Military Region, and its natural scale is not small.
There are other things that the school has appointed a soldier to take Zhao Li and Li Mengdie to the reception desk of the military region to settle down and leave the warship in a hurry.
"What’s the matter with that guy?" As soon as I entered the hotel room, I saw that there was no one else. Li Mengdie immediately asked out. Although she was always calm, Zhao Li seemed to be calm when it came to it.
"He wants warships to arrest me!" Zhao Li can see what that posture means, and he also believes that Li Mengdie must have seen it. If it weren’t for those medals, especially the first-class red star medal, the school would definitely start work. Zhao Li is very surprised that anyone dares to send the commander of the military region to arrest him personally. If you want to cheat, these guys have considerable background!
"What?" That’s what puzzles Li Mengdie. It takes so long to get such a result. Anyone would have an idea.
Zhao Li, however, wanted to understand some questions during the voyage and smiled slightly. "It is estimated that it is still due to the problem of marginal planets."
"Edge planet?" After hearing what Zhao Li said, Li Mengdie immediately understood what he meant. Zhao Lixian’s marginal planet looks like a military. No one else has now. The marginal planet has become a free trade port, and even the rebel government supports this free trade. Then the oil and water in China are definitely dozens of times fatter than the previous marginal planet. Some people estimate that it is jealous.
"But if you want the edge planet to transfer you, why come out like this?" This is also because Li Mengdie doesn’t understand that the creed that local soldiers should be transferred from the heart of Li Mengdie has been firmly embedded, and Zhao Li will not be able to solve things without listening to an order. Why do you have to make it so complicated?
"Do you think they can master the marginal planet by transferring me?" Zhao Li smiled slightly and asked, "Li Mengdie is an excellent student in a genius school, but after all, she is still a student and a warhead student. It is normal for me to imagine this kind of intrigue."
Li Mengdie seems to have seen the faces of the soldiers on the edge planet now, and then slowly shook his head. Zhao Li’s influence on the edge planet is a substitute, and even she can see it, and someone must have seen it.
"What should I do?" If it is a military action or spiritual practice, Li Mengdie can definitely give some suggestions, but when it comes to this kind of political struggle, even though Li Mengdie and Kang Hongyuan have been in contact for a long time, they have not learned the essence of Kang Hongyuan.
"They dare not deal with me privately!" Zhao Lixiao smiled. "Wait and see what this debriefing is all about!"
There are still three days before the so-called debriefing, and Zhao Li won’t stay at the reception desk all the time to arrange the hotel. Since I’m here, I naturally want to go out and have a look. Zhao Li plans to go home, but I think that my suspicion has not been cleared, so I temporarily dismissed this idea.
The military base is very large, and the facilities in it are more advanced than those so-called military bases operated by Zhao Li on the marginal planets. I don’t know how many times it is compared with here. The so-called military base in Zhao Li’s side is just a bunker.
Zhao Li vaguely found himself being followed all the way from the hotel to here, as if afraid that he would run away.
Not far away, there was a training scene where more than a dozen people practiced Zhao Li’s eyes lit up and strolled past. The regular army of the Earth Military Region did not know the difference between the training project and ordinary soldiers. Zhao Li was also interested in this aspect because he had been training soldiers recently.

At the moment, the Liujia maze was laid out, and smoke and black fog rose and filled the void.

"Brother Wei Dao, what do you mean?" Big fake monk Dan first asked when he saw this.
Who avoid but also don’t panic smile replied "brother don’t panic you personal strength is too strong if there is any cheating don’t want to play by the rules suddenly challenged us these people will not get hurt! For the sake of safety, I have to decorate this maze of Liujia.
Dear brothers, if you are bent on attacking the enemy and focusing on the natural things outside the array, I will immediately withdraw from the battle to make everyone fair. If anyone has malicious intentions, don’t blame me for being impolite and unite all the people to strangle them. "
"You say so much to guard against us, so how can we trust that you won’t play any tricks?" The first fake monk Dan a cold hum a way
"I think the sign of the Five Elements Sect is enough to guarantee!" Who avoid light way
"The Five Elements Sect also has a heavenly punishment hall. There have always been many Di Xiao!" The false monk Dan continued
Hearing this, Wei Ji was not angry, but still smiled faintly and replied, "Then I have nothing to say. My condition is that you can accept it. There is no room for bargaining. If you don’t believe me, I don’t have to come in. I believe that many monks outside will believe it!"
Wei Ji’s words can be described as a red luo naked threat, but this fake monk Dan has to admit that he is still eating this threat. Don’t say that he has already killed 26 monks with them, that is, the remaining 11 monks who have made friends with them have now become a little tempted because they haven’t got a chance. It seems that they want to join those people and attack themselves and others.
After thinking about it for a while, the first fake monk Dan replied at that time, "Well, I will believe in the five elements once!"
As soon as his words fell, Wei Ji did it and ordered, "Brother Zuo, let them all come in!"
"Yes!" At this time, Zuo Qiu is very obedient to Wei Ji. From the smell of this statement, he immediately vibrates and manipulates the Four Spirit Method to let the road let the big fake monk Dan and others come in.
After these people came in, they all found that there was a vast expanse of black smoke around them, and there was no trace of people. This was to isolate themselves and others, that is, to avoid conflicts between evil intentions, and that evil spirits and dark luck led Xuangong to observe quietly in all directions. Only after passing through dozens of feet did they know that this Liujia maze was worthy of its name.
Not only they Zuo Qiu, Chu Zhuang, and Six Devils all feel this way, but when they are in doubt, Wei Ji Yin is coming. "Don’t think about it, just go forward slowly and attack vigorously!" I will withdraw from the array if I get out of the hole! "
Chapter 35 Fly separately
Chapter 35 Fly separately
"Booming, jingling,"
Thunder, fire, golden light, magic weapon, flying sword, Qi Fei! The rivalry between the two powers is particularly fierce!
After a big holiday, Brother Dan, a group of people joined Weiji. Although the number of people on this side is not as large as that on the other side, the strength has already been increased. There are two large arrays of protection in this way. Although it is not very Qi Xin, it can also work together.
On the other hand, although the other side gathered together for the same goal, they still kept too much when they made great moves, and after the big fake brother Dan called on them to be kind, those people wavered and did not join them, so it can be said that they were suppressed by Weiji this way from the beginning.
There are four spiritual methods, but for a moment, Wei Ji’s side broke up the blocking party, but Wei Ji didn’t do much killing. He rushed forward to prepare for leaving this ghost hole and rushed over to the defender. He immediately dispatched two Dafa and four fake Dan to resist in the rear through dispatching.
Everyone went all the way straight ahead, no matter zombies, ghosts or monks of all factions, they all gave way because this force is too big.
The remaining monks failed to stop them and were quite hurt. Naturally, they were depressed. Although they had already resigned themselves and were not going to get the ghost grass in the cave again, they didn’t want Wei Ji to be better than this bunch of people. Therefore, most of them went on a wild rumor that Wei Ji and others had obtained more than ten plants in the ghost grass period, and more and stronger monks joined in the sniper attack on them.
No one believes that there is a hole in the grass when it is precious, but the news that there is a hole in the grass in the hands of Wei Ji and others is confirmed by everyone. Many people are chasing after Wei Ji and others.
However, these people are afraid of bringing disaster to their own sects for fear of the Five Elements Sect and the Six Demons Zongwei, so they dare not compose the message behind Wei Ji and others. The speed of the message is not slow. Some Wei Ji and others plowed and swept the cave, but it was extremely fast. Those who were first chased and scattered were easily cleaned up by Wei Ji and others. When the big brother chased them, they had already rushed out of the seventh fork and were about to leave the ghost cave.
In this situation, Wei Ji has already explained to everyone through the sound, and everyone knows that it is not easy to fight safely than to fight. Therefore, as soon as Wei Ji comes out of the hole of the ghost yin, he will immediately withdraw from the large array. "I won’t say much when the situation is critical. My Chu younger brother wants to compete with our other disciples for the hole, so come with us!"
Say who avoid then Chu Zhuang royal sword at the same time and fly away somewhere toward the bell volcano.
Zuo Qiu, Xuanshou and Yunjing are not tired of fighting. Naturally, they won’t stay here to make a target for other coveted people. Without saying a word, they will be prompted by the Four Spirit Method to fly away from the Bell Volcano and prepare to leave directly.
The rest of the people have long been taught by Wei Ji face to face, which is natural and white. If you want to do the six magic cases, six people will also drink a big drink. "My six magic cases have always been the same enemy and six people want to grab food from our brothers. Come on! But don’t send more people. In that case, we don’t have to keep the fair contract! "
Followed by resin magic Lin Zhao, the other two fake Godsworn Dan also flew away in the direction of the Bell Volcano, but the two fake Godsworn Dan were in the same place. Only resin magic Lin Zhao was alone, but Wei Ji specially arranged to make people not doubt that resin magic Lin Zhao gave himself a foreign godsworn status.
The resin demon Lin Zhao’s innate five-escape avatar wants to share with everyone that if he keeps his promise and doesn’t keep his promise, Wei Ji won’t do much. After all, it is normal for a foreign monk to rob Zuo Qiu of his criminal record, so it’s no wonder that Wei Ji has lost his head.
Who avoid a bunch of people suddenly action nature is to let the big fake brother Dan this bunch of people white by the calculation, but such a calculation is also in a reasonable category, that is, others know what can’t say who avoid, after all, he did not violate the principle of fairness.
But in this way, these people are divided. After all, Wei Ji, these people are strong and weak. This time, it is natural that they are fast and slow. Those exquisite minds should fly out first or over Wei Ji’s side or over two fake Dan’s side. Because The six great divisions in the wheel of karma’s large array is difficult, everyone knows that Lin Zhao, the corpse demon, seems to be the weakest, but they still have a corpse demon helper, one enemy and two natural, which is not taken by the wise.
There are seven monks left, and there is no way to feel unlucky and choose two places left.
Big brother, although this bunch of people said that they all hesitated, the speed of action was still very fast. When the big brother rushed out of the dark hole, it was already flying outside and there was no trace of it.
This clock volcano is no better than other places. It is easy to see the situation. Even if you can’t see it clearly, you can confirm the signs of the other party’s escape from the residual traces. Here, there are mysterious yin and corpse gas everywhere, and even a few traces are washed away.
In the face of this situation, the monks rushed out excitedly, but they were able to curse and return to the ghost cave to continue their search journey. Perhaps it was because there was a hole in the ghost grass that they lost their arms. These people were very anxious in their hearts and their mood was not so good. Therefore, when they met evil spirits and zombies, they were no longer as gentle as before. They all learned their magic weapon in their lives and made great efforts to nullify them.
As a result, the zombie spectre in the ghost cave was in great trouble and was severely cleaned up, but it saved a lot when Wei Ji entered again. Of course, this is another story
Chapter 36 Front broken array
Chapter 36 Front broken array
Who avoid ChuZhuang two people flying towards the south with a strong body shield is met some fierce demon birds road is also a blunt and find a small valley.
As soon as Wei Ji fell, he set up a labyrinth of Liujia. There are also many ghosts and monsters in this small valley, but there is a large array to stop the two people from harassing them, but they don’t worry too much about these things.
"Brother Wei deserves to be a leader in the clan. He is rich in wealth and treasures. With Brother Wei behind him, the two fake monks Dan can’t get along!" Chuzhuang draw mouth way
After hearing this, Wei Ji knew that Chu Zhuang was not the kind of person who was bent on penance, but paid special attention to all kinds of situations. Therefore, after five years, he was still aware of the fact that he was rewarded by the sect. Compared with this Wei Ji, he naturally would not deliberately be modest and smiled calmly and replied, "It’s just a fortune, but it made Teacher Chu laugh!"
"I’m afraid everyone wants this kind of fortune," Chu Zhuang immediately replied. "It seems that I have to be much closer to Brother Wei in the future. I dare not expect to be able to get a point and a half like Brother Wei, which is enough for me to practice!"
Just then, two fake Godsworn Dan chased and landed in the valley. The Liujia maze was banned. In addition, although there was no one who repaired the highest, it was the only one. Obviously, the two people would pinch persimmon with Weiji and Chuzhuang.
Two fake Godsworn Dan fell behind the slightly superior and immediately walked "Wei Daoyou, don’t you want to give us a fair chance to fight? How can you set up a large array of Liujia ecstasy and hide in the battle? Is it because you think you’re not going to be guarded by this? Or did Wei Daoyou cheat at the beginning? If so, it will be a great disadvantage to the names of the five elements! "
Who avoid is a veteran, where will he be moved by such a little words? "Since when have the two Taoist friends been excluded from their personal strength? I am a little ill-informed and want to ask."? Is this the rule of your sect? If so, I’m afraid your rival sects will be very happy! "
Chu Zhuang was born in Tiandufeng, a famai, and Tiandufeng was poisoned from heaven, so Tiandufeng’s brother’s practice is poison. Although Tiandufeng has transplanted poisonous flowers, poisonous weeds and poisonous insects from all over the world, There are many poisonous beasts, but most of them are ordinary. After all, the place where the Five Elements Sect is located is not suitable for the poison breeding ground. It can be said that the five elements Sect has the most frequent experience in Zhongshan, because they almost need a poison to cooperate every time they practice, and they are not ordinary poisons. If the younger brother is rich, it’s okay to buy the bases needed for the early practice. If the net worth is insufficient, there is no way to travel thousands of miles to those dangerous mountains and waters to search, pick and catch themselves.
Chu Zhuang’s talent is not good, so it’s not Tiandufeng’s master’s brother-in-law, but he’s one of many registered brothers. Now he’s getting through his advanced studies step by step, so his experience abroad is more than ordinary. My brother doesn’t know how much, saying that he has long been honed into an operator, but as soon as Wei Ji’s words fell, he immediately laughed.

However, this middle-level Fang city, trading places, the peak of Bao Yao, which is displayed in front of Qiu at this time, is particularly quiet, and there are not many trading monks.

The three-square-kilometer transaction here is divided from the mouth of the cave. On the left, there are some sects building stores, while on the right, there are places where monks set up stalls. Those who set up stalls need to be repaired more.
Autumn after familiar with some kind of trading places here, he went straight to the left store.
In the peripheral Fang city, trading places stores are mostly established by some small and medium-sized sects in the cultivation of immortals in Daqin, while in this middle-level Fang city, stores are mostly built by high-level cultivation sects, and top-level clans will join them.
"Well, this is the mark of Danling Sect, so this store should be established by Danling Sect."
There is a special gate in the Mid-Autumn Festival in those dozens of stores. This store should cover an area of 10,000 square meters, which is several times that of other stores.
The plaque of this store is engraved with the words "Bao Yao Zhai" and the symbol of Danling Sect is engraved in one corner of the plaque. It is a sword holding a Danding.
In this autumn, I still know something about the symbol mark of Danling Sect. At first, the symbol mark of Danling Sect was a tripod to show the meaning of alchemy. With the passage of time, Danling Zong Yue paid more and more attention to force, especially when Danling Sect became one of the top ten sects in the world of cultivating immortals in Daqin, and this attention became more and more obvious until the Danling Sect was finally marked with a sword.
In this middle-level square city in the south of Dinglin, Bao Yao Feng Qiu Xian Dan Lingzong has established a store here, which can not help but be slightly surprised and more cordial.
Since Dan Lingzong has a store here, and the scale of the store is also the largest, it is natural to go to this store without hesitation.
When I entered the store in the Mid-Autumn Festival, my eyes swept away, and there were no shelves, pillars, tables and chairs. What furnishings seemed to be deserted in the whole retail department? There were huge jade cards hanging on the four walls, and all kinds of information appeared on the jade cards.
"Wow, I, Dan Lingzong, deserve to be one of the top ten sects in the world of cultivating immortals in Daqin. It’s not a small sample."
On the four walls of the store, it shows that the jade brand is made of refined jade slips.
Autumn rough calculation: if all the jade cards in this city are made into jade slips, there will be tens of thousands of pieces of value.
This treasure medicine clinic run by Danling Sect has a large area, and there are also many monks in charge of it. There are six people in total who feel slightly in the autumn, five in the early stage of the foundation period and one in the then period.
Five monks in the early days of the foundation period except one person is responsible for welcoming guests, and the other four people are distributed around the walls of the store. Once the monks watch the information of the jade brand elixir and want to buy it, the four waiters can trade with the monk in the golden elixir period, which is a kind of palm and supervision.
When Qiu came into the store, maybe it was because of the low maintenance. The monk in charge of welcoming guests didn’t pay much attention to Qiu, and once a monk in the golden elixir period entered the store, he would be very attentive.
It’s not only acceptable for welcoming monks to neglect Qiu, but also as usual. After all, Qiu has always been a scholar in the realm of cultivating immortals. Although it hasn’t been very long since he entered the realm of cultivating immortals, this kind of situation is still very common, and Dan Lingzong is a younger brother of the top ten schools in the realm of cultivating immortals in Daqin. It’s normal to be arrogant. As the saying goes, is it a big bully in the shop?
No one paid attention to their own carelessness in autumn and looked at the jade cards on the four walls of the store to find the golden fruit.
I have to say that the middle-level Fang City Bao Yaofeng’s trading elixir is indeed much higher than that of the peripheral Fang City Bao Yaofeng’s selling elixir, and I cherish many of them.
From those jade brands, there are many kinds of elixirs that are not available in their own magic medicine garden, but the price of these elixirs is too high and it is not urgent to think twice and finally give up.
"Ha ha, there are really yuan Jinguo, but the price is too high. A yuan Jinguo is as high as a hundred low-order lingshi."
Autumn can’t help but be overjoyed after seeing the Yuan Jinguo, but the high price of this Yuan Jinguo also surprised Qiu slightly.
Whether it’s from the level or from the rare degree, the theory of Xuanyecao is equivalent to buying Xuanyecao in the precious medicine peak and autumn with 300 pieces of lingshi. When it comes to the precious medicine peak, a Yuanjinguo actually needs 100 pieces of lingshi, which makes Qiu unable to believe his eyes.
"Today, I know that most of the scattered monks are cash-strapped. The scattered monks had a hard time cultivating immortals, and all the wealth was not much. It is naturally very poor to go through these large-scale schools."
The normal value of a Yuan Jinguo is less than 300 pieces of low-grade lingshi, but when it comes to Danlingzong’s treasure medicine clinic, the price has tripled, which really makes Qiu lose heart.
I know that buying this golden fruit is a slaughter, but there are still some things that Qiu can accept. He really needs this golden fruit, and a hundred lingshi is nothing to Qiu.
"Daoyou, please get me one of these golden fruits." Determined, Qiu came to the waiter who was standing beside the wall and pointed to the jade brand in front of him and said flatly.
"Oh, a golden fruit with a hundred pieces of low-order lingshi" looked slightly surprised at Qiu, and the waiter monk didn’t say much. He took out a jade box from the bag and made a skilled offer at the same time.
"This is an intermediate stone!" Take out a medium-grade lingshi from the waist bag and hand it to the waiter and take the jade box at the same time.
"Well, it’s really a golden fruit!"
Put the jade box into it, and after careful observation, you will have a certain heart.
Yesterday, Chapter 2
Chapter one hundred and ninety-seven The center of the earth marrow jade
I came out of the Bao Yao Zhai run by Dan Lingzong, and in the autumn, I visited more than a dozen other stores nonstop, trying to buy some miraculous medicines with reasonable prices in the magic medicine garden.
More than a dozen outlets have been to novel kinds of elixir Qiu, but the price of each one is not less than 500 pieces of low-order lingshi, and Qiu finally didn’t dare to sell it.
Although Qiu needs to buy one copy of each kind of elixir and then plant it in the magic medicine garden, Qiu’s current financial resources to buy these retail elixirs will go bankrupt even if it takes less than 200 kinds of autumn.
A few of those retail elixirs need 500 pieces of low-order lingshi at a very low price, and 700 pieces or even a thousand pieces of low-order lingshi at a higher price, which is also unaffordable.
After visiting more than a dozen stores, Qiu did not leave Bao Yaofeng immediately and went to the opposite store, where most of them were set up by scattered monks.
Most of the monks who set up stalls in trading places, the peak of this treasure medicine, are engaged in scattered repairs in the then-elixir period. These high-level scattered repairs will explore some dangerous places around because they are not weak.
High risk is often accompanied by high income and high reward. Those monks who are fierce and dangerous in it often get great gains and some precious, rare or even strange things.
It is said that you can often find some good things from those high-level scattered repairs in the elixir period. Of course, this requires your vision and the price will not be cheap.
There are not many monks in the right half of trading places at the peak of this treasure medicine. There are dozens of people. After all, there are not as many monks in the elixir period as in the construction period.

Those reporters who are writing press releases at their desks look up and grow up, their mouths wide open and their eyes dull, watching the scenes happening on the stadium.

They didn’t expect such earth-shaking changes in just over ten minutes …
They looked down at their hard work to write a manuscript.
This seems to be ruined!
In the media gallery, local journalists in Hertha are cheering to reverse the winner!
This is the first victory in Hertha for seven consecutive rounds of league matches!
Hertha reporters followed Hertha’s relegation, and naturally they knew the significance of this victory.
The price is better than gold!
Unlike those reporters in other places, Chang Sheng has a strong prejudice. Every contact and confrontation with Chang Sheng over the past six months has made them know more about this young man.
They know that this victory is not a dumb luck, and this is the credit for winning!
Because when they were in Hertha C team, they had seen the power of this tactic, which was brought by constant victory.
Before him, Hertha had never played this tactic in either the first team or the C team.
That inexperienced young rookie … seems to have really brought fresh blood to the depressed Hertha.
What a great guy!
Chapter 22 Victory is really interesting!
Abandoning at the last minute seems to have let go of Osasuna’s last courage and fighting spirit, even though there are three minutes in injury time and about five or six minutes in the game to score a goal.
But Osasuna did not fight back.
They recovered from being hit by Hertha’s last-minute comeback.
Osasuna didn’t change the result until the end of the game.
Hertha finally beat Osasuna at 32 away and won an incredible victory!
In the press conference after the game, the victory is always on his high horse. "I said I came here to take away a victory, and now I mean it!" "
Taiwan reporters can stand his arrogance. Who makes people winners?
But the winning score is not finished yet.
After coming to the press conference to announce that he has fulfilled his promise, he always wins and gets up and leaves without delay for a minute!
This made the reporters who were going to ask him dumbfounded and at a loss.
They don’t understand what this is all about …
This is a constant victory against the media for laughing at him.
Winning the game is very clear to him that if he wants to, he will become a celebrity in the eyes of the media. Now it is the media that wants to interview him, not that he asks the media to interview him, so he is famous.
But he won’t give the media a good look.
He still remembers what those vicious media said about him before the game.
He has no merit, but he is small-minded and bears grudges.
It’s not easy to be arrogant if you succeed, but now he is going to be arrogant to show those arrogant media. Don’t always be afraid of them!
It’s crazy that the media wants to get his good looks after offending him.
If you always win this game, it will be the focus of attention. What valuable things do you want from me so that you can write it in the newspaper and make money? No way!
Unless you kneel and lick your old toes!
So he got up and walked so resolutely that he even ignored the press officer calling him behind his back.
He didn’t even look at those reporters.
Changsheng’s press conference didn’t arrive for a minute, and head coach Osasuna might still be in the locker room at this time. He was furious and didn’t come. At that time, the press conference was in an awkward position
A large group of reporters, look at me. I’ll look at you. You don’t know what to do with your eyes wide open.
When Chang Sheng returned to the dressing room, it was too soon for the players to change their clothes.
Or they didn’t intend to change clothes so soon at all.
After the game, all the players were talking excitedly about the hard-won victory.
Everyone also killed Osasuna Keku in the end.
"Kaiku this is a famous goal! No, it’s two goals … "
"Martin, if you become a superstar, don’t forget our brothers!"
In addition to Keku, Carlos Campo has also become a star in the dressing room.
Today’s game is his first professional game.
He played for 15 minutes, but it brought earth-shaking changes to the team. It can be said that the team was able to reverse Osasuna. Carlos Campo was the first hero. It was his tireless running and interception in midfield that made two chances to equalize the score.
Popovich simply hugged Carlos Campo’s shoulder and announced to others that "Carlos is my cover!"
Some people don’t look so good when he says that …
These people are the ones who tried to break through Carlos Campo and win the game.
But now Popovich, who is still the core of the main force, directly broke their possibility
Because if they want to take action against Campo, it means fighting against Popovich.
Everyone is the main player, everyone has his own power and circle, and Popovich also has friends
When the time comes, the main force will split up first. Isn’t that for the ever-victorious to reap the benefits?
When Changsheng pushed the door and entered, the locker room, which was still noisy, suddenly became quiet.
Everyone is looking at this young coach.
Just before this game, almost all the main players didn’t think that winning constantly would bring them any good results, because he was too young. Many players here were much older than him, and they were scolded by a villain who was smaller than themselves. It is not common in football ranked according to seniority, which makes it really hard for everyone to accept …
Although Pida and segura, the first group of main players, are the main players who resist the winning streak, others have not made it public. They are doing the right thing but watching with cold eyes. If the winning streak is really defeated by segura and them, they will not feel anything wrong.
But now many people’s eyes on Changsheng have changed.
The way of winning him often brought a victory to the team!
In the football world, no matter how beautiful the words are, they can’t top three points.
To prove that you have the ability to lead them to success, relegation and always win, there is no other way but to win.
This is also the reason why we must win this game. If we don’t win the first game, there will be overwhelming doubts and criticisms, and great pressure may make him be dismissed from the team after fulfilling the ten-round league contract.
Even if he hasn’t been fired, the players who doubt his ability will be even more rampant because of the failure of this game, and then they will have more reason to face him because he failed to lead the team to win.
How difficult is it to play Osasuna away from home? They don’t care. They need such an excuse to prove that he is very capable.
He’s dancing at the tip of a knife. If he’s not careful, he may get stabbed.
After other people’s main characters crossed, Wang was domineering, saying that the younger brothers listened to everything, so they struggled with the fans, the media, the club manager and finally the assistant coaches and players of the team … Even if people struggled, there was a limit!

"Are you worried about me?" Snow Lotus, Snow Snow Cong and others gathered together after Li Daoling left Muqingfeng. Can she not see Muqingfeng’s worry?

"It’s not that you don’t believe it. Yes, I didn’t dare to tell the master just now. According to the present situation, it’s only a matter of time before Mobing City can’t keep being broken by the Japanese. Now our biggest problem is that if we can’t get the manpower to supplement, one person will be less for every person who dies. The Japanese almost put all their strength outside the city. They are going to kill us." Mu Qingfeng looked at Xue Lian and opened his eyes to tell the reason.
"You’re still lying to me. You’re worried that it’s definitely not such a desperate situation. You’ve experienced a lot and have never seen you so worried. Is it because you promised to marry me after the war and worried that you couldn’t fulfill your promise and let me die alone?" Snow lotus eyes like a sword poke MuQingFeng some dare not look straight.
"Lotus son city can’t keep it. Promise me that you must protect yourself and find someone again …" Muqingfeng didn’t look up for fear of seeing Snow Lotus’s eyes.
"Listen carefully. If you say such things again or are afraid of my feet, I will jump from this wall now!" Snow Lotus’s words surprised Muqingfeng. This girl really said that she could do it, and Muqingfeng quickly stopped Snow Lotus in her arms.
"Muqingfeng, you listen carefully." The words of Saussurea involucrata in her arms are more serious than this is the first time that she has called Muqingfeng. "Although we prairie women are not as faithful as you summer women, in many cases, we are obedient to destiny and remarried, but that doesn’t mean that I, Saussurea involucrata, will be like this. There are also many grassland women who dare to love and hate. I said I would marry you and I will definitely marry you. Whether you are alive or not! I said this once. Did you hear me clearly? If you die in this battle, I will follow you to get married, and you will never get rid of me. "
At this point, Muqingfeng has finally strengthened her confidence. Since Xuelian is very determined to go to the grave with herself, she has no worries. It is a big deal to die with the Japanese. It is more or less regrettable that she has not reported her electrocuting.
In the next few days, because the Japanese people are busy making siege pits, there is no big movement. At this time, Mu Qingfeng commanded the people of Moping City to quickly replenish the equipment and food consumed in the past few days, and get ready for the upcoming battle. The scouts sent a message saying that the Japanese camp has often been lit up and worked overtime recently. I don’t know what kind of tricks it is, but Mu Qingfeng intends to treat it in a constant way. Because Moping City is not a border town, that solid wall will definitely bring heavy losses to the Japanese people.
The next morning, Mu Qingfeng was still resting in the house. Li Daoling rushed in and shouted directly, "Don’t sleep. There is something wrong. The Japanese have made strange things. Come and have a look!"
When I heard my master shouting Muqingfeng, a carp stood up and turned over. I dressed and wiped my face at random, so I hurried to the front with my master. As soon as I arrived at the wall, I found that everyone was staring at the Japanese outside.
Muqingfeng poked his head out and was frightened to disgrace. Isn’t that the dozen tall towers outside the city wall that he and Huang Liang discussed about the well aperture? He looked back at Huang Liang and found that he was also looking at himself with a puzzled look. Mu Qingfeng suddenly thought of one thing, that is, Quan Nai was also present when he and Huang Liang discussed the well aperture in the cabin that day. There is no doubt that this woman overheard her discussion.
"I really shouldn’t have let this woman go!" MuQingFeng some chagrin, after all, is his negligence led to this situation, but relative to Liu Wang Zhu jie they nervous MuQingFeng not very afraid.
"My good nephew, what has the Japanese made? With this thing, we may not be able to lift our bows and arrows!" Liu Wang Zhu Jie, not the kui is a battle-hardened old man, who saw through the well aperture badly.
"Are you sure that bed crossbow will shoot this tower off?" Li Daoling wants to seize the lifeline and will think of the record of the crossbow. He quickly asked
"It’s hard to make a manhole just to guard against bows and arrows. You see, a manhole consumes a lot of wood, even a crossbow can’t cope with them, and there are a large number of Japanese troops behind each manhole. This time, the Japanese are serious." I didn’t expect the answer to be a fool.
Everyone knows what happened to Huang Liang, not to mention that the crossbow was written by him. It seems that there is no hurry at all, as if he has a plan.
"We can’t play the biggest thing in the King’s Palace. You don’t look in a hurry?" Huang Liang asked with a smile
"Yellow brothers don’t worry, I’m in a hurry. Besides, I can’t believe that the Japanese woman learned the fur of the well aperture." Muqingfeng didn’t worry at all. Although the Japanese well aperture attack surprised him, Muqingfeng had countermeasures. It should be said that it was a mistake.
"Brother! What are you playing charades for? Have something to say quickly. Those monsters will be close to us in the ink for a while. "Three girls are impatient and shake Muqingfeng’s arm desperately.
Put the psychological burden Mu Qingfeng said to Liu Wang Zhu Jie, "Didn’t you ask me what those huge trebuchets have? Today is a good opportunity to show it. Don’t look at those wells. They seem to be stronger than hundreds of pounds of stones. I promise it will fall apart! " With a wave of Muqingfeng’s hand, those Xuanjia masters took off their armor directly and ran to the slings with many civilian workers.
See pieces of millstones as big stones with the trebuchet ups and downs directly flew out from behind the walls of Moping City. It is also God’s blessing that the first stone hit a well aperture that looks solid. The well aperture was smashed into pieces, and the Japanese people inside were instantly smashed into paste.
To feel sure, Quan Nai jumped up directly from his chair and looked at being beaten by a boulder. Is there a secret weapon in the summer?
"This his mama how to throw out a few hundred jins of stone? Are they all ghosts and gods? !” Takeda Hararo has never seen such a strange thing. Although he knows Muqingfeng is tough, he didn’t expect to be able to deal with it.
The Japanese people are a little flustered. Those timid people who have been mutilated have already seen urine stains on their legs. The surrounding boulders are still falling. Every time they fall into the Japanese phalanx, there will always be an exclamation.
"Temple, what should we do?" Takeda Hararo looked at Quan Nai at a loss and said that just after another catapult threw a boulder and hit a well stop, dozens of Japanese people were killed on the spot.
Seeing that some people are stagnant, Quannai knows that something will happen. If there is a flight from Moping City, they will never be able to call. Because of continuous failure, it will bring a heavy psychological blow to the Japanese. After they see the walls of Moping City, they will be intimidated. When Quannai still hesitates, their family will get up.
"Inform everyone to press us to be the vanguard, and then let the supervision team follow. Those who are stagnant and run away from the game will be cut!" Jia Kang’s move made Quan Nai sit up and take notice. He was a lot worse than Mu Qingfeng. I didn’t expect this person to improvise well.
"General Takeda’s Imperial Palace, have you noticed that without these huge stones, although the lethality is terrible, the hit rate is extremely low. It took so long to destroy our two well field. If our formation was too dense, the casualties would be much smaller. No matter what this thing is, it is more suitable for attack than defense." Jia Kang really deserves to be the No.2 person who can see the weakness of the trebuchet at a glance, and he will continue to storm regardless of all losses.
"Yes, I agree with General Jia Kang that Dian Jinglan has given us hope of breaking the city. If we all insist on going, I will bid for the war myself!" Say that finish takeda hararo picked up his command knife and walked towards the war.
"I don’t believe that the three of us can’t beat you!" Quan Nai doesn’t know what, but Muqingfeng has reappeared in his mind.
ancient woman’s headdress
The Japanese troops in front are in a dilemma. People in Moping City are desperately archery in front, and there is a ruthless feeling behind them. Takeda Hararo led the team to kill, killing and killing. It is said that Takeda Hararo really means what he said. If the Japanese people retreat and escape, whether they are in their own team or Jiakang people, they will retreat to their front. It won’t be long before they pile up a lot of bodies around the team.
Later, when the Japanese saw that the situation was not good, they had to clench their teeth and rush forward desperately because the bow and arrow in front were fierce, but at least there was a well stop to cover themselves. It would be a dead end to retreat, and once the well stop was about to build a wall, they would not worry about the bow and arrow attacking the two sides, hitting the Japanese hard and rushing forward.
"They are going to be close to the wall. You just destroyed three with the trebuchet, which will cause problems." When Li Daoling saw that it was getting closer and closer to the well aperture, he couldn’t help but draw out the sword behind it, facing the tall well aperture, and he was not fully sure that he could stop the Japanese attack.
Mu Qingfeng was very satisfied to see that he was able to destroy three boreholes. You should know the problems and shortcomings of the trebuchet and Huang Liang, but it is already grateful that he can reduce the boreholes by nearly one third. For the Japanese boreholes, Mu Qingfeng has another plan to know that there are still many remaining wooden boreholes that touch the fierce oil, and the consequences are simply unimaginable. However, if you want to burn down some boreholes, it is obviously not enough. Some fish will always get through the wall.
"Son of a bitch, let the brothers stop fucking all Xuanjia masters and get ready for close combat. We want to let these Japanese people know that we are fierce in North Yan Xuanjia! And give me the brothers left fierce fire oil "MuQingFeng back to the dog egg said dog egg nodded and ran directly to the rear.
"My dear, I fly Lei Jun, and the enemy still has seven boreholes. Although your Xuanjiamen are brave, they are afraid that they are more than willing to stand. Although there are not many people, I fly Lei Jun, but all of them are ten heroes." I know that I can’t avoid close combat, Liu Wangzhu Jie said first.
"Don’t fly Lei Jun in a hurry, there is something else." Mu Qingfeng didn’t directly arrange for the remaining Lei Jun to fight the enemy hand-to-hand. "We’ll give you something called fierce fire oil later. Uncle, if you fly Lei Jun, you have to throw this thing into the well aperture and ignite it. I roughly estimated that these fierce fire oils can burn four well apertures, and there are only three gaps in our city wall. Uncle, don’t worry that these fierce fire oils are different from the oil you know. Once it burns, it is difficult to put out water, and the fire in the Japanese camp will burn by them
Just as we were talking, the dog egg and the Xuanjia master had arrived at the city wall with the auxiliary armed forces, and all the fierce fire oil was handed over to Fei Leijun Mu Qingfeng, who urged us to be careful. If we accidentally stick to ourselves, there will be no other result except to turn into roast chicken.

"The five elements are isolated!"

Among the dozens of formations, the first choice to learn in Mid-Autumn Festival is that the five-element isolation array can isolate the Godsworn’s spiritual knowledge from nature. This array has five medium-order spiritual stones to arrange the defense force, and the Godsworn’s spiritual knowledge can be broken at the beginning of the foundation period, but when the five-element isolation array is broken, Autumn will immediately notice it.
Five intermediate lingshi were hit by Qiuzhen’s hands in the alchemy room in Wufangqiu, and a dharma tactic was struck out and hit five intermediate lingshi at the same time.
In a buzz of fame, five pieces of medium-order lingshi trembled slightly at the same time, and the five-color light of gold, green, water blue and red khaki rose and formed a five-color shield in the alchemy room. The five-color light flowed.
The five-element shield formed by the five-element isolation array appeared in the alchemy room for a moment and then hid.
After the cloth became an isolated array of five elements, the autumn footsteps took a light step and came to the futon in the middle of the alchemy room and sat down.
"Dan Huoding!"
A clap waist bag take out Dan Huoding to autumn a tactic hit Dan Huoding Dan Huoding then a rotary direct flight to the side in front of him.
Autumn cross-legged sitting on the futon, his eyes flashed with a slight squint, and he saw three dharma tips and handprints engraved on the side of the iron platform facing him.
Autumn brain high operation will be the three dharma tactic, handprint deeply remembered and hands change ponder.
After pondering for a moment, Qiu felt that he had mastered the three dharma tactics and handprints. His eyes suddenly flashed off and his hands quickly changed, which was the smooth conclusion of the three dharma tactics and hit the iron platform in front of him.
After the three tactics hit the iron platform, there was a sudden slight tremor, and a large number of hot flames were immediately ejected from the round hole in the center of the iron platform.
"Well, the local pulse fire is not pure and the heat is much worse. It seems to be the worst pulse fire."
Looking at the pulse flame spewing out of the round hole in the center of the refined iron platform, Qiu immediately identified that the pulse fire quality was not high compared with that made by Qiu in the Qingtianmen alchemy room.
Qiu was worried about the effect of refining Zhujidan, but suddenly something happened.
As soon as the ground pulse fire was led out in the flame and burned to the bottom of the Dan cauldron, the fire suddenly flared up in the Dan cauldron, which actually jacked up a little flame in the Ding.
"ah! Really worthily, it is a high-order treasure. In this censer, there is a trace of Dan fire bred in the local vein fire, which seems to be able to burn forever. "
The Dan fire is the Dan gas flame bred by the monks in the Elixir period, which can be compared with the medium-quality pulse fire, and it is even better than the pulse fire made by the autumn alchemy in the Qingtianmen alchemy room.
There is only a trace of pure Dan fire in the high-order jewel Dan fire tripod. Although the Dan fire in the local fire tripod is full, the purity of Dan fire is also a little worse, but it is not worse than that of medium-quality Dan fire, which is just suitable for refining Jidian in autumn.
"get up!"
Autumn hands a pinch tactic a handprint bear his hands slowly push forward a tactic and hit the Dan fire tripod.
In the autumn method, the cover of Dan Huoding was uncovered and suspended in the Dan Huoding by autumn, and the Dan Huoding in Dan Huoding also converged and was confined in the Dan Huoding department, and the Dan Huoding became slightly purer.
After seeing the Dan fire in the Dan fire tripod stabilized, Qiu patted the waist bag again and took out wooden boxes and jade boxes from the bag.
"Ha ha, the preparatory work has been done, and now you can refine Zhujidan."
The right hand brushed the wooden boxes and jade boxes one by one, and the wooden boxes and jade box lids were uncovered to reveal a variety of herbs and elixirs.
A little bit by little, a herb in a wooden box was slowly moved into the cauldron by the rising of the right hand, and was calcined by the cauldron.
One herb after another, one fruit after another, and one rhizome after another were picked up by Qiu Ping and moved into Dan Huo Ding to calcine the process of refining Zhu Jidan.
Although Qiu has refined Qi-practicing Dan for hundreds of times, he has some experience in alchemy, but it is the first time that Qiu has refined Zujidan, so he is very careful.
Three days passed quickly, and with the "bang" in Dan’s cauldron, Qiu’s face turned slightly black.
"get up!"
Autumn’s black face and hands bear a printed formula, and then he hits Dan Huo Ding Gai. As soon as his body’s mana runs, he gathers his eyes. In the spirit eye surgery, he sees that the elixir, fruit, rhizome and so on in Dan Huo Ding have changed into a pile of ashes.
"It is understandable that the first time I failed to refine Tsukidan. Fortunately, there are quite a few herbs I am going to refine Tsukidan."
The failure of refining Tsukidan for the first time was expected in autumn, but there was nothing to regret for those herbs, fruits, rhizomes and other autumn, but after all, failure made people unhappy, and so was autumn, so they turned slightly black.
"First restore one mana and consciousness before the second alchemy."
After an hour, Qiu Jin recovered the mana and spiritual knowledge consumed in the three-day alchemy process, and then he took out wooden boxes and jade boxes from the bag again to prepare for the second refining of Zhujidan.
One month passed quietly in the process of refining Zhujidan in autumn. In this month, one furnace of Zhujidan was refined in the Mid-Autumn Festival for three days, and ten furnaces of Zhujidan were refined in one month.
"Ha ha, ten furnaces of Tsukiji Dan have succeeded in three furnaces, and each furnace has produced more than 30 grains of Dan, but there are also more than 100 grains of Tsukiji Dan." When the tenth furnace of Dan medicine was successfully refined, Qiu took out a jade bottle from the bag and received more than 30 grains of Tsukiji Dan in the jade bottle and muttered softly.
The success rate of refining ten heats of Zhujidan is less than one third. This success rate is really not high. However, since it is the first time to refine Zhujidan in autumn, it is already good that this success rate can be achieved. This is because the herbs grown in the magic medicine garden and the elixir are extremely pure, which directly improves the success rate of autumn alchemy.
There are absolutely thousands of materials for refining Tsukiji Dan prepared by Qiu, but he stopped after refining ten furnaces of Dan medicine. He estimated that more than 100 tablets of Tsukiji Dan should be enough to raise his mana to the foundation period again.
First watch
Chapter one hundred and thirty-one Five elements of poly spirit array
A reddish dun light flashed across the sky, rising not far from the outside of the town square and galloping towards the east, and finally it fell on the top of a hill just over a hundred kilometers away from the town square.
The hill is not as high as 100 feet, but it is very steep.
"I will build a temporary abode of fairies and immortals in this mountain, and then I will retreat in this temporary abode of fairies and immortals for half a year, and then I will be promoted to the early stage of the foundation period, and then I will go to Danling Sect to attend the recruitment ceremony."

"Ha-ha, a gentleman can’t walk in the world, he can’t be happy, he can’t drink, and he can’t live. Why don’t you roll in the world of mortals and experience the beauty of people?" On whether to abandon the heavy mountains or not to destroy the angry people.

"The benefactor is possessed. It seems that the poor monk is supposed to slaughter the demon to prove the truth." Destroy the anger and get ready to go.
"Don’t attract achievements turned against you this broken Buddha don’t believe it or come to just you admire grandpa just exercise let me tear down you this hypocrite Buddha! !” After saying his word, I longed for the mountains and fit me, and the long knife in my hand rushed to destroy the angry people and went away.
Although angry people grow fat, they are more flexible than the unique Buddhist posture of transporting their spirits, that is, the golden Buddha keeps hiding from the mountains and long knives.
Seeing an opportunity, Mu Chongshan’s long knife swept across his chest to destroy the anger. A recruit "Sleeping Lohan" hid in the past and ran to Mu Chongshan’s chest with his right hand. In his view, this recruit will definitely kill Mu Chongshan, because he has not yet moved. This gesture will definitely not dodge.
Which mu mountains don’t hide, don’t flash, and suddenly stand up to the palm of your hand, and one mouthful blood gushes out. Just when the anger is destroyed, Mu mountains loosen their right hand and shoot out with a long knife and insert it into the stone stage in front of them.
Just when Muchongshan’s skill was poor, Muchongshan put his fist in his right hand, and it was really shot at Muchongshan’s heart.
It is said that most of Xuanjiamen’s martial arts moves are shielded by Mu Chongshan. Therefore, most of the moves taught by Zhan Yunyi are not except this move, which is "not well rolled up". You should know that in fairy tales, the pillar of heaven and earth was knocked off by Gong Gong, which led to the tilt of heaven and earth. Before this move is issued, you should transport your whole body to the place where you are going to be hit, and take advantage of the enemy’s strength and anger to attack the enemy unprepared. This move is generally not easy to die. After this move, it is a great flaw to hurt your body, let alone shield yourself in your
Mu Chongshan looks careless, but he is really unambiguous in martial arts. He just figured out that his strength is almost the same as his own after he killed the angry person "Great Buddha and Small Witch", so he deliberately sold a flaw to lure the angry person to attack and plan to fight him. He was prepared for his "anger"
This move does have a miraculous effect. The strength of the department of destroying anger lies in his previous move. Where did you want to get the backhand shot of Mu Chongshan in the heart? As a result, Chen was killed by breaking his heart and dying.
"The second game mu Chongshan wins! !” Seeing that the angry referee announced the end of the second game.
"Mu Dage, are you okay?" Snow lotus son saw mu mountains coming wobbly and went to ask. After all, not everyone can carry out the palm of Chen’s hand.
"I didn’t expect that bald donkey’s martial arts were so high that it was almost planted in his hands. Fortunately, it was better to divide the mountains, otherwise it would be troublesome. I’ll see what they teach!" Mu mountains don’t care about their injuries.
"Now it’s up to amuer’s third game to win another Golden Knife Khan." For Mu Chongshan’s help, Xuelian is naturally grateful.
Mu Qingfeng next to him doesn’t think so. Although the Qinglang clan and Temur lost the second game, they didn’t feel a little uneasy.
w w w
Snow Lotus soon discovered Mu Qingfeng’s abnormality, so she asked, "Why are you still frowning when Brother Mu won the game? We are at the same starting line with them now. What are you worried about? You know, amuer will have no problem stepping on the stars like a monkey when he was a child."
"No" Mu Qingfeng said slowly, "Looking at the first two games alone, we have lost and lost completely."
Looking at the opposite crowd, people dressed like lamas are staring at their side. Mu Qingfeng finally knows what the problem is.
"What do you mean? What do you mean, we have lost, don’t disturb our morale? "Snow Lotus is still joking with Muqingfeng.
"In the first race, they have calculated that we will send the highest riding skill to Tumen, so they deliberately tampered with the horses. They not only want to win the race, but also want to waste Tumen! ! Tumon is a bull clan patriarch and loyal to you. What do you think will happen if he is poisoned and chased by the wind in the galloping horse race? " Mu Qingfeng revealed the deadly trap of the Green Wolf clan.
Muqingfeng went on to say, "Although the leader of Tumen was not killed on the spot, he broke his leg after all and had to cultivate for a long time, so he definitely couldn’t take part in the second knife fighting competition. That’s why they asked Herbatu about the players before the game. If Tumen couldn’t, and our first defeat was no accident, we would definitely send the leader with the strongest martial arts."
"So what? Brother Mu is here. I don’t believe they can go against the sky. Look at us. Isn’t this a city?" Snow lotus asks.
"Then let me ask you, was the person who was killed by Mu commander a Gothic Muer or a blue wolf?" Muqingfeng rhetorical question finally made Xuelian realize the problem.
"Although I am not a prairie person, living in the grassland this year has also let me know the position of spiritual Buddhism among ordinary herders." Mu Qingfeng pointed to those people who cried and cried around the body of the angry people.
Snow Lotus turned white and murmured, "They are so vicious."
"Yes, you’re right." Mu Qingfeng didn’t say anything to Xue Lianer. "The Green Wolf clan fought with us in the south Lincheng, so they knew that Mu and Gao Jiangbi sent someone out to estimate that they couldn’t win. They simply gave up the game, but let the most powerful spiritual Buddhism in the grassland come forward and didn’t know what price they paid. As a result, it was not surprising that the angry people were killed on the spot. Although we won the game, we deeply offended the spiritual Buddhism. It is estimated that we would be in big trouble after the game was completed."
"Even if you want to make an enemy with Buddhism, you can’t wait so much. We must win this game or we won’t even have a chance to participate in the third game! !” Although this is a dangerous situation, there is no choice for Xuelian now
"The first game we lost just longed for and at the head of the back to a city if amuer can’t pick the arrow branches to golden knife khan position have to surrender? So I’m worried that their real fight is in the third competition. "Mu Qingfeng expressed his concern.
"Now there is nothing I can do. I hope amuer can finish it." Snow Lotus is also worried by Mu Qingfeng’s rhetoric.
That night, Xuelian called amuer to her room and carefully told her about the next day.
"Know the elder sister are you tired? Mu Dage just won the game today and I have to learn those high moves." amuer was impatient.
"amuer, you have to know that if you can’t get that arrow, our Golden Wolf clan will be in danger. Temur will be in cahoots with the Green Wolf clan and start a war again. Then our grassland will be devastated."
"Peace of mind, sister," said amuer, unconcerned. "You are not ignorant. I didn’t take our totem pole as a trainer to prepare for this wolf capture conference. If he shoots an arrow in the front position, I won’t even be able to smell half a column. I’m not a brother. I brag that I can go anywhere I want except my brother at the top of the blade! !”
See amuer do snow lotus some nervous, but there is always a faint uneasiness in her heart.
The next morning, when Xuelianer and them came to the totem place, they found that the Blue Wolf clan and Temur had arrived, and Temur’s Gherardini face came into view.
"Now that everyone is here, just step on the stars in the most important game of the Wolf Capture Conference. All right, please leave the venue before the contestants from both sides." An old shaman said to the crowd after the worship ceremony.
Temur and amuer stepped into the venue, waiting for Temur to shoot an arrow in front of a wick with fire in their hands, and the time would be lit.
"Don’t worry, everything has been arranged," said Herbatu quietly as Temur passed by.
"Cousin, I advise you to be dead or it’s no small matter to lose face in front of so many people." Temur did not forget to hit amuer.
"You still think about where to stay after being expelled from the Golden Wolf clan after your failure! !” Amuer is not to be outdone.
"Good I will see when you can mouth shut! ! !” Say that finish, wood bow and arrow, although others are not so good, but how can people from the Golden Wolf not have a superb skill?
Just as everyone held their breath and waited for this arrow, an accident happened. Temur shot an arrow at the sky instead of the totem pole! ! !
Looking at the arrows flying to the sky, everyone thinks that Temur has lost his mind. How can he shoot like this? Listen to a loud eagle. A black eagle rises from the blue wolf crowd, catches the flying arrows in the air, and then falls firmly on the top of the totem.
"Cousin let elder brother have a good look at you if you can climb. No one has ever climbed to the top! ! ! Ha ha ha ha ",wood unbridled laughter let livid amuer more uncomfortable.
Not to mention the top, even part of it can’t be reached by manpower, because the middle part is densely packed with blades rooted from the hands.
"You this is my objection! !” See this situation snow lotus son couldn’t help but say.
"Excuse me, where did I violate the rules? I shot this arrow myself and no one helped me. What’s against the rules? " Early even to snow lotus son reaction, wood, insidious smile asks.
"You let the green Wolf falcon sent the arrow to how to return a responsibility? Don’t say you didn’t, "said Xuelian, pointing to the falcon that fell back to Herbatu’s shoulder."
"Golden knife Khan said where words this beast do how should I know the rules are that don’t let others help Khan will never argue irrationally that this flat-haired beast is a person? Besides, this column of incense is about to burn out! " Temur pointed out that he had burned half the incense.
"The elders! ! How to calculate this? ! ! Is this also possible! ! !” Snow Lotus turned back and asked about the fair shaman next to her.
"We have never seen this situation before, but Temur really didn’t ask others for help. Although there was falcon help, it was really not illegal. There was no rule that animals should not be allowed to help." After thinking for a long time, the elder still couldn’t convict Temur of violating the rules.
"You! ! ! !” Xuelianer was speechless with anger.
"Cousin, don’t worry. If you find a big eagle to catch you and then get an arrow, I will leave Telmu. The Golden Wolf clan will no longer live in the grassland in this life. I just don’t know if there is such a big eagle. Hahahaha." In Telmu’s view, I will win.
"What should I do? ! So we will lose "snow lotus son was sweating.
"I’m not going to do it if I come. After all, this is the best time for your brother to establish his prestige, but they actually play dirty tricks. Then don’t blame us for not playing according to the rules." Mu Qingfeng said to Mu Chongshan.
A string knife strength from mu mountains fingers cut off the burning incense head.
"According to the rules, outsiders can’t go in except Temur and amuer, right? We’ll throw in the towel when the incense burns out! !” Muqingfeng fights poison with poison. Anyway, one of our own didn’t appear in the competition venue. Since the beast is not helping, it’s even more difficult to forget it.
"You! ! ! !” Temur didn’t expect them to come back, but it would be embarrassing. If the incense is extinguished, we can’t go like this again. Do you want to wait here until we die of old age?
"Anyway, even if you delayed, there was no arrow. After all, it was not brought! !” It’s always an advantage for Telmu to calm himself down.
"Don’t worry, I want you to lose your heart today! ! !” Mu Qingfeng said with answers
become enamoured
"Well, I’ll see what you can do to bring the arrow! ! I don’t believe your master can shoot him to the top of the totem pole! !” Say that finish, wood angrily sit back to your seat.
After all, it’s the Green Wolf clan and Telmu who don’t play according to the routine first, so it’s not good for the elder to pursue it too much for Mu Chongshan to shoot out the incense head.
"What can you do? You know, we are not so obedient falcon, and finally the arrow branch must be obtained by amuer, otherwise it doesn’t count. "Although Muqingfeng’s calmness makes Xue Lianer somewhat stable, she still has no way to step on the star.
"You get all the girls in your tribe who are good at sewing clothes, and then get enough parchment. I will give you a surprise in a moment." Mu Qingfeng once thought of his childhood when he was looking at the stars. His father brought his own dog eggs and three girls released the hole lights. At that time, when he saw the light flying into the hole, Mu Qingfeng dreamed that one day he could travel in the sky. I didn’t expect to realize his childhood fantasy here.
A group of women quickly made the exterior of the hole lamp under the command of Mu Qingfeng. When the bonfire was lit, this oversized hole lamp slowly left the ground. Seeing that this behemoth actually left the ground, many people of the grassland tribe were so scared that they quickly fell to their knees and kept worshiping.
Telmu thought about 1000 kinds of 10,000 possible situations, but he had never seen a hole lamp. How could he have expected that even if he wanted to do something, there would be no chance? Knowing that she wouldn’t play according to the routine, Xuelian had already made her guards protect her around. Xiao Langzhong and Mu Chongshan had just finished treatment. If Telmu and Herbatu had any bad ideas, they were afraid that they would fight on the spot. Therefore, if they didn’t bring too many men to fight, they estimated that they wouldn’t even have a slag left.
It’s almost time to watch Mu Qingfeng tie the hole lamp rope to amuer’s waist. "Remember not to rise too fast. This rope is connected to the ground. When you catch the arrow, you will descend to the middle of the totem and then do your own thing to save people from gossiping." Mu Qingfeng told him.
"Thank you for your brother-in-law." Almu knew that he would lose his arm with Golden Knife Khan today without Muqingfeng’s help.